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MZV223- The New Way

2017-05-09-The New Way
Mezza Verde #223

Session nr 7 of 9 May 2017 – English translation – Original Dutch.
Place : Mezza Verde in Belgium.
Received by Wivine.

Visitor : AYAMaster Spirit nr 7 of Superunivers nr 7 – Orvonton

This is AYA here, my children. I came to speak you about your group work and its importance.

We talk about a social group when three people or more want to work on the same project.

The first to work in group were the three Deities of the Trinity. Although the Trinity is a Unit, the Universal Father, the Eternal Son-Mother and the Infinite Spirit can create individually, with two or with three.

It is precisely because they worked all three together, each with their own capabilities, specialties and particularities, that the universes could be created and that the Creation will proceed to even more transcendental levels.

Never such a thing could have happened if these Deities wouldn’t have worked in harmony for a common goal.

Each of the three Deities has added its own contribution to finally fully accomplish their goal: the creation of ‘Man’ on a physical planet that through a long evolution would be able to create a soul that could survive physical death.

A soul that, if she so wishes, could spiritualize herself on hundreds of semi-material worlds (Morontia) until she reaches the state of a first stage spiritual being fused with her God Fragment. She is then allowed to leave the Morontia worlds of her local universe Nebadon to continue her spiritualization on the Spiritual worlds of Superunivers Orvonton, then to Havona and eventually Paradise.

It is only than that this Spiritual Creature, because here we cannot speak of a soul, will finally be able to stand before the Universal Father as a Perfected Spiritual Creature in His Image.

Then she will be brought to her own group: the “Corps of the Finality of Glorified Mortals“.

Don’t get me wrong, there is not just one Corps of the Finality, there are six.

One for the Mortals, one for the Midwayers, one for the Seraphim and one for the Material Sons and Daughters (= the Adams and Eves) and two others.

The Trinity has created many Orders to manage the Creation and serve in functions and tasks specific to each Order.

These groups of Orders have all something in common: they work together to achieve higher goals of service and complete their own evolution according to the specificity of each Order.

Why do we encourage group work and why are the universes organized this way?

Because a group of people under Celestial guidance can achieve much more than a single individual. Much more than the sum of the abilities of each individual.

A group may arrive at new concepts and new values and reveal them to others. A group can develop new skills that can be transferred to others. A group can even perform acts of creation impossible for an individual.

Now back to your group.

The members of your group are spread over 4 continents. By the fact that you all received the “activation of the spirit receptive glands”, that you are all meditating in order to receive the spiritual guidance of your indwelling Thought adjuster, we are able to connect you together during your meditations on ever higher and higher circuits. As a result, what one understands will be forwarded automatically to the other. You get the opportunity to pull each other up and transcend your individual abilities.

It also allows the “Spirit of Christ” to enter deeper to better guide and direct you.

One day you will form a “unit”, a United Team, welded together at soul level, and then we can let you accomplish important tasks to raise the spiritual level of your fellowmen.

You help us now to remove residues of the Lucifer rebellion. This task, you have chosen, will end one day and is part of the practical training of your soul.

Thanks to the fact that you meditate in group, that you accomplish tasks together and receive morontia education during your meditations you will grow faster. Much faster.

The more you use the Energy of the Trinity around you, the more your ability to bear heavier and heavier loads of Energy will increase. Until you become able to work with the Pure Energy of your indwelling God Fragment; a very, very heavy Energy.

Make no mistake: you will need the superior Energy of your Thought Adjuster to perform certain tasks that Jesus expects of you.

If you continue your efforts to join the group meditations, to work with the Energy of the Trinity, to join the global transfer on Sunday, to approach more and more your indwelling Thought adjuster, you will get two things:

  • –      First, it will allow you to work with His Pure Energy.
  • –      Then you will become so close to one another that you will approach the moment of “fusion with your Thought adjuster”.

Why is that so important ?

Everyone in your group who reach this stage will provide their Thought adjuster the possibility to work through them in many situations.

Even so that through them, the Adjusters will form a Grand Orchestra which will create some sublime Symphonies to help humanity take the path to Light and Life.

You will then become the Living Proof that the Heavenly Father doesn’t make a difference between his children and that He gives them all the same opportunities to reach Him already here on Earth.

You will then become the Living Proof that anyone who knows and loves the Father in Paradise can reach the highest spiritual heights a human can achieve during his earthly life.

You will become the Living Proof that all people are brothers and sisters under one Heavenly Father.

Eventually, you will feel God so close to you that you’ll have the impression to be already in Paradise with Him, even if you stay aware that it may still take a long time.

It’s the ‘New Way’ that Jesus so well illustrated during his earthly life: reach divine contact by faith and love for God combined with a selfless service to your fellowmen.

Reaching this stage on Earth is your true “Great Mission“, there is no other or higher.

Everything else you call ‘Missions’ are only secondary and tertiary, are tasks and ways to put yourself to the test and give you the opportunity to reach this stage of soul spiritualization already here on Earth.

If you manage to reach this point in group, it will bring an exponential reverberation over all humanity on Urantia. A beneficial reverberation without precedent.

This is what Jesus intends to achieve with you.

He has deployed the ‘Big Means’ to help you get there and it’s thanks to this that I can speak to you right now. And to tell the truth, it’s still an unusual thing on other planets, even those with a normal evolution.

Goodbye, my lovely children. This was Aya, Master Spirit nr 7.

{Note Wivine : between all those who joined us in 2016-2017 there are already two who can work with the Pure Energy of their God Fragment: two women. One since a few months and the other just started.}


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