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MZV212- Twelve Melchizedeks Arrived

2016-11-21 Twelve Melchizedeks Arrived
Mezza Verde #212

Session nr 22 of 21 November 2016- English translation- Original Dutch.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Jesus, Christ Michael –Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon.

Jesus here : beloved ones, we know that there are many uncertainties at the moment in many parts on Earth.

Be aware that I, Jesus, watch over you as a shepherd over his sheep.

There are actually about 12 Melchizedeks on your planet, who arrived in a human body to help the Avonal Son, born January 12, 2015, in his tasks.

The influence of these Melchizedeks and the Avonal Son arises on your planet.

My Father has indicated recently that He lives in the hearts of all people and that He will move you and that you will feel His Presence. People will be inspired from it everywhere in the world.

You currently have a communication network that works extraordinarily.

All irregularities, injustices and little compromises agreed between Governments, major industrialists and bankers without your knowledge who work in the shadow will rise to the surface and made public. Be sure of that.

Every human being, from the highest to the lowest level will learn righteousness.

It isn’t men who rules here but ME because it is my planet.

So be careful and use your discernment. Don’t judge a person or a situation when you are not sure that you have all necessary information to make an objective judgement. Don’t react emotionally and stay calm.

The philosophy of “the Beast” wags his tail but my armies of Angels are ready with my people on the ground, as are the Melchizedeks who received the help of their Midwayers assigned on Earth.

If something happens I would ask all those who have the capacity to work with the Energy of Paradise or the Pure Energy of their God Fragment to transfer immediately Energy to the relevant location and we will ensure that your ability and your power will be hundred times higher to neutralize everything.

Be ready.

Those Melchizedeks that already appeared in human form on your planet will not let them know. They will remain anonymous until their time has come.

I bless you all my children, you have a bright future in front of you as well as your children.

However, keep your eyes and your ears greatly open for now and react immediately. If you hesitate, the Midwayers will come to give you a boost or make noise. Send daily Energy on all continents and this is not a request: that’s an order.

We need you. I hope that we can count on you.

Don’t be afraid. Have nerves of steel and stay cool in all circumstances. Be a lighthouse in the storm and everything will be fine. How could it be otherwise?

See you soon, my children.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.


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