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MZV211- Learn To Think With Your Heart

2016-11-15 Learn To Think With Your Heart
Mezza Verde #211

Session 21 of 15 November 2016- English translation – Original Dutch.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Received by Wivine.

Visitor : Siraya, Master Spirit nr 1 of Superunivers nr 1, The Voice of The Universal Father.

Siraya here : Master Spirit nr 1 of Superunivers nr.1 – The Voice of The Universal Father.

I’m here to talk to all my children who live on this planet that we call Urantia.

My Son, Christ Michael, who was born on your planet as a human being and who lived here under the name of Jesus of Nazareth has met all his obligations as a Paradise Creator Son.

He brought Urantia back to Me, The Universal Father, and has extracted it out of the claws of perdition, sin and rebellion against Me and the Spiritual Order that administers My Universes.

Know that My Creator Son, Jesus, is like Me and I’m like Him.

I make no difference between each one of you, nor between races, religions and beliefs. I don’t privilege someone. You have all received an indwelling Fragment of My Spirit since My Son has lived on your planet. You all have the same opportunities to develop your soul.

The causes and consequences of the Lucifer rebellion have been removed from your shoulders and that means that from now on every person will feel more and more my indwelling Presence.

The Most High of your Constellation has worked hard to bring forth a new generation of Leaders among you who will put the well-being of their people and peace in the world in the foreground. They will ensure that wars will no longer spread globally for the interests of a few.

Your populations are tired of all the bloodshed. They want peace and economic progress so that their children can grow up safe wherever they live. The old political ideologies and religions who sowed discord will transform from inside.

Corruption and cruelty to people will be replaced by higher celestial values such as: righteousness, honesty, transparency, equality between men and women, between races and cultures with respect for all types of differences. Of course, this won’t happen easily because many difficulties still need to be overcome. However, each new generation will produce Leaders and international Traders who will ensure to approach more and more these high and sustainable values. There is a beginning to everything.

One person does not equal the other, you have all received a different personality that includes a unique character, mind and intellectual capacities that might show different interests and all kinds of skills.

One’s character, mind and creativity that are associated with ‘personality’ can access higher spiritual ideals and honorable moral qualities when one starts to cooperate with his or her indwelling God Fragment.

When a person will seek Me inside of him, when he will gradually follow My good advice and will begin to become like Me, then and only then will his soul grow spiritually. I will pour out on such a person higher ‘spiritual insights’, an improved intellectual mind and even Divine Abilities if that person wishes to engage in selfless service to his fellowmen.


A human being has no need to be sprinkled by the wisdom of others when he KNOWS I dwell in him and he’s looking for MY ADVICE inside of him.

From now on I will take over this role with each of you.

When you come to Me in inner ‘silence’ or in ‘meditation’ with the intention of meeting Me, when you want My help to help others, when your greatest joy will be to give and not receive, when your desire to help others on the spiritual and material level will be driven by ‘your own Divine Love’ for your fellowmen, when you will give only for the pleasure of giving, then your soul will reach huge heights of Spiritual Wisdom and you will become a true well-being for your brethren.

The more people who will turn to Me, the faster your planet will reach world peace, economic progress, opportunities for materiel and spiritual development and good health for everyone on every continent: in other words, you will have accessed the first era of Light and Life.

I ask all those who already live this Great Hidden Truth:

Don’t engage into conflicts with existing religions, gurus, with people who say they are the spokesmen of God’s Creatures or people who think differently from you.

If they want an open conflict with you don’t become defensive, ignore them and leave them behind until their words don’t resonate anymore with others. Stay close to ME in your heart and I’ll help you through the difficulties.

Do not expect others to suddenly understand you and don’t start a “religious or philosophical movement”.

It’s MY JOB and I can do that globally because I dwell in the hearts of all men.

Your first duty is to reach the highest levels of spiritual growth your soul can achieve here on earth.

Don’t standstill, but progress in the achievement of superior moral values, in righteousness, honesty towards yourself and others and in achieving higher spiritual insights.

Don’t stand still because you will automatically regress. There is no such thing in the Order of My Universes as stagnation and rest. Everything is constantly in evolution due to experiences acquired through research of Higher Spiritual Values. This also applies to all Spiritual Creatures that were created in the Grand Universe in which you live.

The Supreme Being – The Oversoul, was created precisely to make this possible what makes evolution infinite.

Although it is true that your planet has been brought back to My Wisdom and was released from the grip of discord due to the Lucifer rebellion this does not mean that humanity is suddenly bathing in Light and Life.

It will take time and you will have to do the work because it is your responsibility.

It’s by wanting to reach the highest spiritual level that your soul can reach during her earthly life that you prepare the path to enlightenment of future generations.

Show the example by keeping you from harming others and trying to do only good. If others demonize you because you want to live according to the original teachings of My Son Jesus, let them say and don’t wish them any ill. Don’t get angry and have no fear.

You will be the ones who will allow this teaching to resurface which was buried under the rubble for centuries. Not by shouting it over the rooftops, but by living it: by living the brotherhood of men under One Father.

What is the benefit for humanity to tell this on every corner of the streets when you’re not even able to achieve it yourself?

It’s only when you have posed a strong foundation for the growth of your soul, when you will be evolved into a noble, honest, straight and righteous person with spiritual qualities and capacities that you will be able to teach others spiritually.

It’s only when you will be able to be taught directly and clearly by your indwelling God Spark that you will be able to access it. Only then will you live a blossomed spiritual life between your fellowmen, only then will you be mature to answer them when they come to you for advice.

Your spiritual evolution depends on the degree of your inner faith in Me, your love and your search for My Truth, your desire to know My Justice for all and your honest desire to get to know Me and become like Me.

Leadership skills ask, as well in the material as in the spiritual world, for aspirations, wisdom, a correct judgment, a powerful will, stamina and determination.

That’s why I ask you to move on with your spiritual aspirations by developing a long-term vision of the destiny of your soul. Do not look at it just for this earthly life but move forward with your soul ambitions up to Paradise and beyond.

I dwell in you to guide you to it. My Son Jesus and his Mother Spirit created an immense number of Spiritual Creatures to support you in this endeavor.

If you must take leadership positions in your world I will also help. Because those who are raising their soul to higher moral and spiritual insights, those who know Me and contact Me, will receive from Me a higher mind and intellect, an ethical spiritual dynamism and Spiritual Energy.

This will allow you to deal with difficult situations in any area where you are active; be it on social, economic or State level, health care or in the organization of an event, even when you write books that can promote spiritual development of mankind.

I am gone tell you something now about the “two glands receptive to spiritual affairs as well as My Indwelling Spirit, which secrete chemicals”.

Be aware that these glands are situated in your ‘heart’ and not in your brain, although they do communicate with the brain.

Learn to think with your heart and develop the highest form of love that you can reach for your fellowmen. Control your negative emotions and expand your loving feelings.

Always ask yourself if you react to a person or a situation with ‘Divine Love’ or human ambition, selfishness, pride, anger, fear or hatred?

Think with your heart, my loved ones, and come to Me with your problems for advice and comfort.

I know that you are human, I know all your weaknesses, your mistakes and your good features. Your weaknesses and mistakes are forgiven from the moment you regret them. Thus, don’t worry, don’t punish you and don’t feel guilty anymore because then it will become a burden for your spiritual development.

Be happy and joyful, because I love everybody and I help you all. Never forget I dwell in you and don’t be afraid of Me.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.


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