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MZV225- Schooling Of Soul During Sleep And Meditation

2017-06-10-Schooling Of Soul During Sleep And Meditation
Mezza Verde #225

Session nr. 9 of 10 June 2017 – English translation – Original Dutch.
Place: Mezzaverde in Belgium.
Received by Wivine.
Visitor: Monssoen Melchizedek.

Note Wivine: A person in our group had sent me 2 emails about what happened to him or rather what he experienced during his sleep. I didn’t dwell on his 1st email because I knew the phenomenon. I do not reveal this topic because I prefer to wait until someone speaks about it. Personal experiences raise questions and then people pay more attention to the answers. You may talk for hours on a topic, it will be lost if nobody is interested in it. You may already be glad that the audience don’t fall asleep.

However, he returned a week later with more information and an important confirmation and I asked the Melchizedeks to tell us a little more about it. This is something I experience for 20 years and I know that there are many who have similar experiences that are not part of our current group. It is absolutely not a phenomenon peculiar to our group.

Here is the translation of his emails:

Fernando May, 31 2017.

Apart from the group meditations and bilocation’s, I do every day an individual meditation between 11 and 12pm; then I go to bed and ask my celestials to continue to work with me during my sleep.

I wanted to tell you what happened to me lately during my sleep. When I woke up around 4am I had some difficulties to fall back asleep.

I remembered some dreams I had while I was asleep and I am practically certain that during the 4 hours I slept, I was trained in schools on the Morontia worlds, or Melchizedek schools.

The few memories that stayed in my mind told me that. I just wanted to tell this to you, as it might be that the same happens to other people. End.

Fernando June, 6th 2017.

I would like to share my experiences on the Morontia schools.I speak here of those who go on training on the Morontia schools during their earthly life, not of the deceased that passed on to the Mansion Worlds.

Morontia schools are NOT a classroom with desks, chairs, a blackboard and a Melchizedek as a teacher! OH NO! Morontia schools are tests of experiences.

We are subjected there to tests, sometimes very demanding, where we go through the necessary experiences for our evolution. Each experience is studied to test ourselves in certain situations to prepare us for the work to be done. They are schools of experiences. Everything is work and the work ends in experience.

You can compare it to a pilot of an airplane who must first learn to fly with a’ flight simulator’ before he is allowed to fly on a real plane.

The exercises are practical, not theoretical, and all are aimed at enabling us to confront situations that are increasingly demanding for our evolution and our future work. I just wanted to share this with you. End.

Monssoen here: My dear children, what is described above is true.

The Order of the Melchizedeks was the first large Order created by Christ Michael and Mother Spirit of your local universe of Nebadon.

We are an independent Order, and are able to address almost every situation that might occur in a large local universe as Nebadon. This goes from the creation of training schools for all Orders of Celestials who were created after us, through the implementation of ‘life’ on habitable planets; from the education of ascending human souls, Seraphim and Midwayers to the administration of a planet in an emergency situation or the incarnation of one of us on a material planet. Whatever happens in Nebadon, there is always a Melchizedek present to keep a watchful eye on the situation and everything in the right direction.

Your planet is a good example. We arrived here with 12, together with the “Life carriers”, to establish “life” on Earth and in fact we never really left. Yes, there was a small interruption after the arrival of your planetary Prince Caligastia with his staff, but it didn’t last long. After 300,000 years we were already back because of his participation in the rebellion.

Machiventa, one of our brothers, even embodied here not so long ago for a period of about 100 years. He wanted to restore the knowledge of the “One God” and currently serves as planetary Prince on Urantia.

Machiventa Melchizedek still replaces Caligastia in his function of planetary Prince, just like Lanaforge – Primary Lanonandek Son still replaces Lucifer as planetary System Sovereign of Satania, in which your planet is located.

The emergence and growth of Nebadon has been a long process that is not yet completed. It started with the creation of the Constellations composed of planetary Systems that can hold about a thousand habitable planets, through the creation of Celestial Orders and Seraphim needed for the administration until the implementation of ‘life’ on every habitable planet.

This “life” began with the implementation of “basic cells or protoplasm” in the seas. These cells contained already all the DNA necessary to bring forth current men after a long process of evolution.

The humans of Urantia have the ability to develop a soul that can connect and fuse with a God Fragment they received.

This allows humans from Urantia to become Sons and Daughters of God.

I mean here that you have the option to leave your local universe Nebadon, to take the path to Paradise and join the Universal Father as a Perfected Spiritual Creature in his Image and Likeness.

You can become like God and therefore serve, much later, the Supreme Being–the Universal Mother of experience.

You will work for Her on the outer space worlds as Creators and/or Administrators. Indeed, you could become the “Ascendant Creator Sons and Daughters of a new type“; those who were not created directly by the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

The Order of Michael, to which belongs Jesus – Christ Michael – are Divine Sons from birth; they are born in Paradise and descend to you to gain experience of Morontia and Material life.

You are doing the opposite: you are born in material life and ascend to Paradise by attaining spiritual insight through the experience of material life, next Morontia and Spiritual life to become eventually Paradise Sons and Daughters.

The people of Urantia have not only the opportunity to become “ascended mortal Finaliters” in Paradise by learning through experiences and adventures; they can also raise and be trained to become something more in this Paradise ‘Corps of the Finality’.

The preparations for this start here and now, in your current life. It’s already here in your material life that you need to develop the necessary soul growth and experience to become these ‘Paradise mortal Finaliters’ who will become in the next era of God the Supreme : “Creator Sons and Daughters of a new type“.

The path from the local universe Nebadon to Paradise is already a long, hard and difficult path that cannot be traversed by spineless, lazy and weak characters, by those who give up fast.

It is a road that requires perseverance in all circumstances, a will that moves mountains, much experience in social relationships and be able to work in group towards a common goal.

Given that humanity on your planet is not yet sufficiently advanced in the spiritual realm “as a whole”, we give mortal souls the opportunity to continue their soul education after physical death.

We focus then on “practical training” that improves character traits, the discovery of Morontia wisdom or Mota and executive experience.

But you, you still live on your planet, you are not souls of deceased people.

Yet we have developed a training program in our schools on the Mansion Worlds for you and all progressive souls still living on Urantia to provide higher spiritual education.

We have even developed a special program for Urantia people who want to commit to the spiritual development of their planet under our direction.

These seminars are specific for the people of Urantia because they suffered the consequences of the Lucifer rebellion, and because they have the possibility to fuse with their Thought adjuster to reach Paradise.

This includes training in :

  • –      Morontia Wisdom or Mota – Not comparable to current human morality.
  • –      Spiritual Insight – nothing to do with what is called clairvoyance on your world.
  • –      Learning by experience those values and standards prevailing in Nebadon for a good social interaction on the Morontia worlds with all Orders of Celestials and all different types of human souls coming from other material planets.

These lessons occur during your meditations and sleep. You are placed in different situations – real or simulated – to force you to make each time decisions and take actions so that you can evaluate yourself afterwards and eventually improve. That’s why some of you are sometimes very tired when they get up in the morning or when they come out of meditation.

Even in your daily life you will be regularly placed in front of large and small challenges where you have to make decisions and act. We recommend in these cases to always take advice from your spiritual guidance to better deal with the problem so that you can learn.

What is very specific to your group is that you are trained in record time to be able to work with ‘capabilities’ unprecedented on your planet. Even you must find out, step by step, by working with them. It goes without saying that your soul and your abilities will grow faster or slower following your commitment and motivation.

All these “special programs” are part of the plans of Jesus to retrieve your planet to the Universal Father as it was originally intended.

There is still much to do, my dear children, still a lot of work. Yet, we see that the rising sun on the horizon already gives off its heat. Keep courage and walk with us. Place your hands in ours so that we can guide you through all the storms.

Goodbye everyone, Goodbye !

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