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MZV226- Implementation of Spiritual Energy Power Plants

2017-07-10-Implementation of Spiritual Energy Power Plants
Mezza Verde #226

Session nr 10 of 10 July 2017 – English translation– Original Dutch.

Place : Mezza Verde in Belgium.

Received by Wivine

Visitor : Luoja –independent Creator Son who doesn’t administer a local universe and which has yet to be born; a Paradise Son and Brother of Jesus.

Luoja : My dear human children, it is the second time I am allowed to speak to you and I am delighted.

Not to tell you how far you still are from the era of “Light and Life”, but rather to confirm that you are heading to this era and that you’re on the right track.

As many of you know, your progress has been heavily delayed and limited by the rebellion of Lucifer. Your 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century saw the last eruptions and attempts of the remaining followers of Lucifer to deviate you from your divine destiny.

We came to the rescue with all the Cavalry to reverse the situation and answer the call for help issued by some people on your planet. Our Father in Paradise has heard your prayer and we’re here. Near you! No, not far away from you in the Heavens. Very close to you!

We are at your side and soon we will be with more and more to live among the people of Urantia. None of us will have a recognizable sign. None of us will start a new religion or proclaim Great Truths. Our work will be done behind the scenes and we will lead an ordinary life. We won’t be dignitaries such as lawyers, scientists, world leaders to not draw attention to ourselves.

By this, I mean that we will work through the Thought Adjusters on the spiritual and semi-material or morontia realm.

Those of you who want to work with us this way will be encouraged and assisted with the needed powers and skills based on the evolution of their spiritual and intellectual capacities. They should also enjoy working behind the curtain just as we do and lead a simple life.

If it is necessary that one of us should make themselves known to perform certain tasks, this could be done. But only to those who have sufficient humility to keep it a secret. This is planned for the future. Currently that would be premature.

We managed to implement a ‘Spiritual Energy Power Plant‘ in one of your continents and others will follow. It took some time. We had to make several attempts because it was something new, a new experience, and this time we managed successfully.

I have been authorized to announce this wonderful news because it’s an important step for the spiritual development and prosperity of humanity.

These “Spiritual Energy Power Plants” will gradually promote the following things:

–      The distortion of the original frequencies at the beginning of the 20th century by some major powers, to cause damage to the mental, physical and spiritual development of men, will be overstepped. Men will be gradually submitted again to the Divine Harmonic frequencies of the Universe.

–      Human DNA will be transformed and placed at the level that it should have had if Adam and Eve were able to accomplish their mission; and even far beyond!

–      A new ‘clean energy‘ will be discovered by your scientists with many applications that will push fossil fuels and nuclear energy to the background.

–      Adults and children whose mental and intellectual faculties are developed enough to be capable of loving God will get support. Compare it to a phone connection set to the celestial frequencies.

People will be able to restrict their feelings of revenge, anger and thirst for power and seek peaceful solutions where everyone benefits. This also applies to your world leaders: as well for those that are known as to those who exercise their power and objectives behind the scenes.

  • –      Transparency, honesty, mutual respect, and global prosperity will be the message because nothing will remain hidden. It will be cooperation with a smile or disappear. Everyone is welcome!
  • –      Feelings of negativity, selfishness, injustice, inequity, tyranny, violence and abuse in all areas will immediately return to you as a boomerang, regardless at what level of social ladder you are.
  • –      The old methods will no longer work for new and better ways will wait all people from every continent who open up.
  • –      Children and adults will no longer seek their truths outside. They will seek them inside themselves because they will become more aware of God and hanker to establish a personal contact with Him.

By doing so they will receive the needed spiritual knowledge ‘live’ at each stage of their soul evolution. They will no longer need someone else to get their truths. On the contrary.

Children and adults get lost now in the maze of celestial messages, either brought forth by human transmitters, either through Holy Books, priests and preachers. All this is incomplete and limited in time.

You find everywhere more or less correct and incorrect data, sometimes even up to absurd contradictions. This brings total confusion to a reader who is not able to distinguish truth from falsehood or to separate the wheat from the chaff.

This is what we want to go away by improving communication with the various spiritual influences that assist men such as Angels, Cherubim, Midwayers, the Spirit of Christ and the indwelling God Fragment or Thought adjuster in each individual. This is perfectly possible when you know God, when you love Him and are patiently listening during meditations, when you go in ‘silence’ or pray.

Many more Personal Guardian Angels – Seraphim will be incurred in the future compared to the current quantity. Especially for children, adolescents and young adults who will more quickly feel these beneficial influences.

Seraphim play an important role in the development of a human soul. They fill the gap between the material mind of men and their indwelling God Fragment which is ‘Pure Spirit’.

They create the need to pray to God in children and adults. They make a person from childhood on, more and more conscious of the indwelling presence of the Thought adjuster and arouse the desire to interact with Him.

Seraphim have the ability to show themselves physically to men which happens rarely, but also at soul level which will happen more and more especially to children.

Current children and certainly those of the future will experience this. They will love their Angels and will be eager to talk about them. We ask parents to keep an open mind and encourage them. It will help the soul of a child to develop by gambols and provide them much faster a personal Guardian Angel or even one day a Guardian of destiny rather than stay under the tutelage of a group Angel.

It is equally valid for an adult when his or her soul has reached the adequate spiritual level. You don’t have to be enrolled in the “Reserve Corps of destiny” to be eligible.

God calls you all.

Learn to put your problems, your difficulties and all injustice you see in the hands of God in your prayers and meditations. Do not try to fight them in the material world. Bring them to a higher spiritual level and ask God for assistance.

Dream the solution with your heart so that it can be accomplished on a spiritual level. And if it’s a new danger looming you might avoid that it materializes.

If you are working hand in hand with the spiritual world to solve global problems “quantum leaps” might well arise.

Have you ever heard of a “quantum leap”?

Well, its a scientific term for the word ‘miracle’.

Your “miracles”.

My dear friends, this was Luoja, your servant.

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