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MVZ227- Out Of The Mouth Of Children Comes Truth

2017-07-22-Out Of The Mouth Of Children Comes Truth
Mezza Verde #227

Session nr 11 of 22 July 2017 – English translation– Original Dutch.

Place : Mezza Verde in Belgium.

Here is the conviction and the experience of faith of a young girl – 9 years – written spontaneously on July 15, 2017. She told stories about Angels that day to her mom. Her mom, like all mothers, was very busy and encouraged her daughter to put on paper what she meant. Which she did!  ‘Mom’ sent me her writing and when I read it I couldn’t believe my eyes.

At her age, 56 years ago for me, I would have never been encouraged to write something like this, and even less to talk about. Children had to be silent and had to listen. We were not allowed to express an opinion. In addition, I’m not sure that at her age I already had such an experience of faith and that I would have been able to write such a thing. And if I did I would have been taken straight to the village priest to be reprimanded.

I put it here to illustrate session No. 10 – 2017 where Luoja talks about the accelerated mental and spiritual development of children and where He invites parents to encourage their children in this way.  Neither ‘Mom’ nor I have touched the text. It is the language of the little girl and her state of mind.  Here’s what she says.


Angels are a part of God. And all parts of God are good. God spreads good energy. God doesn’t have to do this alone. The angels help him spreading the energy.

When you are not feeling well, angels make sure you are supported. When you are feeling well, a big part of your heart is happy because a small piece of your heart knows that something can occur the next day.

Angels are helping you with good luck and bad luck. Because angels are able to spread good energy, they can make you feel good in your heart. When you’re feeling good, you feel a sun in your heart. When you are feeling bad, clouds appear before the sun in your heart. When you are feeling angry, it’s gets really dark in your heart.

When you hear birds singing, your heart is happy and if it thunders you are afraid. In life, you experience nice things and bad things. They angels give you good energy. When you are feeling happy, they angels feel the good energy. If you are angry they angels will give you good energy.


When you are praying you tell God what you have been doing that day and what you want to do the next day. You ask God to support you when you are not feeling well. When you wake up the next day, you know that God have done things for you in the night and that things have changed.

When you ask God something God will respond immediately. I know that because I have asked God things that have happened immediately. For example, when I was feeling scared for my presentation at school and when I gave my presentation I was no longer feeling afraid. I also was sick one time and the next day I felt better.

You can trust God. Even when you think He won’t do anything. If there are things you should not do, God will give you a warning. When there are things I shouldn’t do He passes it to my brain.

Praying is not only telling what you have done that day and asking if God wants to do something for you. By praying you make God and the angels happy. God never gets worried.

Praying is the best you can do for God. But there are more things you can do for God. Most of the time they are important, like making up when you have a fight, give something to somebody who has a hard time or support him or her. For a part, praying is about what you want to do for God. Doing something for other people is very important to God.

Love is even stronger than money. God feels exactly the same about it. Because God made the world, does not mean that God is in charge of everybody and everything. God wants us to make the world a better place. When you think of God, you immediately think of Jesus and angels.


Jesus is Maria and Josef’s’ son. Jesus came to tell about the existence of God. Jesus is a sort of Son of God. He wants to help God to make the world a better place.

Jesus was a human. By Jesus most people know now that God exists. When you don’t believe in God, God still knows that you exist. Animals can feel joy and peace to.

Jesus has never been angry. He helped his Father with his work. He helped his mother by doing the dishes and he took care of his brothers and sisters.

He has a lot of love for the whole world. Even though he is not here anymore, he still loves us. In your sleep, you can hear Jesus.

When a person makes a mistake in his life, Jesus will know he wants to make things right again. Jesus will help.


When you feel love, deep insight you know you are happy. Even though you are not rich. Without money, you can be happy to. Love is stronger than anything else.

You feel love when you are happy. You can feel love for a sunny day, for family, for animals, for flowers, for God and the angels.

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