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MZV228- Message from the Ancient of Days of Orvonton

2017-08-30-Message from the Ancient of Days of Orvonton,
our Superunivers nr 7

Mezza Verde #228

Session nr 12 of 30 August 2017 – English translation – Original Dutch.

Place : Mezza Verde in Spain.

Received by Wivine

Visitor : one of the Ancient of Days.

Ancient of Days : I am one of the Ancients of Days, who wants to talk to you about the nature of our Order. This exceptional message is transmitted through our system of reflectivity with the help of Jesus Christ Michael and his Order of Melchisedeks.

We are an Order of 21 personalities, all identical, created by the Trinity, but with different personalities. We are individuals who can be distinguished from each other. We don’t look alike.

There are seven Superuniverses and each Superunivers is controlled by three Ancients of Days. We can work alone, in pairs or with three depending on the tasks and administrative management. We decide how a Superunivers is managed and administered to maintain unity and harmony between all the various creations.

We never leave our seat and work with a wide-ranging information system which is based on reflectivity. We have the Seconaphim who are living majestic creatures, to provide us with all needed accurate information to make our administrative decisions or to evaluate an individual whether it is a human or a higher Celestial Creature from Morontia or Spiritual worlds.

We are the strongest and most powerful of those who rule a Superunivers. It is for this reason that only we, and we alone decide about the survival of a soul or a celestial personality. Even your Creator Son, Christ Michael, will leave such a decision in our hands.

In addition, if life forms need to be created in a local universe, a Creator Son of a local universe as Nebadon will ask us permission. This means that we have control over the kind of life you can or cannot create on a planet. It also means that no significant changes can be made without our consent. This also means that new experimental life forms which have been tested on Urantia received our agreement and our cooperation.

Due to the rebellion of Lucifer and premature ending of the Mission of Adam and Eve, all designed stages of development could not proceed as planned. Therefore, it was necessary to look for other means and test them out to allow the people of Urantia to reach faster their final goal.

Namely, the fusion of their evolved soul with their God Fragment, already here on Earth or later on one of the seven Mansion Worlds, or even still later on the Morontia worlds of Nebadon. In any case, before an advanced soul may leave the local universe. As only those souls who are successfully fused with their indwelling God Fragment may leave the local universe as a first stage Spiritual Creature to reach Paradise.

The fusion with your Thought adjuster is a condition ‘sine qua non’ in order to leave the local universe as a first stage Spiritual Creature to pursue your career in spiritual development on the spiritual worlds of the Superuniverses, then reach Havona and eventually Paradise where you’ll meet the Universal Father as a “Perfected Spiritual Creature”, in is Image and Likeness.

In order to achieve this fusion with your Thought adjuster you must acquire sufficient experience during your lifetime on Urantia– your material planet. Hence, the importance to begin actively with the spiritual evolution of your soul already here and now and if possible to try to reach the highest level of soul development one can achieve in mortal life. The more people that will succeed in this endeavor, the faster your planet will enter the first era of Light and Life.

Those who fail to achieve this fusion will continue to serve in their local universe and will fuse later with a spiritual spark of Mother Spirit of Nebadon, when they are ready.

To develop entirely new life forms or even make substantial changes to existing life forms we need the permission of the Eternal Son, Paradise Mother of Jesus.

However, we will not proceed with the creation of new life forms on your planet. Just a few adjustments to human genetics will do. Adjustments needed so that men and women can have the same opportunities for spiritual development as if Adam and Eve would have accomplished the biological upgrade of humanity as expected.

I also wish to inform all people who received the “activation of the spirit receptive glands” and who have thereby received the opportunity to work with

–      The Energy of The Trinity to help their brethren

To then be later able to use –      The Energy of their indwelling God Fragment or Thought Adjuster, didn’t receive these capacities to put them in the cupboards.

You received these means to help people of the entire world to transform in them on the physical and spiritual domain, as well as yourself.

If you transfer every day the Energy of the Trinity on the world, spontaneous healings will occur of which you will not be aware. When you help this way in natural disasters and wars, you will help the wounded, the dying and the souls of the deceased to go towards the Light, as well as all people who live in that region.

Two things are important for your spiritual development:

  • –      To love God above all and everything and develop your trust and faith in Him.
  • –      Being of service to your fellowmen with all resources you have at your disposal. Even if it is only a smile or a nice gesture.

The time of preaching as in the days of the Apostles is over.

All humans receive an indwelling Fragment of God since their early childhood and are surrounded by helping Angels. This was not the case in their time. Jesus only made this possible after his departure from Earth.

The communication portals with the more spiritual worlds are wide open.

More resources will be made available to humans to discover God in themselves. To find their own truth from within, adapted to their spiritual evolution, their personal background and cultural belief system.

It is up to Mankind to learn how to serve men in such a way that you enjoy it; that you become grateful to God that one can and is capable of serving.

Because this is how we have organized it in your entire Superunivers, thus also in Nebadon, thus also on your planet.

Each person is responsible for his own spiritual development due to his free will. And certainly, from the moment you realize that God exists, lives in you, helps you through many Orders of Morontia and Spiritual Creatures.

Then you will understand that you don’t have to dependent on someone else for your spiritual development, because you will know for sure that the HIGHEST TEACHER of all lives in you.

And it is only this one and unique TRUTH that you may communicate to another person. The Celestials and Angels will take over from there.

You don’t need to convince others to read a book that means a lot to you, nor other things you read and find fantastic, nor persuade them to your own religious beliefs.

If this person really needs it, that person you want to “convert” or “convince” will be brought there anyway by the spiritual world or by his own God Fragment.

Every human being is unique and has his or her own path to follow.

Once you will understand this, we will give permission to give you more resources to be of service to humanity.

Who do you think knows better? You or We?

We, the Ancient of Days of your Superunivers nr 7, Orvonton – wanted to tell you this personally.

Our task will be taken over one day by the Supreme Being when She will be ready to take over all powers and full administration of the Master Universe.

We operate through our inherent abilities, not by experience.

The Master Universe with its seven Superuniverses and its four levels of outer space worlds can only make the next transcendent step under the rule of a Goddess who has acquired Her knowledge through experience.

Therefore, The Supreme Being will become the Universal Mother Goddess of experience. As She rises through Her own experiences on Deity level, by the experiences of human souls and those of Morontia and Spiritual Creatures of the Superuniverses.

We will then serve Her in the new era of the universes as exceptional and remarkable administrators and consultants.

Experience, dear friends; experience is the most important thing for your future status in the era of God the Supreme.

By undertaking, acting, learning from your mistakes and solving those problems that arise. Real-life experience of your own wisdom, because the knowledge from your life experiences is something completely different than collecting wisdom from books or by simply listening to others.

You will reach a point where you will only rely for your revealed spiritual truths on your own inner guidance.

You will learn how to leap in the void, without prior instructions or manual.

Only your actions will show you the way and you will get your explanations during your meditations, when you will make time to listen to the answers to your questions. We once again focus on listening. The spiritual world knows what you think, what you know and understood.

It’s this great adventure that awaits you.

I greet you, my friends, and when you’ll become a first stage Spiritual Creature on Salvington, headquarter world of your local universe Nebadon, you will be able to see us and recognize us.

Until then, my friends!

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