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MZV229- Acquire Spiritual Unity

2017-09-11-To Acquire Spiritual Unity

Mezza Verde #229

Session nr 13 of 11 September 2017 –English translation – Original Dutch.

Place : Mezza Verde in Spain.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor : Jesus – Christ Michael –Creator Son of your local universe Nebadon.

Jesus here : My dear children, I know that many things happen in your world that brings anxiety and confusion. Stay quiet and within my vicinity.

Your technological communication means are now within everyone’s reach; for all people on all continents. The speed with which news and images are sent across the world is revolutionary for this 21st century.

This wasn’t the case 50 years ago and there are still people alive who can testify. They were already happy they could call or send a letter by mail. It is even difficult for some born in the 20th century to follow this new evolution, but certainly not for children born in this century. They love to play with it and use it creatively.

They learn much faster because they have all information available at an early age. Parents who encourage their children to be creative find the apple of their eye becoming inventive and finding solutions to problems that scientists didn’t even think of; and this evolution will continue.

The same will happen with everyone’s spiritual quest.

Once upon a time men lived under the dogmas of churches and scriptures, in fear of death because then came God’s judgment.

The scriptures told that to be able to stand before God men had to be “perfect”. But who is perfect in his life? Fear slipped in men’s mind when one spoke about God. Men was more afraid of God than Lucifer. Everyone knows there lives a little rascal in each person; but a Spark of God, no one heard about.

When I lived on your planet with my 12 females and 12 male Apostles, my hundreds of evangelists and many followers, I announced this Great Truth. Namely that there is a Spark of God living in the hearts of everyone with whom one can communicate to reach easily Gods Heavens. And I can assure you, there are a lot of Heavens in God’s universes. You can visit them all and by doing so you will become each time a little more spiritual, a little more perfect. Until you reach the shores of Paradise in such Spiritual Perfection that God can embrace you as His Divine Son or Daughter.

This Truth got lost after my departure and men became again subjected to the slavery of dogmas and ecclesiastical laws. Then, because of their fear of God and the inconsistencies of the churches, men even ended up turning away from their faith.

Some started looking for spiritual values in other philosophies and books. And as usual, they sought for other Wise persons, laws and rules to follow. And the list goes on and on.

Those who discover the existence of the Thought Adjuster or the indwelling God Spark also start with asking questions. How should I behave? What should I do to reach Paradise? How can I solve my problems? What can I eat? Give me your laws and rules!

In other words, these souls still want to slavishly abide, not this time to ecclesiastical rules and dogmas, but to the Will of the Father.

Of course, HE will help you make the right decisions when you ask for counsel. He will point to them and you will always have the freedom to choose. He will never impose something. You ask, HE points to solutions and you choose your path. The choice is yours and remains your responsibility.

However, those who seek personal contact spontaneously, lovingly and with faith in The Father, will soon discover that they don’t have to be afraid of Him; My Father is affectionate, full of mercy and has already forgiven all your missteps when you reach out to Him. Even those future mistakes you will surely make through ignorance or just by humanness are already forgiven.

He will let you feel His Presence in your heart and encourage you. He will strengthen your faith and little by little your will, will become His Will. Your will, will synchronize in time with His without rules and dogmas.

It’s only when you’ll reach this point that you will really become a free person in your faith and in your personal experience with God. Then, and only then will you become true Sons and Daughters of God. It’s only then that you won’t need rules or laws to follow because your desires and wishes, will gradually comply with God’s Will.

You will start feeling the presence of spiritual helpers like Angels and Midwayers. You will realize that you are surrounded by a loving and helpful universe. You will realize that you have a celestial family who helps you develop spiritually without harming your freewill.

You will start to serve your fellowmen from your heart; for the pleasure of giving, not because God or your culture requires it.

If you are baker or a butcher, a technician or a professor, you will practice your profession differently and will adopt more altruistic values. You will educate your children and grandchildren otherwise. You will see the indwelling Spark of God in others and will change your attitude towards them.

If you bear responsibilities you will tend to work for the common good because you will know it will benefit you as well.

You will strive to acquire spiritual unity rather than human uniformity.

Spiritual unity does not require from everyone to have the same opinion or point of view. Nor to be dressed the same way, to wear the same hairstyle, to sing the same songs or eat the same dishes.

Spiritual unity is something that is felt at soul level. And when you feel it, one can be in disagreement in discussions without losing that feeling of soul unity.

Every person is unique and creative. Every person receives the freedom to honor and reach out to God in his own way and at his own pace.

Spiritual unity is particularly felt in a group that cooperates with Me for the spiritual elevation of humanity so that your peers can come a little closer to God.

The feeling of this joyful spiritual unity and connectivity on soul level comes from the presence of the indwelling God Fragments, along with the influences exerted by the two other Paradise Deities with their Sons.

It arises because you all know that your Thought adjusters are gradually taking control over your mortal minds.

It arises from the fact that you know that everyone who works with you to serve your fellowmen and worship God want to do this for the rest of their lives.

It arises from the fact that you know that each of you receives his own truth from the same Source. That each of you receives the freedom to serve God and men according to his or her own personality, cultural background, intellect and soul development.

Many people have good intentions and have the desire to share with others their discovered truths. However, this carries the risk of standardization, dogmatism without leaving room for individual freedom in the quest for spiritual contact with The Father.

This carries the risk that your personal knowledge will crystallize in time following a compulsive need to teach others. You might limit others freedom and creativity this way and by limiting others you will eventually limit yourself. Then you will make a step backward rather than a step forward.

I’ll give you an example: Western society used to require from a lefty to write and work with his or her right hand. But this impaired the development of the motor functions of a child and the result was often a feeling of inferiority.

This might also happen when you impose your personal truths, as high as they may be. Say as little as possible and when you speak ask your Thought adjuster to guide you.

Encourage with your personal life, be the example. Take care of your own growth by being of service. It is by putting your values into action that you will eventually pull others up.

To those who have a constant need to lecture others with their truths, I say that this is dangerous because maybe 6 months later you will learn other things that will alter your actual truths. Everything will accelerate, also your own spiritual knowledge.

Never stand in the way of My Fathers indwelling Spirit. He is the one who knows the person He inhabits and where He wants to take him.

Don’t ever put yourself under the influence of someone who wants to teach and lead you in order to get power over you. Always follow your own inner guidance. Even if you do not hear the inner whispering voice of God, your guides and Angels will find a way to help you out.

For those who have patience and faith the doors of Heaven will be wide open.

Now, I want to speak you about something I have done with my Paradise Brothers to advance the spiritual development of humanity of Urantia and Nebadon.

We have created three Spiritual Energy plants on Urantia in the African continent.

Each plant has been connected through Me to the Supreme Being – the Universal Goddess of experience.

These Spiritual Energy plants are interconnected and we have placed a circuit around the Equator through which these Spiritual Energies are constantly circulating. This Energy comes from the first plant, revolves around the Equator to return to the third station, which is connected to the other two.

This flowing Spiritual Energy will gradually extend to the north and south pole to form a mantle around Earth without covering the two poles.

These plants are managed by the staff of the Power Directors so that their impact can be adapted to the mental and spiritual development of today’s humanity. Their intensity will be increased in time.

I put them in place with the help of my Paradise Brothers: the already born Avonal Son and the yet to be born Creator Son. The Thought adjuster who accompanied me during my earthly life also took part in it. He became an autonomous Personalized Thought adjuster who guides all Thought adjusters working in Nebadon.

I can enumerate a long list of what it will affect and improve, but I prefer that all of you experience it. Every believer, young and old, will recognize the hand of God in the present and future changes and will “surf the web of this new spiritual technology”.

My dear children, your planet is now in your hands. You received all spiritual support you needed to make a paradise from it.

Well, then make the most of now!

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