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RIO180- More on Healing

2010-08-01-More on Healing
Rio Rancho #180


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: More on Healing
o 1.2 Group: Rio Rancho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Orion
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: More on Healing
Group: Rio Rancho TeaM
Teacher: Orion
TR: Gerdean


ORION: : This is Life Carrier Orion come to talk to you about your healing issues.

Student: Thank you for coming.

ORION: : Thank you for receiving me. You have some concerns about healing that you want me to address?


Student: All it needs is a little bit of oversight to make sure the surgery goes smoothly, doesn’t bleed too much, the doctor’s clear, you know, everything goes along fine; no pain, that would be nice.

ORION: : You are having a surgical procedure?

Student: Yes. Tuesday morning. A partial knee replacement to replace the painful arthritis that’s set in because of the bone on bone grinding away that’s been going on there, so we want to be nice to the little knee and take away all that hurt so we can function in a normal fashion.

ORION: : Indeed, we don’t like pain, do we?

Student: It hinders.

ORION: : Nor do we like hindrances. Naturally, your body has already conveyed to you its distress and you have wisely opted to assist your knee in optimal function.

Student: With the use of modern technology.

ORION: : With the use of modern technology, indeed. It is a testimony to modern medicine that so many thousands of people are regaining mobility in their joints and limbs, even their spine, because of the recent new-found abilities to pad these areas with something that will allow you to continue performing your general activities. The body knows what it needs. It knows how to rebuild itself if given the opportunity, but when you have beat it down to the point of disrepair, it is hats off to modern medicine that will rebuild it according to its technology, yes. Amen.

Student: And, thank you, everything else seems to be functioning just beautifully.

ORION: This is good to hear and I am sure it is good for you to report.

Student: Happily, I’m, sure. The Life Carriers are partly responsible for my health, my circulation, metabolism and so on, so thank you.

ORION: : You are welcome! We certainly did what we were asked to do and our commendation is to our Creator Parents who worked all this out and simply gave us the blueprints. They were rather good blueprints with which to work, and although the mortal body is fallible, it is a fine mechanism through which you are able to function. Incredible, indeed, is the mind and the body.

Student: Fragile as it is. Fitting in a narrow spectrum of electrolytes, temperature, algorhythms to all those various and sundry organs that just keep going.

ORION: : It’s a good system.

Student: An awesome system!

ORION: : It is nice to hear such praise! A lot of your difficulty comes from usage to the point of things breaking down, as will happen with any mechanical thing. Houses and vehicles and human beings all will break down if they are not managed and cared for; therefore, self care is an important discipline to learn – not just brushing your teeth and bathing, but knowing the body, knowing its capacities, and its potential, knowing its strengths and its weaknesses unique to you. This is your responsibility – one of your responsibilities.

It is as unkind to overextend your body as it is to poison your mind, and yet we see it being done all the time. Always there is a backlash from such disobedience to universe law. It is a perfect system, but imperfection is inherent in the doing of it, in the living out of it, and so there is an element of self-destruction that runs through humanity that takes its toll on the individuals and on the group as a whole, but overall, the will to live is powerful, the heart is the EveReady battery that keeps on ticking, and the will continues to drive the train … almost never thinking to pause at the station.

Well, on Tuesday you will pause at the station. It could be said that in the race of life you are pulling into the pit stop to have everything tested and replaced so that you can run another lap or two around the course in optimum condition. It is good to see you loving life and appreciating the possibilities ahead for you. In your love of life you cannot help but spill forth an attitude of gratitude and good cheer that impacts others. If there is nothing further I will move along.

Student: I just want to say ‘Thank you!” and if you can use me to help others once I am healed and back up on my feet again, and up and about, I am mindful to help others.

ORION: : It would seem we need not wait! For you are a caregiver at heart and already you have ministered to your sister in her concerns regarding the healing of a glitch in her backside that has bothered her.

Student: Is it better now?

ORION: : I have no feeling of it. I would have to let her answer that and I am receiving an affirmative, and so I trust that it is at least significantly improved. It is a recurring disability.

Student: It might be better treated by a chiropractor.

ORION: : It is a failing based on a couple of injuries to the lower spine in her youth which renders her weak at her stem. You know how it is when you fall and lose your breath. That kind of blow leaves a cellular memory that is not soon forgotten and, in fact, is a permanent indentation in the form – not fatal in and of itself, but one of those things that gets more problematic as years go by and the ability to stave off the effects of life’s experience are lessened … just like teeth that have not been maintained will go bad and need to be removed, or organs that have been misused will need shored up or given a stent.

Student: Once again: modern technology is incredible.

ORION: : It is a pleasure for us to see the applications and the diligence that is applied to these techniques. They can do surgery now from outside the body. They can travel through various organs by way of hidden cameras.

Students: Fiber optics.

ORION: : Fiber optics, yes. Miracles to the human consciousness, certainly, but since the angels of health have been working with these people for decades, even centuries, it is only right that all these efforts should at some point come to some point of fruition, and the advancing technology that allows for x-rays and cat scans and many of these pieces of equipment that can see the heartbeat, the fetus’ form, and so forth, all contribute to your health and well-being. In some of these ways you are even more advanced than you would have been had Adam and Even not defaulted.

Student: Yeah. It just took us longer.

ORION: : Actually, it may never have come about at all but that you were forced to do something about it to start with. It goes far beyond inconvenience. It goes to life and death itself. The ability now for paraplegics to do things technologically that at one time they would have not had available, as people are now able to golf and travel and enjoy life wearing oxygen have advanced considerably from the days when they were confined to an iron lung. Modern medicine is indeed on the march and you are the recipient thereof. It is, again, heartwarming for us to recognize in you the heartfelt gratitude for these “miracles” rather than, as so many people do, take them for granted or demand even yet more, even before they have been researched, investigated and proven worthy.

Student: Or not.

ORION: : Or not. There is no point in distorting the perfection of life at its base in order to create artificial life or aberrations of life. Well, let me not go too far into that because it is akin to curiosity. We’ll deal with that when we get there – if we ever get there.

Student: I just want to add that I saw a thing on television where in a lab they can grow a heart valve for a person from their DNA so that they can replace a sick valve with a healthy, functioning heart valve from their own DNA. To me, that’s another step in modern technology. Yes, this is a result of stem cell research which has been forestalled and yet is coming along at any rate. Now they have created ears and other organs that can replace those in you that break down.

ORION: : It is still important, however, to realize that barring a situation now and then that would justify such an investment in modern miracles of medicine, to remember that living and dying are essentially natural and noble pursuits. You cannot avoid dying at some point and that means allowing for the vehicle to slow down and even become disabled now and then. It’s just the way it is.

Student: Well, if you’ve got a good engine, you can replace a flat tire.

ORION: : Absolutely. And it’s nice to be able to determine these things and act accordingly. It is also good to see those who do not depend 100% on orthodox medicine but delve into the healing aspects of prayer and meditation, as well as manipulating energies, releasing emotional wounds, healing social dynamics, and so forth that allow the body to work better and the organs to function better toward a more wholesome life with a wholesome attitude. This is preventative medicine at its finest.

We therefore encourage you to keep your emotional body as clean and healthy as you keep your physical body. Brushing your teeth and washing your face, getting exercise, eating wholesome foods, getting enough rest – these functions are not that much different than allowing yourself to experience the feelings of your life – grieving when it’s time to say goodbye, having anticipation of a new hello, sadness at certain loses and happiness at certain victories and accomplishment, as well as the intimacy of associations as well as the frustrations they can bring.

Being able to walk through your feelings as part of your emotional experience without allowing any part of you to become fixed or stunted is as essential as taking care of your physical self, toward maintaining optimum well being. Add these elements to the discussions you enjoyed earlier with Monjoronson about maintaining contact with your celestial mentors and spiritual family through your higher mind, is the third aspect of balance that will enable you to know joy and industry and peace every day of your life — a long and fruitful life, at that.


ORION:  Thank you. Farewell.

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