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MZV235- Living Truth and Petrified truth

2018-01-10-Living Truth and Petrified truth
Mezza Verde #235

Session nr 1 from 10 January 2018 –English translation – Original Dutch.
Place : Mezza Verde in Belize.
Received by Wivine.
Visitor : Malavatia Melchizedek.

MALAVATIA:  Here I am, my friends. We will start a new year, the year 2018. As usual, you start your year with new projects and good intentions. We will help you in this. Our task is to lighten the way that brings you a little faster to God and give you tools to serve in areas that are not visible to men and of which most are not even aware.

Through your actions you learn a lot about yourself and others. It provides you with unparalleled wisdom and self-knowledge because your actions and reactions are your teachers. You do good things and you make mistakes. If you honestly acknowledge your mistakes, you will have an opportunity to improve. If you rectify yourself, you will have learned and become a little more like God who is infinitely Good, Beautiful and full of Truth. We will talk about the Living Truth and the search for this Living Truth. Living Truth is creative. The crystallized and petrified truth is dead. People are evolving and what looks great today will be set aside tomorrow by discovering new truths.

This phenomenon is very well illustrated in your sciences. Go through the history of your sciences and you will see that many things were considered true centuries ago, which are now completely refuted by new discoveries, new knowledge, even by new sciences. Whenever your scientists discover something, they begin to elaborate theorems and these theories will continue to live until something new is discovered and the old theories are replaced by new ones. If that didn’t happen, and if all new theories were rejected to cling to old ideas, there would never have been progress.

And the attachment to ancient theories takes place every century in science. The greatest enemy of science was once the Vatican in Europe, which had then to review its dogmas. They have put more than one scientist on the stake to avoid it. Yet science has progressed because progress cannot be stopped in the long run. Thanks to this many superstitions disappeared and man has become a little less ignorant.

This is also true for religious knowledge in “books”. They were compiled on the basis of revelations in a language and form understandable for the time. Then religious leaders or even worldly leaders add advice on nutrition, hygiene, legal punishment, and political opinions. The Holy Book is then given to men as coming from God and is transferred by the priesthood as sacred and immutable from generation to generation. It is a means to strengthen the political power and influence of the priesthood and world leaders, and they can do so because it contains a lot of wisdom.

This is how “truth” is crystallized and petrified through the ages. Nevertheless, people made progress with such Books and we came regularly up with new truths through other channels that we can reach to straighten things so that people can access new knowledge and make new choices. Every century has received its “enlightenment” in existing civilizations where we could liberate them.

However, the greatest revelation came from Jesus. Jesus never wrote a book. He was not allowed to do so because we knew what would happen. Jesus left a great legacy behind him but no writings. The little that has come to you from his deep teaching and wonderful message about the “brotherhood of men under one Heavenly Father” has, however, been lost to the masses. Revealing the infinite love of the Heavenly Father who forgives all who acknowledge their faults and turn to Him, has been replaced by the fear of hell and a paradise impossible for most people to reach because you had to live in perfection and without sins.

The knowledge of the soft “inner voice” that everyone can hear and which leads man to greater awareness and religious understanding has been concealed by the Roman Catholic Church. The Orthodox Christian Church still knows it, as well as Islam and other religions around the world. Native American and African peoples also know about it. They all know the Creator and the indwelling Divine Spirit and they didn’t need sacred books for that. It is also known in Asia in many traditions.

We tell you this to make you aware that it is enough to know that God lives not only in Paradise, but also in the hearts of all men to have direct personal contact with Him. All who know this don’t need books. They are helped and taught internally by praying, meditating or performing their traditional rites.

It’s the same for you as soon as you enter “silence” to open yourself to this contact. If you do it regularly, you will intuitively know what is good and what is wrong. Your intelligence will grow and you will gradually receive higher spiritual insight when you ask questions. You will also receive help if you want to make yourself useful to others. It is through this path that you will discover that God lives in every person.

Then every new person you’ll meet will become an enrichment and joy for you; because for someone who knows God no one is a stranger. Getting to know others, discovering their difficulties and learning to love them is the supreme and most wonderful experience you can have in life. Not your intellectual knowledge from books, that will not serve you much in your spiritual career on the celestial worlds. There you will learn other things and you will walk new paths with God at your side.

Sometimes, a new truth springs between two people when one asks questions because he wants to know and the other has some truths that he likes to share. When such conversations occur between two people, God and Jesus will help them to discover new spiritual insights for both. Living ideas, living and liberating truths – with which they can move forward. When such new spiritual and liberating thoughts emerge, it feels like relief and revelation.

You’ll feel like someone who has received new and better shoes and who can throw away his old worn slippers because they no longer serve. If the old is no longer appropriate, the new appears to those who are open to it and able to manage it. Some people throw their old clothes easily to put on new ones. They have no problem accepting that what was true and real before and which served them well, must now be replaced to grow and go on to the next level.

On the other hand, some don’t like new insights, they reject them because they prefer to stay in their comfort zone with what they know. Then there are those who don’t have the mental strength to open up to new spiritual truths. These people need time because the ground would tear under their feet and they would fall into an abyss if their religious beliefs would capsize following new revelations.

So, never impose your newly acquired ideas on others, it can sometimes do more harm than good. Be very careful. Try to understand their ideas first, and if they have questions, only then you might say something without becoming compulsive. Now something else : I have a suggestion.

Be always aware that you are conveying the inner strength of God’s “Goodness” and “Love”; by doing good, giving, staying calm and kind in all circumstances you will always be in control of every situation. You will be able to transform and help everything and everyone. Even the most difficult person around you.

Nobody has to make an effort to find a difficult person in his environment, everyone has one around him. It could be a client, a student, a brother, a sister, a child, a husband or wife, a mother-in-law, a grandfather, a neighbor, etc. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to practice this to start the year? Goodbye my friends. I will be back one of these days. This was Malavatia Melchizedek.

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