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MZV236- One World Government, One Religion, One Language

2018-03-25-One World Government, One Religion, One Language
Mezza Verde #236

Session nr 2 of 25 March 2018- English translation – Original Dutch.
Place : Mezzaverde in Belize
Notification from Wivine.

My dear friends, I ask you to have a patience. We are working on many things to help our world move towards Light and Life. There are a lot of things that are being tried out right now by the Celestials with a small group to see that what they want to accomplish actually works. This cannot be done with a multitude of people. If we can achieve what the Celestials want to bring forth for future men, then they can put it in place and make it accessible to all humanity.

It’s that simple. We are neither chosen ones or have anything special. We are ordinary people who live like everyone else and among all people. We volunteered for these experiences. Such things take time and as you know, Celestials do not look at time like we do. Be aware that they are implementing many fantastic things for the future. Once all is ready to be implemented globally, they will come to explain what these new opportunities mean for all people of today and those of the near future.

There are many subjects involved and one of them is:
One world government, one religion, one language.

  • – One world government: will always be under the supervision of the Most High – Vorondadek with its 12 groups of Seraphim working for him. It’s not humans who rule our world, they never did. Some people think that but they soon will understand that they were wrong. Some current and future leaders of states, countries and kingdoms will start to take into account the interests of their people and choose for peace and trade. I do not have to explain how it was in the past and is now. War, destruction and steeling were always their goals and solutions.
  • – One religion: soon everyone will realize that a “little God” remains in him and that this “little God” is the one and only spokesperson as well as teacher who knows all the Holy Laws of the Universe and Our Creator. As a result, culture and traditions will have less and less influence in time. Priests and gurus of all kinds, as well as message transmitters, will become obsolete. State or World religions will disappear.
  • – One language: it will be the language of love for God and mankind.

All Melchizedeks who arrive will be able to speak most of the common languages of your world. They will have at their disposal communication systems between them beyond your imagination, same for the Paradise Son already born as well as for the one who will be born. There is nothing in our present world to which you could compare it.

None of them will appear on your TV screen or in the air as a hologram. None of them will appear in public, preach or bring forth a new religion or faith. None of them will do miracles to deceive the masses. It does not even have anything to do with telepathy.

They will appear to individuals or small groups in a way that no one knows, certainly not the Luciferians. These people will not talk about it to others until the time is safe for them to do so and this can take up to 40 years.

Human Luciferians need technology because they have lost their superior powers and contacts. This is not the case for Melchizedeks, Angels or Midwayers. The use of technology points to a regressive human civilization.

– Overpopulation: I may also say a word about the myth that your world is overpopulated. It is not up to an individual to tell other children of God or a specific targeted population how many children they can have because he or she thinks there are too many people walking on earth.

It is a Luciferian myth. If all technologies (weapons and others) that were and are still designed serve only a minority and that all available resources are used only to satisfy their thirst for power and wars, without doing any scientific research to provide food, pure air and water to all, for sure that in their eyes there will always be too many people walking on our globe.

Celestials look at this from another perspective.

Rest assured that our planet will still be able to carry and feed many billions of people once our scientists receive the opportunity to solve all our pollution and nutrition problems. The Celestials are ready to help them find the right solutions once our corrupt leaders are replaced. Moreover, they are already doing it in different countries where leaders, young people and young entrepreneurs are involved that are open for their help.

  • – Mind Control: It’s always a hot problem. Know that Celestials with your contribution can get around this without any problem, you will understand later how.
  • – Free will: it stays intact – people have to choose which way they want to go. This means that nothing will ever be done on the celestial side “by miracle”. Possibilities are offered and will be known – it is up to men to choose to accept them or not.

It’s not so that people became selfish because of Lucifer’s rebellion. Humans were selfish, aggressive and still are. Even in what you understand by a religious or spiritual person there is often a lot of egoism, ego, hypocrisy, thirst for power, greed, pride, jealousy and envy.

All of humanity will always have to choose and work on its own soul growth because no one will suddenly become altruistic, loving or divine. Mankind as a whole must still accomplish this. This can only happen when more and more people choose Gods direction and want to make an effort to improve themselves. Only then will the selfish and wicked wolves gradually become an isolated, powerless minority that will disappear over the centuries.

[Wivine: We are ordinary independent, free people. We live like everyone else and among everyone. We do not have nor need a religion because we work directly with our “celestial family” and our “little God” who dwells in our heart. The Only and True Source of all Wisdom.}

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