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MZV237- Q&A From Mezza Verde Group

2018-03-31-Questions From People Of Our Group With Answers
Mezza Verde #237

Session n° 3 of 31 March 2018 – Original Dutch – English translation.

Question: I often feel guilty for not doing enough energy transfers or not enough meditations. I would like to focus more on what is really important, but I continue to do silly things like housework and other things.

Answer: There are no stupid things like housework and other things. During all your activities, you can address the Divine Spark in you, your Angels and so on to make the most of it. When I wash up, I iron, I clean, I cook, my hands are automatically occupied and I speak to God. Of course, then sometimes I cut my finger, I forget to put salt on the potatoes, I stumble on my bucket of water or my husband comes to ask me something and the meat is burned.

Question: I wonder how other members of the group handle all this. On the other hand, I know that I joined the group later and that I still need a lot of experience and that I want to read a lot in the Mezzaverde sessions to acquire knowledge that I simply don’t have !!

Answer: Everyone has the same problems. You have to adapt by integrating your work with the Energy and the meditations into your schedule. To integrate it depends solely on your motivation and has nothing to do with the situations around you.

Question: For some time, I have been very satisfied with sending energy and it does not require an effort anymore to take the time to do it. Before, it was much more like something imposed from outside. Now, it feels good inside and sometimes I notice that my attention is attracted to certain regions to which I send more energy.

Answer:  Everyone is conditioned from an early age. Especially people who have been subjected to strong authoritarian pressure from their religion, parents, teachers at school, respond the same way as you do. They feel that what I am learning, especially to:

  • – work effectively with the Energy of The Trinity and
  • – do meditations to obtain an individual spiritual education without interference from the brain, is something that is imposed from outside. -Olalla! Not again, rules to follow!!

Free and independent spiritual seekers who have not experienced authoritarian pressure in their youth are not disturbed by this. They quickly discover how to deal with it and what it brings them. What I teach people is the ability to help others with spiritual means = the Energy of the Trinity or Paradise and to learn to meditate with a simple method.

The purpose of meditation is to receive spiritual information. Information that suits you personally. By doing these two things (sending energy and meditating), you will end up approaching your indwelling Divine Spark in such a way that you will be able to work with its PURE ENERGY to solve problems that today’s humanity cannot solve. – such as neutralizing nuclear waste and many other things.

Think of the group as a collection of independent individuals, not a social event that you want to join, because that is not the case. I only work with individuals as the spiritual world expects from me.

Mezzaverde is a self-taught training – for people who want to learn and grow in cooperation with their personal spiritual guides. I give you a push to lift you on the horse. Then you get some instructions to ride this horse so that it will lead you to the destinations of your choice. And I remain at your disposal to help you in your efforts as long as necessary. It is a schooling for people who are really motivated from out of their heart to help humanity in a non-material way.

Question: I realize now very well that the media wants us to believe many things. As for now, I don’t know any more who are the good ones and the bad ones. I know that this causes a lot of terrible misunderstandings, exploitation of people and a lot of suffering. Just because very rich people want to become even richer, other people have to suffer. I hope that the fact that we continue to send energy will awaken humanity to live more consciously!! That a change will slowly begin, and that we can participate in it.

Answer:  The world is such that you get contradictory information – the same thing happens in religions and in the world of those who receive messages from the spiritual world. There is only ONE who knows everything and can give you the Truth to find your way in this jungle and that is your indwelling “little God” who is helped by the Spirit of Truth of Jesus. And both are dwelling in your heart.

He is the path to a better understanding; that’s why it is important to take the time to go inward with all your questions and obtained information. This is the purpose of meditations or moments of silence. By working with the Energy of The Trinity, you help a lot, even if it’s invisible to you. Here too you have to go inside or meditate to get more clarity on what you are actually doing.

The Mezzaverde sessions are just a manual to give some guidance. Compare it with a car: you get practical lessons to learn how to drive. Your life is the road on which you drive and gain experience; this way, you build wisdom in your driving behavior and your life behavior.
You receive an instruction book with your car on how this car is assembled. Everyone takes a look at this book and then ranks it. They only take it back when something is broken at the car or if they do not know where the spare tire is in case of a puncture. This instruction booklet is the Mezzaverde sessions and nothing else.

You can learn to drive a car only by driving on all kinds of roads: mountains, flat roads, rain, ice, parking, etc. Working with The Energy and Meditation is an excellent tool to help others and become an experienced driver who can one day drive a tourist bus. One day you will become a travel guide for others who want to explore new paths and want to know something about the history of the region, or where hotels, restaurants and sights are located.

What are people doing now: they read the car’s instruction book – and if they do not like it, they look for another booklet on the same car (other religions – other messages from transmitters) and they read and read. There are even some who start writing their own instruction booklet with their own ideas based on all these instruction books and then present it to others as the newest – the latest (=evangelizing your own new faith). Now, I ask you the question? How many instruction books should a person read before they can drive?

Can one learn to drive independently with such an instruction booklet? Have you ever tried it? I don’t think you’ll go far.  In addition, many instruction manuals contain untruths or are incomplete. And if you do not walk by your own experience and do not do independent research like a hunting dog with the help of your own inner guidance, how are you going to distinguish truth from fake? Because I tell you? How do you know that I’m telling the truth?

Question: I was educated in the idea that you could solve everything with love, which makes it difficult for me to accept that there are people who deliberately want to harm humanity!!

Answer:  There are people who don’t have love in them. Who does not feel empathy for others. There are children, young people and adults who are capable of great atrocities and especially when they are in group. There are people who are so high up on the social ladder and who are so far removed from others that they consider ordinary people as cattle that can or cannot be used.

The news on TV and in the newspapers is full of atrocities, wars and violence. We grew up with it and so are our children. It is true that with “love” you can overcome everything, but you must feel this “love” in yourself for the whole world and not just for your own little family. Do not turn a blind eye to violence and all horrible things people are doing because you don’t want to know it. You received ways to help, use them with your eyes wide open to know where to send it. You can no longer say that you are helpless. You can help with your abilities, then do it with all your heart.

Just reading messages is not enough, nor joining a group by luring yourself that this will help you to achieve higher soul growth. Even getting close to me will not help. Moreover, if I feel that someone relies too much or starts to rest on me, I send them away and sometimes I refuse even to continue to transmit messages. And if I feel that someone wants to use me, I brake-up contact.

Everyone is responsible for the growth of his own soul and must work on it him- or herself. Another person cannot promote or slow down the growth of your soul. One may give you good directions as another can point you to a wrong path. But it’s up to you to make your choices. Nobody can force you to anything. I gave you abilities and it’s up to you to do something with it to help your fellowmen as a responsible adult. If you don’t use it, that’s your decision and your responsibility.

Question: What is the difference between prayer and meditation?

Answer:  I will answer simply. When you pray to God, you always ask Him something for yourself or for someone else. It is you who speak and God listens. When you meditate, it is God who speaks even if you don’t hear Him and you listen.

{Wivine. We are ordinary independent, free people. We live like everyone else and among everyone. We do not have nor need a religion because we work directly with our “celestial family” and our “little God” who dwells in our heart. The Only and True Source of all Wisdom.}

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