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MZV239- Learn To Think With Your Heart

2018-04-27-Learn To Think With Your Heart
Mezza Verde #239

Session nr 5 of 27 April 2018 – English translation -Original Dutch.
Placec : Mezzaverde in Belgium.
Visitor: Monssoen Melchizedek.
Received by Wivine.

MONSSOEN:  My friends, we are there on your world : all 24 Melchizedeks. We will not show ourselves physically for the moment. It is possible for us to exist in two states. We can be there in our Melchizedek form like on the Morontia worlds of Nebadon – your local universe and we can manifest ourselves physically on your planet if we want to; we have our own techniques for that. It’s useless to show up in your world and talk in public for now.

Humanity is at such a low spiritual level that we would only blind them. They would not even understand what we are talking about. As long as too many people think only on their material well-being and that there is no life after death, we will remain in the background. There is still too much selfishness, jealousy, cruelty, suspicion, disbelief, need to be highly regarded and have material greatness, as well as desire to make war.

Some want guns for their holy wars and others want the planet for themselves. They manage to do so because people are so credulous, manipulatable and easy to convince, especially young people and those working at government level.

Even the many Christian believes or spiritual movements are organized businesses that manipulate people. Just look at the many stories that have circulated about the second coming of Jesus, our father, which would be accompanied by a massive destruction of your world, either by war or by natural disasters.

Why would Jesus only come when so many lives are destroyed, it’s nonsense. Jesus stands by every man who knows him and thirsts for his wisdom to improve himself because that’s where the big problem is with all of you. Nobody wants to work on him- or herself, all want to work on improving others.

All have their own ideas how this should be done and most of them are waiting for someone to come to save them from misfortune, to punish the wicked and save the good. Even believers still think a lot on themselves and know God only when they need Him to improve their lives. They even come to God to make a deal with Him: “I will do something for you if you do something for me!”

When they receive it, they forget immediately to complete their share of the deal and when they don’t get it then God is bad and they don’t believe in Him anymore. Some very rich thieves with beautiful costumes give sometimes a lot of money to good causes because they blame themselves. As if God was for sale. What can God do with money? How can this increase your soul or that of others? In addition they make sure they don’t give all their wealth. No, they still keep enough for themselves, even a lot. And when they see their wealth declining, they start steeling again in all impunity.

People forget that they are personally responsible for their soul growth and consequently for world peace. Start with yourself and leave your neighbor alone. He loves God in his own ways and perhaps much more than you. Everything else is just cultural, ritual and schooling differences which has nothing to do with soul growth.

The big problem for the lawless wicked is that they use up their spiritual credits. Everyone gets a bag full of divine compassion and it’s a very big bag. If you empty it completely without putting something back in it, there will be nothing left after death which means that there is a good chance that there will not even be a beyond for you. Not as a punishment, but because of your own choices.

The Ten Commandments of God are written in the human heart, if you silence your heart because you don’t want to hear them, it is your choice. You have free will. At the moment people only think with their brain, and only with the brain. Learn to think with your heart. The heart works electro-chemically just like your brain. It functions as a brain and is in constant contact with the brain. They work together and as a result they are both in contact with your divine mind received from Mother Spirit of Nebadon.

Your heart is the seat of your feelings and is able to reflect. Your brain is comparable to a computer with different types of memories that function as accessible or sometimes hidden databases. Thanks to the interconnection of the heart with the brain, you can enlarge or increase the divine mind received from Mother Spirit or derogate from it.

The mind received from Mother Spirit is of divine origin and offers an intellect, moral values and superior wisdom when one begins to think with a loving heart. Especially if you have love for God and humanity. When you show a service that expects nothing in return and when you give for the pleasure of giving. For some it is in their environment and close family, for others it may be in their work, as head of state, as a spiritual leader, in the medical field or scientific research, it can be in so many areas.

The most important thing is to understand that every act, everything you think and everything you do has an impact on all humanity. Every person who knows and loves God, who seeks God’s wisdom and allows his or her thoughts and actions to be guided by their indwelling “little God”, will have a radiance and a beneficial influence beyond him or herself. Those people who are now ready to work with us will see us eventually.

We will not ring at your door, rest assured. You will see us or will hear us during your prayers or your meditations when you are alone or in group to follow our teachings. All this will come. Sometimes you will remember and sometimes not. To show us to all humanity right now would be useless.

Be careful with those who will announce that they are in direct contact with us, that they are our chosen human leaders and that you must follow them to get to the right destination; be careful my friends. There will still be a lot of absurdities that will come to you from people who cannot put themselves aside. Even in your immediate environment. Believe only what comes from within, keep quiet and be patient. As soon as you are ready in soul and heart, we will be there. See you soon my friends. Just a little patience.

{Wivine: We are ordinary, free people. We live like everyone else and between everyone. We work indeed consciously together with our ‘celestial family’ and our ‘little God’ who lives in our hearts. The Only True source of all Wisdom.}

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