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MZV240- Soul Development of Pets

2018-04-29-Soul Development of Pets
Mezza Verde #240

Session nr 6 of 29 April 2018- English translation – Original Dutch.
Place: Mezzaverde in Belgium.
Research and dissertation done by Marius
Visitor : Jesus – Christ Michael –Creator Son of Nebadon, our local universe.
Received by Wivine.

{Marius remarks: The reason for this treatise is because we had to euthanize our pet (cat) with whom we had a bond of love and affection for years. It may happen that you have a special connection in your life with an animal, which is not always obvious. There are a number of things already known to us from The Urantia Book about the survival status of animals after death: there is nothing left of them.

The discussion on the subject arose after conversations with other people who had experienced the same thing. We doubted and wanted to know for sure that there was nothing left after death of an animal with whom one had a bond of love.}

Marius : The ability to learn by experience is supported by the 7 adjutant mind spirits.
Mother Spirit of Nebadon, our local universe, bestows creature mind on the temporary (humans, animals) and permanent (Midwayers) inhabitants of our planet which are the seven adjutant mind spirits.

{Wivine : These adjutant mind-spirits influence in different ways the awareness, intelligence, as well as the emotional and intellectual morality of a creature. They are situated outside the physical body and connect individually one after the other to the physical brain according to its development after birth. They are not persons. They are universal circuits of non-spiritual energy; they belong to the category of teachable mind circuits through experience, bestowed on physical creatures. They are not your physical brain. This in contrast with the mechanical mind circuits assigned by the Master Physical Controllers who bestow this non-teachable by experience, mind-intellect to unicellular animals or other primitive life forms.}

Marius : We can distinguish and describe them as follows:

  • 1. The spirit of intuition: it is the domain of reflexes and orientation; of basic self-preservation and survival
  • 2. The spirit of understanding: the ability to make quick decisions, to react in various situations.
  • 3. The spirit of courage: the basis for building character and perseverance. Development of self-control.
  • 4. The spirit of knowledge: curiosity, the need to examine and do research.
  • 5. The spirit of counsel: The need to cooperate, to work as a team, to harmonize. The basis of gregarious behavior in men, the herd instinct in animals or men.
  • 6. The spirit of worship: the religious inclination, the divine adoration, the will to ascend spiritually.
  • 7. The spirit of wisdom: the field of evolutionary progress. It is the highest ” adjutant mind-spirit” who also coordinates all other adjutant mind circuits to help a person reach the desire and have the will to survive with his soul after death. Wisdom is also the most advanced level of intellectual performance.

Marius : Midwayers are under the influence of the two highest adjutant mind-spirits: worship and wisdom. Man is influenced by all seven adjutant mind-spirits. Animals are under the influence of the first 5 adjutant mind-spirits according to their evolutionary stage: intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge and council.

This difference in impact characterizes the essential distinction between humans and animals. The difference between the ability to know God and those who are unable to know God. The powers of man go far beyond those of animals. Man has the ability to make moral decisions and have religious experiences that differentiate him from an animal.

An animal lives in the now. He has no thoughts or expectations for the future, but he knows the past of which he learned through experience. We have an expression that says that once a cat has jumped on a hot stove, it will never jump on a cold stove! This past experience teaches the animal that jumping on a stove can be a painful experience. However, man will think and come to the conclusion that touching a cold stove is not a danger for him.

Animals will never know the meaning of life, men have the opportunity to think about it and draw conclusions. They are open to the concept of space-time. In other words: an animal experiences its environment, reacts instinctively and can communicate in a limited way. A person, a creature with personality, can add value to events and associate ideas and content to it, which leads to consciousness and self-awareness!

Life that has been given to plants and animals do not possess a personality of divine origin. Man receives from God a unique personality as well as a “little God” or a Fragment of God which is also lacking in the animal. Due to this absence, an animal is unable to develop a soul to reach survival status of its essence after physical death.

Creature mind of an animal is able to know its master on the material plane. On the other hand, God, who is Pure Spirit, is not felt by the animal. Animals have indeed a brain on which the first 5 adjutant mind-spirits interact, but all adjutant mind-spirits received from Mother Spirit will dissipate in the cosmos after physical death, just as they do with humans. And because the animal doesn’t receive a divine personality, his essence cannot be absorbed by the Supreme Deity of Experience either.

All this means that an animal cannot survive as an individual after physical death. Surviving after death means developing an immortal soul through:

  • – free-will choices of a human personality and actions of the inner “little God” or Thought Adjuster received from God.
  • – and the help of the creature mind received from Mother Spirit.

Nevertheless, my relationships with pets who come in contact with humans have shown something that made me think. I started meditating on it and searched for answers.

I came to the following conclusions:
In my opinion, and that’s what all people who have pets or horses experience, animals have their own will and character. Every animal owner knows that no animal is identical, even within their own species, although at first sight there are no differences.

Just as man receives from God a unique personality, I would say that animals possess a “specificity” that comes from their evolution. This “unique character specificity” ensures that a close and loving bond can develop between humans and animals. People say sometimes that an animal can give unconditional love.

An individual animal has no soul that can survive after death like humans. However, an animal experiences changes during its existence and therefore underwent an energetic evolution. This energy will survive after death as part of the cosmic forces of the universe.

Especially if there was a special and loving connection between a human and an animal. This bond of love will therefore survive as a manifestation of energy and this experience will also follow your soul.

After resurrection of the human soul on the 1st Mansion World (morontia world), man will be able to recognize this “body of energy that resonates with him” and he will know that : “this is my pet! “.

Marius – End.

JESUS:  My children, you have a lot to learn about the development of all life forms when your planet will reach the stage of Light and Life. It is not only man who is spiritually developing towards this stage, but all forms of life on your planet.

It is true that:

  • Man can decide by free will to elevate his soul to the stage of Divine Perfection; which is the reason for his creation and his future destiny.
  • Man fulfills this by experiencing Love for God and serving his brethren with unconditional love.
  • Love is a quality of God. God is Love and those who learn to assimilate the very essence of this
  • Love of God for His Creation will become Divine.
  • Love is creative and transformative.
  • What God is to man, man is to the animal.

Indeed, an animal cannot have an intimate experience with God as man can have. For this, he needs an intermediary: a person who knows how to love. An animal that experiences a loving and emotional relationship with man receives something from the divine attributes of man.

There are intelligent pets that can develop human feelings through the help of the first five adjutant mind spirits mentioned above. They also have senses that can see and hear more than humans. They can feel your “little God” and see the radiance of your soul. If you are a loving person who developed an intimate bond with a pet, then you are playing the role of God for the animal.

An animal can develop a kind of “self-awareness” through which he can consciously develop a bond of love and adoration for man, a little bit in the same way man does with God. The animal with which you have developed a high bond of mutual love will receive a kind of “fraction” of your personality and your “little God” will act on the animal through you; your pet will indirectly be influenced by him.

This will allow the animal to develop an embryo of animal soul that can continue its existence after physical death. These undeveloped animal souls can carry on their evolution in the area of the Mansion worlds thanks to the good care of morontia souls who assume this task.

It is the enlightened man of the future that will function as God for the animal world. I’m explaining it simply, with terms you know. There are indeed plans for the subsequent spiritualization of the animal and vegetable realm on Urantia through man. Man is currently helped in this task by morontia helpers on the Mansion Worlds of Nebadon.

Later this will be done on your planet when your populations will have reached the ages of Light and Life. The final destination of animal souls and plants is not Paradise. For that, they should be able to evolve towards the soul status of primitive man. To achieve this, humanity as a whole must first reach the highest stages of Light and Life.

It’s all about love, creation and spiritual evolution in the Seven Superuniverses that will one day be ruled by the Supreme Goddess of Experience. So yes, mutual love between man and animal is creative and will not be lost. This love helps animals to evolve spiritually and the “self-awareness” they develop through you will find its place in Nebadon where it will grow through the ages according to My Plans.

In this sense, there are many heavens for the different stages of humanized animals, as there are heavens for the different stages of Deified Personalities. Nothing is lost which is created through love.

Goodbye, my children. Continue and ask questions from which everyone can learn. Do your research and we will find a way to give you answers as far as we can explain it. Otherwise, it will be like always: “Please, be patient”.

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