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MZV241- Father, You and I are One

2018-05-15-Father, You and I are One
Mezza Verde #241

Session nr 7 of 15 May 2018- English translation – Original Dutch.
Place : Mezzaverde in Belgium.
Received by Wivine

Visitors : Monssoen and Malvantra Melchizedek

MONSSOEN: Hi girl, I’m here with Malvantra to help everyone with their questions; questions concerning especially everything that revolves around the “activation” of the Spirit receptive glands and their personal soul evolution. Contrary to the belief of some novices, this “activation” does not give men the capacity for clairvoyance or clairaudience. No one will be able to see us, nor hear our voices, nor communicate with his “little God” or indwelling God Fragment all of a sudden and miraculously, the way you communicate by phone, Skype and other telecommunication gadgets.
It is neither the goal or the purpose.

The ‘Spirit receptive glands’ have mainly to do with ‘mind’. There are three types of “minds” that are granted by Mother Spirit to the evolving human beings in Nebadon, your local universe. Each type of “creature mind” depends on the number of these glands that man receives at birth.

On some inhabited planets, people have only one of these glands.
On most inhabited planets, people have two.
On some planets, people even have three.

Humans on planets with only one of these glands have it a little more difficult and those with three are more advantaged.
The humans of Urantia, your planet, have two. They receive the kind of “creature mind” of Mother Spirit that is able to connect with it. This type of “mind” provides your soul embryo with facilities for its spiritual development, which means that in the long run the soul becomes more susceptible to the influences of the indwelling Divine Spirit, your “little God.”
These two glands are situated in the heart and, because of some circumstances, they are often underdeveloped or inactive to function properly in concert with the brain. It is necessary for men that this cooperation arise in order to become receptive to higher moral values and spiritual insights that will elevate their thoughts and actions.

It is through the heart brain that selfless men will achieve this. When they learn to think with their heart and not with their intellect; thanks to their growing love for God and their fellowmen. The more that love will grow, the more their faith will become unshakeable, the more the heart brain will grow and influence the intellectual brain, the more men will open up to higher levels of spiritual insight and wisdom.

The heart is indeed the seat or principal residence of your “little God” and the Spirit of Truth of Jesus and from there they communicate with your “creature mind” received from Mother Spirit. This mind is not your brain. This mind is located outside your body and connects with your brain to give you the opportunity to expand your thoughts, intellect, state-of-mind, morality and ethics by learning through experiences resulting from your choices and decisions.
It is your love that will activate these glands and your heart brain, so needed to reach higher spiritual insights and achieve a magnificent soul development. The intellectual brain alone cannot achieve this and is very manipulatable by external influences.

However, you will not hear voices or messages in your head when you consciously receive messages, voices, and spiritual concepts from the Higher Spiritual Orders or your “little God.” You will receive them between heart and throat during a meditative state. These voices are very soft, almost imperceptible. This will avoid the interference of your own conditioned thoughts, of what is accumulated in your memories, and external influences that are not of spiritual origin.
Sometimes it can happen, in exceptional situations and very briefly, that an invisible person who seems to be somewhere around you, can shout something to warn you during a mission; this comes from your Midwayers or Angels who are personally assigned to you.

This knowledge is not new, let’s say that it has gone astray. It was transmitted in the past by the Sage of Salem or Machiventa Melchizedek who incarnated on earth around 1,920 B.C. and was passed on by a Salemite disciple a few centuries later to Queen Tiye (born 1,400 BC) – mother of Ichnaton (Achenaten), grandmother of Tutankhamun. .

{Note Wivine: I visited the Museum of Cairo 20 years ago where I spent a long time in front of a large granite bust of Queen Tiye. There was on the back of her neck, on chakra 5 or the first backbone, a small granite bird with outstretched wings and head down. It gave the impression that this little bird was whispering something to her. But what? And why in such a strange place? The ear I would have understood, but there, a mystery? In Christianity, the Holy Spirit is represented by a dove (bird) flying above the head which gives the impression that higher wisdom is transmitted to men through the head. It is only now that I have understood the broader meaning of these two symbols and no longer consider them opposites.}

Urantia belonged to the 37 planets of which the Planetary Prince rebelled with Lucifer against Christ Michael and God. Caligastia, your former Planetary Prince, caused a lot of damage here with his helpers. This had repercussions for the development of human souls.

In addition, you missed the biological enhancement (DNA) following the Adam and Eve default that you needed to reach more easily higher levels of soul awareness and better contact with your spiritual helpers. We are now realizing these biological improvements or DNA modifications in different ways, so that the Spirit receptive glands in the hearts of men will eventually work better. However, this “upgrade” is insufficient on its own to bring forth soul growth.

Promoting the spiritual development of your soul to the highest morontia level, even during your lifetime, and then reaching Paradise as a First stage Spiritual Creature, is the very reason for your existence and creation. It is your faith, your selfless service, your desire to act as God would and your love for Him that will have to achieve this. It is only by praying patiently, meditating, or going into “silence” to receive guidance from your indwelling Spirit that your materialistic thinking will change. It is only when you regularly and patiently carry your happiness and miseries inwardly to seek advice that your soul embryo will one day become a morontia soul in its own right with a morontia mind.

In so doing, you will increase your receptivity for everything that comes from the Spirit World so that you can directly receive incentives from your indwelling “little God” through the mind of your morontia soul and eventually hear Him.
It is thanks to your firm conviction and your trust in God that you will move mountains and overcome your material, emotional and psychological difficulties. People ask God a lot and do not always receive what they ask for. Sometimes they get something, but not what they wanted and therefore don’t appreciate the gift. Sometimes they stubbornly go in a direction that will bring them misfortune despite the systematic blocking of this path by God. Then, when they managed to fall in the ravine, they even get angry with God.

All of this can be avoided if you go regularly into meditation with the intention of receiving spiritual insight and guidance before you act; by developing your trust in God’s wisdom and constantly talking to Him even though you do not hear His answer. You always will receive one indirectly if you pay attention. What you call in your group, the “activation” of the Spirit-receptive glands, is in fact something we are testing with a limited group of God-knowing people who have already attained some soul growth; whose love for God and their fellowmen has grown in such a way that they can be prepared to help humanity in a more spiritual way.

This “activation” gives these people the ability to work with the Paradise Energy from the Trinity, which is passed on through Christ Michael, better known as Jesus. They all have the potential to reach the highest morontia soul level a person can reach on earth. Namely the stage of pre-fusion with their indwelling “little God”. Once this step is almost reached, their “little God” will allow them to work with His Pure Energy under certain circumstances. However, this stage will not be handed to them on a silver platter. They will reach it through their own efforts allowing their souls to reach these higher morontia and mind levels.

Morontia Mind is a creation of Mother Spirit with Christ Michael. Your morontia soul will undergo 570 phases of transformation before she reaches the level of a first stage Spiritual Creature. The soul goes through these different stages generally on the Morontia Worlds, starting on the 1st Mansion World. The soul can also traverse these stages during her mortal life, provided that she works on it by – -by loving more and more her brethren as they are. You will get there by getting to know all types of people in your surroundings and during your travels without evaluating, denigrating or cataloging them into good or bad, higher or lower.

  • – -By controlling your human mind.
  • – -By strengthening your contact with your “little God” and living according to His received Wisdom. In other words, reaching constantly higher levels of conscious contact with your indwelling God Fragment.

All of this has nothing to do with visions, hearing “voices” and receiving “messages” to pass on to others.
We expect people from those who received “the activation” that they “go beyond that”, well beyond that. So much that they will be able to help their fellowmen at much higher levels of consciousness by giving priority to their own soul growth.

Giving priority to one’s soul growth has nothing to do with “egotism”, on the contrary.
This has to do with you being able to approach or feel real Divine Love in your heart, by expressing a selfless service for God and Humanity from out of that inner Divine Love; by doing everything in all simplicity, naturally, without wanting to be in the spotlights.

As you walk this path to achieve the goal, you will learn to master your “creature mind” received from Mother Spirit and give your “little God” the opportunity to spiritualize your human moral intelligence. This is how your morontia soul and mind will develop. And by continually developing your morontia soul to the highest level that is accessible to you during your mortal life, you will reach Unity.

Unity of the:

  • – mind of your “little God”
  • – with the morontia mind of your soul and
  • – your human mind.

It is only when you feel this “UNITY” in the depths of your heart and your being, that you will eventually understand the true meaning of the words: My Father, You and I are One and I am God! Jesus reached this stage of Unity between the Divine- Morontia- Human mind when he was 29 years old. Therefore, this state of consciousness and unity is called in the Christian world “Christ Consciousness” It has other names in other religious tendencies. In The Urantia Book, it is called the individual mortal stage of Light and Life.

This is the moment that precedes the fusion with your “little God” or Thought Adjuster: the moment of pre-fusion. If the person still has tasks to perform on the planet his or her “little God” will decide to postpone His fusion with this soul.
For fusion, before natural or accidental death, means the destruction of the physical body and the soul is immediately transferred to the Morontia Worlds.

As Urantia moves towards and in the different stages of Light and Life, the more people will achieve fusion on earth. In the past and so far, there were only a few who achieved it; which means that the populations of Urantia have still a long way to go. Goodbye my friends. Come on, do not give up! We’re not there yet ! Continue to walk with us for a while, now that we are all here.

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