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MZV242- A Headband Squeezing Your Head

2018-07-19-Feeling A Headband Squeezing Your Head
Mezza Verde #242

Session nr 8 of 19 July 2018 – English translation– Original Dutch.
Place : Mezzaverde in Belgium.

Note Wivine:
First of all I would like to say that I don’t know who helped me write this paper. One thing is certain, I didn’t pull it out of a hat. It is common for people working with the Trinity Energy to experience this phenomenon. They sometimes feel a tightening headband around the head or have the impression that a helmet is pressed on their head during the day, meditations or bilocations..

We all experience this in the group one day or another. I also know that it’s not just those who work with me who experience it. This phenomenon also occurs with other people and is absolutely not specific to our group. Until now, I thought it just meant that the Thought Adjuster or God Fragment was getting closer to the individual and that He was beginning to exert more influence over his thoughts and reflections; that instead of being the Adjuster of our thoughts He became the controller-ruler of our thoughts.

A few days ago, two people told me that they had felt this phenomenon and I gave them this explanation. Explanation that was enough for me personally and that I had never deepened. Yesterday, however, I was compelled to dig into The Urantia Book because apparently there was something missing in my explanation and the way I perceived it. I was then helped to write a simple and short explanation. Explanation that I then sent to these people.

This morning, it turned out that it was not enough. A broader explanation could also be used by others and should be posted on the web. I then understood that from the beginning it was their intention, hence the reason I had to learn more first. Celestials are like that: information must be completer when it is made public. This does not mean that there is nothing more to say on the subject than what follows.

Everyone knows that reading in The Urantia Book sometimes brings more confusion than clarity because too much information comes to you and the language used is overly academic. I am talking about normal people like you and me, not great intellectuals who are so proud to tell us that they have read The Urantia Book many times with great ease. And when you ask them a question their answer is often not relevant or they are unable to answer you. I know these guys! I met more than one. They don’t impress me anymore. Fortunately, they are not all like that. When you ask help from celestials and other spiritual influences, they will certainly help you patiently to understand more! Be sure of that!

Here is the explanation:
Feeling a headband squeezing your head or a helmet being pressed onto your brain is a normal phenomenon and means that your Thought Adjuster comes closer to your thoughts and your human creature mind. More precisely, it is you who first approached His Divine Spiritual Mind, which then allows Him to approach your human mind. He cannot approach you in your daily life until you first turn and rise to Him. He doesn’t approach you so much to control your thoughts, but rather to spiritualize your thoughts and thought processes in order to make a morontia duplication from them for your morontia soul. He usually does this during your sleep in the superconsciousness. Superconsciousness is the area where a worshipping mind meets the Divine Mind of God.

Your surrendering, ardor and love for God, your needs and actions to serve your fellowmen unselfishly, your intense desire to have divine contact will give your God Fragment the opportunity to raise your thoughts to higher and higher spiritual levels. Up to the spiritual level where He can slowly approach your human mind. Over time, He may even find it useful to enlighten your human creature mind to facilitate the elevation of your thoughts and actions to higher spiritual levels, in order to mature your Morontia Soul through the elevation of her Morontia Mind.

Of course, also to allow you to hear Him although this can sometimes be dangerous for the well-being of the unprepared human mind. Man has too much tendency to blend the spiritual values of the Thought Adjuster with his own psyche and his own egotistical thoughts. Man often doesn’t distinguish what comes from his God Fragment and what comes from self. He is very reckless and tends to get excited. This is the origin of many sects in all religions or philosophical beliefs.
But when the spiritual ego likes to dominate or shine takes over, it can even go so far as to unknowingly submit to dark, manipulative influences of mind control.

It is the spiritual evolution of your human mind towards a Morontia Mind that will help you approach the Divine Mind of your Thought Adjuster so that communication becomes possible. It is the Morontia Mind that leads to a possible communication. When your cooperation with your God Fragment has reached such a stage He will gradually become a controller of your thoughts instead of an adjuster of thoughts precisely due to the harmonization of your human mind with His Divine Mind.

When you feel this tightening headband, you can speed up and facilitate this process by openly declaring that you allow Him to control your thoughts and enlighten you spiritually. Don’t be impatient to hear His Voice. Your God Fragment knows better than you when such a thing is possible and desirable for your safety. It is not necessary to hear His Voice in this human life for the spiritualization of your soul to reach the Morontia mind. Not even for the subsequent fusion of your Morontia Soul with Him. To facilitate soul growth in your material life, it is good to be aware of His indwelling presence and to cooperate with Him in your daily life instead of opposing Him. Rest assured that then all doors to Heaven will be opened.

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