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MZV244- The Spirit Of Truth

2018-08-07-The Spirit Of Truth
Mezza Verde #244

Session nr 10 of 7 August 2018- English translation – Original Dutch.
Place : Mezza Verde in Belgium.
Received by Wivine.

Visitor : written with the help of the Spirit of Truth

The Spirit of Truth is a joint gift of the Universal Father and his Creator Son, Christ Michael to all Humanity of Nebadon, your local universe. With Humanity of Nebadon, we hear all types of humans and morontia souls living on the thousands of material and morontia worlds (half-spiritual/half-material) in Nebadon. There are three great Orders of Paradise Sons that deal with spiritual progress of men on an inhabited planet. We will only talk about two because they play a role in the transmission the Spirit of Truth after their bestowal mission on a material planet.

1. Creator Sons of the Order of Michael. Creator Sons are a creation of the Universal Father with the Eternal Son.
These Creator Sons are trained to create a local universe in a Superunivers with a Mother Spirit. Together or separately, they create many Orders of spiritual and morontia beings that help primitive men to develop spiritually on material and later on morontia planets.

Your Creator Son is Christ Michael and his local universe is called Nebadon. Nebadon is located in Superunivers # 7 – Orvonton. There are 7 Superuniverses. Creator Sons must perform 7 bestowal missions in the different Orders of their creation. These lives in the various Orders of their creation provide them the necessary experience and knowledge to become Supreme Sovereign Rulers of their local universe. Each Creator Son will thus be born for his seventh and last bestowal mission of a human mother on a material planet of his choice. Man being the lowest order of his creation.

2. Avonal Sons are a creation of the Eternal Son with the Infinite Spirit. This Order of Paradise Sons can perform many types of missions on an inhabited planet but we will only speak here of their bestowal missions. They perform such missions when humanity of a planet is ready to receive them. They will be born of a human mother like every child and will have the task to proclaim the universal religion of Nebadon and express this religion during their lifetime. They will not live a privileged life, no. They will lead the life of ordinary men with all their difficulties. Their presence in a physical body changes something in people’s mind. They become aware of the presence of a higher spiritual influence. Those who approached and followed such a Paradise Son during their lifetime are strongly attached to him and feel his physical departure as the loss of a loved one.

After his departure, your Creator Son Christ Michael will pour out His “Spirit of Truth” on all people of this planet through this Avonal Son. The only difference between your planet Urantia and other inhabited planets that are ready to receive a bestowal mission from a Paradise Son is that here the Creator Son of Nebadon, Christ Michael, came to do this work while he was fulfilling his seventh and last bestowal mission.

During his lifetime, he was known as Joshua Ben Joseph, born in Bethlehem in the present Palestinian territories and raised in Nazareth situated in present-day Israel. This is how he entered history as Jesus of Nazareth. For some he was considered in those days as the Son of God and Divine, for others he was just a prophet send by God and for others he was a dissident. He was even considered a trouble maker by the Romans and a great danger for the power of the religious leaders over the Jews of his time.

(Wivine: The regions of these cities were then part of the Roman Empire and were called differently. The current political situation in this region has nothing to do with Jesus’ life as a human, nor with his religious message of the time, nor with His death on the cross. The Jewish people of that time did not put Jesus on the cross. Neither the Jewish people of today, let alone the Muslim peoples of these regions. Think about it, the apostles and most of Jesus’ disciples were Jewish. The Jews were the ones who started spreading the teachings of Jesus.)

The Spirit of Truth is often confused with the Thought Adjuster. Although the two work together, they have different tasks and are different in nature. First and foremost, you must know that God Fragments or Thought Adjusters can never come ‘en masse’ to a planet before the Spirit of Truth is poured out. The Spirit of Truth must first appear on a planet to coordinate all previous spiritual influences that help the individual. As soon as this work is done it will give a signal.

Only then will the Thought Adjusters be given the starting shot to inhabit the hearts of human children en masse.
Compare the Spirit of Truth with an intelligent spiritual power that helps you in your quest for spiritual truths and insights. It is the Spirit of Truth that makes human intermediaries superfluous, such as priests, saints or holy families, gurus, shamans, and spiritual masters. It is this Spirit who shows man the way, helps him to distinguish right from wrong and gives him new spiritual insights.

It is the Spirit of Truth that helps you acquire the spiritual truths and wisdom necessary for your soul to reach eternal life; so that your soul can fuse with her Thought Adjuster to become a Spiritual Creature that will eventually reach Paradise. This Spirit has no personality, it will not present itself to you and will not speak to you. You will not be able to enter into conversation with it. It is an intelligent divine power that works in you together with your God Fragment.
Your connection with the Spirit of Truth will constantly improve according to your soul growth and when you persevere honestly in your quest of wisdom and spiritual truths.

It is with your God Fragment that you can have personal contact. He is the one who translates your wisdom, attitudes and actions with spiritual value in morontia values on your soul to ensure her growth and eternal life while preparing you for your future fusion with Him. However, it is the Spirit of Truth that gives those who seek God the feeling that they are not alone in the universe and that his planet is not isolated from the rest of humanity of Nebadon. A man who seeks God will realize that there must be life on other planets.

The universal religion of Christ Michael for all humanity in Nebadon is based on the acceptance of the “Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of men”. Without the Spirit of Truth, there would never be global and universal unity among peoples on a material planet. This Spirit works within the individual and universally. On one hand it personalizes the spiritual education of each individual and, at the same time, it educates everyone on a planet as a group in the same spiritual truths and insights.

It encourages people to seek a higher purpose in their lives, focused on the well-being of all and doing the Father’s Will. A Will that you must discover, by questioning and doing an honest search. It is only this way that selfishness (me and I don’t care about others) will gradually give way to altruism (let us help each other so that all live well).
The Spirit of Truth is a superior spiritual influence that will always reveal new truths and new wisdom to ascending men far beyond their human life.

Where written revelations have only a short-term use and are constantly altered or crystallized, the Spirit of Truth will transmit the original universal religion of Christ Michael to each new generation and will adapt it to the progress of each generation; whatever their beliefs are, whether they are rich or poor, whether they are more or less educated.
All human souls receive the same universal Truths and Insights according to their soul progress. It is this Spirit of Truth that will make everyone aware that they are children of One and the same Divine Father, brothers and sisters on the path of eternal spiritual perfection.

It is the Spirit of Truth that will help each person to demonstrate those spiritual values during his lifetime that are so typical for Nebadon. It is these higher spiritual values that Jesus manifested during his human life on earth. He did not just talk about them, he also lived them. Likewise, every man and God loving person will manifest it in their life under the influence of the Spirit of Truth and pushed by their God Fragment; they too will live accordingly. It is only these direct higher spiritual influences in man that will foster unity among nations. Higher spiritual influences are always much stronger than worldly ones.


{Wivine: It was the second time I noticed that nobody presented himself and this time I wanted to know why. This presentation had to come from somewhere. I spent several days working on it. I was even pushed to get up at night for it. Originally, the presentation was twice as long. I read everything about the Spirit of Truth in The Urantia Book and had written down a lot of information. There was someone who wanted me to understand something. And when it was finally over like “THEY” wanted it, I still did not know who it was. Until this morning I understood that all this help and the way this help came could only come from the Spirit of Truth. I had to experience the functioning of this “Spirit” separately to understand how it works and its difference with the Thought Adjuster. However, I don’t know how to describe it. It’s totally different from the way I receive messages from Jesus, Melchizedeks and other celestial personalities that I repeat in a recorder or immediately note without thinking when they want to announce something.

There is no voice involved. Yes, when sometimes during the day you ask a little question to know if you are in the right direction, you receive something like “yes-no-left or right”, just a word. That’s it, and you still have to be careful that it is not your own. You feel very well that you are not in the presence of a personality. Although I must admit that in the past, I thought these short answers came from my God Fragment. I don’t know how to tell you more. You must ask to experience it to understand.}

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