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MZV245- Mentally Handicapped and Autistic People – Part 1

2018-10-14-The Spiritual Future Of Mentally Handicapped And Autistic People – Part 1
Mezza Verde #245

Session n ° 11 of 14 October 2018 – English translation – original Dutch and English.
Place: Mezza Verde in Belgium.

Comments of Wivine :
I received a question from someone in our group last week. A father visited him with his mentally handicapped child of about 15 years old. The father being a believer was worried. He asked the following question: “My child can only laugh and cry. What is my child’s spiritual future because he cannot live like ordinary people? ”

A question about which The Urantia Book is not very clear, not even encouraging for parents. Especially when you only take into account the physical, genetic considerations, and the fact that they say that to develop spiritually you have to be in good mental health with a brain that works well. This is not compatible with the Immense Love of the Universal Father and Compassion of his Paradise Son, Christ Michael, better known as Jesus of Nazareth. Certainly not for our planet that has suffered so much from the Lucifer rebellion.

The person in our group also asked me if such a child received a personality from the Father in Paradise which gives the basis for an embryonic soul? And according to The Urantia Book, such a child could not develop this embryonic soul because he doesn’t receive a God Fragment from The Father in Paradise to help him doing so. A God Fragment would only come in children capable of thinking and communicating normally; that is to say in children who have a sufficiently developed physical brain. So if it’s yes, the personality of such a child would be given after death to the Supreme Being -The Oversoul of the 7 Superuniverses. His little soul could never evolve further in the heavens to become a mature individual spiritual soul endowed with personality.

I replied but wasn’t satisfied of my answer, there was more to it. Then I started meditating, searching under celestial guidance in The Urantia Book (where I also found satisfying answers) and in other places. Do not think that celestials throw you ready fixed answers on your plate. You have to search, keep looking and asking until you find out yourself from inside, until you understand those things your way. .

There is a big difference between reading truths with one’s brain intellect and live those truths. It is only the lived experience and the spiritual lessons which counts; it is experience in combination with understanding and putting into practice that is of real value for the development of the soul. Just reading, understanding intellectually and memorizing does not really help you. This has been clearly said in many sessions.

After each answer, new questions arise and this is how we are led further and further. It takes time. I also have a human life to live, to learn from my experiences, to obtain living wisdom and not from reading or receiving on a plate. I wanted to write a session several times, but I was retained until I understood everything myself and was convinced internally of the immense love of God for all baby-souls. And I must admit that here……. I was astonished. God is Grandiose and very impressive, to say the least.

The answer will be in parts because it is long. I was allowed to start with the following. The following is the testimony of an American mother whose son, Josiah, was diagnosed around the age of 5 with a rare autism where the child could never speak. The parents kept the child at home and tried everything to communicate with him. They surrounded him with all their parental love, care and deep faith in God. And God helped them in an amazing way.

One day the mother, who always asked God what she had to do, came into contact with a new method to teach such children to read and transmit concepts. In the boys case this method works with questions and answers where the child indicates the correct answer with his hand. She had also bought a “tablet” (iPad) with which she could use this system more easily. And one day the already older child took the tablet in his hands and started typing words.

It is from here that I took a part of her story. It started with a Bible story and the child had to choose between two answers written on separate sheets: It was “Jesus healed the blind man.”

Question to Josiah: Did Jesus heal the blind man or did he play with the blind man?

Josiah’s answer: he indicates with his hand the leaf with the right answer: Jesus healed the blind man.
Mom was very happy, he indicated the right answer and that’s where everything started. Josiah didn’t know the alphabet and could not read or write like any other child of his age. He took the tablet from his mother’s hands and began typing letter after letter.

And this became his first independent written sentence: God is a good gift giver! God is very capable!

Mom was surprised and asked him: how can you do this? How is this happening?

The kid answered: Jesus learned me the order of sounds.

Mom finally knew the joy of being able to communicate with her child, to know his tastes and the colors he loved. And then the great adventure began. The child began to teach his mother notions of history, science and theological concepts that even adults are struggling with.

Such as: Faith is believing for kites to fly when there is no wind in side. Faith is picture it done. He could not speak and still cannot, but now he can write something on a tablet. His mom understood little by little that he was able to see things in heaven. One night he woke her up and wrote the following on her tablet:

God want me to show you about the Triune God.
I, the Trinity

  • – The (Universal) Father is the Manager.
  • – The (Eternal) Son is the Lover of operations
  • – The Holy (Infinite) Spirit is the worker.

So it is the Three in One that are getting things done.
God is Papa, He is Healer, He is helper.
The world was created by only 3 functions that went like this :

  • – Father thought it
  • – Son loved it
  • – Holy Spirit carried out the plan.

That is how the Trinity works, mam.
So man must voice,
Father what do you think?
Jesus, what do you love?
Holy Spirit what do we do about it?
That is our mission, mom !.

{Note Wivine: This family knows the King James Bible which is widely used in America, but not the Urantia Book. So, for the names of the Trinity to match, you must take into account that for them Jesus takes the place of the Eternal Son. Or rather, is confused with the Eternal Son of the Trinity. Jesus is a Son of Paradise. Is a creation of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son or Eternal Son-Mother. He inherited the divine attributes of the Father and the Son.
The Infinite Spirit is the giver of the “Holy Spirit”, who passes it on to man through Her Paradise Daughter: Mother Spirit of Nebadon, Companion of Christ Michael (Jesus). This means that both, Christ Michael and His Companion Mother Spirit of our local universe Nebadon, represent the Trinity for man. Through them, we receive almost all influences of the Trinity.}

Mom then talks about things her autistic child writes such as: The child has a guardian angel, he sees angels and one day an angel came to reveal his purpose. The way the kid explains it is that he somehow can see and hear in the spirit, and sometimes has visions. At night it is as he gets taken up into the spirit and his mind into heaven, and actually is educated on some things. So he is in that school-type in heaven and he is at this desk and this angel named Nathan points to him. This angel is about 9 foot tall and he pointed to him and said :

“Boy of Gods fire, is your name Josiah? You have pages to fill and in this day you will help light Gods’ fire in people again.” Josiah is brought to heaven every night and studies there. There he meets celestial people and also sees family whom he never met during his lifetime. He describes mansions and all kinds of places and spaces in the heavens that are simply fabulous. The Lord told Josiah that one day he would be healed and told him many things about healing.
His Mom is now looking at you and tells you : Mom says to all who have a “problem kid”, even if it is not autistic but any another problem: Do not just cope with the situation but hope.

Romans 15:13 says: The God of hope will give you peace and joy in believing so that you may abound in hope by the Power of the Holy Spirit. There is no coping in heavens language. It is only hope. And even Abraham said that in the worst situations against hope, he hoped.

And you may not have the situation that I have. You may have a complete different situation but the God of hope is extending this rope. Hope in Hebrew means a cord, a rope.
Grab onto that rope and I just pray right now by the Power of the Holy Spirit as you grab onto that rope and you will follow that rope that you will find the most amazing relationship with God the Father, with God the Son and God the Holy Spirit in intimacy. And in that hope you will find faith like you have never known before and it will move mountains.

Source : Tahni Cullen – book Josiah’s fire -autism has stolen his words. God gave him a voice. The inner world of children with autism.

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