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MZV246- Mentally Handicapped and Autistic People – Part 2

2018-10-19-The Spiritual Future Of Mentally Handicapped And Autistic People – Part 2
Mezza Verde #246

part 2 -Spiritual Insight

Session nr 12 of 19 October 2018 – English translation – original Dutch..
Place : Mezzaverde in Belgium.
Visitor : Monssoen Melchizedek

MONSSOEN: Monssoen here, my girl, we will take over. Yes, we are back. No, you will not be able to see us yet, but we are all 24 on your planet. We prepared our headquarters and are now testing our communication systems to be able to communicate with you here and now. My 23 other Melchizedek brothers are around me to see how things are working out. You patiently waited for us while we settled on your planet and were in transit zone, which made communication very difficult.

My dear children, there are many things that you don’t know and that are not clear to you. Since our common Father Christ Michael, born on your planet as Joshua Ben Joseph, left your world about 2,000 years ago, he has done much for the future of human souls on Earth. Going well beyond your imagination and your hopes. He knew the Luciferian agenda which is currently playing its last desperate acts and of which the end of their reign is irreversible.

The Urantia Book mainly describes the state and evolution of normal planets in general. Since you have not been able to follow a normal planetary evolution because of the Lucifer rebellion and many other things that are unknown to you, we have taken other steps to ensure the development of your souls and to cleanse the planet of the consequences of this uprising.

Luciferians have only one solution: if we must fall, then everyone must fall. We know it. We also know how they work and how repetitive they are in their actions. They are so predictable and preaching the “end of the world” scenario is one of their favorite ways to scare you. They even use our names, add some pseudo-scientific studies, mix everything with ancient prophecies and their cocktail is ready. Every ten years they serve you the same cocktail, with a new color and a different theme for the new generations.

The earth and its inhabitants will perish and only then will Jesus come clean the rubble with the other Celestials to search under the debris if there is something like a human left. Mega natural disasters, volcanic eruptions in concert around the planet, clashes with big meteors, landing of extraterrestrials not favorable to the man, shifting of the poles, nuclear world wars, dangerous radiations coming from space, you receive it all!. We do not say that it does not happen or cannot happen to a certain extent locally. What we are saying is that we are all here to avoid a general cataclysm and this on the Order of the Universal Father. And this “Order” does not date from yesterday.

They have been throwing you this on your plate for over 70 years in all its forms. Yes, my girl and Belize will suffer great tsunamis so that it also disappears from the map. This has been added the last 8 years. Isn’t this strange? Especially when you know that 8 years ago, almost nobody knew where Belize was. Why would God the Father and Christ Michael allow such a thing? Why should the Celestials with all their faculties, which are millions of times stronger than those of the Luciferians, abandon you? Wait until everything is destroyed to intervene? What nonsense.

Everything has been implemented and we, the Celestials, are still working to put the spiritual evolution of the human soul in the right direction and it works. Natural disasters and climate change have always existed. We can use them for the transformed man of the future. Trust us and strengthen your faith in seeing the presence of the Father in every individual, in every child regardless of their physical abilities and disabilities. Place your hands in His and follow His recommendations. We will now speak about spiritual insight and its meaning.

Man is under the influence of the Trinity in many ways. They are your true spiritual ancestors. They created Paradise Sons and Daughters who, in turn, created other spiritual beings to ultimately create the material and morontia worlds for men. Man is an evolutionary product and, when ready, one spiritual gift after another is given to him to enable him to create a morontia soul capable of becoming, through a long evolution on the morontia worlds and then on the spiritual worlds, a Spiritual Creature in the image of God. To reach this stage, man must freely choose to do the Will of God.
What does it mean?

That you must address God in silence, in your heart, by faith and out of love for Him. It does not matter how you imagine God. From the moment you speak to Him in all simplicity, like a little child. By praying or meditating for this purpose, you will gradually receive proof of His existence. And this will be your personal proof.

And yes, you can hardly share this with others, because for one it happens one way and for another it happens differently. Only this way will you be able to develop with confidence a unique and personal inner relationship with God.
The more you develop with confidence and strong faith a friendly relationship with your indwelling God Fragment, the more you will open a way of communication with Him. Ask Him for advice on everything that concerns you, that troubles you even in your daily life and relationships. Ask Him how He sees things, how He would solve them, how to improve yourself by taking the time to listen to Him. Bring Him in your life. Only then will you know Gods Will to help you gradually act and think like Him. This is how you will become more and more like God.

It has nothing to do with clairvoyance, or human clairaudience, nor receiving messages from Celestials, nor hearing voices in your head, nor being able to predict events, nor seeing the invisible. Neither to be able to dematerialize and materialize again in another place. These are merely “circus tricks” compared to what we mean by true “spiritual insight” that sadly can go as far as illusions and often touching the areas of the lower astral world around your planet.
Many people who inherit genetically extra-sensorial perception capacities are often misled by their abilities, most of the time leaving God out of the equation.

On one hand they think they are on a higher spiritual level and feel more important than others. On the other hand, they are not able to judge the kind of beings they meet in the invisible world, thus becoming victims of darkness that claim to be angelic and many times look and sound angelic. Darkness can read in your mind and knows very well how to caress your spiritual pride. Never forget that they were once Angels, even very high placed Angels who followed Lucifer and these fallen Angels know better than any human the universal wisdoms against which they revolted. They can easily manipulate you to induce you into error. The higher your spiritual pride and your desire to shine above others, to have followers that glorify you, to receive significant or small gains for what you call spiritual activities, the more they will have an easy task with you.

To consciously acquire spiritual insight is something completely different. Only those who know God can achieve this goal consciously here in their material life by working on it. A human child receives after birth, premature or normal, a “personality” of the Universal Father who is connected to the Father’s spiritual circuits. This “personality” carries within the germ that must develop into a morontia soul.

(morontia = semi material/ semi spiritual matter – the intermediate step between material life and spiritual life).

The baby has a brain with which it can operate his bodily functions, memory locations to store gained knowledge and experiences. This brain develops until the child reaches six years old. As a result, many bodily functions such as the ability to see, to walk, to speak must be developed very early.

The child also receives a “spiritual mind-intelligence”. This “spiritual mind” is teachable and the growing child receives it from our Mother Spirit of our local universe Nebadon, level by level as it grows. Until the day the child will be ready to connect to the Spirit of truth of Christ and the Holy Spirit of Mother Spirit.

The Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit are superior spiritual influences – circuits that teach men universal truths. These influences are spread all over the world but do not live in men. Nor are they personalities with whom one can have a personal relationship. Man comes into contact with them during his quest for Divine truths and his desire to do the Will of God.

Once the child takes his first moral decision, which is usually a very simple act of impulsive kindness, the child receives a God Fragment. It is this gesture that gives a God Fragment the signal that he can come to indwell the child. A God Fragment or Thought Adjuster chooses a child well before its birth and knows its possibilities for spiritual soul development. A Thought Adjuster never looks at the spiritual progress of his ward over the duration of human life. He looks much further. He looks at the time needed to fuse with the child’s developed soul which usually happens on one of the 7 morontia – Mansion worlds or a little later, so long after mortal life.

This fusion allows the Thought Adjuster to receive the personality of man and the human soul to reach Divinity. God descends to man and man ascends to God in association with his Divine Fragment. Without these gifts from the Universal Father, a person would live like an animal and perish after death. His life would be meaningless. Its these gifts of the Heavenly Father, namely a “personality” and the indwelling of one of His Fragments that allow the embryonic soul of a baby to develop into an independent morontia soul during human life.

A soul is made of morontia matter and is therefore of a superior essence than the physical body that decomposes after death. A morontia soul acquires during her development also a “spiritual mind” but of a higher essence than the one of the physical body which you received from Mother Spirit of Nebadon, your local universe. It is called the “morontia mind-intelligence” which is a creation and endowment of Christ Michael and his companion our Mother Spirit.

Once this morontia soul has fused on the morontia worlds with her God Fragment, she continues her evolution through service and study to achieve the First stage of a Spiritual Creature in the local universe of Nebadon. Only then can she leave Nebadon to continue to evolve on the spiritual worlds to eventually reach Paradise. There, she will stand before the Universal Father as a Perfect Spiritual Creature, Perfected in His Image and Resemblance.

Reaching this stage is not a gift, nor is it because you received more genetic gifts at birth, nor is it because you were born in a particular race on a material planet. Reaching this stage is a question of faith and trust in the immense Goodness of God. To have communion with God, to serve others in a selfless way, in whatever way. Service is service provided it comes from a pure heart and not from an obligation, from ego, for gain or the eyes of others. At every stage of soul evolution, whether on the material, morontia or spiritual worlds, the soul serves, learns, and perfects itself by reaching out to God.

This is the only way to reach Paradise. In one sense Paradise is empty, there is still plenty of room to receive billions of perfected spiritual souls from the 7 Superuniverses. Not because there are so few souls, but because the 7 Superunivers are still in full development with all their local Universes. The path to Paradise is long and requires a lot of endurance, determination and willpower. Features that you are learning now in this human life.

Spiritual understanding, spiritual insight can only be achieved through your inner relationship with God, whether you are aware of your indwelling God Fragment or not. It does not make a difference. Following your ideals, thoughts, ideas, and spiritual efforts in your search for and desire to achieve spiritual communion with God, the Spirit of Truth and Thought Adjuster will be able to exert more influence over your “basic spiritual mind” that you received from Mother Spirit to function in concert with your physical brain intellect and/or hearth-brain.

During your efforts to commune with God, when you pray and listen silently, you will rise to a pure mind state that allows association with your Divine Fragment. It is this state that will allow you to perceive and hear your Thought Adjuster, to communicate with Him on His pure spiritual level. Man must first rise spiritually in order to make such a dialogue possible.

It is these developing ways of inner spiritual connections that will lead man to true Spiritual insight and Truth.
Those who work on it in all simplicity and humility and have the patience, will be able to experience this during their deep meditations or prayers. Taking into account that in the beginning they will not have much remembrances of it which we will explain in the third part. My dear friends, we are here with many other Orders of our spiritual world. Jesus never left you. We are all here and in strength and we love you all. This was Monssoen Melchizedek, at your service.

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