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MZV251- No Standard Procedure to Reclaim Your Planet

2019-01-12-There is no standard procedure for reclaiming your planet.

Mezza Verde#251

Session nr 5 of January 12, 2019 – English translation – original Dutch/English/French/Russian/Spanish.

Present during the group meditation: Me and 5 others via bilocation.

Wivine :

Here are the remarks of the participants with a message I received from Jesus/ Christ Michael – Sovereign of our local universe Nebadon and Creator Son.

I numbered the participants to keep their anonymity.

1) My meditation lasted 50 minutes.

At first I was a little tense and couldn’t focus on the silence. Then forced myself to calm down and think on nothing : I was immediately gone.

When I opened my eyes, I looked fast at the clock, thinking that it took less than five minutes.

I vaguely remember that I was in a round building with beams on the ceiling, with transparent walls and columns.

At first I was a little upset that I didn’t remember anything and didn’t know what I did during meditation. But the last report greatly supported and comforted me.

Quote ….Due to this, one remains with the impression that one has always been busy with his thoughts and one thinks that one has not “really” been “gone”.

2) I had a short meditation of 45mins.

I said my prayer and offered my thanks to the Melchizedeks for this special opportunity.

I immediately went into a unique strong explosion of huge bright colors. Purple turning into gold then ending in a white light that was pulsing and radiating at the same time. It was directly hitting my Chakra 6 with a vacuum like sensation. It felt like a transmitting of information or communication between my God fragment and The Father, using light and colors as the conduit.

First time for me, my thoughts were WOW so many means of communication . After the experience, there was one flat blanket of gold color remaining, then came a feeling of peacefulness. I opened my eyes : the meditation was over.

3) My meditation lasted 1 hour and 7 minutes.

As always I made my conversation with Monssoen, my reading of the prayer to the Father and asked my celestial helpers to guide me in the meditation (bilocation). I visualized myself going to my chair in the temple of Placencia. My body was completely relaxed and I was almost unaware of it. During the time I was conscious, my chakras 6 and 7 were very active, then at some point I fell into a deep sleep of which I don’t remember anything. I left the meditation with a feeling of having worked a lot with the Energy, I don’t know how to explain it.

4) For me the meditation lasted 52min.

At the beginning I felt some pressure on my Chakra 7, this for a short time. Then I remember nothing. When I opened my eyes at the end I had a small headache.

That’s all I can say, looking forward to read the reports of the others.

5) my meditation lasted 60min.

I was ready on time when I heard my name. Peace and joy enveloped me and a pink light illuminated me.

Thin people passed by me. They were all the same size. I heard a soft voice saying to me: “look at your country“. I saw my country below me, illuminated with a green color. It was really beautiful.

Gradually the color became darker and the earth became dryer and cracked. At that moment a slender girl approached me wanting to cling to me. I looked at her, she said nothing and continued her way. I followed her with my eyes, feeling sadness and compassion for her.

The light darkened, I was afraid and alone, I shouted: “Jesus, help me, guide me, give strength to this girl“.

I felt a heavy task on my shoulders and at the same time an inner strength, “Meditate deeper” said the voice to me, “it will help all those you’ve seen.”

I took this responsibility and said, “thank you Lord“.

{Note Wivine: What she saw was one of the different types I used to call ‘wandering souls’. These ones just wander with a minimum of consciousness. They look like and are the ghosts. They are remnants of undissolved negative feelings that roam the earth when the soul is carried to the dormitories to wait for a dispensation or to the first Mansion World. They are the negative remnants of a person that stay here because the negative never leaves with the soul.

The soul only takes with her what is good and beautiful when she leaves. It is only when the soul has succeeded on the 1st Mansion World to solve all her feelings of anger, horror, hate and traumas that the Midwayers will dissolve these “ghosts”. Sadly, earth is submerged by them and the Midwayers appreciate our help. }

Wivine : My meditation lasted +/- 50min.

Everything went very fast. Suddenly you were all there. A little later, in the center of the Light Anchor, an appearance of lightning bolts with many light pixels gradually assumed a recognizable shape. It was Christ Michael who appeared and gradually assumed the recognizable form of Jesus before me. I don’t see him as he is depicted in the Western world. White, with light-colored or dark reddish hair, shaved or with a beautiful beard and a haircut as if he just came out of a hairdresser. I know he didn’t look like that during his life. He doesn’t make it a breaking point. He appears to everyone as one knows Him from the pictures that circulate in everyone’s ethnic environment and they are very different from each other.

He started speaking :

My children, I’ll come among you for a moment. My Melchizedek Sons who are now here on your planet have organized themselves. They have just as you to learn a lot from experience on your planet. There are no standard procedures to reclaim your planet for The Father. Also for us everything is experimental here.

That is why the image was hung from the figure “Merlin the Wizard” that most people know. Each group will receive a “Merlin-Melchizedek”.

Not always the same because they are going to organize an exchange so that every Melchizedek can gain experience from each of your groups.

They will not reveal their names to prevent you from attaching too much to one of them. Or that a kind of competition would arise in the style of “we have a more important Melchizedek than the others“. There is no such thing between my Sons. This is human thinking.

Don’t think that those who belong to the two Placencia groups are privileged. Everyone gets the same individual and group lessons.

Now I’m going to explain something about the temple or chapel in Placencia. The same building exists on the 1st Mansion World for the same purpose : education. The walls and roof of the physical temple are a copy of this Morontia temple and possess Morontia structures. Thereby he can serve to teach earth souls in the first principles of Morontia wisdom or Morontia Mota. Morontia wisdom is something completely different from all the highest worldly wisdom that you can find on earth. Morontia Mota or Wisdom can only be received by going inside or going into meditation and addressing us.

You will not find it in Books, holy writings, or celestial messages (good and bad ones) coming through human receivers of which your internet is flooded for years now.

So, those who still think they have to guide others to such external sources of information are walking on a dead end and are not serving their fellowmen.

Times have changed and the ability to receive direct individual inner information will become more and more intensified and disseminated.

Teach people to seek information within themselves. Teach people to consult the Highest Source that dwells in them; that is all that is expected of you. Once a human turns inwards, WE WILL TAKE OVER! So don’t stand in Our Way.

Your knowledge is too limited, much too limited. You all have so much to learn. Immensely much to learn. And every new knowledge gained will throw everything you thought to be true overboard. It will even come so far that you will not dare tell others what you believe or think to be true. Because you will experience that it will not take six months before everything you believed is knocked down again. It will go that fast.

Each group will meet at a fixed assembly point around a Light Anchor, physically or via bilocation.

Depending on your commitment, your enthusiasm, your determination and steadfastness, we will also support your meeting places with Morontia structures. Those will enable more souls to be taught there in Morontia Mota. Something that has never happened on your world and will save us a lot of time.

It will allow to bring Morontia Wisdom into your physical world. For the souls who will receive this education are souls from young adults and children who will lay the foundations of the “New Light” for future generations. They will come from all corners of your globe and all social layers of your population.

It is a big responsibility and I hope you want to embrace it. We are ready on our side to help you.

Let the lesson begin. Goodbye, my children. End message from Jesus.

Wivine : After that I sank into deep meditation and have no recollection of it.

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