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MZV250- Linear Time – Linear Logical Mind

2019-01-10-Thinking in Linear Time With a Linear Logical Mind

Mezza Verde#250

Session n°4 of 10 January 2019 -English translation- Original Dutch.

Wivine: It was in the temple for a group meditation in which the others participated by bilocation. The meditation lasted 1h05min.

I did not remember seeing the others come in this time. I was immediately gone. After a moment, my thoughts (consciousness) returned as usual while the rest of my body remained numb. You do not feel, so to speak, your body.

A few days ago, I received an email from someone from our international group. He felt it was not logical that Aaron was born first if he represented the Infinite Spirit. He felt that Luoja should have been born first because he represented the Eternal Son.

I already had a discussion about the fact that he thought Aaron could not represent the Infinite Spirit, and Luoja not the Eternal Son. It must have been different according to him, but it was apparently a misunderstanding caused by the use of “translators”. Misunderstanding that we corrected between us. But he remained with the thought that Luoja should have been born first.

I did not understand why he was so pissed off and upset about it. I am a woman and everyone knows that women do not use their “linear logical mind” as much as men do. We jump faster to our “intuitive mind “, if you allow me to express it that way. So I asked for advice before meditation. When my consciousness came back for a moment, the following explanation was given to me.

People see everything in high and low, hierarchically, as for example in the army you have: the general, the lieutenant general, the major general ending with the rank of ordinary soldiers.

Man thinks in linear chronological sequences. Linear time is something of your planet, not Paradise.

The Trinity as an entity, composed of 3 Divinities, is suddenly born of the First Source and Center. It’s not that one Godhead appeared after another. There is no hierarchy within the Trinity as people see it.

This is taught to men because they cannot conceive the idea of “timelessness”. Therefore you look at the Universal Father as the first in importance, then the Eternal Son, and third, the Infinite Spirit.

There is only a difference in tasks and responsibilities between them. None of the three is subordinate to the other. The three work together without any problem.

The same thing applies to the Paradise Sons. There are different types of Orders in the Paradise Sons that have different abilities and responsibilities. They also work seamlessly together. There is no hierarchy between them.

Now back to Aaron and Luoja. Both assumed a task on earth in Paradise. They are preparing to go to earth.

The Avonal Son, Aaron, tells Luoja, the Creator Son: « brotherI see you are still busy. I’m already leaving to prepare everything ».

Luoja replies, “Yes brother, go ahead, I’ll finish quickly what I’m doing and in fifteen minutes, I’m with you!

Easy come, easy go. But 15 minutes in Paradise is fast 4 years on earth.

Time in Paradise does not exist the way you live it on your planet. And there is no reason why Luoja should have been the first to be born according to the norms of Paradise, especially given the immense task that both have assumed. For the norms of paradise time, both are almost born together. “End.

Then I went back into deep meditation and woke up in the end. But as always: thoughts come back first and only after a while will you get your arms and legs moving.

Now, I would like to adress another problem that people encounter when they enter into meditation which is :

–      they cannot silence their thoughts or sometimes have the feeling they have not really “left”.

During a meditation, there are periods of “deep sleep” that cannot be remembered. On other moments we become conscious again for a while and our thoughts resurface. Yet, the body remains numb, we do not feel it. For example, during 45 minutes of meditation, one can leave and return 3 times.

It’s up to you to stay calm and keep your eyes closed during a meditation. Your soul is leaving, not your body. Neither do your daily thoughts that occupy your physical brain.

Do not open your eyes regularly to check the time. Relax before going into meditation and stay in it. Do not try to think of constructions to calm your thoughts, because your brain will be busy again. If you realize that you are too busy with worldly thoughts, stop and focus on darkness or a color.

After a while, all these difficulties will disappear. Even I still have thoughts coming back during a meditation. Especially at the end of a meditation because thoughts (or your consciousness) come back first and only later does the body slowly begin to move.

I do not worry about it. It’s just the physical brain with its daily thoughts. It is the soul that sits on the school benches and the soul has its own mind and intelligence. What the soul learns and experiences is rarely transmitted to the physical brain : this comes much later, at a much more advanced stage of soul development.

Or, or, or …… there are certainly people who are “exceptions” to the rule. I met them and they all walk with their noses up in the air. Incredible but true!

Does that help us if we do not belong to these « exceptions »: not at all!

So we do it our way and we reach it too. Slowly but surely, with patience and perseverance, without giving up or sitting back. Spiritual help is there for everyone without exception and they will certainly not let us down!

Your true spiritual training takes place during your meditations, during your moments of “silence” and comes from the True Source. Learn to work with it and do not look further for your wisdom outside of you, but rather in you!

Neither will you look for someone else to give you the answers, look in yourself!

If there is anything that troubles you, that it is something you read in the religious domain, an incident with your family, a meal that did not succeed, take it inside and ask for clarity from The Source, the Great Spiritual Master, who dwells in you. Have patience that this direct phone line between you and Him is built and works so that you can rely on it.

Not to overwhelm others with your limited wisdom.

But for your own soul growth and to encourage others to follow the same path or « The Way » Jesus showed us !

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