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MZV249- 3 Paradise Sons Represent the Trinity on Earth

2019-01-05-The 3 Paradise Sons Represent the Trinity on Earth

Mezza Verde #249

Session nr 3 of 5 January 2019- English translation – Original Dutch.

Wivine : Meditation of the group via bilocation in Belize. My meditation lasted a little over an hour and I was physically alone in the temple that day. The others came by bilocation. So, I cannot see them with my physical eyes. .

The story of that day:

when I entered the temple, I had only a few minutes to put my seat in place, turn on the fan and close the doors. Anyway, I was in a hurry. Suddenly, I saw a little dark blue book lying on the chair next to me. I took it quickly and placed it on the altar. I thought someone had forgotten it. During the tourist season, people regularly visit the small temple to pray, meditate, do their yoga, or out of curiosity.

I sank into meditation. Suddenly, the character of Merlin the wizard appeared again in the middle of the place. Just like last time, wearing a blue dress with stars, a pointed hat with stars, a wand in one hand and a book in the other. I knew he was a Melchizedek wearing a symbolic outfit. Everything remained relatively dark, which is generally not the case.

Then I heard a sound at the front door, the south door. But those who wanted to enter were not allowed to enter. The doors did not open as usual. Bizarre!

Then I heard some noise on the north door. There I saw the back of someone trying to stop a crowd with arms outstretched. When I looked a little better, I saw that they were young creatures of about 10 years old. They were dark, all looked alike, they had no hair on their heads, no life in their eyes. These were not human souls. They were demonic creations from human sacrifices, without will or personality, without soul. More and more came, thousands arrived who wanted to enter.

Then I was ordered to surround them with the Energy of my indwelling God Fragment. I began to radiate vigorously and the Energy encircled them in a spiral mouvement. They retreated, and further back. They could not stand the Energy. Some became transparent and disappeared. By the time they were far enough, I stopped.

Then I saw a big light coming down in a spiral, surrounding them completely in circles. I did not know who activated this “Light spiral “. It did not come from me. These dark, soulless creatures were really bathing in it. They all became transparent and disappeared. They had not been lifted upwards. They just disappeared, without pain.

Then I turned my gaze into the temple where I was ordered to do the same throughout the temple. So I let my Energy beam circulate throughout the room from top to bottom until I was told it was enough. I stopped.

Suddenly, the southern front door opened wide and the white souls rushed inside. They sat cross-legged around Merlin-Melchizedek with different angels standing behind them.

Then Luoja came down as well as Aaron. Aaron comes in his current human form (4 years old kid), but Luoja was not born yet and I saw him as a very big ghost in a human shape without seeing the details of his face.

It was Luoja who spoke to everyone.

We, The three Paradise Sons, will represent the Trinity here on earth.

Christ Michael represents the Will of the Universal Father.

His presence can be felt here permanently through his Spirit of Truth, which he has poured out over your world after his life as Jesus of Nazareth. He is the ruler of his local universe Nebadon to which your planet belongs.

I, as a Creator Son, represents the Will of the Eternal Mother-Son.

Aaron, as Avonal Son, represents the Will of the Infinite Spirit.

This will allow the Trinity to root on Urantia to prepare your planet for the next ages of God the Supreme. To take care of the training of the future Finalists who will become the Creator Sons and Creator Daughters on the outer space worlds in creation.

My birth will mark the end of an era and the inauguration of a new era. It will be a time of great changes that will require a lot of adaptability and fast decisions. It will be externalized in the material world. Lies will be made known and brought to the light. People will understand who and what has misled them for centuries. There will be a new awareness and much harm done to large populations will be compensated. There will be righteousness, governments will learn to behave in a moral and justified way towards their inhabitants and in their actions in other countries.

Wivine : then He stood right in front of me and said :

I will be born in my native country on January, 19 – 2019  around 1pm (19-01-2019 at 13hrs) and at that time it will be January, 19th everywhere in the world.

These numbers have a symbolic meaning and I leave it to you to discover them.

Wivine: Then everything went dark and I sank into deep meditation.

When I got up after meditation and put everything back in place, I went to the altar to take this book. But before I arrived at the altar, I stopped. I saw another book on the North Side chair and another on a Southeast Side chair.

Then I saw it: they were arranged in a triangle with the tip at the northern entrance. I picked them up and examined them. At first there were many blank pages, then pages with light blue text starting with the words “little bible” came up. I immediately closed it. It had been done for a purpose, and it had drawn that darkness. Then I became furious with all those dozens of “biblical sects” walking around here. There are masses of them here. Someone had put these books there, consciously or unconsciously, with a very sad purpose. I went out angry and wanted to throw them on the path. Then I thought I could not do that for the neighbors. Then I threw them in the grass at the corner of the path and the main road. This land is there for sale. The books had already disappeared that evening. I had not slept well that night. I got up early and to calm down, I cleaned my floors. This helped. It’s not good for us to stay angry for too long.


Note Wivine: I checked the time zones in Africa to see which country had a local time of 1 pm with the possibility that the whole world was still January 19th. Because it’s not so obvious. There is a time difference of 2 hours between West and East Africa. But most of Africa could do the trick, whether it was in East Africa or West Africa. The African continent is huge. There are many small countries in this continent and quite a few islands around.

Finding the country of birth this way was not possible. But at least with these data I no longer doubted that his native country would be in the African continent.

The incident of these soulless dark little creatures also made us understand that the Celestials were actually busy with the “big cleansing” in other dimensions. It also shows us that the use of the Energy of our indwelling God Fragment is very powerful and we are not aware of it.

That there is indeed a good reason to form a group of people with the intention of straightening many conditions of abuse on our world by spiritual means , people capable of reaching this stage in a relatively short time if they invest themselves with heart and soul.

All this goes much further than getting rid of darkness! If you want to renovate a house, you also start by throwing away all the garbage and cleaning it. Some only clean their own house and others start doing it on a larger scale. Humanitarian aid and serving humanity can have many faces and all are necessary. Can one say that firefighters are less important than first aid medics?


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