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SPK59- Midwayer Help & Input

2000-10-15-Midwayer Help & Input
Spokane #59


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Midwayer Help & Input
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Gorman, Bzutu
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Midwayer Help & Input
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Gorman, Bzutu
TR: Gerdean


GORMAN: Gorman here. Hi guys. How are you? Me, too. Doing pretty well. We’ve been busy as usual. “No peace for the wicked,” as they say. It would seem you’re not that good yourself, as busy as you’ve been lately! Must be something in the air. Brisk autumn weather, perhaps, has put a little kick in your step.

THOROAH: I blame it on George.

GORMAN:: I blame it on the company he keeps. Having been a party to such antics for so long, I’ve grown accustomed to it and am quite at home in this pace. I can account for a pattern of behavior that is able to uphold me even when I’m feeling disinclined. I’ve developed some good habits, and maybe as important, I’ve developed some good associations that will not let me down. It’s kind of like when you look for the weak link. You keep upholding that weak link until it sinks or swims, and then you can go on. I try to be a swimmer and not a sinker.

I’m convinced the project undertaken has set sail, even though there are those who may feel we have already sunk to the bottom. I don’t feel that way at all. I’m very enthused about our Unit and its efforts. If you think that George is an accident of nature, think again. It is entirely in keeping with our mandates that such connections be made and followed through with. What’s that phrase from Star Trek? “Prime Directive.”

I want to point out to you that I am in part participating in your conversation you had before we came on-line in our session this evening, having to do with the many personalities throughout the many movements that are interchangeable, for the most part, but offering new mysteries and vantage points from the tried and true in many others such as the Maitreya. The reality is that you are playing with linguistics. It is very much as if you were all speaking the language of love but your various dialects were Greek, Italian, German, Romanian, and so forth. As long as you continue to remember that the language of love is what conjoins you, you can enjoy each other’s language constructs, as if they were all based on Latin or some other common root language.

Your study, in fact, of the different movements and comparing them to the ones that you understand, the personalities that you understand, finding the similarities, enjoying the interpretations, marveling in the revelation of the mysteries of cosmic personalities, is great fun, good exercise, a wonderful exercise in tolerance and appreciation of others’ approaches to that which is meaningful and valuable in a spiritual sense to each others’ “cultures” (if you will allow me, George). It is however true that in many ways you are not learning each other’s culture but learning each other’s language.

The culture is yet to be built. That’s what we are about here in these early, early, early days of the Correcting Time. The most elemental grid works are forming. The most elemental Units of consciousness, such as the Unit we belong to (this group who works with the Journal and the Harp), other elementary efforts of the 11:11, the quiet but productive groups that pump out effort and integrity in other areas of interest in terms of meanings and values, mental health, psychic health, emotional health, spiritual health and so forth, in the fields of ecology and economy, science and religion, all of these fields are being touched by Units such as ours, groups of workers, Platoons, being busy in being about the business of doing the Father’s will in our arena. This is where it’s at. This is where we work. We all enjoy and appreciate the cosmic playground and yet and still this is the home team, the work at hand. It’s good to be aboard. Alright then, what are we about? What’s up?

THOROAH: I just thought of an important question that has to do with Kristen Maahara and what happened with her and the Foundation. We’ve had a lot of discourse going on back and forth about the Foundation and stuff they have been doing, and George has revealed that he understands that Kristen was putting an index together on behalf of the midwayers. That being the case, if it is so, that the Foundation “owes her one.” Something like this, if it’s true, could have a lot of . . .

GORMAN:: Clout?

THOROAH: Yeah. Potentially. It could be a rock in a hornet’s nest, too. What I’m looking for: was Kristen working for the midwayers? Was that a project that needed to be done? And, if so,

GORMAN:: I’m going to put it this way: And I am not going to deny our political persuasions. I would be foolhardy to try to do otherwise. It’s very obvious and we are very outspoken that the United Midwayers are under the banner of Michael of Nebadon; he is our hero. He is our Prince. He is who we work for. If I were to say that Kristen Maahera were working for us, it would be a political betrayal of our united efforts for Michael, anymore than I would say that I work for you in the Unit or that you work for me in the Unit. That would be incorrect, but as we work together and augment each others energies and give each other credence and direction, it is also true that we all work for Michael.

And yes, of course, the worker was valiant, heroic, determined, bold, and submissive to the will of God in the direction she saw to take to serve, to go where no man had gone before. Bravo! We say, and by all means was she assisted by those of us who were in a position to help her in her efforts to bring to the world at large a transcript of the Book that had been given to humanity but which had become harder and harder to make available to the public it had been brought to serve. Kristen was not on a vigilante trip. She was not being defiant. She was not into one-upmanship or competition, but desired to bring the Book to as many people as possible, knowing that the precepts in the Book would mark the souls of those forever who were touched by what they found, whether they had paid dearly for their copy or not.

Yes, of course, she was a worker. Did she work for the midwayers? No, she did not, but she worked WITH the midwayers, of course. We who work for God all work together. We are a conspiracy. So I suppose, as a co-conspirator, we could say, “Yes, of course she worked for us, because we are all working together in the same cause,” and if I’m going to go that far, then I’m into politics thick and thin, and I have to, in fairness and judiciously incorporate the integrity of the Foundation in here somehow and find their value in the trauma, for without their position, there would be no drama to extol. If there’s no mosquito bite, there’s no itch to scratch.

I don’t want to make enemies with the Foundation, you see. I have no bone to pick. I have no interest in flying any red flags for Toro the Bull. I’m not involved in that political foray, but I know many who are and I know it goes on and I know there are valuable lessons to be learned by the players therein, but I also know that it will not last forever. It is a temporary situation. Like all episodes in history, it is simply an episode, and in due time truth, beauty, and goodness will override singular episodes in planetary unfoldment, just as your faith has overridden your own conditioning to give you the perspective that you have grasped and adopted as your own valuable faith path, which now impacts upon many.

THOROAH: What kind of counsel would you give as far as the Journal getting its nose in this political mess. If we were involved, I would like to see it be for something of a worthy cause or something with worthy results, if possible.

GORMAN:: Well, certainly you do! What have we been doing? Let’s look again at our purpose. Have we not reviewed our purpose recently? What is the purpose of the Harp of God and the Light and Life Journal? What are your motives individually, those you who are involved? Have you come together to band against something? Or for something? I have not come to join with you to help you band against something, but to help you in our Progress in the publication of product and effect. It has nothing to do with the politics of your predecessors. It has to do with the living legacy, that which you can pass on to those who come after you. Let the light shine. Don’t let it die out with your generation. Keep the light of truth intact and on time.

THOROAH: And to a certain degree, we don’t know the whole truth about this situation, that we’re dealing with, with the Foundation. It’s more like a nuisance; it’s like an in-house nuisance. Because all of us, we can assume, are doing things because we feel it’s God’s will and we’re doing it for Michael, and if we’re doing it for Michael then we’re also working with the midwayers, and so we could have those situations where we have two people saying “God is on our side.”

GORMAN:: Oh, God, yes.

THOROAH: So, there is no winning in the middle of that. It doesn’t seem.

GORMAN:: I don’t see any. I don’t see that it’s any of our business in this Unit. That is not to say that it’s not Somebody’s business!

THOROAH: Right. That’s what I figured you’d say, too, because it IS bound to be somebody’s business.

GORMAN:: Anyone may take on a personal cause. Individually. But as a group, it behooves you to understand the purpose of the group and stick to the group purpose. Otherwise you’ve undermined yourselves and diminished yourselves by redirecting your focus from what your purpose was to something that may or may not be your purpose. It’s meddling. It’s busy-bodying, even though as individuals, any one individual may fight their good fight of faith any way they see fit.

I am here to keep you from wrangling amongst each other. I want to point out to you how belittling it is to see sons of God bickering. I know you don’t see that perspective as clearly as we do, but it is such a futile waste of time when we have work to do. It’s very much like spinning your wheels; it’s like trying to talk a drunk into sobriety when they are delightfully inebriated. Individual free will is a commodity you have not begun to appreciate. Would that you had many thousands of years to observe those who use their will and how they use it, those who make good use of it, those who are destructive with it, and the majority who sleep through the whole thing.

The teachers have not nurtured you along this far, you have not suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune all this time to fritter away your opportunities. You will fritter away many, of course, and you will not be chided, but you will come to realize that your missed opportunities were blessings you stuck your nose up at and you’ll kick yourself for being so willful as to deny yourself the growth opportunities presented. You don’t see this right away; this comes with tenure.

Maybe this is one of the things that the midwayers can help humanity realize: the value of being around awhile. The value of experience and the long-range perspective. You are so short-term and you think you know so much in such a short period of time. But that does not mean that what you have learned is without value, and the longer you live with your eyes and ears open, the more you have to assimilate and to offer.

THOROAH: It’s a lot of fun, to learn. And when you get old enough to understand that the more you learn, the more you know you have to learn, still, it’s fun. Sometimes we get giddy over the stuff that we know.

GORMAN:: It’s good to delight in what you know and to delight also in how much you have to learn. You might as well because there isn’t much choice. After you’ve committed yourself to the journey, just “give it up.” “Let go of That Thing.” And roll with the punches.

THOROAH: Speaking of will, Will snuck back in on us. He snuck out and then snuck back in.

GORMAN:: Will has a good free will. He has a mind of his own and is telling you his limitations and his terms and conditions. It’s a good step for him on his part. Learning boundaries, learning his own authority. Learning his own capacities. Learning how to teach and delineate what he will and what he will not do, what he can and cannot do. He’s doing very well.

THOROAH: I’m really proud of him for that because that’s a hard thing to do. When people ask you to do something for them, it’s harder to say “no” than anything else.

GORMAN:: Yes, it is, for those of you who are anxious to please and eager to be of service. For those of you who are childish as well as childlike. It is a mark of maturity to be able to say “No, I don’t want to,” even though that may sound very childish and willful.

THOROAH: It’s better than making up a phony excuse, though.

GORMAN:: It is. It’s more honest. It’s a measure of efficiency. It just doesn’t feel right until you’ve practiced it and it becomes a part of you.

THOROAH: He’s been trying to get us to be more efficient for a l-o-o-o-o-o-n-n-g time. He was patient for a long time, and now he’s got a position where he can kind of drive the bargain, and I appreciate it, because he can teach. He can teach very efficiently and you can understand what he’s saying if it doesn’t get all confused in gobbledy-gook.

GORMAN:: It is a clear mind that he presents. Clear direction, guidance, insight. All the earmarks of a good teacher are there. A good teacher who will not overmuch indulge his willful class of delinquents, but direct their attention to what needs to be learned, as there are other things to do. But these are still electives in the undergraduate courses of the Melchizedek University.

THOROAH: So we basically just got a bachelor’s degree.

GORMAN:: Barely!

THOROAH: Well, I couldn’t think of anything, you know. That was the smallest step I could think of.

GORMAN:: You are hardly even sophomoric!

THOROAH: Well maybe we had a certificate?

GORMAN:: Prep school.

THOROAH: Well, I . . . . Okay. I realize that we are really, really puppies compared to you guys.

GORMAN:: It’s okay! It’s not like we’re that far advanced, we’ve just been around a long time. But it’s always a matter of competition with you guys. It’s as if the race is on, and let’s see who gets to the finish line first.

THOROAH: Is that our pre-occupation with time that causes that sensation of competition?

GORMAN:: No. Not entirely. But you do fill up much of your time amusing yourself with such relay races. Your competitive nature is a remnant of your warlike tendencies, socialized.

THOROAH: Now they gotta get morontia-ized. Morontialized.

GORMAN:: Well, yes, if you get up above your animal inheritance and begin to apply your innate assets in directed ways.

THOROAH: Did you get any animal inheritance?

GORMAN:: Oh, yes! Oh, yes, we did. We couldn’t help it! I wanted to remind you that we have fear, which is an animal legacy for the most part. We have a lot of your negative emotional animal tendencies. It’s not only the pretty feelings that we share; we share also many of the unfortunate emotional tendencies of the human animal.

THOROAH: You have managed so much more understanding at this for being around for so long.

GORMAN:: Not just by being around for a long time, Thoroah. We have learned through bitter experience, like you have.

THOROAH: I didn’t mean to gloss that over. I was thinking, in my mind, that if anybody had been around as long as you, they’d had to have learned something, but I didn’t mean to have that . . . in that context.

GORMAN:: That’s okay. I don’t mean to put our experience on any exalted level either. I just wanted to make sure that you understood that we have not had any short-cuts and we have taken our jolly long time to grow up and get organized, just as the willful human animal has taken its time in getting its ducks in a row and opting to move ahead with what might be considered a better path of behavior than what we’ve devoted ourselves to heretofore.

THOROAH: So, we’re talking relative perfection, obviously, between secondary midwayers and humans. I see the relative perfection there. Does the relative perfection change according to the different levels all the way to Paradise? Or are there beings that we deal with that are perfect? Other than the Father.

GORMAN:: Perfection is a relative thing. I don’t know ultimate perfection. I don’t know absolute perfection. I only know relative perfection. I have seen perfection manifested in incidents, on occasions, in certain situations. I have seen such flawless beauty, such impeccable truth, such endearing goodness as to make me shiver, and those instances of perfection are undeniable, in my opinion, in my experience, and yet they were not – Well, here we come into a conceptual difficulty. I would say they were not permanent, but they Are permanent. I would say they are not continuous, but it Is continuous. It’s hard to describe perfection from my vantage point, as it would be hard to describe perfection from your vantage point. But I know that you know that you have seen instances of perfection, albeit relative perfection. That does not deny the perfection.

So yes, we deal with perfection. It’s just not Absolute. It’s just not Ultimate. It’s just not 100% of the time at 100% capacity. That’s why we work so hard, you see. We’re always working for the next level of perfection, because the perfection is so nice we want to have more of it!

[Tape turned] I was trying to get Andrea to come and say hello to our mortal friend George and I could not get connected with Gerdean. It was not impossible but it would take some time. I’m sure no one objects and yet it seems it would take an effort on their parts that was not possible in this setting. I’m willing, however, to convey questions to your Platoon, George, if you are interested in some degree of communication. I cannot guarantee anything, you know, but I am willing if you are, for it would seem Gerdean is, and to the extent that we fail, we fail.

GEORGE: That’s appreciated. That’s great. First of all I would like you to give them all my regards, my kindest regards. (Indistinguishable) . . . I’d like to know . . . (Indistinguishable)

BZUTU: This is Bzutu, your comrade, your companion of many eras. I am glad to have a chance to have this engagement and stand beside you, consciously, openly, and convey to you our appreciation for your stalwart zeal, your good humor, your loyalty. The configuration of your mind, personality type, temperament, mortal circumstances, capacities, ad infinitum, have gathered you up into one tidy package of mortality we have been privileged to utilize and make good use of over these many years in many opportunities.

There are an amazing number of mortals who fullfil much the same role as you have, George, but who remain completely unaware, unconscious of their contributions, and in most cases it’s probably better that they are not aware of what they do, but in your case it has been more beneficial that you have known and how we have enjoyed your growing awareness of who we are. The delight you have found in us, particularly after you have been able to place us in terms of cosmology; and now that you have gotten us appropriately categorized and companioned by others such as Gorman, Jack, Sharmon, many more, you have discovered a battalion and more of manifold helpers and “bosses”.

It’s a joy to be able to work with those of you who are aware of us and who contribute by applying your will and your consecration to what we attempt to do. We can get much more done when you are an active participant. And truly, it’s a lot more fun. I can think of many crude analogies that I will not go into, that demonstrate the point. You can imagine. Did you want to ask any of us anything in particular?

GEORGE: I would like to, first of all, say thank you for those kind words and I’m sure that they are all recognized by the individuals who also have these qualities. Thank you, all the same, though. What are we doing next? Do you know?

BZUTU:: I don’t know all the details of it, no. I do know that we’re not finished with this one yet and they don’t normally brief me on the next assignment until I’ve at least gotten over the hump of the last one.

GEORGE: My question, in particular, is: what am I to expect in Woods Cross?

BZUTU:: Well, let me investigate. Just a minute.  A little bit of an inkling here is . . . I was observing your conversation with Gorman earlier, and could not help but hear your question regarding the Foundation. Other remarks about the nature of antagonism and politics, and I’m not going to tell you what you will anticipate, George, but I will encourage you to be detached from any potential antagonisms you might expect to encounter in an original group such as that. You may be assured the Foundation is fully apprised of the politics of the Teaching Mission, even while they feign disinterest, but Abraham is not to be ignored. You will enjoy his association and he will have words for you to take Down Under.

GEORGE: That would be tremendous. I sense that perhaps in Woods Cross there will be someone left behind that (indistinguishable) on the reality of (indistinguishable) that perhaps a situation might arise where I might gently remind him (indistinguishable) Kristen, now much damage they have done to her, but (indistinguishable). I’m counting on you, brother.

BZUTU:: You do not need to retain your commentary for the strength of geography. The opinions you hold, having to do with other loyal workers in the field, can be made anywhere at any time, and not necessarily be a reflection on any teacher who may be assigned to that area. The politics of planetary government go far beyond the machinations of this decimal planet and its trivial politics. I am not at all indicating that the work is trivial, or that the workers are not important, only that human politics can be trivial — in particular, in the face of the conspiracy afoot to lift humanity into light and life. Now there is a cause to sink your teeth into. As you have done.

GEORGE: So should I see Kristen as a sister or what?

BZUTU:: A sister indeed. A peer. A co-worker. A comrade at arms. A soldier of the circles. Yes. Joan of Arc in her own right.

GEORGE: Right.

BZUTU:: Heroic! Some of these modern day mortals are nothing short of heroic! How few of them are recognized on Urantia, but how many of us are truly honored to be at work with these stout-hearted men and women who are making a major difference, and who are making Our Work much more efficient. Thank you for your help.

GEORGE: (indistinguishable)

BZUTU:: We’ll be in touch. You can see my smile. Thanks also to Gorman, Sharmon and many other midwayers in this immediate area who have provided hospitality to the Platoon while we have been on sojourn with you into these realms of operation. It’s been an extended holiday, a working holiday none-the-less, observing how other Units and troops are applying themselves and hearing reports of yet other groupings of workers and not overlooking the independent and individual contact personalities that sparkle here and there in the pitch dark areas of Urantia yet to be mined and undertaken.

GEORGE: Can I come back with one more question?

BZUTU:: Any time!

GEORGE: I would like to see some future situation where we tee up with others in the Netherlands or France or Germany and perhaps finding other translators along the way in the Scandinavian countries to exchange information with in this battle. Okay, now, please do what you can and start looking for various T/Rs and groups in those countries.

BZUTU:: I will indeed do what I can and I’ll spread the word. I know there are intelligences abroad and antennae are out. It will come to pass. It’s inevitable. Reaching out is a lot more possible in the day of computers. Your work here, Thoroah, shows promise in terms of making international connections, much as you have made connections in your spiritual explorations of other movements in the Correcting Time. There are liaison positions available in establishing global connections. Committees, if you will, or Boards, similar to this, which will have other purposes having to do with global peace, and international sovereignty. Those opportunities may present themselves for your involvement if you are inclined. You will certainly encounter the opportunity; whether or not you follow through is your choice.

A lot of this has to do with available time and energy. There is an awful lot to be done and your earnestness is such that you think nothing of committing yourselves to following His will and then wondering why you feel like you’ve been run over with heavy equipment. Your human capacities cannot keep up with your divine enthusiasm. You have a hard time recognizing your inherent limitations because in the spirit there are no limits. This is a new quandary for the enlightened, one which will have to be resolved if you expect to continue without becoming spiritually burned out and short-changing your mortal destiny, which is to live your life and love the life you live, thus reflecting the love of divinity through your lives, in your lives. You have to be balanced, healthy, focused, directed, disciplined, all those things that your guides talk to you about.

We will continue to drive, urge, lure, push and pull Progress forward, but those of you who find yourselves under the angelic orders that uphold and maintain and reserve and preserve are also of infinite value. You might want to pace yourself by applying yourself to those interests and endeavors that will allow you to maintain a reasonable pace for yourselves so that you can continue your work long into your old age. I look forward to many, many years of sharing time and space with you all in our mutual efforts to bring the light of truth to Urantia. Adieu.

GORMAN:: Gorman again. I very much enjoyed having the Platoon here in such immediacy. It’s been great to have these many days and nights to tell tales and swap stories, to inspire and reminisce. We’ve enjoyed your blossoming friendships and your deepening faiths. We have thrilled to the embrace that we predicted and saw to fruition. The embrace will soon be revealed in the sense of adult comradeship that mature peers present when given an opportunity to share war stories, philosophies and memories of by-gone battles and victories and losses.

You will enjoy Pocatello. You will be stimulated by Woods Cross. And you will be glad to return to the coast and to your home base for your next leg of your journey. We embrace you, George, and again thank you for your untiring efforts on behalf of the secondary midwayers and the cause of Michael of Nebadon. We will be forever in your debt for your valiant efforts to bring us into our own on Urantia as you have testified by your life. It’s an honor to work with such noble souls. Carry on!

GEORGE: Thank you, Gorman.

GORMAN:: We’ll get down to some Functional Unit behavior here pretty soon. As soon as you’re gone, George, I intend to put these guys back to work! As soon as they’ve had a rest.

THOROAH: Well, we now know how hard you can work people as a united corps, so I guess we’ve had it pretty easy. So this embrace has left us a little more vulnerable.

GORMAN:: Well, I don’t know about vulnerable, but it should leave you with your window blinds up so that you can see out a little better and others can see in a little better as well. The window to the universe looks directly into the environment of your immediate neighbor – where we live. We are here to stay. It’s been outstanding taking part in the “cultural” awareness of our existence. Thank you. I’ll do my best, George, to do what I can to develop a culture in this country.

I’ve been working with the Harp of God for light and life, I’ve got a cherubim working with Thoroah and Gerdean in hope that they will be able to teach and preach regarding the development of character, and self-mastery, in hopes of starting a trend or contributing toward a movement having to do with a new set of values for a new social order. This is the mode-o-day. This is en tembe (timely). I hope I can affect some permanent growth here in that context. If I do, I will have accomplished my goal and my testified promise to instill some culture in this country. Wish me luck. I will do what I can. What the United Midwayers undertake, the United Midwayers do.

GEORGE: We all ways win.

GORMAN:: We all ways win. I’ll check on out, unless there is something we haven’t covered.


THOROAH: Pleasure talking to you tonight, Gorman.

GORMAN:: I always like our B.S. sessions. Brain Storming, that is. Later!

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