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SPK58- Our Mutual Kin, The Secondary Midwayers

2000-09-30-Our Mutual Kin, The Secondary Midwayers
Spokane #58


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Our Mutual Kin, The Secondary Midwayers
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Gorman
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Our Mutual Kin, The Secondary Midwayers
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Gorman
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: I am Tomas. Good evening. I am a Teacher, young man. Good evening, my friends.


TOMAS:  My assignment on Urantia has brought me all manner of exchanges and I have come to indeed depend upon the midwayers, for without them we could not interface with you at all. They are like the plugs on the cord that go into the electric socket. A dangling cord would be totally ineffectual in approaching the socket in the wall. Thus we are dependent upon the midwayers for making that connection. It is in that vague and general context that all the midwayers are communication experts.

It is also a factor in understanding the midwayers that there are certain wattage to be considered. There are powerful power lines and there are delicate wirings. There are in your minds eye three pronged outlets, two pronged outlets, some of your new gizmos have room for six or seven outlets all on one panel. I don’t intend to impersonalize the midwayers by this analogy, but to indicate that they, like you, have different capacities and function in these different capacities, performing various and appropriate services according to their skills and abilities.

I will use your word “Platoon” the group of midwayers that you have been consciously applying yourself with and which have been applying themselves to you, have made use of your abilities, augmenting your skills and abilities, in order to serve, and so in some ways, you see, you are also a tool of them, for without you, they could not function as they do. This whole idea of interconnected-ness, indeed, an understanding of circuitry, is essential to the appreciation of the living encircuitment that connects everything, from the molecular level and smaller, to the cosmic level and larger.

Relationship is in everything. There is a circuit between all rightful routes through the universe, through the galaxy, through various energy patterns and matter. Connections between individuals and between levels of spiritual hierarchy. A part of this re-connecting is an awareness of the various and many kinds of circuitries that have been installed and are being re-activated which were cut off many years ago due to your unfortunate Caligastia betrayal. We have worked long and hard for these times. We rejoice in these opportunities to make use of the spiritual flowering that is occurring in your world today. There is so much work to be done. There is so much effort required to lift the slothful animal mind up from its natural lazy legacy into the rigorous realms of thought and then beyond into spiritual reality.

The climb from the primordial ooze to the vast stellar rim of space is an advancing movement that is being nurtured on a constant basis, and now that your quarantine is ended, you are being re-drawn into those circuitries which will give you all of the benefits of being a part of the galaxy in which you live, a part of the Nebadon universe, and with it you are entitled to the ministrations of your many spirit helpers and counselors. We are glad to be aboard, glad to be involved in this undertaking, and, once again, grateful for the midwayers.

[T/R got a frog in her throat.] One moment, please. (Pause) A little equipment failure there. We’ll just give it some WD-40 and move it right along. How we have learned to appreciate Urantian humor! And much of this is due to the peculiar humor that has arisen among the ranks of midwayers, for they have had time to develop a fine, keen, sense of humor, and one must surely be necessary in order for them to handle their destiny path with such grace, actually. Such good sportsmanship, given the circumstances.

We are very happy to have the introduction of the midwayers into the common ranks of the workers in the field. I would like for you to have an opportunity, George, to meet Gorman who has been an assistant to myself and a fellow in the company of the Harp of God and Light and Life Journal which is a faction of service which has been build around the noble desires of certain similarly-constituted human beings interested in communication and broadcasting truth, beauty and goodness. I will therefore step aside and invite Gorman in to say hello.

GORMAN:: Gorman here! Hi, marsupial! How are you.

GEORGE: I’m fine. Fine. Just fine.

GORMAN:: I’m so glad to have a chance to chat with you. We’ve run into each other many times but have not made time to sit down and have a cup of coffee or whatever it is that you do to make for an amenable social circumstance. Most of my work is done in the Board room, in terms of my work with these mortals I work with. I’ve been having a great time comparing notes with Bzutu. He and I have a great deal in common. I am Warrior, Shaman, Chief, Teacher, and yet in this current assignment, I am relegated to the ignoble role of Editor and Literary Counsel. They don’t listen to me at all. They, every now and again, will throw my name around as if to say, “Yeah, well, Gorman said this or Gorman said that,” but many times I think it’s just like your earth children who boast about “My Dad can beat your Dad” and I wonder how much of what I say actually gets through and has a lasting impression.

Lest I flail myself overmuch, let me assure you that there are great advances made through these blundering mortals. They have manifested a loyalty to their work which is truly superhuman. There is a thread, a connection, a bond that has arisen between them that garners me appropriate pride and a feeling that I have accomplished something, for what we have managed to do is to stay together, to remember our purpose, and to afford each other an opportunity to learn how to better promote truth, beauty, and goodness and to expand the brotherhood of man out into the arena to include those who are our immediate neighbors and yet who perhaps speak a different language. It’s important work we have done in our own right, as the work that you have done in your realm has been also superlative. The wonderful thing about working for the Father is that any work is good work. Just lemme at it! Let’s do it!

This is my first assignment “out loud”, as it were, as it is with many. We have been kept in the closet of reality for far too long. It is wonderful to be able to step out into the sunshine and see what’s going on, and when you mortals are also courageous enough to look beyond the veil of mortal living into the more morontia realms of cosmic reality, you can perceive our existence and begin to make sense of the standing of your reality abreast other realities that are a friendly representation of yet more, if not greater, truth.

I’m just your cousin, after all. Not your boss. I don’t necessarily tell you what to do unless I myself have instructions to tell you something, and there are times I do wield my scepter, but for the most part, I find my mortals rather docile creatures and malleable, even while bull-headed. It’s a little bit like herding cats.


THOROAH: Or herding cousins.

GORMAN:: Are you inferring that we are hard to manage?

THOROAH: I only have reports!

GORMAN:: Actually we are not as ornery and cantankerous as we once were. Perhaps we are getting older, do you think?

THOROAH: Well, yeah. Wiser, too.

GORMAN:: After 37,000 years one would hope so.

THOROAH: That’s what’s nice about meeting the midwayers and especially with George’s input. From what he has seen, I’m getting the sense of how close you are to us in reality and the reality of it is just starting to sinking in.

GORMAN:: I hope other people get hep to it quickly because we could effect a lot more changes, do a lot more work, if we were willing to interact. If you were willing to be more aware of our attempts to influence your material environment in such a way as to benefit a path toward perfection. It’s not impossible, you know, for this planet to become settled in light and life. I’ve seen smidgens of light and life here and then, and I always milk it for all its worth because as I nurture that state of mind and being that reflects light and life reality, it is more easily reproducible in future configurations. If there is something I can do to forestall a fall out of light and life, I will try to do that because we are all working toward that paradigm, that reality. That’s our goal that we all have a relationship with divinity that augments our mortal existence and brings a finite relative perfection into actuality.


GORMAN: I think I have taken up all my time here. I see some of my peers are beginning to fidget, and so I’ll move over and see if someone else is inclined to come and say hello. It was great to have a chance to chat. I enjoyed seeing you the other night, Gerdean, in your workroom. I like your looks also.

THOROAH: It was good seeing you, Gorman.

GORMAN: Indeed. I’ll see you again. Later!

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