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MZV253- 2nd Paradise Son is Born

2019-01-19-2nd Paradise Son is Born

Mezza Verde #253

The second Paradise Son is born on January 19th, 2019 which we will henceforth call Luova instead of Luoja.

Session nr 1 of 19 January 2019 – English translation– Original French.

Received by Wivine in Belize.

Note Wivine: these last 8 weeks a lot of new things happened within our group which I was not allowed to put on the website. We had to wait. My Melchizedek Tontons always tell me that the right ‘timing’ is most important. It’s a bit like a new book that was written of which I’m presenting you the end of the story. It was imperatif : I had to wait until the end of the story. The beginning and the middle will follow.

I received the following from Gabriel of Salvington. The First Son of Jesus and our Mother-Spirit: The Bright and Morning Star. He made this announcement very solemnly even giving the impression that he spoke to a very large audience. It was as if I heard it on television.

Gabriel of Salvington : Luova, whom you had called before Luoja, is a Paradise Son, a Creator Son like Jesus. He is a brother of Jesus Christ of the Order of Michael.

It is as if a new baby Jesus is born on earth. He is also the brother of another Paradise Son, a Magisterial Son who was born 4 years ago and whom you call Aaron. When a Paradise Son is born on earth via a terrestrial mother he remains a Paradise Son but does not know it until he is about 20 years old.

He receives a « tiny baby soul » just like humans and also a God Fragment which will help him to grow this « baby soul » to the maximum possible for a human on earth. When he leaves earth to return to Paradise and then go on to other missions, this « highly developed human soul » will be an integral part of the personality of this Paradise Son. It is a unique experience that these Creator Sons need. It does not matter whether they run a local universe like Jesus or not. Be aware that not all Creator Sons are Sovereigns of a local universe.

Just as Jesus is considered ‘God and Man’, these two Paradise Sons will become by analogy ‘God and Man’ when they have completed their mission on earth. They will not be Man-God, nor God-Man because the two elements do not blend in their divine personality.

The earth will one day play a great role in future very distant ages. It will become a training center for human souls who have attained Paradise and therefore Divine Perfection.

A human soul is always polarized feminine or masculine. Even in Paradise, when you become High Spiritual Creatures the difference will still be seen.

Your destiny is to become one day Creator Sons and Creative Daughters of a new type that will create life on new planets that are already forming today, in the outer space.

In order to receive this “diploma”, a temple for the Universal Father and a temple for the Eternal Son-Mother will be created on earth. The glorified, perfected human creatures of Paradise will receive in these temples the final “touch” to become a Creator Son or a Creative Daughter. They will receive the “creative” and « other » abilities they will need to create life and administer these worlds currently in formation.

Capabilities that the present Creator Sons possess from birth because created by the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. Just like the Divine Ministers or Mother Spirits created by the Infinite Spirit, who are their conjoints in the creation of the Higher and lower Orders of beings who will live in their kingdom or local universe.

Each present local universe is created and administered by a Creator Son and a Divine Minister (or Creative Daughter) from Paradise.

Understand that to “create” morontia or material life requires two complementary poles. You can call it positive and negative poles as you can talk about masculine and feminine poles.

It is a status that Perfected Spiritual Creatures from earth will reach through a long ascent to Paradise. This long ascension is necessary for them to get all the knowledge and experience they will need to access this status.

That’s why Luoja is born as a little girl and will now be called Luova. She will be like an earthly sister to Aaron.

Aaron – the boy and

Luova – the girl

were born here as humans to gain the necessary human experience they need to set up these two Divine Temples on earth. It is now that their foundations will be placed. They will serve for all souls of your local universe Nebadon, not just for the souls of your planet. One day, in millions of years, you will come back where it all began, to receive your final Creative Daughter formation if your soul is polarized feminine or Creator Son formation if your soul is polarized masculine. Then another adventure will be waiting for you!

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