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MZV254- They Will Cause a Spiritual Tsunami

2019-01-25-They Will Cause a Spiritual Tsunami

Mezza Verde #254

Session nr 2 of 25 January 2019 – English translation– original Dutch.

Received 27 December 2018

by Wivine in Belize

Note Wivine :

I organized a group meditation by bilocation in the Placencia temple with several people living alone in a country to receive the Melchizedeks Live Teaching’s.

Our international group consists of a number of people. In some countries they are with many and others are alone in their country. I will give an example: there is one in Venezuela, one in Gambia, one in China, 12 in North Korea and 14 in the United States. I did say it was an example.

At the beginning of December 2018, I received a message from the Melchizedeks that our group meditations (three per week so that everyone had the chance to attend a group meditation once a week) were obsolete. Everyone had to gather in small groups around a Light anchor at someone’s home of their choice. This was quickly organized in those countries where there were many people.

I had to take home those who were alone in a country and organize a group meditation for them that they would attend by bilocation in my little temple or chapel. Two groups came in place in Belize due to all the time differences on the continents. This also means that when I am in Belgium or elsewhere, I too will join these meditations in my temple in Belize by bilocation, just like the others. Because it is my « base », my “Light Anchor” to which I am encircuited with the others.

We call this “the live teachings of the Melchizedeks”, where everyone is directly connected and formed by the Melchizedeks or their teachers. Everyone was very enthusiastic and in a few weeks they organized it between themselves. The connections with the morontia circuits are settled by group and everyone feels the difference very well. People’s progress in getting better contact through such meditations is simply fantastic and they have an independent tool to take their soul development into their own hands.

By this I mean that they no longer depend on another person for answers to their questions, to receive inner guidance for the evolution of their souls. Even if everything is still in its infancy, it’s a wonderful start. Indeed, it requires a great adjustment of mentalities.

These small groups work together on an equal footing and there is no one who stands out to play the role of spiritual leader or who begins to receive great messages from higher beings. The intention is not to distill transmitters/receivers or channellers that will make people again dependent on another person. The goal is completely different and goes well beyond. Well beyond!

Man finally learns to turn inward for the evolution of his soul and receive higher spiritual wisdom.

From birth, man has been accustomed to receive all forms of education from another person. It is difficult then to begin to take the step inward. It takes time to trust it, without spinning stories. We have now started more intensively through this Melchizedek training program, even though it is still under test. There is a start for everything.

In the meantime, two more people of the international group are now capable of working with the Pure Energy of their indwelling God Fragment. They will now try to take the next steps to work with the Combined Energies of the Trinity. These are accomplishments and abilities that no one can give you, teach you, let alone sell them. Each individual must achieve it by his own means, through soul growth, by approaching his Thought Adjuster, his inner God in such a way that He is certain of the fusion with your soul. Everyone will have to experience it on their own.

It was during such a new group meditation in Belize that a voice began to speak to us while we were in meditation. Sometimes it felt like that voice came from my side and then no. It was a strange feeling. I really could not know who it was.


He said :  Many things will change on your planet.

The next Paradise Son will soon be born. He will not be born in the region of the Avonal Son, Aaron, as we had announced before. Several events have occurred in the meantime and this has given us another opportunity.

He will be born on another continent, in a subtropical country not too vast. Like Aaron, he will be born among simple people and will not be the firstborn of this family.

Aaron will continue to grow on the South American continent and Luoja on the African continent.

These Paradise Sons will not experience public life as politicians do, judges, journalists, movie stars or singers. Both will lead an ordinary life like the inhabitants of their country. They are not here to proclaim a new religion or new wisdom. Their lives will be an example for their environment and even beyond.

They are here to help cleanse your planet from the darkness into which it has been living for far too long. They are here to lay the foundation for the future spiritual destiny of your planet. They are here to help integrate and strengthen everything we have implemented here.

Know that a man earns his first stripes during his material life and ascends from there through semi-material worlds, then spiritual worlds to finally attain Divine Perfection as an accomplished Spiritual Creature after many transformations.

Know that Paradise Sons were created in this Perfection and received a personality that corresponds to their status. They too must earn their spurs, just like you now, in order to later enjoy a higher status in the future eras of God the Supreme. They do this by descending into the semi-material or Morontia worlds.

However, Avonal Sons and Creator Sons have the opportunity to incarnate as a newborn baby. This experience is the “crème de la crème” for them. The “nec plus ultra”. The ultimate experience for their career of eternal service.

They will never choose an easy life with much prosperity. Once they have gone through the development stages of their soul and they know who they are, they will also have the abilities that go with it. They will not need technology to travel around nor to communicate with each other, and so on.

In many Christian communities around the world, there is a belief about the second coming of Christ. They are convinced that his second coming will be preceded by many calamities. Where the bad will be punished and the good will be rewarded. There are several versions of it that have been written in their sacred books.

These predictions are more than a thousand years old, if not longer, and were made by people who could not describe your current arsenal of weapons or the consequences of their use. It was also intended to instill fear in people to turn to God.

I tell you that the Earth has already experienced many major disasters, most of which have been erased from your memory because they happened a long time ago; caused by man and his misuse of technologies, artificial intelligence and genetic experiments. That your land has experienced drastic climatic changes and meteorite avalanches that have buried many civilizations under the sand and the earth.

Now comes the moment of the final purification of darkness. Everything that lives in your planet on the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension that cannot or don’t want to be spiritualized will be removed or destroyed by us. Although we have been working on it for years, the last brush will be given soon.

However, the birth of the Creator Son will start this movement in an accelerated way. We will take the fallen angels from the morontia worlds with us to be judged there.

However, humans who have deliberately worked under their direction for global influences that have not benefited humanity will be judged by these populations. Their structures will be broken at a record pace. Leaders who violate human rights will be brought to justice.

The revolt will come from the people and the people will feel their “little God” moving in their heart. People will realize that they have been abused and will no longer be afraid to say it or hold them accountable.

There will still be local conflicts, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions leading to large tsunamis. Just like big hurricanes and typhoons. There will definitely be casualties.

The Spiritual Strength that will be increased by these two Paradise Sons, together with all that has been installed as spiritual power plants, will bring about such a change in the minds and consciousness of the people that this will cause an immense spiritual tsunami in their hearts. With the result that after 20 years, there will be a new generation of young people who will refuse to fight wars, steal or kill. This new generation will be intelligent, know God as an individual, and seek solutions to the problems of your world. And we will help them.

The big lie of racial differences will disappear. The churches will gradually close their doors because they will no longer have clients who want to listen to their priests or preachers. People will look inward to seek advice from the spiritual world. It will be a global phenomenon that has already begun.

Religion will no longer be used to put people against each other, nor to oppress them. All this has already begun and will continue to be played out over the next decades.

Does this mean that crime will disappear? No! But the influence of darkness behind the scenes with their accomplices and human representatives will disappear. They will show their faces out of arrogance or impossibility to act otherwise, which will mark the beginning of their fall.

Keep your hands firmly in ours. You will have nothing to fear and will help a lot under our guidance.

It’s me, my girl, your “little God” who has spoken here. Many years ago, I told you that you would talk to a lot of people. You simply didn’t know then that it would be this way and not in front of a physical audience.

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