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MZV255- Male and Female Polarization Part 1

2019-03-06-Male and Female Polarization Part 1

Mezza Verde #255

Session nr 7 of 6 March 2019 – English translation– Original Dutch.

Place : Mezza Verde in Belize

Received by Wivine

Visitor : Christ Michael of Nebadon – Creator Son of our local universe.

Christ Michael : My dear daughter, you have been brave and strong. You know that we will not put more weight on your shoulders than you can bear. We also know how difficult it is for a human to live in two worlds. Certainly me, who walked on your world as Joshua. Better known in your Christian biblical religion as Jesus.

(note Wivine: I had a serious case of group possession to deal with. At one point, I was confronted with a “fallen angel”, the second over 10 years. They give you the impression of shortening by 10cm. I had to take a break, I will finish this work next week. It is a situation I had not yet encountered, I usually ask help of my colleagues, but here it had nothing to do with a local place. I had to learn something of it, understand this situation, that’s why I had to do it alone with the help of the Celestials. Something new! It’ll be ok, they will not get me!)

We will talk about our two incarnated Paradise Sons: Aaron and Luova. A boy and a girl who brought a shockwave into your world at birth and will create a bigger one in the future.

We will talk about male and female polarities in the universe. We will talk about male and female polarities because you are sexualized humans. The human is born as woman or man to conceive together a posterity on the physical plane.

Not only to conceive a biological descent, but also to complement each other at the level of the “Mind”, as a spiritual endowment.

Let’s start with the beginning of Creation. What brought about the creation of the Great Universe with all its life forms beginning with spiritual life, then morontia life (semi-spiritual/semimaterial) and lastly material life?

It all started with the First Source and Center, which contained everything. It had no human body but a brilliant mind with many ideas. The First Source and Center, is often called God or the Universal Father, It is Pure Spirit – Pure Energy – Pure Love.

This First Divine Universal Principle wanted to create all its brilliant ideas. To be able to do so, It had to get something out of itself which is called the Eternal Son in biblical writings and the Urantia Book.

Herewith came an unfortunate confusion in people’s minds due to an inadequate vocabulary, a way of thinking that was too materialistic, and desires for power, glory and money.

To be able to create, you need two poles. Two different forces that, when interacting, put something in motion, create something new.

Let’s go back to the Trinity.

The Trinity is ONE ENTITY composed of three intelligent, sublime and loving spiritual powers.

The Trinity is not something like three autonomous spiritual Deities that can be compared to three men discussing together on a round table before a cup of coffee. This is ONE ENTITY.

There is nothing in your world with which you can compare the Trinity.

So how can your spiritual assistants explain it to you? They explain it to you by analogy with something you know, so that you can move forward for a while. Until much later, much later, you will have advanced in your spiritual development.

The way I am going to explain it to you is not the reality you will discover when you arrive in Paradise. A reality that you cannot understand now with your limited human intelligence. Even your actual greatest human gods, like your scientists and all kinds of church fathers, would not be able to understand it.


The First Source and Center divided itself into two polarities: male and female.

The Urantia Book and the Bibles speak of these two polarities as God the Father and the Eternal Son.

It would have been better to speak of God the Father and the Eternal Mother-Daughter.

From these two polarities (positive or negative/male or female), the third Force – the Executive Force – The Infinite Mind – Absolute Intelligence with all its combined intelligence circuits was created.

The Infinite Spirit who can fully reflect these two polarities of which he/she is native.

Mind as spiritual endowment can be polarized male or female to create.

The first known example for you on the spiritual/morontia level is me, a Creator Son with a Mother Spirit in your local universe Nebadon.

We have created together in our ways – with our male and female polarities – many Orders of beings that serve in our local universe. This includes spiritual and morontia beings who are polarized female (-) or male (+). Just like the organic man.

In your physical world you can clearly see the difference between a man and a woman. It is much less visible in the spiritual world.

A man and a woman on your planet are not identical. They are equal but not the same. They complement each other in order to create at the physical level and at the mind level. But they are absolutely not identical. Absolutely not. Trust me. They were not originally created identical for a very good reason.

All creation is intermingled with these two male and female polarities – of God the Father and God the Mother-Daughter.

God the Mother because she creates with God the Father and Daughter because she comes out of God the Father.

The Paradise Creator Sons of the Order of Michael, to whom I belong, were created by God the Father and God the Mother-Daughter. They may reflect the polarized nature (male or female) of one of their parents or have both natures in a balanced way.

The reason why two Paradise Sons were born as a boy and a girl on your planet, where mankind is severely handicapped at “Mind” level, is precisely to remedy this situation.

To restore the original roles of the man and the woman at « Mind » level.

As a necessity to start the development of the embryonic soul.

By taking the Inner Path to attain higher spiritual insight.

For the development of your soul through your love for God, for your fellow men by serving them selflessly.

To succeed in being taught directly by your indwelling God Fragment that inhabits every person since a young age.

To achieve Unity and complete Alignment of your will with the Will of your God Fragment, endowment of God the Father.

Western materialistic society has disrupted the role of men and women at mind level through the educational system, through religion, science, and by making women “substitute males.” In other societies this was done through religious, cultural, and political means by condemning and hiding the woman. Men in general, are struggling to get out of their mind impotence and spiritual blindness without the women. The woman cannot play her “real” role with the man because she is not given the opportunity or because she has thrown it away to become precisely this “surrogate male“.

It is a Luciferian influence that no one understands how it works or for what purpose. We will explain you progressively.

We will finish for today. I will come back to it. The subject is not closed. You all know that you can quietly lie down with questions or meditate to get more clarity on any subject. I will help you, rest assured.

I made you “boys and girls” to reach Paradise as Spiritual Creatures – polarized male or female.

So that you can become the Creator Sons and Creator Daughters in a distant future on the 4 outer space levels in creation that circulate around the seven Superuniverses.

Goodbye my children. This was Christ Michael, I’m never far away!

Aaron and Luova are fine. We watch over them.

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