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MZV256- Male and Female Polarization Part 2

2019-03-16-Male and Female Polarization Part 2

Mezza Verde #256

Session nr 8 of 16 March 2019 – English translation – Original Dutch.

Place : MezzaVerde in Belize

Received by Wivine

Visitor : Christ Michael (Jesus) – Master Sovereign of our local universe Nebadon, situated in Superuniverse nr 7-Orvonton.

Christ Michael :  My dear children, we continue our lesson on the masculine and feminine creative polarities in the spiritual worlds and the human mind received from the Infinite Spirit.

Indeed, there are many types of “Mind” distributed directly and indirectly by the Infinite Spirit to all created beings of the Grand Universe which is the actual inhabited Creation. “Mind” can be polarized, masculine (+) or feminine (-).

Let’s go back to the “Ancestral Creators” of the universes.

The First Source and Center contained everything: – personality, a feminine element, a masculine element, a great mind, self-awareness, many plans and ideas that it wished to implement.

To achieve this, it created the Trinity by its own means.

The Trinity is a “Unit of Deity” based on three original, equal and coexisting personalities: God the Father, God the Mother and God the Spirit.

The Universal Father, the Eternal Mother and the Infinite Spirit are unique personalities. One is not a copy neither a part of the other, each is original and all three are united.

When the Trinity came into existence, the Central Universe appeared. The Central Universe has as its core the Isle of Paradise and around this nucleus a million planets are circulating: the spiritual worlds of Havona.

The Trinity and the Central Universe have always existed. They know neither beginning nor end.

One can only begin to talk about sonship, about sons and daughters, when it comes to personalities created by the partners of the Trinity. Personalities who descend directly from the Trinity, who are their direct descendants. Created by the 3 Deities of the Trinity, by 2 of them or by one.

The Paradise Sons and Paradise Daughters are creations of the Trinity.

The ones that are important to you in this presentation and that you are familiar with are:

1) The Creator Sons of the Order of Michael who create and administer a local universe.

I, Jesus or Christ Michael: Master Sovereign of this local universe Nebadon situated in the 7th Superuniverse Orvonton. Created by God the Father and God the Mother.

2) The Creator Sons of the Order of Michael who do not administer or create a local universe.

LUOVA: : Creator Son who don’t administer a local universe and was created for later purposes. Now incarnated on earth as a human girl. Created by God the Father and God the Mother.

3) The Order of Avonal Sons who perform many types of missions on a planet.

Aaron: currently incarnated on your planet as a boy. Created by God the Mother and God the Spirit.

4) The Creative Daughters: created by God the Spirit.

Whenever a Creator Son is created by God the Father and God the Mother, God the Spirit creates a Creative Daughter who will help Him as an equal, worthy, fitting partner in His local universe. When she functions as co-creator in a local universe, she is generally called “Mother Spirit”.

Your Mother Spirit and I created different Orders of beings in Nebadon, together and individually. We did it with our Mind endowments received from God the Spirit and our inherent creative abilities. We perform different tasks to administer Nebadon and when we assist the ascending souls of the inhabited planets.

Mother Spirit distributes all types of non-mechanical “Mind” that suits our creation, sometimes in connection with me. For the ascendant beings of a local universe like Nebadon, it is a “Mind” that can grow through experiential learning, it is teachable.

Mother Spirits are closely associated with the Master Spirit of their superuniverse. For Nebadon this means “Aya”, Master Spirit of Superuniverse No. 7, Orvonton, the Voice of the Trinity.

Although the 7 Master Spirits were created by the three partners of the Trinity, the one who gave them the greatest imprint was God the Spirit or the Infinite Spirit. The Master Spirits distribute the Cosmic Mind in their Superuniverse received from God the Spirit.

Your Mother Spirit and I are a descending Creator Son and Creative Daughter, created by the Trinity. We gain our experiences as Divine Sons and Daughters through our activities in our local universe. This gives us the spiritual growth necessary to assume new responsibilities later in the era of God the Supreme  the Supreme oversoul of the universes. .

You, men and women of this planet, have the potential to become ascending Creator Sons and Daughters of the next era of God the Supreme. The era where She will have all power and exercise all management functions of the Master Universe, which is not the case today.

The Master Universe consists of the Central Universe – Havona, the 7 superuniverses that revolve around and the 4 outer space levels that revolve around the 7 superuniverses.

You will gain your experiences and knowledge throughout your ascension to Paradise to become like God.

This training begins here and now in this life for those who want to attain a higher status in the Era of God the Supreme. It is imperative that you begin this spiritual career now in this life and do something for it. It will not come by itself.

Reaching Paradise is one thing. The driving force to become Gods child that wants to attain divine perfection is your love for God the Father and your fellowmen by fulfilling a selfless service.

Reaching the status of an ascending Creator Son or Creative Daughter goes further. You are supposed to take matters into your own hands, assume responsibilities, and accomplish something that benefits humanity as a whole, here and now, at a spiritual level. Later, you will do this on the morontia worlds for all Nebadon and on the spiritual worlds for all Orvonton.

What you will assume as tasks and responsibilities will vary according to your evolution. You evolve from an organic human with an undeveloped soul embryo to a human with a morontia soul “born” on earth. Later, you will evolve on the morontia worlds as a morontia soul fused with her God Fragment to then become a beginning spiritual creature in Nebadon. And so on until Paradise, where it will continue.

Man does not automatically grow from the material to the spiritual. People have to make that choice and one day become aware of it. Man will only attain those higher spiritual goals he has set for himself out of his own will, as a result of his dedication, energy and perseverance.

It is very true that man is assisted in this task by a huge loving cosmic family. Certainly. You are well surrounded and far from alone in this enormous endeavor.

My children, we are going to stop here for now. We will continue this discussion on this subject to help you understand why you were created as boys and girls and your important differences for soul development and creative capacities.

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