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MZV257- Male and Female Polarization Part 3

2019-03-28-Male and Female Polarization Part 3

Mezza Verde #257

 Session nr 9 of 28 March 2019 -English translation-– Original Dutch.

Place : MezzaVerde in Belize

Received by Wivine

Visitor : Christ Michael (Jesus) of Nebadon, our local universe. Situated in Superuniverse nr 7, Orvonton.

Christ Michael : Hello, my dear children. I’m back.

We will talk a little more about the Supreme Being – The Over-Soul of the Master Universe.

This ‘Goddess of Experience’ was created by the Trinity long before the creation of the 7 Superuniverses by the 7 Master Spirits.

All created worlds of the 7 Superuniverses and 4 outer space levels that revolve around them are under Her reign. Her Great Over-Soul covers all the Master Universe. She is the Goddess of time and space. She is a living, powerful and strong personality. She is the great living organism of the universes. She is both Creature and Creator.

She grows on divine level from her own spiritual powers and creative personality through the influence of the Trinity.

She received her Supreme Mind from God the Spirit. As a result, She possesses divine intellectual faculties and can also exercise a strong power over the energies of the physical, morontia, and spiritual worlds, even if for the moment She does so indirectly.

We, the Creator Sons, the Ancients of Days, and the Master Spirits temporarily help Her in these tasks.

She grows thanks to the evolution of all Creatures serving in the Superuniverses and human beings living on material planets.

We, the Creator Sons and Creative Daughters, as well as the Avonal Sons, grow also through our services and experiences gained in the 7 Superuniverses.

Every human soul that manages to fuse with its God Fragment helps Her to progress in Her evolution.

You all live in Her, with Her and through Her.

She is the Great Soul and Mother of all universes.

She has her own Will and the 7 Master Spirits help her fulfill her requests.

Her love for human children can be compared to a tender, gentle loving mother. She will cradle and cherish every new born “morontia baby soul”. She will support every adult morontia soul who fuses with its God Fragment as a mother proud of her son or daughter.

It is because you participate in Her Life and Growth that your development possibilities are infinite.

The Supreme Being is an experiential Goddess and because of that Her Mind will never stop developing. Your mind will, just as hers, be able to develop eternally. There is no limit to the development of Mind which is based on experience and action.

Energy responds to Mind. A Spirit Personality with a high mind can control energy and matter. It can subject physical laws to its will to create or make changes.

Spirit will always be stronger than matter through the interference of mind.

When we told you that you first had to develop your soul until the pre-fusion level with your God Fragment to help all humanity move forward spiritually – without creating a new religion – we knew exactly what we were saying.


It is then that you will share your creative personality with His Divine Mind. Your creative personality that can only develop going inward.

It is then that you will have the huge means to pull up all humanity.

It is then that you will be able to work with the Divine Energy of your God Fragment and the combined Energies of the Trinity.

It is then that you will help us to make these needed modifications in the different dimensions around Earth, which will help all humanity on the physical level (DNA + immune system) and mind level (activation mind glands).

This will allow all humanity to find The Way to God with ease; that man will seek his Truths within, where they are and nowhere else.

Man is at present compelled to seek his spiritual truths in the material world, if he is willing to seek them. These so-called spiritual truths are too often manipulated by states and religious leaders, misunderstood or confusing, they contradict each other and the ancient allegories are unfortunately expressed in a too materialistic way.

The Way to God I taught in my lifetime on earth was to elevate and develop the human mind to achieve soul development and from there transform man into The God-Man.

I taught that the Kingdom of God was inside men; that men receive a Divine spark which lives in their hearts and which could speak to the soul on the condition that it be developed. To develop the received soul-embryo, it was necessary to seek God, to love Him with all your heart and be of service to your brethren also with all your heart.

It required going inward through meditation or “going into silence” with the intention of knowing God and being taught by Him.

It was and still is necessary to go in meditation to undergo the transformations your brain and physical body need to be able to transcend your organic mind and develop your higher mind received from Mother Spirit.

This mind is not the physical brain. It is slightly above the head and touches it softly. At the top, it slightly touches the initial morontia mind.

It required and still requires time, patience and important preparations of the physical body. Especially for male bodies that are less favored than women in this area.

In order to be directly taught by this Divine Spark, the soul must evolve from an embryo to a fetus, and then be born as a “baby morontia soul”.

Although the birth of a morontia soul usually takes place on the 1st Mansion world after death, there will be more and more people who will experience this here on earth by walking the Way.

A “baby morontia soul” born on earth receives an initial morontia mind. It is only when this soul with its morontia mind has grown sufficiently that this soul can be taught directly by its indwelling God Fragment.

Be aware that even in this case, your God Fragment will not speak directly to your physical brain. It is not in the physical brain that you ever will hear His Voice.

Moreover, I taught that man must strive to be instructed directly by his indwelling God Spark in order to eventually unify with this Divine spark. Unify in such a way that the human will and God’s Will become One.

Man who becomes God or the God-Man has not yet appeared on earth, but will appear soon. Those who will reach it will not be known to others, nor will their heroic deeds. Their number will increase over time.

It is this way that the Kingdom of God will appear on earth and that humanity will enter the era of light and life.

It will never be an outward manifestation of power, splendor, and ostentation, for the Kingdom of God resides in the hearts of men.

It is then that I will come back and neither will my Second Coming be a physical return.

Those who know me, whose morontia soul will sufficiently be developed, will be able to perceive me, feel me and hear me if I consider it desirable.

How to achieve this, all the physical transformations that come with it, and the union of the polarities of the male and female mind to lead to creation, will be the next lesson. Goodbye my friends.

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