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MZV258- Male and Female Polarization Part 4

2019-04-11-Male and Female Polarization Part 4

Mezza Verde #258

Session nr 10 of 11 April 2019 – English translation– Original Dutch.

Place : Mezzaverde in Belize

Received by Wivine

Visitor : Christ Michael (Jesus) of Nebadon, our local universe. Situated in Superuniverse nr 7, Orvonton.

Jesus : My dear children, we continue our lesson on the male and female polarities of men’s Mind endowments.

As mentioned earlier, all creation is intertwined in a dynamic power balance between feminine and masculine polarities, the third power being the Mind that balances these two forces. Forces that are Intelligent Energies of spiritual origin from the Trinity.

Man is a composite being :

–      He has a material body that needs to survive in the material world. An organic brain that works electro chemically, much like a computer. There is nothing that has been studied so much by science as the human brain. Some for useful purposes and others to manipulate men. Since Darwinism, man has been considered by your science as a physical organism derived from animal evolution and disappearing after death. This reduced science to a study of the three-dimensional physical aspects of all life, resulting in a classification of living organisms and placing an exaggerated emphasis on the development of the organic left brain of man: logical, analytical, sequential intelligence of male polarization. Necessary to survive and operate in the material world, but eventually limited.

To remedy this, those who don’t know God, turned their research towards artificial intelligence and have already gone too far in this for the umpteenth time.

Through education, religion and politics, the male polarized organic intellect has been put on a pedestal and the right brain or the intuitive female part has been neglected. Even worse, the higher intuitive has been dismissed as female nonsense and stupidity. Only the man had the right to speak and the woman had to remain silent. The model to be followed was the masculine one, and women were made “substitute men” in the industrialized civilizations, even with their agreement.

As a consequence, ostracism of the spiritual feminine Mind (superior inspiring, creative intelligence), necessary to allow further development of the soul and have access to a superior creative intelligence. Thus creating a society that focuses only on the outside world by completely neglecting the inner and higher mind endowments received from Mother Spirit of Nebadon.

–      Man doesn’t belong only to the material world. He received spiritual gifts. He received a God Fragment and a unique personality from God the Father, he received a basic mind of Mother Spirit that he is expected to develop.

There is a difference between the physical man and the physical woman. Their bodies are different and have different functions to create. The body of a woman has additional organs and glands that man does not possess. As a result, her body is more apt to connect to the higher mind endowments of Mother Spirit when she seeks God in her. The masculine needs the feminine on many levels to fill this void.

She will make more use in daily life of her intuitive female brain in connection with her masculine brain, provided her academic education has not cut off her access to the intuitive.

She has her mother instinct. Animals have it too, but it stops when their children are adults. This is not the case with an evolved person. A woman who knows and seeks God can transcend her mother instinct into mother Love for all humanity during her spiritual evolution. A mother Love that will come very close to the Love of God for all His creatures.

This doesn’t mean that a man has no father’s love for his child. He certainly has. He can also transcend this father’s love over all humanity. It is sometimes more difficult for him to express and he achieves it differently; here too all kinds of education play their role.

Man and woman were shaped differently to be able to create in the physical world, but also in the more spiritual realm through their higher mind endowments. Even the lower chakras of women are polarized differently from those of men. They are complementary and equivalent but not equal.

Our experience has shown that we obtain less results, even none, if we work with two equal polarities in the universe, for example man-man or woman-woman.

Some examples of male-female connections for non-material creation are: Material Sons and Daughters on the morontia worlds, the creation of Primary and Secondary Midwayers on your planet. The Primary Midwayers were created by a physical man and woman through their superior mind powers. Secondary Midwayers were created by a physical man and woman, partly through sexual intercourse and partly through their superior mind powers.

A man and a woman have two polarized mind endowments: a male and a female.

The left and right hemispheres of the physical brain must first be unified to allow the male and female spiritual mind to unite in the physical body. When this last union is realized you will receive the Light of Christ. Your Thought Adjuster needs this Light to allow him to transform you into the God-Man.

The Light of Christ is an ancient term, commonly used to refer to a spiritual phenomenon known for thousands of years, even before I walked on your planet. It was known to many mystery schools or secret societies wishing to establish communication with the Divine Inner Spark to learn from God higher spiritual Truths. To achieve a level of soul development that would allow the soul to unite with her indwelling God Fragment. To become a God-Man.

A human who realized the Light of Christ in himself, through the unification of the higher masculine and feminine mind, used to be called an “enlightened person“, a Christian. The next step was the unification with the Divine Mind of their God Fragment and that is when man will be able to make miracles.

This term did not come from my apostles, nor from what I taught them. The term existed in gnostic schools to designate an inner spiritual transformation. Some of my disciples knew about this and I added my teachings above it. Those who followed my teachings in my lifetime, the teachings of Joshua and their later followers didn’t call themselves Christians, nor were they called that way. This term surfaced a few hundred years later and came from another angle.

The knowledge of the union of the feminine and masculine mind existed in many old, more spiritual civilizations throughout the world. These ancient civilizations respected the woman for her inner, intuitive and intelligent mind powers. Sometimes even praised her as a goddess. They were taught in all sciences, higher mathematics, astronomy, medicine, philosophy just as men, and did not neglect their maternal and feminine roles. There were also female teachers who taught men. It was known that a woman’s brain was not inferior to that of a man which your current science has just rediscovered.

But human civilizations come and go, then things turn bad again; and it’s still bad.

In order to be able in the old days to reconcile the masculine mind with the feminine intuitive mind of Mother Spirit, it was necessary to make great efforts to prepare the physical body. This is where asceticism, vegetarian diets, isolation in caves  and starvation came from; as well as all types of monasteries, various forms of oriental meditation, Hindu yoga exercises, and so on.

It is no longer useful. All this is no longer necessary. These things were for that time. Now you are living in a different time.

Since my departure, all of you received a God Fragment at a very young age, and now IT comes even sooner. My Spirit of truth has been poured out and when you manage to connect to it, it will give you more insight and understanding of spiritual truths, and distinguish truth from falsehood. Man has more facilities now to receive higher spiritual insight. Provided that he let grow his basic mind to develop his soul by knowing God, and that he manages to unite the two opposite minds.

The doors will open for those who know God, who go into meditation with the intention to receive insight from their indwelling “little God”. Those who help their fellowmen selflessly and with love, who meditate regularly to ask questions and listen to God, will develop their soul and undergo all the necessary changes.

Not with the intention to hear “voices” or to transmit “messages”. Neither to obtain all kinds of extra-sensory capacities, nor to become a psychic, a clairvoyant or a prophet. Well with the intention of becoming a better person, as God sees it and as He is. God will then guide you in your life and send you many heavenly assistants to help you realize your destiny: becoming a God-Man.

It is during your meditations that the masculine and feminine mind will be united on the physical and on soul level. You might even feel these changes physically.

As your spiritual development goes on, your soul embryo turns into a fetus, your “baby soul” will be born and you will learn to move in two worlds without problems: the physical world and the spiritual-morontia world. You will introduce God in your daily life, in your social contacts, in your work, in your meetings, in your housework, at school.

The radiance of your new unified mind will surround your entire body instead of just being a “cloud” above your head. Your way of dealing with issues and conflicts will be different. People will feel it and some will even see a “light” around you. A light that will be accentuated when you have realized the Light of Christ in you.

The first major change you will have to work on is the growth of your basic mind also received from Mother Spirit. By increasing this mind, through your love for God and humanity, by your selfless service, you will give birth to your “baby-soul”.

This was formerly called in Gnostic sects the “second birth” or the “virgin birth” which is a very, very ancient allegory; taken a little too literally by certain religions that appeared after my time, that neither me neither my followers have founded, but do speak of me.

The second major change is the unification of your feminine and masculine mind through your love for God, your meditations, your selfless acts of love.

To those who want to follow this path that I took during my human life to reach the status of God-Man, I ask once again: do not develop sects, do not criticize the beliefs of others, do not develop doctrines with dogmas, do not separate yourself from others by giving you a “name”, do not establish a religion, and do not stir up books.

On this path, there is only one true Teacher – your indwelling God Fragment – and all who will continue to follow this path will only be able to do one thing: to testify of His Presence inside men.

Man can only receive true Divine teachings by learning directly from God.

In the physical world, there are many books with wisdom, but all divine wisdom is not written in earthly books. There is Divine Wisdom for which man has no language to express them in books.

A Wisdom he must look for in himself, and when he will find it, discover more and more about it, he will stay silent. He will not be able to transmit it in human language. Nobody would even believe it, neither understand and people will make fun of it. That is the reason why this Wisdom was hidden by the ancients and only spoken of in allegories and parables. Unfortunately the signification of these allegories has been lost and now there are dozens of interpretations of them scattered around the world.

But you, you live in another era with more facilities.

There is no longer a reason to hide this knowledge from man, nor to speak in allegories or parables. By necessity comparisons due to the lacking of vocabulary.

Goodbye my friends. We are done for today. It is not finished yet. It’s a big subject. See you soon.

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