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MZV259- Activation, Our Meditation & Prayer –Part 1

2019-07-10-The activation, our meditation and prayer –Part 1

Mezza Verde #259

Session nr 11 of 10 July 2019 – English translation– original Dutch.

Place : Mezzaverde in Belgium.

Visitor : Malvantra Melchizedek.

Malvantra here : My dear friends, I know that your patience is put to the test. I know it very well. Know that many things happen without your knowledge to steer your planet in the right direction. Know that your planet has a great destiny for which we are preparing her right now. Know that such spiritual events are difficult to describe.

To understand them better, you need to further develop your soul so that she can be born as a full and viable morontia identity, able to live forever. If you continue to serve and be taught on all morontia and spiritual universes, you will become a Perfected Spiritual Creature capable of living in Paradise. Only then will you understand and know everything.

Your soul is what continues to live, which transcends the limits of your material life, not your physical body that breaks down or disappears.

Those who understand this are experiencing it because they are constantly strengthening their contact with God and the Celestials. Their life takes on another dimension. They feel their progress step by step, inch by inch. Even if they do not hear or see us.

Those who fail to refine their earthly tendencies, who always want to shine, stand above others, who believe that situations should be regulated according to their will, who cannot stem their impatience or lack of faith, who give their spiritual ambitions a worldly touch, are slowing down.

The path to the highest spiritual level that a person can reach here on earth is a difficult path.

We will not let you go higher until you have acquired the necessary spiritual maturity. Before you have looked to yourself very closely in a mirror to find out where you can improve to move to the next step. It’s up to you to do this work with God and you alone.

The idea to resemble God and act according His Will is not attractive to all. It makes no sense to many because they consider themselves as perfect. It is the others who must change because they are wrong and bad. Therefore their primarily concern is to tell others how to change their attitudes and what to believe.

To resemble God is to ask Him in all humility and intimacy: I Know I am not perfect, I am aware of it. Show me where I can improve to become a little more like you in Wisdom, Mercy and Love.

God will show you without pointing at you, without judging you as good or bad. Do not worry about that. Those who follow God’s counsel, who make an effort will improve and learn to know and fulfill Father’s Will.

You can read spiritual documents as much as you want and accumulate this knowledge in your brain. You can philosophize with others, have high intellectual discussions about it, even teach others. It will not help you. Only practicing will help you. Understanding is one thing – applying is a total different question.

If you want to approach God and hear Him, you have a long way to go. A very long way full of challenges, patience and faith.

And this path has nothing to do with becoming a “soothsayer”, receiving messages to post on the Internet, seeing an invisible entity (diabolical or angelic) usually coming from the lower dimensions of your planet, being able to predict the future, hearing voices in your head, possess telepathic abilities, or influence matter by your will or mind powers (e.g., Uri Geller). Neither has it to do with a bilocation method that allows you to move quietly to your neighbors house, to nose in his kitchen cabinets and reminding what you saw when you come back.

These are all semi-material, human abilities that were granted too early to humanity and were transmitted genetically or by learning. Extra-sensory abilities of which people have been convinced for decades they would receive them if their soul rises by following one or another doctrine, holy book, type of meditation, etc.

Capabilities that can sometimes be useful, but also misused; capabilities people admire too often which can be very misleading.

Capabilities that are currently imitated by creators of artificial intelligence for military and economical purposes, devices that are introduced into human brains. There is not a single human organ that has been studied, manipulated and imitated the last 200 years as the human brain with its mind powers.

Those who took the Luciferian path followed the path of technology, they couldn’t do otherwise. Seizing technologies and using them in a destructive way is old, hundreds of thousands of years old. And what did they destroy in those days thanks to their technologies and abuse of their mind abilities that you would consider miraculous. As a consequence, more than one civilization has been destroyed. However, they always come back to it and start all over again. They hold on to this Luciferian thought and refuse to accept God. They simply ignore His existence and now they are for the umpteenth time facing the abyss. It is incomprehensible.

Those who take the inner, divine, loving spiritual path will not need these technologies, they will go far beyond and exceed them as they will become the God-Man.

The God-Man is a growing, sacred spiritual phenomenon.

It is this Divinized Human who will inaugurate Paradise on earth, terrestrial Nirvana or the state of light and life.

The primordial goal of human creation.

Universal Humanity living in many forms on billions of planets in the Seven Superuniverses revolving around Paradise is indeed evolving “en masse” to the state of God-Man.

Continues –  see session nr 12.



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