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MZV260- Activation, Our Meditation & Prayer –Part 2

2019-07-10-Activation, Our Meditation & Prayer –Part 2

Mezza Verde #260

Session nr 12 of 10 July 2019 – English translation– original Dutch.

Place : Mezzaverde in Belgium.

Visitor : Malvantra Melchizedek.

Following session nr 11 of 10 July 2019.

Malvantra : This brings us now to the « Spiritual receptive glands » which are mind endowments (imagination and comprehension of knowledge coming from spiritual world).

Humans on Urantia have two endocrine glands that can provide them with another mind to better understand the wisdom from the higher spiritual world. These “endocrine glands” do not perform this function in most people; which means that these glands work only on the physical plane to support the material body.

Ancestral systems still exist among initiates in Asia, Africa and the American continents who manage to achieve this “activation” after long and difficult rituals and initiations. The goal they wish to achieve with this can vary and is not always far-reaching. Yet, there are those who know the indwelling personal God and do achieve fusion of their souls with their God Fragment already on earth or on the morontia Mansion worlds immediately after leaving their bodies.

To help people move forward, Melchizedeks were given permission by the Ancients of Days to put in place a system to activate these “two mind-glands” in a faster way. We were allowed to do this with a small group of people (test subjects) who are representative for the diversity of your population. We needed their permission, because changes were to occur in some parts of the body and it would also have an impact on DNA. Only the Ancients of Days of our Superunivers are allowed to give us permission to initiate a process that involves changes to existing “life”.

The “Activation” is a way to accelerate this slow ancestral initiation process with some differences and novelties.

The “Activation” of these two endocrine glands that are not in the brain has several objectives.

It is granted to those who know and love God and have a deep desire to serve others with spiritual abilities.

This does not give them, miraculously, the ability to become “clairvoyant” or “clairaudient”.

It’s not a “skype” connection with the spiritual world that is charged in your head so you can communicate with them through sound and image.

In addition to receiving the means to develop their superior mind abilities, these people receive the capacity to work with the Energy of the Paradise Trinity.

Depending on their commitment, their sincere desire to improve their character, the love they might develop in their hearts for God and their fellowmen, they will one day be able to work with the Pure Energy of their God Fragment. (Wivine : almost ten people already achieved it within a few years in the actual group.)

Those who have sufficient experience in the use of the Energy of the Trinity and those who achieved to work with the Pure Energy of their God Fragment are taken individually or in groups during their meditations to places where they will have to use their divine powers; which can be in different dimensions around your planet.

They will keep little or no memories of it. Sometimes we allow them to see and remember something at the beginning of their meditation. Then their brains are inactivated and their bodies brought to a low temperature by the Midwayers and the Power Directors who guard and protect their bodies. Following this, memories are excluded in the brain.

Many forms of meditation from the East have reached the Western world. Hindu Yoga and Buddhist meditations are the best known and most practiced. They are also the most studied by science. From there, the medical world has distilled its own type of “meditation” that they use as an additional therapy in the treatment of patients.

There is a fundamental difference between the “meditations” of those who have received the “activation” and all other meditation practices and that is the purpose of the meditation.

Those who received the activation meditate in order to be directly taught by their indwelling “little God” or God Fragment and do approach Him with love and humility.

They do this through a statement of intent that they read before they start their meditation.

All other forms of meditation are focused on activating certain parts of the brain to live “spiritual experiences”. Spiritual experiences that often belong to earthly dimensions and there are many earthly dimensions. Many do not know God and therefore do not feel love for Him, which limits the development of their soul. It may help the individual to arrive somewhere, but never to the spiritual heights that a God-knowing soul can reach, whose altruistic love for all mankind is far-reaching.

The “spiritual experiences” of monks and nuns who are believers belonging to Christian sects or others, are also limited and based solely on their personal religious beliefs. They do not reach new higher spiritual truths. Although such “spiritual experiences” might strengthen their faith.

You will find below the prayer that those who were allowed to receive the “activation” read before beginning their meditation. If you read this prayer with a heart full of love for God and your brethren, you give a sing to your indwelling “Little God” that you are ready to consciously take the path to Paradise and the realization of your soul, already here on earth.

Unlike most earthly souls who begin this soul-career only when they arrive at the 1st World Mansion World after death.

We do not say that this prayer is the only prayer or the only way by which you can give this signal, but it is complete and can be a support for you.

If your intention and your love are pure, God will show you your way.

Faith, Love, and Trust in God are the most powerful levers in the spiritual realm.

No matter what your religion is or your sacred book. God will give you true wisdom and everything that will no longer serve you, will gradually fade away and be replaced by true divine, spiritual values and concepts.

And these concepts will not come through voices in your head. Certainly not. It is not in your head that God will speak to you, nor us. Be very careful with that.

We, the Melchizedeks, are not visible in our spiritual Light appearance for human eyes, nor for the eyes of your soul. That’s why we announce ourselves first when we come to talk and sometimes activate an image that is in your memory to identify us. However, we only do this if we know for sure that you understand that it is only an image and not a reality. This image is personal and can vary. This image has nothing to do with how we look. This image will not communicate with you either.

As for Wivine, do not give her powers she does not have. She receives only through meditation or if she can place herself in a meditative state where she manages to empty her head so that her thoughts do not interfere with our messages, which are not transmitted in her brain. She lives like an ordinary person, just like you. She must overcome her difficulties and challenges with every step she wants to climb, just like you.

When you come into contact with the “true” higher spiritual world, you will quickly notice that no gifts are distributed, that there are no elected or privileged ones.

You will earn everything by the “sweat of your brow” with us.

And :

When we deem it necessary we will pass messages .

When we deem it necessary we will organize activities in which we can involve people, be it a few or many depending on the situation.

We will pass fewer messages in the future so that :

– you do not rest on her shoulders and

– she can take care of other necessary tasks.

So do not push her and leave her alone with your demands. Even going so far as to make you mad at her because she does not give you the treats you think you’re entitled to. Because things do not develop fast enough for you, or as you imagined.

She grew with great patience for many years and gave you all she had to offer. We expect from you the same.

She acts according our instructions, not yours. You have nothing to demand from her.

Take your responsibilities.

We are not looking for quantity. We do not seek the masses and please, don’t fish for souls once you received the “activation”.

We are looking for soul quality, people who want to act and go for it. These are soul qualities that have nothing to do with the kind of book you read. Reading the Urantia Book is certainly not a condition. Reading it facilitates the understanding of the sessions because they are based on the terminology from this book and will certainly bring some basic knowledge.

When you will be a little further, you will find out that this book, or any other book that contains wisdom you consider holy, will become obsolete and will serve you no more.

Divine Wisdom is universal and can be expressed in many ways and different vocabulary. The way it is expressed varies over time according to people’s spiritual progress, their language, their religious and cultural background.

Know that it is not the high-tech civilizations with economic prosperity that will make the most spiritual progress. It will be those who must now live under the bombs, the wars, the corruption and the misery from which will emerge the spiritual human of the future.

The spiritual progress of humanity as a whole depends on all of you and not just on one individual. You are all responsible for the spiritual progress of mankind.

If, as an individual, you reach great spiritual heights, mankind will progress thanks to you and through you.

If you do not want to make this effort, because the mundane is more attractive to you or what you do there is more important in your eyes or because you prefer to delegate this task to someone else……. then you are responsible for slowing down your own spiritual progress and as a consequence also of all mankind.

Everything starts with you and in you! Yes, even with you who read this, even if you did not receive the “activation”.

This was Malvantra Melchizedek. I hope I clarified enough here and cleared up some misunderstandings because I will not come back on this. There is work to do, lots of work! See you soon my friends.



Prayer for all Nations, all Religions, all Cultures.

Dear Father,

You are the Creator Source of all life forms, called by different names in so many cultures and religions. It is You who created all humankind in one form. You gave us so many abilities and potentials to develop. You created all of us to experience life, and You gave us our free-will to decide by ourselves which way we want to go. You have granted yourself a little place in our hearts to be able to share your life together with us.

In silence You speak to us, You whisper your words, but so often we do not listen. We do not take the time to listen to Your sweet voice in our heart.  So few people know You are there in that little corner speaking to us, waiting for us, to guide us to a life of joy and abundance, to that unique path You have chosen for each of us.

You are waiting for us to go into that stillness, to listen to Your words of guidance, to put our little hands in Yours to be guided by You to our destiny.

It is our Heart’s desire to become like You, by our own choice, out of love for You and in Faith and Trust that your guidance will never fail and will always be there for us.

To become a Loving and Merciful Human Being, who can recognize Your Presence in the eyes of each of his brothers and sisters. To become a son or daughter who expresses Your Light and who creates a life by making their choices TOGETHER with You.  To be that child who surrenders his own will to Yours.

Together with Your guidance we will be able to create harmony between all religions, find peace in our hearts, and become One family and One nation on this planet.

Dear Father, bring your Great Power of Love and Mercy to us that will bind all Humanity together as one great family. Give us Your Light and Guidance so that we can live all together in Peace.

For All Men and to All Men.

7 March 2011.

 We come together with the intention of going into Silence to learn to listen to our inner God Fragment, and ask questions to help us in our spiritual evolution.

We ask the “Spirit of Truth of Christ” to come into us to help us discern false from truth.

We ask God’s Aura and His Light to surround us and protect us.

We ask our Angels and Spiritual Guides to help us

We ask the Order of Melchizedeks to help us.

We ask all souls and entities here present to follow the light that surrounds us to continue their path of evolution according to the plans of Jesus and His Father, The Universal Father.




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