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MZV263- Celestial Aid for Nuclear Accident-Nyonoksa, Russia

2019-08-15-Celestial Aid for nuclear accident near Nyonoksa, Russia
Mezza Verde #263

August 15, 2019.
Session nr 15 of 15 august 2019 – English translation– Original Dutch.
Place : Mezzaverde in Belgium.

Report on celestial aid after the Nyonoksa nuclear accident in Russia.
On August 14, I sent the following email to everyone in our group:

Hello everyone there was a “nuclear explosion” in northern Russia on the Finnish side in Nyonoksa. Do not send the Energy of the Trinity to this place. And if you do, do it over a very large territory. Not right on the spot. The same for those who work with the Energy of their God Fragment : you are not allowed to send Energy there.

Go in meditation individually or with your small group with the intention of providing help. Gather or go individually and let your indwelling God Fragment work through you without your intervention. Nuclear or similar disasters can only be resolved with the Energy of your God Fragment (Thought Adjuster). You are not allowed to send it yourself as you are used to. Let your Thought Adjuster engage Himself through you without your intervention.

Those who are more advanced might have felt “tired” and “absent” for a few days. It’s like you where there, yet you were not. This is a “spontaneous bilocation” where the soul leaves without you losing consciousness of the work you are doing in the physical world.
This weekend of August 2nd, I went to La Hague, near Cherbourg in Normandy (France). There is a large plant of nuclear waste processing. Very controversial. While we passed by I felt in all this area and close surroundings a thousands of needles that stung me all over the body. Bad sign and unpleasant.

We stopped a little further down the coast and I got out of the car. I asked what I had to do because I knew I could not transfer Energy to this place. I was placed in a sort of meditative state and asked: “think on nothing, and let your Thought Adjuster work through you”.

I sat on a big stone, then I put myself in a meditative trance where I was still conscious. At one point my eyes closed. I felt very well the powerful swirling beam coming out of my chakra 6, which is typical when the Thought Adjuster performs heavy tasks through you. I kept my mind empty until he finished.
So, that applies to you in this case as well.
On August 15, 2019, I received the following report written by person nr 3 from this group that gathered to do a bilocation-meditation in Nyonoksa – Russia.

I publish this report because one of them saw (or was allowed to see) something describing what our Thought Adjusters are doing through us in such cases. For your information: two of them can already work in the material world with the Energy of their God Fragment, although to different degrees. The third person who saw something, not yet, but is not far away.

All those who have years of experience in the use of Trinity Energy (so not beginners) can be used by their Thought Adjusters to perform tasks in the 4th dimension that He alone can accomplish through their evolved soul. It is only later, when the body is ready, that HE can do this via the soul through the physical body to work in the 3rd dimension. I ask all members of the international group to remember this paragraph because there is more to say. I will tell you about it when you have experienced, felt something more, so that my explanation can be linked to this experience and that it is recognizable. Explaining now does not make sense. How should I explain such an intangible thing without risking you misunderstanding it? In this case we would be far from the goal.
Email received on August 15, 2019 with the report of that bilocation from person nr 3 with my comments:
Hello Wivine,

Following your call for the Nyonoksa nuclear disaster, we moved by bilocation to Nyonoksa on August 14, 2019.
Person nr 1 found a picture of this village where three churches stood side by side and we let ourselves be guided by the Celestials according to your instructions. The bilocation did not last long: 25 minutes.

Person nr 1 :
Pressure all over my head especially above the eyes. I also had nausea.
(Wivine: chakra 6 is very busy; nausea can come from energy pressure around chakra 6, between the eyebrows, pressure on the temporal lobes of the brain or the bilocation itself because your soul that stays in contact with the body, moves and you are aware of it – compare it to the symptoms of motion sickness.)

Person nr 2:
I did not see anything during this bilocation. I felt a lot of pressure on my head, buzz, energy. I also felt a lot of energy above my eyes, between the eyebrows. I had some nausea at the beginning of the bilocation.

{Wivine: We develop two morontia glands through our meditations, by working with the Energy of the Trinity and later with the Energy of our Thought Adjuster. These morontia glands are located between the eyebrows and up behind the head. Those glands will help you gradually to hear and see better what comes from the higher spiritual world. The morontia gland located between the eyebrows allows you to see and also to send the “combined energies” that you will master as you work with the Energy of your Thought Adjuster (indwelling God Fragment). The morontia gland at the top, behind the head serves to hear better. Both certainly have more functions to offer. Which ones? It’s for later??}

This afternoon (august, 14th 2019), while I was returning home by bike, person nr 1 phoned me to report the nuclear disaster. I immediately felt pressure on my head and a lot of energy. I told automatically my Thought Adjuster that He could go to do what He had to do. It was nice to read afterwards in Wivine’s e-mail that only the Thought Adjuster could work in this place and that we were not allowed to beam or send energy. I continued to feel for a while the Energy on and around my head.

Person nr 3 :.
I felt tired for a few days. One way or another, I could not focus on anything the last few days although I felt the need to meditate. It was always short moments sitting with eyes closed and a lot of sensations in chakra 7. Now I understand why.
After reading the prayer, I went to Nyonoksa. In fact, when I got there I was immediately pulled back and asked nicely but firmly not to do anything. “Watch so that you can learn something,” I was told.

Next, I felt tremendous pressure in chakra 6. I saw a kind of dome that was formed by the energy from chakra 6. This dome looked like a glass bell placed over the disaster area (or platform?). The lower edge of the dome was deep blue and the top bright red. Then I noticed that the beam coming out of chakra 6 was split to form a circle around the dome with the rest of the people present.
I clearly felt activity moving from chakra 7 to chakra 6. My heart also participated but much less than usual.

[Wiv: because she does not yet work with the Energy of her God Fragment in the third dimension, she receives through her chakra 7 additional Energy from the Trinity (through Jesus) during the operations to support her physical body. The fatigue she talks about days in advance also comes from the influx of energy via her chakra 7 to prepare her body for this task or to support her body during a spontaneous bilocation. Do not forget that Celestials know everything in advance. Hence sometimes also feelings on the chakras 4 (heart) and 5. Many of you live such experiences. She is certainly not the only one. These are extremely heavy energies that cause a lot of fatigue, before and after such operations. It is as if your nervous system is put under high tension without the cables (nerve channels) failing. A novice or someone who works too little with the Trinity Energy cannot handle such power. For the reckless: Celestials will not allow you to do more than you are able to bear. It does not matter how much you desire it. Everything in his time. They protect you this way against yourself. ]

The cat in the house was fidgeting and meowing. It seemed as a warning to me because I was startled and tense; it helped me relax and let the Celestials do the work. I was very tired when it was finished. I noticed that the other two were already back and I opened my eyes. I have long felt the energy afterwards.

For the definitions of the words in blue see the Urantia Book.

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