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MZV264- Receiving the « activation » Implies Responsibility

2019-09-16-Receiving the « activation » implies responsibility
Mezza Verde #264

Session nr. 16 of 9 September 2019 – English translation– Original Dutch.
What follows is something that I have been allowed to share with everyone. It’s an email I got from a retired person who has just received the “activation” of the spirit receptive glands. This allowed him to send the Energy of the Paradise Trinity to people and countries.

Email received on September, 7th 2019 from that person that just received the “activation” on Monday September, 2nr 2019.
Hello Wivine,

I started compiling lists of people and I’m busy studying the different techniques to apply them on a daily basis. I see a lot of suffering in the world and there are enough people who can use a little more energy and strength every day. I realized something that I would like to share with you. The fact that I can directly influence the situations of people and incidents (disasters, accidents) through the practice of these techniques gives me a great connection with the world. Carrying out this connection consciously implies for me an enormous feeling of RESPONSIBILITY.

I am one with the people and places where I send the Energy of Paradise. I feel completely connected when I send Energy.
Since it is possible for me to be an “open door” for my Thought Adjuster (God Fragment) and all celestials who make this possible, this connection involves great responsibility. This responsibility also applies to the people and places to which I send Energy and who receive it.

It means I can influence the course of circumstances.
It increases my sense of unity with creation and this feeling goes beyond all boundaries.
I accept and fully assume this responsibility with all my heart and all my love.
From now on, my life is already different from the one before last Monday, the day I received the activation. What a wonderful achievement and it makes me happy.

Email received from the same person this Monday September, 9th-2019 :
Hello Wivine,
I suddenly realize that people who have received the “activation” are able to radiate and spark constantly and everywhere this purifying and healing energy around them. I practice the techniques daily for two hours. I’m cycling now and I’m sitting on a bench in the woods.

I suddenly realized that people who have received “activation” are actually able to radiate and spark the Energy of purification and healing wherever they are. Wherever you meet people who need more light and strength. Wherever you encounter situations that need light. If you have the time to count to 30, you can bless a person or situation with this Paradise Energy. Is it the intention, Wivine? Is this what “They” expect from us?

What a blessing to be able to go through life, being able to be an open door for celestials.

(Wivine: yes, that’s what “They” expect from us and, in doing so, in combination with the personal teachings we receive during our meditations, our soul will be able to reach great heights which are not described in any book; summits that we will all discover together and will allow us to serve even more and better.)

Comments Wivine :
Unfortunately, I still hear too many times in our group people telling me they mainly want to “see” and “hear” things- to see Higher Beings or something else, during meditations and receive messages – that’s the only thing that matters for them. Helping people with the Energy of the Paradise Trinity seems beneath their dignity, is only accessory.

Every time I read or hear this, I am overwhelmed by a sense of discouragement: “If this is the product of the website, I will delete it and stop receiving messages because it does not help. I did so in 2013-2014 for these same reasons. That’s why there are so few sessions in 2014 “. And it will happen again. Everything has its time and everything evolves.

The day you will get rid of this feeling or desire and only remain with the wish to serve humanity selflessly, without waiting any reward, no matter which one, your soul will actually progress. The desire to see Celestials or anything else during a meditation, to receive and pass messages, comes only from your ego, from your human curiosity and your desire to shine like a star. This does not stem from a need to help humanity.

The spiritual world can “empower” anyone, temporarily or permanently, with “gifts” when they see that a person wants to serve humanity selflessly, in all humility and with a big heart : – At the spiritual level,

– At the material level through global associations and governments to promote peace and economic progress for people – two basic conditions for starting spiritual progress. Anybody! If you are in the right place, at the right time with the right motivation. They know everything about you, your deepest thoughts and motivations, and your potential. Be assured that they will rub it under your nose if something is not pure in you when you follow this path or that they stop you for your own safety.

Do not compete with others. His also happens more than I want. Only measure you to yourself and move forward with your own inner strength and guidance. Push your limits forward. Competition swimmers know this feeling very well. Nobody can speed up or stop your spiritual progress. It depends only on you. Everyone gets what he needs on his way to promote his soul progress. Everyone has to sew their own cloth. There are no two identical personalities and therefore no two clothes the same. Everyone receives enough time to reach spiritual perfection from this life on until Paradise. You may all reach Paradise billions of years before me, if that’s your problem. I will encourage you myself because you could not make me a greater pleasure.

However, never look back to despise those you have temporarily outgrown. A hatch could open under your feet. For those who do not know it yet: I have never asked to be able to receive messages. I was pushed into it; I did not feel the need for it. It was with great reluctance that I finally told the Melchizedeks I accepted this idea if they thought it was useful. I knew somewhere that I could not continue to avoid it. I had to take it temporarily on me. A primitive bridge had to be built temporarily so that they could join me to achieve what was needed.

Until there are enough people with a strong mind, powerful character strengths, perseverance and above all a lot of patience and faith to receive direct teachings from the spiritual world during their meditations, of which they have mostly no memory.

People, determined to reach the abilities to work with the Energy of their God Fragment and pre-fusion.
These people are now getting there one by one. People who no longer need to read messages because they receive their answers directly from the Source and through their life experiences. Difficult at first: it’s just a word, a phrase, an inspiration, a symbol, a song. Yet this is enough for them to feel their connection to the spiritual world and let themselves be led by the celestials.
They know that they must gain experience so that they can creatively work with the spiritual world to implement the elements laid out in the plans of Christ Michael (Jesus).

These people understand this New Teaching and will avoid telling others what to believe. None of them feel the need to be in the spotlights. It would only hinder their work. They will only show others the path to follow, the path that leads to the indwelling “little God” who lives in everyone’s heart. And only if their Thought Adjuster encourages them to do so.

For them, it is no longer: “My will, Father. Help me realize my will because I have such good ideas and intentions to help my brethren.” No ! It will always be: “if you approve, Father. Only if you approve my plans. If you do not approve them, tell me how you see it. How can I get the best results? Show me the way! ”

-Or –

“You know much better what this person in front of me needs to hear so that his” little God “can adjust him better and more. Put the exact words in my mouth, My Father. ” Only from God Himself can you receive Gods Truths. You will never find His Truths in books or messages. Because they go beyond human understanding and cannot be expressed in human words. You know the way!

Wivine. For the definitions of the words in blue see the Urantia Book.

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