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MZV271- Arrival of the Melchizedek Schools

2020-05-08 Arrival of the Melchizedek Schools and the Guiding Angels.
Mezza Verde #271

Session nr 3 of 8 May 2020 – English translation– original Dutch.
Place : Mezzaverde in Belize
Received by Wivine
Visitor : Monssoen Melchizedek
Note: Belize was declared free from Covid-19 on May 6, 2020.

Between March 15 and March 25, 2020, there were 18 cases tested, of which two men aged around 50 died within two to three days. They could not be helped because medical help, oxygen equipment and the necessary know-how were not available. The others who fell ill were locked up and healed, so to speak, without medication. The country was immediately completely closed after the first case and everyone had to stay inside. Heavy fines and long prison terms awaited those who did not comply or wandered the streets at night after curfew.

All fear and panic was over on May 6th. Economic life is gradually resuming and the country will remain closed until the end of June 2020. Health security measures are still in force as in other countries. We all wear a mask when we leave our house. No one died of hunger. Everywhere there were (closed) restaurants or people in the villages who prepared free meals for the poor with food received from others or small businesses. Even if it was just a small bag of rice – everyone gave what they could and regularly. Mutual aid was organized spontaneously and immediately. We were among the last countries to contract the virus. Belize is the first country to become virus-free without sophisticated medical help or medication.

MONSSOEN:   Melchizedek here :
My friends, Stop worrying about the future, embrace everyday life, the simple things that make up real “little happiness”. Soon you will be able to find your family and friends as before. Make plans for the future. Embrace new ideas. Rethink your world from a divine vision.

The Covid-19 virus is on its last legs. It’s almost done.
Practice social distancing, follow faithfully the precautions required by your governments. Help each other. It is not necessary to let in one of these last viruses that are still swirling because they do not understand that the banquet is over.

We just went around the world with our friends from this group. Six days a week for 4 weeks to stay one step ahead of the virus, to get rid of the remnants of darkness, heal old wounds of Mother Earth and reunite all the morontia constructions that we have built with them over the last 10 years. In addition, large masts of spiritual communication have been created, all of which are connected to God the Supreme – Your Universal Mother Goddess. Everything is working. We tested it for two weeks.

Mercy will descend on people who know God and will be felt in their hearts and lives. Men will become happy inside. Men will discover that happiness does not depend on things that come from outside. Men will discover that true lasting happiness resides in them and lives in them. Man will discover that this inner happiness is contagious when shared.
People will feel the Grace and Love of God and pass it on to their brethren. Your whole universe family will help you bring your planet to its heavenly destination.

MONSSOEN:   For your questions:
Are we going to lead a carefree life from now on?

No, because the principle remains: you only learn through adversity or when you are in trouble. A God knowing person will have no problems getting through all painful moments.

Will there still be bad guys?

Of course, they too must grow. They are just a little slower because they are retarded in the spiritual life.

Will we still have illnesses?

There is a lot to change and reverse before you will live in a healthy environment with natural food and pure water. You will need to build a strong and sustainable immune system from an early age in order to be able to resist invasions of viruses and bacteria dangerous to your health.

This means that your medical science will have to review all its current doctrines and redirect its scientific research. Current budgets for the creation of biological weapons, microbiology and other research will be used in the near future for this purpose. It will come. Your heads of state and scientists will be helped and encouraged by us to do research in this direction. At the moment this is a very new concept and will require a complete reversal in the approach of improving immunity.

Your deficient agricultural products, the use of fossil fuels, nuclear waste, your monstrous arsenal of weapons, air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, come from human activities.

Be creative and think about it. Encourage adolescents and young people to rethink everything in order to do a big cleaning at the material level. Young people are innovative and are the heads of state and business managers of the future.

We have done our part. Your turn now!
Is there a hidden world government that takes everything for itself and leaves nothing for us?

Certainly, but it is not a government. There are different influential groups and families since ages, each of them has their own philosophies and have seen their plans disappear under water in recent times. These powers also undergo the current influences which cause economic and health difficulties. In other words: they lose money, power and get sick of the corona virus, if not from other things.

The blessings that will reach you will also affect them if they want to accept them and integrate them in their lives. If they reject these divine blessings and want to continue to act and think as before, they will end up fighting and tearing each other apart like hungry wolves, this time being unable to drag you down with them. Their followers will suffer the same fate.

All this will happen.
They do not live in harmony with the influences and laws of the cosmic planetary government which is fully active on your planet and controls everything.
You don’t see it because you don’t know everything that goes on behind the scenes on your world – yet I assure you that these people belong to the past. They are a kind of endangered species. Just like this virus is a thing of the past.
What were their means?
Lying, fear, causing hatred and discord to bring war and damnation to people for their sole profit and follies.
What are our resources?
Love, grace, justice, equity, an eternal conscious and glorified soul with divine powers in the future that will far transcend all present and future technologies.

– everyone makes mistakes, you were not born perfect. You can make choices and you will learn by trial and error. God will always love you as much even if you fall. He will reach out to you and heal your injuries to then show you the right path.

– It doesn’t matter where and how you were born let alone what you look like from the outside. The important thing is to grow in love for God, in humility, in the pleasure of helping others, to live in all honesty, in faith and trust. God resides in everyone’s heart. It is enough that this is known. Let each child know that it can speak to God and become a friend of God who will lead him through all storms and difficulties.

Millions of trained Angels are ready to guide each child and each person individually. To facilitate the interpretation of God’s wishes and views until each ones soul is sufficiently developed to be able to hear the Voice of God directly in his or her heart.

These Guiding Angels have been specially trained for this purpose. They can, like the Midwayers, intervene in material life if it is really necessary for the security and well-being of their pupil.

There are not enough Midwayers to undertake this task of intermediary between the God Fragment and man. Today, more than 7 billion people live on your world for about 2,000 Midwayers.

To remedy this, Midwayers from other planets have already been brought here. But their number is far from sufficient to carry out the plans of Christ Michael-Jesus and the Paradise Father.

This is why these Guiding Angels were formed by us, the Melchizedeks. They are ready now to help anyone who turns to God.

For those of you who are more advanced, possibilities will be put at your disposal to reach the highest goal that a human being on earth can reach: becoming a God-Man or the Deified Human with as apotheosis the fusion of their evolved soul with their indwelling Divine Spirit.

To fuse with your God fragment is necessary in order to be able to leave your local universe of Nebadon as a beginning spiritual creature. Then, after much growth on the spiritual worlds, you will eventually reach that spiritual perfection needed to stand in all your glory and perfection before God in Paradise and be like God.

This state of Divine Perfection reached by a soul of human origin will be followed by another great adventure.
You can become Divine Creative Sons and Daughters on the new, currently evolving worlds outside the 7 Superuniverses.
Nothing will be as before on your planet, everything will be redesigned within 10 years for the well-being of everyone economically, socially and culturally. I do clearly say for the good of all.

Africa, Asia, the Americas, Eurasia and the Middle East, to all those who knew and preserved the “ancestral cosmic knowledge” from before the Lucifer rebellion,
– stand up and let God shine and speak through you.

Take back your predestined life with our support.
The old “divide and conquer” paradigm is now replaced by
“Share and allow everyone to live happily” while respecting everyone’s culture and faith.
Those who still try to think in the style of “me and the rest I don’t care” will be chased, ridiculed. It will no longer be fashion to think or act that way.

We, the 24 Melchizedeks, who accompany the two Paradise Sons born here, have taken up residence on your world in our semi-material (morontia) dwellings.
We are here. You are not alone.

The new dawn is there, my friends. Be ready to embrace new values and spiritual knowledge. The Melchizedek schools have been opened to your world, where those who are ready will be able to learn the principles of morontia mota or – morontia wisdom at soul level. Those who will follow these teachings during their meditations or during their sleep will include this knowledge in their daily life.

Morontia wisdom is the starting point for attaining cosmic spiritual wisdom.
It all starts here and now, my friends. Here and now.
See you soon. I am Monssoen Melchizedek at your service.

For the definitions of the words in blue see the Urantia Book.

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