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NET90- COVID-19, 5G, Opportunity, New Normal, New Era®

2020-05-04.  Covid-19, 5G, Opportunity, New Normal, New Era.


New Era Transition #90 – (Find this and previous NETs at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


New era in transition—an existential crisis
“Temperature” of the planet today
The Great Realization
A time of opportunity for transition
A visualization of Machiventa
Making recordings available online
On 5G
Mixed feelings about the virus
Natural balance and management by intention
Future of disease prevention—a Life Carrier authorization
Correcting Time has intention
Genetic controls on population
Learning lessons
Exercising Melchizedekian fortitude
Defining the new normal
Communication within Machiventa’s team
Yielding control to your Thought Adjuster
Just as the virus will reach across the entire globe, so can the New Era Transition
Transition to the new era can only come through you

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Members present: Daniel Raphael, PhD., Sherille Raphael, Rick and Liz Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Stéphane Labonté, James Travis (JT), James Leese, Raymon Miller, John Morris, Alfonso Hernandez

Invocation: Jeff

4 May 2020



New era in transition—an existential crisis.

Machiventa. Good day, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. I am pleased to be with you once again, and we, myself and my team, are very pleased to see that we have guests with us today. Your team, the NOCO team, can anticipate that there will be more people eventually who will come on board to listen to these sessions in person. And though guests may not raise questions they will be here, and more and more people will begin to show up on these calls. You can see now that the implementation has begun in earnest, and it began around the first of this calendar year of 2020 and it has continued. This conference call with many guests is a sign of implementation of the beginning of the outreach and implementation of the correcting time: to invite new people to observe what is occurring and to listen to the other side of your planet’s needs and services.

Your world was created to generate more and more souls which it has done. Now it is time to make implementation of how to reach the rest of the planet’s population. This message will reach out to many people—even those who do not believe in an afterlife, who do not believe in God, who do not believe that there is what you might call Providence around you and with you assisting you in your life’s course. Nonetheless, our message is for everyone, even though many people may not change their minds about what they believe.

This pandemic, the Covid-19, is such a mind-changing influence upon the world’s population. For some it will be dismaying that God has not provided an answer to prevent this pandemic from reaching many people. For others it will be a disillusioning reality that Monjoronson is not here to vanquish the Covid-19 virus and free everyone from these problems of mortality. When you analyze this tremendous influence on your planet, we hope you begin to understand that your faith is not in the personalities that surround the Godhead, but in the actual God presence within each of you.

You have the means to bypass all celestial and divine personalities and entities and their presence by simply going within and contacting your Thought Adjuster. You have that point of having a one-to-one conversation with the intimate source of universe reality which exists in you. In the this moment now, you are in the presence of God within you, the highest reality of all the universe, while simultaneously being the lowest reality in the universe, as well.

It is not that you are lowly, for you are not. You are majestic individuals who have the tremendous innate potential to become a living, eternal being in Paradise, having enjoyed the embrace of the Creator. The Father does not leave you or us without hope—hope of today’s survival, of a better tomorrow, and everlasting life. One challenge for mortals is that to engage this eternal lifetime—this journey into eternity—is one of your belief, acceptance, and willingness to will God’s will be done in your life, and later you will then undergo the passage of death, cross over into the afterlife and begin your ascendant journey there. Your life now is one of receiving many lessons. It is a means and a time for honing your observations, your reflections, and to come to an understanding of your progress as you may perceive it. We know your progress very well for it is written in your Akashic records as it is written now in your aura.

As this pandemic proceeds (and it will), it will evolve and become either less severe than it is now, or more so. You should not fool yourself into believing that it will simply go away. It may become a permanent part of humanity’s challenges for many, many years, if not centuries. Just as the other viruses—the rhinoviruses—have been with humanity for many tens of thousands of years, you can foresee that the coronavirus will also be with your species for tens of thousands of years. This will require a very wide, deep and long degree of patience by humans to survive this great malady. It will be something to try to resolve by vaccinations and so on.

[Daniel apologizes for the fact that his allergies are acting up and distracting him.]

Machiventa. And this will require you as listeners and as readers to discern the message more clearly.

This pandemic (Covid-19) will morph and evolve to become Covid-2020. It will very possibly become much more severe and require much more reflective thought by citizens of the world—much time for reflection. You may in fact see these viruses as presenting humanity with the existential question of “How do we proceed from here?”

You may see too, that this is a time for humanity and all major organizations and individuals to rethink their life, rethink the purposes of humanity, rethink the existence of humanity and the challenges that are presented. When you have a pandemic that wipes away the meaning of wealth, the meaning of material possessions, the meaning of ego, the meaning of power and control, you see that what is left are individuals. It is much as though the Father has presented Itself as an opportunity to grow into what it is to become—both as individuals and as a civilization and for humanity itself. The presentation of these viruses is a perfect opportunity to transform your cultures into cultures that will transcend all failures of organizations, nations, and governments of the past.

This presents the opportunity and the challenge to re-frame your values from those that are temporary and intimately personal to those that are universal to everyone and that will help individuals and societies survive. This comes down to the decision to improve the quality of life and of living—that you have an opportunity to now move on to the ultimate values of life and living—to improve your quality of life not by what you own, or what you possess, and who you control and have power over, but by the quality of the inner life, the inner self, the intra-personal conversations you have with yourself and your interpersonal relationships and conversations with others.

You see it is not often that a world is presented with such an existential crisis and also a crossroads—one in which you now have enough intelligence, education, and insight to consciously make decisions for yourself, your family, and for the future coming generations to decide what you want. Do you want to have quantity of life or do you want to have quality of life? You know enough now from our former conversations and sessions that quality of life is not improved by the quantity of life. Yes, you can have such a very big house as that, but you only need one that provides the basics of a home. Beyond approximately 800 ft2/person [75m2/person], there is absolutely no need for larger houses. So, you see, this is a time of deciding, and this pandemic presents that to many people.

There is a “however,” and the however is this: It is time for someone, some people, or some group to come forward and present these ideas of quality of life that are far beyond the materialism of western living. You are really talking about a major change in the culture and direction of civilization—for civilizations, nations, organizations, communities, families, and individuals. This pandemic is a change of a way of life and the values that are important for everyone. This is a pandemic that will skip no one and particularly those that survive, because then it becomes very personal to what you become.

If there are questions, please bring them forward at this time. Particularly those that are related to what I just have given to you, and those who have written in their questions, and then our team members and our guests.

“Temperature” of the planet today.

Liz.  Good morning Machiventa, it’s good to be with you this morning. The last time we asked you to “take the temperature” of the planet I think you called us cranky or grumpy. I’m wondering if the pandemic has changed that. Are we still grumpy?

Machiventa. Thank you for your question. No, there are many who are no longer grumpy, but there definitely is an increase of those arrogant, condescending individuals who think their lives have been disrupted unreasonably due to the lock-downs and the virus itself. Taking the temperature of the whole planet: there is one of great confusion, there is one of great uncertainty, and, curiously, there is one aspect which is almost missing and that is the curiosity factor. Very few people are asking or making the statement: “Huh, what’s this all about anyhow?” We hear almost no questions of that nature by any individuals throughout the world. The problem is that very few people take the larger view of the world and the circumstances and can sum up and ask that question.

That is truly the separating factor between those who see ahead, those who see behind, and those who are stuck right now in the moment. Your question is vital to the progress of your civilization, your cultures, and to your own personal lives. If you come to ask that question, which we suggest that you do, you must then strive to answer that question and your Thought Adjusters will assist you to come to some insights about that. You see some people who believe in the old temperamental, angry God, they’ll say: “Oh, what is this all about? Well, God is punishing us—that’s what it’s all about.” Which is not true. This is a question that separates those who are invested in the spirit and see the externals of the spirit.

The Great Realization.

Liz.  Thank you for that answer. There is a four-minute video that I came across called [click title to view]  “The Great Realization” which I think encapsulates what is happening or what I hope is happening to the consciousness of the world. I’ve been sending that out as far and as wide as possible. Are you familiar with this video?

Machiventa. Yes, I’ve seen it several times. Thank you.

A time of opportunity for transition.

Liz. I think it’s remarkable and I hope that it is part of what brings our planetary consciousness around. One of the things I’ve noticed (It was even on the evening news) is people have been having particularly vivid dreams, and I’m wondering if these dreams are caused by the stress of isolation, or if our Thought Adjusters are working overtime in the inhabitants of our planet.

Machiventa.  Our answer is yes to all of the above, with the addition that it is not only the Thought Adjusters, but guardian angels, the group-angels, and Midwayers who are assisting in this process. This is a time of opportunity for us to bring into consciousness the possibility of other options [than those] that have been so traditional over the last 2,000 years and more. This is a time where we have already begun the subtle influences of the New Era.

A visualization of Machiventa.

Liz. That’s comforting to know. And I have another question, Machiventa, that I hope that you will not find to be frivolous. I always do better when I can visualize things in my mind’s eye. I’ve seen a wonderful painting of a laughing Jesus, so now when I speak with him, I have his face to visualize in my mind’s eye. And someone, I think it may have been you, said that mother Nebadonia’s “blue skirts sweep through Nebadon.” And I instantly got an image of her. I have no way of visualizing angels or midwayers and that’s OK with me for now, but I would really like to have a way to visualize you. Images on the internet are not my experience of you, and I’m wondering if you can give me a clue as to how to think about you when I am speaking to you in my heart.

Machiventa. Certainly. There are two ways to envision me. One as Machiventa who visited the Hebrews so long ago, who taught the elders about God—God’s true nature and so on to prepare the way for Christ Michael Jesus and his ministry. There I would be a rather tall Bedouin approximately 6 ft. tall who has normal, ordinary, or common garments, sandals, and staff and a knapsack of some sort. And yes, I would have a beard and a full head of hair. That’s one way you can see me even now in your visage. The second way is to see me now in human terms as approximately 9 ft high or taller.

I would be wearing a magenta robe, or, if you like the contemporary, then I would be wearing magenta sports coat, white trousers, and dress shoes. But most of all you would sense me long before you see me because, as I would approach you, you would feel my presence as I project it towards you and outward from me to all those who are attuned to this spiritual nature. Magenta is my color. It is the color of many Melchizedeks. It is one of—I do not like to use the word royal—but it is one of royal purpose, assignment, and mission. Is that sufficient?

Liz. Yes, yes, thank you very much for that. I see you already.

Making recordings available online.

Craig. Good morning Machiventa. This is just a quick, practical question, and that is: I have recorded many of the sessions we’ve been having, and if we’re to have guests listening in would it also be desirable now or at some future time to have the recordings available online?

Machiventa. Having consulted with my team, the word is “yes,” very much so, yes. However, this would be an aspect of these sessions that we must consider—in audio form—and whether they would also undergo considerations of editing or not. Our choice is to be as authentic as possible from our end. The only embarrassment that may occur would be something on the mortal end from the T/R or one of the members. One moment. Yes, again, yes—do consider this as a probability rather than as a possibility. You must now engineer it or figure out how to do this most efficaciously.

Craig.  OK, thank you.

On 5G.

JT. I have some reader questions.

1) A growing amount of propaganda against 5G technology is being disseminated. What proof is there of the perils of 5G to human health and well-being and for organisms in general?

Machiventa. This question is a multiple iteration of the same question and situation as before, and those questions have been answered. Thank you.


[Craig: See NET #56. Note: in that transcript, “5, 6 and 7 of this technology” should have read “5.1, 6 and 7 of this


Mixed feelings about the virus.

JT. I have another reader who asks:

2) I have to admit I have mixed feelings about this virus. On the one hand, I don’t want anyone to suffer and die out of love and mercy, but on the other hand I am torn by our need to change course on earth. Since we as a species seem to learn best the hard way, I’m struggling with what my stance should be giving the many vectors I see happening. Any suggestions as to how I resolve this in my mind?

Machiventa. Yes, you are quite correct. There are many facets to this situation. It is not a multiple of six, it is not a multiple of twelve, it is more like a multiple of one hundred. There are so many multiple aspects of this virus and infection to humanity that one could think of each aspect and it would take you several days to come to some conclusions. As for your own personal approach to this pandemic, we suggest the following:

  1. One is to appreciate your life;
  2. Two is to stay as healthy as you can;
  3. Three is to remain of service to yourself, your future life in this lifetime, and your assistance to others in ways that are productive that does not jeopardize your own life or those close to you who may be infected were you to go out into the community in your service to others.

The pandemic, as it is not a development of spirit and it is not a development of the Life Carriers, but is a natural development of virological and biological developments on your planet that are peculiar—even particular—to your planet.

Natural balance and management by intention.

See this situation as one of natural balance. It’s been said by your philosophers and others that the world population is controlled by mainly three factors. One is pestilence, one is famine, and the other is war. We hope that you would also see this pandemic as one that brings the possibility of long-term existential solutions to your planet, to humanity, and to your civilization that allows future generations to consciously make decisions about the care and nurturing of their future generations and of the physical earth. As we have said before, your planet, Urantia, is easily overpopulated by fifty to sixty percent. Rather than 7.3 or 7.5 billion people it should be closer to around 3 billion people.

This is a process of the pandemic as a natural process of reducing population. It’s a known fact to virologists, biologists, and epidemiologists that reduction of population then presents the possibility of growth in other areas besides the emergence of more humans who live on the planet. If you are truly going to improve the quality of life for future generations then the population of the world must be reduced—not by human action, but by the natural action that takes place on an overpopulated planet.

Consciously, however, on the part of humans, there must be a conscious and intentional process of reducing and managing population. Population management will necessarily become a fact of life that cannot be avoided and will begin by sharing information about procreation with children of every age and with adults who still do not have a full spectrum of knowledge about procreation. This is the ultimate moral responsibility of humans, of your civilization, in order for it to sustain its existence with a good quality of life for everyone. The moral decision is to limit your population—not [to] have children in order to keep the family heritage or family name alive.

There will be many lines of heritage of families that will perish during this pandemic and the next one. This egotism of family name and continuance of cultural heritage and so on are factors of the past. Those are traditional perspectives of life on a planet that is highly competitive. It is a perspective that is non-productive and in fact is suicidal in terms of societies, nations, and your civilization.

This pandemic and the next one will require the intentional cooperation and complemental alignment between people—both as individuals, as neighbors, and as nations and societies, and the whole of civilization. Many of you do not realize that you are on the cusp of the future destruction of your civilization or the future beneficial flowering of your civilization—not by its materialism, by its acquirement of money, property, and so on, but by the acquirement of culture—of those feelings that are beneficial to the sense of appropriateness of one’s self among all others.

This is a time when your traditional leaders have no way of knowing how to proceed, because the way for them is unknown and inarguable. There is a fact of this New Era that you have begun is that there are points of argument concerning material and social sustainability that are inarguable, meaning that to argue to return to the “old normal” is to argue for continued competition between individuals, states, nations, and cultures. It comes down to: Does our civilization survive or not; or, does it regress, deteriorate, and disappear like so many other civilizations have in the past on this planet?

Future of disease prevention—a Life Carrier authorization.

Craig. I just had the thought, I don’t even know if it’s a question, but it’s a thought that if this pandemic, this coronavirus is now going to be with us for a long time and the next pandemic, then I would think that that would make people especially desirous, even more desirous of controlling the population in order that more sorts of viruses and diseases don’t come upon us so that we don’t have more and more of them. Is that a good perspective?

Machiventa. Yes, it very much so is. What will develop towards the end of these pandemics is that you will have the technologies to assess the impregnation of individuals with this viral infection early on rather than later or not at all. The technologies will be forthcoming, eventually, of such a nature that it will assist sustaining the population that exists on the planet at that time. You will see a great leap in technological development of disease assessment, whether it is biological or whether it is virological, and be able to assess the genetic predispositions for being immune to those things. Those are factors which have not developed and come forward as separate technologies at this time.

Those questions about immunity and why some people are immune and why some people are not, why some are carriers, and some are not is a matter of learning the basics of immunology at the Life Carrier level. I will be self-revealing in the following statement: And that is as your civilization progresses past these pandemics [and the] population is reduced, the Life Carriers have been authorized to subtly, unobtrusively reveal the technologies that will be needed to sustain a self-sustaining civilization. Does that make sense to you?

Machiventa. Yes, it does. Thank you. We tend to forget, even though we’ve progressed so far from what we’ve had in the past, that we will have more progression in the future, and it’s good that some of these techniques will be imparted to us, by probably creative means, by the Life Carriers and all. Thank you.

Correcting Time has intention.

Machiventa. My point is this: that humanity has been sustained to populate the earth. There have been technologies which have aided humanity to do so. The events of a world population that is sustainable, at a sustainable level, will be supported by the celestial realm to sustain that capability and develop that capability. You see, the correcting time has an intention. And that is to correct the faults of the past and doing so by transforming humanity and humanity’s technologies to support the coming eras of all future generations. We have told you that you and we have just begun the initiation of this new era. When I say we have “now,” “now” means in the last ten years. There have begun means by which your scientists and policy makers can develop the right self-sustaining policies and technologies to sustain an upward, evolving civilization—that more and more people become centered in the realities of their existence in the afterlife.

As you can see, this simply presents a large crux or crossing of transition through this implementation phase where people begin to appreciate this era as one of moving into a stable, steady, and sustainable world.

Craig. That’s very encouraging. Thank you!

Genetic controls on population.

Raymon.  I have a question regarding the outcomes of the new technologies. Greetings Machiventa, nice to be with you again. So, on the backside of technological discoveries would you foresee then efforts for genetic controls on the population?

Machiventa. By whom? By whom would have the power to control?

Raymon. Well, it would be imposed or regulated by some authority.

Machiventa. In other words, you mean that some mortal organization or authority would impose controls on population growth? Is that what you are implying?

Raymon. Based on their genetic pre-dispositions.

Learning lessons.

Machiventa. First of all, thank you for your question. And no, we would not support that. You see, it is a matter of learning. It’s a learning process for a civilization. It’s really tough business. It’s tough because the student must learn by their own decisions and the results of their decisions to amend their decision process, so it benefits all humanity to sustain your civilization. We do not become involved in that at an organizational level except through the influence of the Most Highs who are always involved in organizational decision-making.

Second, we do not become involved in the organizational level as that would undermine the influence of learning lessons of organizations and your nations. When you come down to the existential situation that exists in this transition era of learning the lessons of a self-sustaining civilization, it comes down to each individual of your civilization knowing, fully knowing that there is no going backwards to unlimited procreation. And it becomes then a matter of family culture, of parenting, of child rearing, of enculturation, and as a wisdom of all humanity. It is much similar to children who are told that climbing up on chairs when they are 18 months old could result in falling off and hurting themselves.

It is a matter of humanity learning the lesson that every time you take the course of the future in your own hands by your own self-interest that you may well fall down and the likelihood of 100 million people surviving or not. This is the crux of moving into the Days of Light and Life. The “simple” state of moving into the Days of Light and Life requires that the learning process of an infantile civilization is a very, very tough lesson of growth and social evolution to move into a state of stability, peace, social progress, and social evolution. Those things cannot be given to you. They are not a set of policies written on stone as Moses was supposed to have received on stone tablets.

These are the “aha moments” in the minds of progressive leaders who come to the realization that going backwards to unlimited procreation is lethal. It is not dangerous—it is simply lethal. It will progress to a point when future pandemics will continue and ravage the population of earth.

Exercising Melchizedekian fortitude.

Stéphane.  How are you today?

Machiventa. I am excellent. It is, for me to present these tough lessons to you…. As you know I have said that human population is cranky and grumpy, but what makes it so is that you are all so hardheaded. And so, my presenting these tough lessons to you takes Melchizedekian fortitude to fulfill the obligations for the teacher/administrator/planetary manager. And that’s how I am today. Thank you.

Defining the new normal.

Stéphane. Thank you. That is very useful, and my question is along those lines. How do we soften ourselves? And what we’ve seen in the last six weeks of the lockdown is some benefits. We see benefits in air pollution reduction. We’ve seen noise pollution reduction that allows animals and fish to come back to places they haven’t been seen in a long time. There is also, I think, a case for better mental health in the lockdown for those who are grounded. So my question to you is: we all have a decision to make now in going back to a new normal, and knowing all of these facts, isn’t it a critical time for each one of us for soul growth in making the right decision to define the new normal for each of us, and also to make this new normal known to our community leaders, to our national leaders, etc., that we are reluctant to go back to the old normal and redefine a new normal that is more sustainable? Thank you.

Machiventa.  Thank you. Once again one of your team must receive a pin of acknowledgement, congratulations, and “appreciation pin” pinned to your lapel that you carry with you which would be a part of your aura and your presence in the afterlife as well. Your question and statement are excellently posed and presented. This is exactly our position as well. You have stated it. The obligation now upon humanity is to come to the same place where you have come from to make that statement and that question available and apparent to everyone else. The question is truly… I am remarking to myself about this session today as being one of disclosing the cruxes, the crosses, the junctures of life and living existentially that have been presented during this session.

You have brought forward one which is of major importance to us, and the best way to present it is exactly as how you began, with: Do we want to go back to the old normal, or do we want to go to the new normal? Do we want to re-create the past as it was with all its foibles, problems, and hostilities, or do we want to create a new normal that is beneficial, peaceful, and leads to social stability?

Any reasonable person would come to the realization that when comparing the past to the potential of the future, they would choose the potential of the future every time. Do not ask the question unless you have an agenda—a means by which you can present the new normal as a set of doable social policies. In other words, you would want to follow this up with a question such as this: What do we need to do, not must do, but need to do to fulfill the vision we have for a new normal? This would need to be answered by every, every organization in your world—whether it is a large corporation, whether it is a governmental organization, whether it is a non-profit or philanthropic organization, and so on down to the mom-and-pop grocery store, hardware store, and pharmacy, and individuals.

These are not, as you can see from this brief six weeks, rhetorical questions, but these are operational questions. These are questions that are pragmatically at the base and heart of the new normal. Simply answering those two questions could take several thousand people working in design teams to come up with possible, likely, and agreeable policies and procedures how to move forward.

The immensity of your questions that you present, which need to be answered in order for your world to take on a new normal, are essential to the survival of a self-sustaining




existence of societies, communities, and families. If you recall the decision-making illustration that This One designed with us, (above), you would see that societies, communities, and civilizations do not exist unto themselves but are dependent upon the decision makers in families and in organizations. It is family members and organizational members who are the ones who will be operationally involved in developing and implementing those policy designs that are needed for self-sustaining societies and communities.

If you recall some of the things we have written for you, you will see that we have anticipated the future. We have anticipated these pandemics and we have anticipated the needs of organizations and families to raise children and to become the executives and decision makers who will actually implement those policies and procedures necessary to develop the new normal.

Stéphane. Thank you Machiventa, that was a tremendous answer to my question.

Machiventa. Thank you for your question.

Communication within Machiventa’s team.

Rick. I have a question that’s a little bit abstract that I’m hoping is acceptable. I’ve noticed over the time I’ve been a member of this group—not just reading which I did starting in 2001 but being a member of the bi-monthly group—that, Machiventa, when you go into conference with your other entities to discuss and get their opinions it takes you three, four, maybe five seconds to have your round table, if you will, with them and then to come back with your response to us. The thought has crossed my mind, for instance, that our bi-monthly meeting lasts maybe an hour and we discuss many complicated things, but the speed with which you are communicating with these other entities seems almost like electricity. Could you address the speed at which you can resolve complex questions and issues with your team?

Machiventa. Certainly, I would be glad to convey that to you. One, we have a tremendous advantage. Secondly, our advantage involves the questions that have long been simmering in the mind of the question asker—such as yourself. It is a pleasure to see your mind mechanism work as you prepare to put forth your question-situation into words, as you translate those thoughts into words. You, by being a member of this team, and an adjunct member of our Melchizedek team here, you have given us permission to survey your mind and what’s going on.

Remember too that we operate at levels of one mind. Though we are unique individuals, there is a certain high level of mindal agreement on our part about things that you ask questions about, and that when I go into conference with my team, I am looking for exceptions to the standard thought process and standard answers that normally would come forward. So, this is an opportunity similarly as there is an opportunity in the NOCO team for you to ask questions of exception. This means you have the ability, just as you have done, to ask a question that is exceptional to the standard answers that humans/mortals might come up with on their own. And so, our question and our conferencing involve the surveying within our team whether there are any questions of exception about the situation the mortal has asked about. Does this make sense so far?

Rick. I apologize, my connection was poor, and I didn’t hear part of that, but I think you finished your answer. Is that correct?

Machiventa. Yes, and I asked if you understood clearly.

Rick. Well, I heard most of it but not all of it, and I appreciate your answer. When the transcript comes out, I’ll be able to read it in full. So, I thank you for your answer.

Machiventa. You are most welcome and you’re most welcome to ask further questions concerning this question that you raised in the next session if you wish.

Yielding control to your Thought Adjuster.

Rick. I do have a comment that maybe you would like to expound on and that is: In my almost 20 years of stillness practicing I just recently, maybe in the past couple of months, I have, I think, been guided by my Thought Adjuster to, before I initiate the stillness, to ask that I give full control and authority to my Thought Adjuster to change in any way appropriate—my dreams, my thoughts, my body, my mind, and my spirit. And it seems to me that this has been an upgrade in my morning practice. If you would care to respond to that that’s fine, if not, I understand.

Machiventa. Yes, I do have a response, and that is, “Congratulations!” You are removing yourself from the equation of personal control and intimate contact with your Thought Adjuster. Your conscious mind often butts in where it’s not welcome and that is a matter of fact for all mortals. Your giving total permission to your Thought Adjuster, knowing that any answer you receive, any adjustments you receive, will be beneficial to you far past what you can usually imagine having occurred in your life. So, yes, you have definitely taken a step forward in your spiritual evolution and maturation.

Rick. Thank you for your answer.

Daniel: Any further questions from team members, guests, or written questions sent in? If not let us proceed to Machiventa’s closing.

Just as the virus will reach across the entire globe, so can the New Era Transition.

Machiventa. This is Machiventa once again presenting you with our closing statement.

As myself and my team survey the NOCO team and guests, we assess that this movement into the new era, the new normal, will require far more trust and faith from you in the process of spirit being intimately involved in your guidance, in answer-finding, and in the conduct of your lives as you yourself undergo a tremendous cultural change around you from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Just as you know that the pandemic will continue outwardly to affect those areas such as indigenous people in remote areas, it will eventually come around to affecting all people around the world.

This is our hope: that the basis for this new normal would affect all human kind as well, and that the reality of the basis of the larger situation that the pandemic provides is seen as an opportunity to consciously transcend the old normal, transcend old traditional cultures and ideologies, and to imagine—and then develop—the policies and ways of thinking and operating of the new normal, the new policies, and the new procedures for living with a pandemic that is ongoing for centuries. You are in a time of limitation—civilization has been given a “timeout,” a time away from work, a time away from the obligations of materialism, and that this time now is a time to re-invent your civilization’s cultures. This is seen as an opportunity rather than a hindrance, a nuisance, or something to be gotten rid of as soon as possible.

This really comes down to the curious mind—those curious minds who say: “Huh, what if we accept this pandemic as a means to make the changes that we’ve always wanted to see—to reinvent our social institutions in particular and to reinvent traditional thinking, and to re-invent our family structures, how parents raise their children, and who they become so that they have visions of becoming leaders and of competent, capable, contributing supporters?” You see, you are at the beginning of a new frontier—a new frontier of your new era, your new normal, and of happier and healthier families and individuals.

Transition to the new era can only come through you.

We don’t leave you with a hearty farewell and good luck, but we leave you with our presence, our insights, our contributions to your civilization through you. There will be no miracles. There will be no savior to come in and heal all your wounds at any level, because now is the time for humanity to think in accord and alignment with the overriding and abiding policies of Christ Michael and planetary management for this world, and to accept that as the new normal. Thank you.

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