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WDC730- Correcting Time’s Next Generation

2013-08-18-Correcting Time’s Next Generation
Woods Cross #730


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Correcting Time’s Next Generation
o 1.2 Group: Woods Cross TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Nina
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Correcting Time’s Next Generation
Group: Woods Cross TeaM
Teacher: Abraham, Michael
TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM, greetings. I have such feeling of joy to look upon your faces and know that our souls are indeed familiar with each other. I am glad you heeded the call of today’s message. It is efficient to touch base every now and then. We also want you to never forget that love is so important. It is a cure for so many daily human events.

Some years ago many of you committed yourselves to the doing of the Correcting Time work and the training would seem somewhat harsh, but as we can look back now you know that when certain situations come up, you have the tools to assist. I am grateful I could meet with you for years and speak words and have you incorporate the lessons into your daily lives. The Correcting Time however has moved on to the next generation.

The reserve corps of destiny families are at work in reaching as many people as daily events will allow. It is miraculous for me to look back and see you teach your children about the Urantia Book. The seeds have been planted. The second generation of this Teaching Mission may stray here and there, but overall they know what they are doing and can definitely reach people.
As of late we are finding out various stations in life that most mortals hold. Your training has shown you the struggles of mortal living from being homeless to wealthy, mental illness to spiritual wellness.

Your commitment to learn how the grip of addiction to freedom from obsession, youthfulness and old age and being able to relate to various cultures and sharing your nature with others. It is well understood that these negative thoughts can come and go. There is no shame in that, it is completely human to do so as long as you remember the Father and look upon your old attitude with humor, and allow Him to show you love. To have love means not eventual pain, or eventual loss, no. To have love in this life, as believers in the Urantia Book, is just the beginning.

Those that you’ve mentioned this evening that we have lost during our Teaching Mission, we will see again. They will know us and I can say that never is love wasted. It is an energy and when you have it people know it and you can change the attitude or the mind of the person you may happen to run in to. So, don’t wait for the Correcting Time to start. It has been going on for years. Each of you can transmit your own messages. Your transmission will look more like immediate assistance from God when you are attempting to minister to another. It is not medium ship. It is not mind-reading. It is simply connection to the cosmic mind. It is not out of the ordinary.

You have been making great strides in the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time. You are indeed like the apostles — although no one will write a book about you, but you struggle like them. You’ve worked hard. You were educated. You know humility. You know the rewards of faithful service. You know that God is the same today, tomorrow and forever. The apostles’ works were small acts and they learned that in the exchange of love between a fellow they were helping. The eye contact of the sincere look of gratitude was filling their chest with such love to over-flowing. You are Father’s soldiers. You have been busy with the Teaching Mission and furthering the Correcting Time. I pray that you are not waiting for something else.

MICHAEL:  I am MICHAEL. My beloved children — life that fuels my inner-being, the joy that makes my heart swell. Children, I am happy to be among you. I know that sometimes you think I have forgotten you, or that I am busy with the world’s issues. I can say to each one of you face to face, with your hands in mine, I love you as if you are my only child. I am always concerned with your well-being and I am very pleased with your diligence in carrying on in this mortal life.
These days on Urantia are not easy. You can wonder from time to time ‘how will mankind eventually save himself?’ This is what I wanted to say to you — when you are having these thoughts of overwhelming doom, that this is the thinking of the animal in you — the higher-minded trusts that Father’s plan is perfect.

This year many have chosen escape. The economy has been difficult. Addiction has been rampant. Crime is high. Many are with the belief that something is better beyond this world. You know yourself, that where you leave off in this world is where you pick up on the next. Escape from this life is no escape. You are here to learn. Be sure to make the most of the last time you will ever inhabit the flesh. Nebadon looks on you as having a great opportunity. I do trust your inner-instincts to carry on. Go forward and not worry about credit or karma.

My apostles work –they strive every day to take care of their families, to work, to grow crops, to build, fish and make time for worship. Believe me, this is the best part of human living. Be an example that regular life is something that is done—no need to talk about it. Make time for fun. You deserve to enjoy these mortal lives. Please make time to do something you enjoy because really, I don’t even know how long you will be in these mortal bodies. Enjoy what you can. Learn what you can. Love all that you can. Relate with every living thing.


MICHAEL:  I love and appreciate your gathering for my Urantia date of birth. Know that I am only a thought away. Take the love I have given you and give it to others. Believe it or not, Urantia is getting better. The stages of Light and Life are not too far away. My love is ever abiding for you each. Carry on.

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