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NET22 – Inauguration of Implementation; Be at Peace With Developments


New Era Transition #022 – Inauguration of Implementation; Be at Peace With Developments – Aug. 22, 2017

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager and Planetary Prince


Be at peace with coming turmoil

Formal inauguration of implementation – Aug. 21, 2017

Working co-creatively

The null prayer

TR: Daniel Raphael

Present: Roxanne Andrews, Gerald Farley (visiting from Oregon) and Sherille Raphael


August 22, 2017

Be at peace with coming turmoil

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek and thank you for being here at this spontaneous meeting. This will be a short session. In the coming days, weeks and months there will be much speculation, much discussion, and no shortage of turmoil in your spiritual groups. We ask you to keep the drama at a reasonable level, if you can, and please, do not move into trauma or separation or adversarial positions. You know, as well as I, that we have given you much to speculate upon in years past, months past, weeks past and days past, and we will be no more clear in our message today than then. This is simply an advisement for you to be at peace about the events that will unfold, and to go about your daily lives as you have in the past and be supportive where and when you can. Even This One does not know whereof I speak. I am sharing this with you today as we would like to have a smooth energetic blanket upon developments and events that occur. It is your thinking-emotional state of being that affects the frequency and the oscillation of the vibrations in the energy. We look to you to hold the space of peace, of stability, even mindedness, and if there is a place, a state of existence that we can truly appreciate, enjoy and work with to the positive benefit of everyone.

Formal inauguration of implementation – Aug. 21, 2017

Yesterday was the eclipse in North America; it was also the Birthday of Jesus, Christ Michael, in his mortal lifetime, and so you must think and know that this is an auspicious time in this year for the work that we are doing — and you would be right. What is unknown to you through the years, this birthday is what I would call an inauguration time of the implementation. We have been leading up to this point for quite some time and now it is officially engaged and ceremoniously put into place by us at this time yesterday. Many of you, however, will not see much of the way of manifest implementation on the material plane, yet some individuals will feel the beginning, and this is where we will start with a few individuals and go from there. We have a number of projects that have come to our mind co-creatively with several of you and we will be engaging these projects promptly. You can count on us to be there with you as you sit down together with the individuals who can help you implement this for the benefit of everyone, and particularly the project, and what comes after your project, is developed.

Working co-creatively

We hope you realize or see that these initial projects will be foundational and from there they will spawn new projects in multiple layers as those projects develop in other cultures and with new minds and new creativity and ingenuity. All through this process we ask you to have us present there with you, and not only to be there as you generate ideas but we ask you to consciously ask us to collaborate with you, and for you to collaborate with us. This is a conscious process of engaging the co-creative process between the mortal realm and the celestial realm. There must be some overt conscious and intentional process that we call collaboration that we can use with you to move ahead with those projects.

The “Null Prayer”

We ask you further to use what This One calls the “null prayer,” where on one hand you always ask for right and perfect developments of your projects and support by us, and we also ask you to think about that if perhaps you may be going in a direction that is not profitable or useful. We ask you to consciously collaborate with us stating that you ask us to bring any project to a halt immediately when it is not in alignment with our higher work with the Correcting Time. It is essential that we work this process in a very positive way, as we have known not just a few, but hundreds and thousands of mortals who were thinking that they were in alignment with God’s Will and Christ Michael’s projects and in reality they were going off on their own doing what they thought was best. What we ask is that you continually and in an ongoing process engage us in the work that you are doing.

If you wish to have a “business meeting” with us each morning as you begin your day, there is truly one thing in common with all people is that sometime during the day they awake and begin the day and this is oftentimes a good time to engage us in your co-creative projects. For the audience here, I am open for questions if you have any.

Gerald: Thank you, Machiventa. Everything that I heard with an open heart-mind, I appreciate the specifics in our prayer and asking, not only on a daily basis but also in every moment before entering into anything. I want to be sure that you are involved in whatever process that may be, be assured that it is in alignment with universal truth and with the process that you relayed to us in this transmission. Thank you so much for the message. I am also very aware that it should include the null prayer; I fully trust that from my vast experience that that will happen. [The last sentence was too faint to hear.]

Roxie: I just want you to know specifically that I have been working very hard on putting your suggestions as of late into my own personal understanding about not “pushing the rope” as far as trying to get other Urantian believers on the same page as we are. That is finally becoming part of me and thanks to Gerald, we’ve had a lot of conversations about that this week, and so I thank you.

MACHIVENTA: We are very aware and appreciate your change of mind. We know that there is not a change of heart in you, but that this is a change of mind of where to put your energies and where to be productive for us. You clearly know that your energies have been unproductive in working with those groups that you mentioned, and so it is as you say, much like “pushing a rope,” it cannot be done. To arrive at some destination you must have a rope available for people to latch onto that pulls people in the right direction. We thank you for the clarity of your thinking.

This is Machiventa: I want to thank you for being here today and for sharing this message with our audience. Know that you are loved, that you are blessed and that the abundance of the universe—what you might call the “storehouse or treasure chest” of our Father’s benevolence in Paradise is always available to you. Thank you and good day.

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