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NET23 – Implementation of Social Sustainability


New Era Transition #023 – Implementation of Social Sustainability – Aug. 28, 2017

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager and Planetary Prince


Implementation has begun

Direction and guidance

The intention of the Triumvirate

Pragmatically supported processes

An application of your faith attached to your feet

Secular presentation

Use of existing disciplines?

Appealing to augment the vision of individuals

A question concerning the new archive

Joining your faith with pragmatism

TR: Daniel Raphael

Team members present: Roxanne Andrews, Liz Cratty, Doug Dodge


August 28, 2017

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek and thank you for being here and welcome to a new day.

Implementation has begun

As we said earlier that the implementation stage has begun on Christ Michael’s Birthday, and so there are already results beginning to appear on this event horizon for our work. We had urged This One to take his new document, “Understanding Social Sustainability” to the Principal of the Evergreen High School, which is only less than a mile away from This One’s home, late Friday after classes had closed. To the delight of us, the Principal was available to see This One, reviewed the document, and asked why it was being presented, whereupon This One told him that he/we needed a reality check on this material to see if it was of interest to anyone in the educational field. The Principal, a young man, reviewed the material, his eyes opened wide and asked and stated that “This is the most amazing material I have seen ever! I’ve never seen anything like this before. Mr. Raphael, do you do public speaking, and would you be available if I surely give you a call next week?” That is the situation as it stands.

From our celestial insight into the minds and working of the Principal, and with whom he has already shared it, we already know that this material would be highly applicable to public education and to private education. Of the two social institutions that form and generate the future generations of leaders, innovators and mothers and fathers we know that it is the family and education that are primary to the formation and ethos of every democratic society, and also as well in all other nations. As private education is adaptable to new innovative ideas and thoughts, this material would be best served to go to those private educational settings such as Montessori and the Waldorf schools. There are many other private educational settings which would benefit as well from this material.

Direction and guidance

Our readership has been waiting for direction and guidance, and it is this: We ask you to go to This One’s web site,

we wish you to go to the web site and you can download the document, “Understanding Social Sustainability.” This has 3 primary focuses, one is on the fundamentals of social sustainability, second upon the values of social sustainability and your species, and upon the family and the clinics for sustainable families. This document will be sufficient in itself to inform and guide those individuals who have an interest in this topic. There are other papers available on the web site for your use and for their inquiry. All documents there are in PDF form and are downloadable anywhere in the world.

The intention of the Triumvirate

It is our intention as the Triumvirate to simultaneously infuse families and education to change the course of your democratic societies. We realize that we do not have as much influence in non-democratic societies as we would like, and we know that this will change in the future as the influence of these values and educational processes begin to be infused in those totalitarian and communist and socialistic centralized authoritarian governments and their societies. Change comes from within; it always has and always will. Those of you who would wish to have a hard copy of this document for your use, you are welcome to write to This One at his email address: ([email protected]) and request the same. He will provide 2 of these to you free, but more than that it would be helpful to be reimbursed for the cost of these materials.

Pragmatically supported processes

This presentation today sounds a lot like This One is making the moves and gestures, however, it is useful to us to support this effort of the works that This One has written co-creatively with Avilah, the Melchizedek who has been assisting in a very closeted way working with him in his mind. We see no other culture changing and societal changing methods available to us at this time, other than those which are so succinctly provided in these brief documents that we have written with him. We also are quite aware that your societies, your public individuals, and large groups of people are ready to receive and hear the words that are provided here. They are words of empowerment, they are words of culture changing ideas that are pragmatically supported by processes that can be worked by individuals, families and local community teams. Only through this way will your societies be changed. Surely you know that the times are very critical now and we have said that when you begin this process, one door will open rapidly, followed by another door of opportunity, and so on. It will be as though the pavement is rising to meet your feet wherever you go to present these materials authentically and without an agenda. You will be supported by us and you will see success lead to one open avenue after another.

You have waited for something to do, something to contribute, something to actually engage your minds and your lives and your hours with. You can be assured that when you take these documents to an individual, a school principal or advisory board, or some significant teacher or mentor, to an educational facility that we will be there; we will be assisting you in all regards. You, however, would be advised to also ask us in an open discussion with us to go before you to help convince the minds of those who will receive you as being open and receptive to the material that you present. In this way, your Thought Adjuster can work with their Thought Adjuster and our angels and their angels can work in their mind mechanisms to have them receptive to what you are saying. It is not necessary to always talk to the principal person—literally the Principal or to someone in charge, but also to an influential educator in those facilities. You are not limited to present this material only to educational facilities, but also to family counseling centers and to other agencies.

We ask you to speak to an individual, rather than leaving the document there for someone to look at and then toss away. It is important that your presence there engage their presence; your auric environment of the two of you will join and you will share many bits of information that you otherwise would be unaware of. The morontial sphere of your being and their being will be shared; you will have much to give each other and you will be led to the next step. You will be asked to present this to a larger group, perhaps, that may be interested in this work and how it may affect their organization. You do not need to be a public speaker standing in front of a group of 5 or 50 people, but rather you may be one individual who sits in a chair in a circle with others discussing this material, similar as you would discuss recipes at a family quorum or meeting.

An application of your faith attached to your feet

You must regard implementation as a pragmatic application of your faith that is attached to your feet. As you go forward in faith reaching out and touching other peoples lives with vital information about how to change your societies. You will be asked many questions; you will be asked what use is this information, why should I know about this now; what good is this information to our organization? When you have read this material, this document, “Understanding Social Sustainability,” you will have a better idea of the answers involved. Many of you have followed these sessions for many months and many years; you have a very vital background to share with others.

Secular presentation

We ask you, however, things not to say: This does not represent the Urantia Book, it does not represent the Teaching Mission, and it does not represent some ideological forum or interest base, or religious persuasion. This is truly secular material that when shared with your whole world would provide an intensely favorable environment for the spiritual upliftment of everybody. It begins at the intrapersonal level, extends to the family and to each new generation. Those individuals that come from families that are raised this way will be curious about it. What is more, they will have the ability to ask questions about your spiritual existence.

I am open to questions if you have any.

Doug: My question is, in sharing this material to secular educators, it feels a little uncomfortable to me trying to “hide my spirituality.” I guess I don’t want to cast myself in non-secular terms, but I understand you have to meet your audience where they are at. Just some thoughts on that if you have some.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you for your question. Yes, that is a problem, perhaps, but we do not see it that way. We know that spirituality is in everyone and it is within your species. It is embedded in the 7 values within your DNA; this is a commonality among all people. What we do not espouse and we do not support at this time—and I will qualify that in a minute—is that the person who does the presenting [not] have an agenda for promoting the Teaching Mission or Urantia Book, or some other spirituality requirement. This would be off-putting, particularly as public education and private secular education strives to be non-position oriented, to be non-ideological, and to not take on a political or religious bias.

You are correct, that you must meet them where they are. This is necessary for you to be received as an equal of that individual. Now, the aside is this: that if a person you meet speaks of a spiritual orientation of some sort, then you would be able to address that. Remember, however, that you will also be challenged by those religious educational organizations as to whether these things can be adapted to their religious setting and to their doctrines. Definitely it can be, with proviso that this is common to everyone and not just particular to any religion. Do you understand?

Doug: Yes, thank you.

Use of existing disciplines?

Roxie: This is from our reader in Wales, Geoff Thomas, thanking us for the stimulating and informative sessions recently. He was particularly grateful for the Sustainable Management Series via Michel Levasseur, which aided and validated his local work.

His first question is regarding the possible strategies to do with the introduction of the 7 values into the academic setting. “Would it not be more efficacious to infuse these ideas and ideals into existing disciplines, on the basis of their inherent logic, as well as a way towards the fulfillment of the personal and professional lives of those individuals within their respective fields?

MACHIVENTA: There are 4 questions right there! When you approach the topic in that manner, you have already made judgments about how to present this. We are not at that position at this time. We are simply presenting the material to individuals. Doing so, we will find receptive minds and we will find approaches that are positive and successful. Through this way, you will “find your way” much as a Taoist would in the flow of the good that proceeds. You will be looking for one opportunity following another, and then this is the way you find success. We have not prejudged the efficacious methods thus far. We know that there are individuals who are at the top of their organization and will have estimations or judgments of their own about how to proceed and what to include and what to exclude.

We, as you know, begin with individuals and with families and with small groups and proceed from there. It is because of that that these larger organizations are empowered. When you have a consensus within an organization you can oftentimes change the direction that the organization is taking, and also the opinions of the person at the top. Remembering that the individual who is the leader of a group represents the ethos of that organization, it is their job to remain true and faithful to its precepts and tenets. I will leave that statement as it is and wait for the next question to proceed.

Appealing to augment the vision of individuals

Roxie: I think is some ways you have already answered it, but he also says, “There are those already present in academia, Jeffrey S. Sachs, among others, who are well versed in the global nature of the challenges we all face, and that solutions must urgently be sought. Could some appeal be made to the Thought Adjusters of these individuals to augment their vision?”

MACHIVENTA: Yes, most certainly, and that is your responsibility to do. It is your responsibility to ask your Thought Adjuster to be with those who are presented with this new material. If you find that Sachs is a useful individual who could assist in this, who may believe in what we are doing, then we recommend that you send him a copy or refer him to the link where that material is available. Remember that Thought Adjusters are eternal, that they are in instantaneous contact with each other all the time, and that when there is one good idea promoting one thing, all of them know it simultaneously. In this co-creative relationship, you are an active member. You are in the capacity and authority to ask your Thought Adjuster to inform all other Thought Adjusters of the need of this process and as it is useful to other minds, other lives to fulfill God’s Will for their lives as that individual chooses. This requires also that the individual be aware of the material that your Thought Adjuster would be using to inform them.

Roxie: Thank you very much; I am sure that Geoff will be pleased with those answers.

Liz: I’m afraid I don’t have any prepared questions for today.

[Daniel: Liz, I have sent you 3 copies of “Understanding Sustainability;” you can use them as you wish.

Liz: I have places for them to go, thank you.]

Roxie: I have gotten many thank you letters for the NET #21 issue. It was very important for our readers on many points. They asked me to thank Machiventa and Daniel for it. Marthe Muller from So. Africa also found your recent two messages very poignant and helpful for the work that she is doing and gives her thanks to you, Machiventa, and to our group.

A question concerning the new archive

The only question I have, personally, is, Machiventa, the small group that I am working with to create a new archive for the Internet to make transcripts available to all, are having some difficulties with being on the same page as to what is to be included in this archive. It began with intent to focus on the Teaching Mission, with a separate site for the Magisterial Mission, spearheaded by a different person working with the same web master. My preference is to include all transcripts from both missions since there is a blurring of the differences between the two, both teaching some personal spiritual growth and the need for service at times. Would you speak to this and give us your recommendations, please?

MACHIVENTA: Most certainly and my team and I thank you for the question. First of all, realize that there is only one revelation. The separation and the identity of the segments have been made by mortal minds. You must deal with this reality of oneness, that God, Christ Michael, Monjoronson, myself and others throughout Nebadon do not deal in division, deal with only one flow of revelation. It is important that you realize that the Urantia Book is a reference that validates what comes through from the TRs; that you also know that the Urantia Book is in some ways out of date—it is not necessarily antiquated but does not include new materials as new revelation comes forward.

That is a process of the continuing revelation. How you, as a group, and as separate groups deal with this is a mortal problem that you will have to overcome. We simply provide you with the umbrella of oneness to assure you that when you come to unity of ideals and purpose, you will come into a singularity of oneness with the Father’s Will, of Christ Michael’s work and the Correcting Time.

Roxie: Thank you very much. That’s all I have for today.

Liz: Machiventa, thank you for that answer; that was very meaningful for me today. I appreciate that very much.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. Then let us close for today.

Joining your faith with pragmatism

Our time of implementation is a time of joining faith with pragmatism of your lives. If you have faith in something, do you have enough faith to carry it forward into the pragmatics of your daily lives? Are you willing and courageous enough to bring this forward to the social groups that you belong to? Are you courageous enough to take it to agencies that could use this and would be welcome to receive it? It is a question that only you as individuals can address. However, you do know that you can begin to organize locally as a team to begin doing this pragmatic implementation of outreach work. We feel that you can begin the process of developing your local teams this way: You have a purpose; you have a focus; you must come to a group intention for the formation of your groups and teams; you must have an understanding of those requirements:

  • First, what is the vision of your group?
  • Second, what is the intention for your group?
  • Third, what is your operating philosophy for your group?
  • Fourth, what is your mission that you will carry out to fulfill your groups intention?
  • Fifth, what are the objectives you wish to attain that are measurable?

In this way, you are using the best of your organizational development processes to enhance the work of Christ Michael and the healing of your world. Yes, these are small steps, but this is where we begin. If you present this to the head of your state’s educational board or educational system, or to the association of school Principals, it may be interesting to see the response. However, when you deal with an individual principal, that is another thing, and if you were to address this to the curriculum adviser of that school, you may have a different engagement altogether, as well as if you present it to the teachers and parents of your school on a family educational basis.

Many of you have advised each other that “Let us take this to the President.” “Let us take this to the Association President.” “Let us take this to the head of this organization and see if we can change it.” That would be, perhaps, the most efficient, yet it does not address the hearts and minds of the individual followers to which you and we must address. It is from the individual members in their hearts and minds that those who are in control and who designed their organizations and the priorities that they have, that you can make meaningful changes, just as we are striving to do to make meaningful changes in your society and future generations of Urantia.

We thank you for your participation and know that you are blessed and that we are blessing you now. Please see yourself as going forward at being connected with your Thought Adjuster to the Thought Adjusters of those people you meet. We wish you good day.

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