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NET74 – Consciousness, Philosophy & Spirituality, Higher Interpretations of Life and Living®

2019-10-07.  Consciousness; Philosophy and Spirituality; Higher Interpretations of Life and Living.


New Era Transition #074

– Consciousness; Philosophy and Spirituality; Higher Interpretations of Life and Living – Oct. 7, 2019

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Becoming a conscious partner of our work together
Engaging a new nexus point
Moving forward with events
Input by the Most Highs
World is highly involved in materialism
Movement toward philosophy and spirituality
Morontial communication would be very different
Social progress must evolve before spiritual era
Seeing the strategic aspects of our work
The future of money
Examining your quality of life
Needed is a change in philosophy
Learning the higher interpretations of life and living
The myopia of materialism
Where best to apply the new pressures to society?
Have faith that we celestials are working with you
Clarify “foghorn” and “hinges”

TR: Daniel Raphael, Ph D

Members present: Roxanne Andrews, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Jeff Cutler, Stéphane Labonteé, Michael McCray and Sherille Raphael

Invocation: MMc

NOTE TO READERS: During the session, the conference call was repeatedly interrupted by telephone problems on Daniel’s end. Cause: Unknown, but it was either his remote headphone setup, or from Comcast.

October 7, 2019



Machiventa. Good morning, this is Machiventa and I have an opening statement for you. We have found that many mortals really do not grasp the content, context and depth and breadth of our involvement with you on this planet. We have spoken many times of vectors. We want you to begin by imagining the vectors for a new born child; there are almost no vectors at that point, though their Guardian is involved in their safe keeping and their tutelage and guidance, along with their Thought Adjuster after they are age 5, and so on, so that they enter into a life that is a process of becoming—becoming something, becoming someone, and so on.

Becoming a conscious partner of our work together.

Now, let us leap to a more complex situation with many of you who have read the Urantia Book, who are followers of the Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission, and who are striving to be in contact with us as well as their Thought Adjuster and the celestials and the Deities. For you, there are many vectors available that you can initiate. You begin to participate in the flow of the universe by saying, “I will to do God’s Will; I submit and give my life to God to follow His/Its course to the fulfillment of my life and beyond.” When you have said that you have let yourself become a useful instrument of service to the Universe, to us, and at that time you become a conscious part with intention for our engagement, our co-creative work together. Each of you who are listening to this or reading this, have become a part of that to the extent that you limit it or to the extent that you expand it.

Engaging a new nexus point.

Now, let us go far beyond that to engage the vectors that we have initiated for this planet to make evident those things that we are involved with by your participation in our work through these sessions. With that understanding, you begin to understand the breadth, depth and extent and longitudinal involvement of our assistance with you. But remember that this is a co-creative effort. We can initiate many, many vectors, in fact the number of vectors now involved in our work with you and values and sustainability and ethics and morality number well over several thousand. We are at a point where we have extended our influence, our vectors, to the point where we can initiate no more than we have already, but not because of limitations on our part.

The difficulty that we are having now is that the events are developing so rapidly on your planet that we must engage the nexus of these vectors at a point sooner than is most opportune. We have our own thoughts, our own projections, expectations, but more so we have our mission, our objectives and those objectives have measurable outcomes. What we are finding is that we are being pressed by the circumstances of events on your world where we must bring our actions closer to us in time than we would perfectly prefer. Many of you know that we have been in a […4 sec. dropout] and this is the basis of my statement of discussion and lesson in this opening, is that [….6 sec. dropout] to move forward to progress then, requires us to then stabilize or resolve the impediment that was slowing our forward movement to the most opportune time. [Another dropout and garbled sound.] (Telephone connection problems.)

Moving forward with events.

The situation has called us to resolve this impediment. So we have developed a “work around” so that we can now move forward with the development of events. It is not perfect, but you will never know the difference. We however will see it as less than desirable outcome, but nonetheless we will achieve what needs to be done. So, in other words, you are hearing me say more succinctly that this transition time has now ended and that we will be actively moving forward in the coming weeks with the next developments, which will be observable to you. And yes, for those of you who are more acquainted with our work, you will see our handiwork involved in the development of these events. For you who are skeptical, you will not ascertain that we have been involved. However, those who read these transcripts in future years will realize exactly what has happened, what is developing and why the transition of this halting activity, held us up for a while. But for now, you can only guess.

Input by the Most Highs.

For us, we are rather elated as we have had the input from the Most Highs to our given situation. These inputs by the Most Highs are also not evident to you, as most of the developments of their work are not visible to most mortals. You see this as a good opportunity; you see developments as a wonderful development and outcome, yet you do not know who was involved in those and you assign that to the reasoning of mortals, whereas it was in truth the Most Highs, to which we have an allegiance that never ends. The Most Highs are very pleased with the situation that is developing on Urantia in many regards, whereas others are less than desirable. Nonetheless, they too were at a distance from the developments during the 200,000 year quarantine. Now they are more actively involved and as the minds and attitudes and values of humans, of mortals ascend to become more akin to those that sustain a viable society, you will see much more rapid social progress with us involved.

World is highly involved in materialism.

Next subject: A major change that is stated in the Urantia Book as being desirable, you have seen the progress of technologies and of industry and commerce, finance and so on, over the last 200 or 300 years particularly, developed to the point where now your world is highly involved in materialism as a philosophy for life and that everything has been monetized, including people—you can now buy people , if you want to, whether they are undeveloped embryos, or whether you can buy a real adult person—it depends upon the nation in which you are situated. This next development, this next nexus—nexus could be interpreted as an eventuality—it is eventual that the vectors that collide or meet will eventuate at a point at which many things change and bring about better life and living on your world.

Movement toward philosophy and spirituality.

I am striving to put into language terms and concepts that are very remote to you. Were you more thoroughly acquainted with morontia mota, you would understand this far more rapidly. What I am alluding to is an event that will make it possible for the movement of your cultures from the strictly materialism and monetization of everything to philosophy, to spirituality, to the development of higher concepts of life and living. In other words, you will see the development of social concepts in ways that bring about this end of this culture, and a new culture that will develop, bud, and bloom in the years, decades, and centuries to come. This too provides the only possibility for the Days of Light and Life to occur. Materialism is a short-lived journey for most nations and civilizations. It [materialism] must give way to higher thought or else it will succumb to its own devices and the [current] state of civilization, cultures and societies and nations.

Morontial communication would be very different.

Machiventa. As you can see there are difficulties with technologies. Were we connected morontially, there would be no difficulty with our communication. You would understand the words, you would also understand the intent, and the means of conveyance would interject and provide the nuances of high civilization and culture. Your technologies are only as good as the minds that developed them, which of course as we have spoken before is a limitation for artificial intelligence and the problems it is currently creating for humans in your world, those that are dependent upon technologies. In order to bring about the Days of Light and Life we must be able to use the technologies that you have for our advantage for bringing about the widespread information and knowledge, teaching and lessons of this Correcting Time. We are using those to our advantage, yet the Days of Light and Life will never come into being, into existence without the fulfillment of the social context of our discussions of the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission and the Correcting Time. The advent of social progress is dependent upon the change of philosophies and change from materialism and monetization to the interests that are humanitarian, those that are spiritual, those that are at the basic soul level of growth of individuals, cultures, and societies.

Social progress must evolve before spiritual era.

Now, we wish to help you in your minds, couple this evidence that I have just provided with you with intention of the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time and the Magisterial Mission and other missions, and that is to bring about the Days of Light and Life through the orderly evolution and progress of your societies. We have said all along that our work is social, that the social must develop and evolve before the spiritual era before the Days of Light and Life can be realized by your societies and nations. It is important that the social progress be evident even to the dullest of minds. It is important that those who are curious about the progress of nations become aware of the necessity of asking, “What is there? Is there more than just this materialism? Why are we living? Is it just to eke out a living materially and to urge our children to do likewise? Isn’t there more to life than this?” So when the questions are asked, then they are ready for the philosophical, spiritual and humanitarian progress of their lives and of their societies. These are the most desired outcomes and objectives that we have for the missions that Christ Michael has established with myself, my team and Monjoronson.

Seeing the strategic aspects of our work.

You are beginning to see the strategic aspects of our work. We want you to connect the dots almost effortlessly so that you appreciate where you are in your life and how you contribute to your own lives, your growth and to that of your children, and to your societies and to the world. And yes, this is slow progress. Yes, it takes a lot of people to change a culture, but it only takes one idea to begin that process and we have presented not one, but hundreds of ideas to you to initiate the social evolution of your societies, your nations and your whole civilization. I am now open for questions.

The future of money.

Craig.  An observation that over the course of my life I’ve seen everything go from being more general to more and more “about money,” so this seems to be a trend and now we’ve got everything is about money and the whole money system is collapsing at the same time. Any comment about that?

Machiventa. You are very right, thank you. (Pause) My response was such that I hope to elicit another question from you.

Craig.  I think pretty slowly at times. So I guess in the future money is going to take a much less important part in our lives and we will be more concerned with things that are more real and less material. Is it going to be that we think a lot less in financial terms and more about real and spiritual things?

Examining your quality of life.

Machiventa. Yes, most definitely. It begins by examining your quality of life, to asking questions such as I just mentioned before your own questions about “Isn’t there more than this?” and that is a “quality of life question.” That is a question that should initiate much concern by individuals about the quality of their life. Many people have begun to see that a life that is monetized, that is in terms of money and materiality is very shallow, and it does not lead to greater meaning of life or purpose in life. Life is very brief for you; it is very hard and shallow if it is just to eke out a living.

Yes, there is a certain personal aggrandizement attached to the acquisition of wealthy properties and large incomes and savings and so on, but nonetheless, it is just more of the same. Your question begs an answer that says that there is more to life than just those things, and that it is a quality of life and living. People really are not living life when they just live to eke out a living as their ancestors did tens-of-thousands of years ago. It is the same rat race with just more glitter, gleam, and “bling,” as the current culture says. And this is the point at which people must begin to ask those philosophical questions, “What would our life look like if it is not about materialism?”

Craig.  Materialism kind of can feed on itself in that you have a lot of things, they kind of “own you” as well and you’ve got to look after them. A neighbor of mine has property here and another far away and he doesn’t get much out of both properties; he can only be at one place at a time.

Needed is a change in philosophy.

Machiventa.  We can appreciate that. You see, the difference is to see money as a tool. This One has a friend, an acquaintance who loves tools and as he has a very good paying job, he has a garage full of new tools that are organized in their plastic protective cases and organized across his garage, of which he almost never uses, but he is very proud of his tools. Money that is in savings is much the same; money that is put away, money that is horded, money that is set aside as cash and not invested in the processes of investment are so many tools that are neglected. When people begin to see that money is simply a tool to improve the quality of life, then you will see the great change in your culture. That will be a tremendous change.

However, what you will be seeing then is the top 5%, top 10, top 20-25% of income earners who change to that point of view and they already exist except they do not know how to use their money that they have. Corporations are particularly at a point of dis-ease about that as they have many billions of dollars that are not earning great amounts of money in return. So it must be set into motion by conscientious foundations and philanthropic organizations that see that there is a necessity to bring about the philosophical development of society and culture so that more people overall benefit from an improved quality of life regardless of their income. Now, this is quite a challenging change of philosophy for many organizations, and particularly the people who run them.

Learning the higher interpretations of life and living.

This introduction of social improvement of quality of life and leading to an improvement of philosophical ways of thinking about life and living is a drastic change, one that right now is at odds with most people of all world cultures, except those few people who appreciate what we are doing with and for them. The co-creative efforts of life and living that we engage with you is to teach you these higher interpretations of life and living. You will become the living flesh of this philosophy; you live this philosophy in the way you live your own personal life. You are not skeptical; you are not cynical; you are not sarcastic about life and living and the beliefs that you have, but you accept them full-throttle, as you engage with them in doing all that you can. And those people who have willed to do God’s Will are right there on top of our foot on the gas pedal that guides your life.

The myopia of materialism.

Stéphane.  Machiventa, I would add to this the topic of myopia that you brought into the last transcript in the last session, in fact this materialism is blinding us and almost causing this myopia that we are having because all that we can think of and worry about is “where is the next money going to come from.” We overextend ourselves with debts and then we constantly have to worry about where the next money is coming from. Can you make a link between the myopia between what you inferred in the last session and this materialism search?

Machiventa. Most certainly, and the thought of myopia is significant because it requires a change of focus, does it not? To overcome myopia in sight you need a new prescription for your corrective lenses, whether they are contacts or whether they are the lenses that are inserted in your eyes for the lenses that were taken out, as in the case of cataract surgery, or through eyeglasses and so on. It requires a refocus. And when you have so much money and you begin to ask that significant poignant question of “Is this all there is?” then your eyes open to having your vision for life refocused. It is important that your religious organizations begin to espouse a refocusing of the cultural values that are at the core of your materialistic societies.


[This is Daniel: There is a lot going on behind my eyes here and my dialogue with Machiventa concerning this topic and the re-visioning, and the lenses that are needed for a culture to refocus itself. I’ll get out of the way and let Machiventa say that.]


Machiventa. So, who will be the “ophthalmologist?” Who will be the one who writes a new prescription for your societies? Who will be the one who goes to the optometric office for new glasses? Who will be the one who sees that there is a shortcoming, the short-sightedness in your culture? Of course it is the cultural creatives, those individuals who are awakening to what will be, rather than what can we do now. It includes those individuals who are most concerned about the future generations, rather than this generation’s continued materialism, prosperity in terms of money and increased income, salaries and so on. Where are the leaders who will bring about this correction of myopia of your culture?

It has been initiated by us, but who else will [co-creatively] accept this baton of leadership as we have mentioned before to move forward to the Days of Light and Life with assurance of knowing that it will be, no matter what the difficulties that are ahead. In short terms, my friend, we are looking for cultural leadership, those who have the “hutzpah,” those who have the “cajónes” to stand out from others and say, “This is the way. This is the light. This is the way we must go,” rather than this broadening the marketing of materialism and making the latest cell phone and having everybody buy it.” Cultural leadership is a rare commodity in your current societies. It requires people who are in current positions of leadership to stand out and to assist others to have a more satisfying quality of life. Your question is very important to us and it is important that it be answered co-creatively with us and you. It begins by asking those questions just mentioned.

Where best to apply the new pressures to society?.

Stéphane.  Thank you, Machiventa. I think I have the material needed to apply those pressures, but where I fall short is where to apply those pressures. Do you apply it to a father who is playing video games while driving kids to a sporting event? I think that would be a waste of time. Would you apply it at school levels? Where do you apply it at local community levels or elsewhere?

Machiventa. Thank you for your question; it is highly appropriate. I alluded to This One as I was speaking through him, which causes much difficulty in his cognitive processes in this dualism, about religions and that religious leaders have a higher purpose than just to preach from the Old Testament or New Testament every Sabbath. It is important that they become social activists, and more importantly that they become cultural activists. And this difficulty speaks to your seminaries. There is inadequate preparation for conscientious minds to appreciate the power of the pulpit; that they can change cultures; they can change ways of thinking. But churches and places of worship have become centers of egregious materialism themselves. They too have debts.

They too must seek the money, and in doing so they have missed the target. They have missed the necessity of changing the culture in order to change their attendance records. They have short-changed themselves by becoming a part of the materialist culture. All cultures have a core set of values that identify them as they are. What has happened over the decades and centuries—many centuries—is that the God centered religions have taken on the values of their societies and culture around them, rather than being that “foghorn” in the midst of thought and culture to bring about a change or reinstitution of the values that make life and living worth living to have a quality of life that exceeds the years of a mortal’s time on the planet. Does this make sense to you?

Stéphane. Yes it does. Plenty of opportunities there.

Machiventa. For your question, yes, you are correct that trying to change the mind of the father playing video games with the kids on the way to a sports event is not productive. The most productive places are at the “hinge points,”— which I am having difficulty conceiving a metaphor for you to grasp more easily of culture change—is that these individuals must come to a point where they see that they, too, even those individuals who live life simply for those sports games, who sit in front of the television set day-after-day, night-after-night, weekend-after-weekend watching games, and so on, comes to the point where they think, “There surely must be more than this!” and those who are short in thinking about that question, developing that question, will ask, “Well, I wonder how the next quarter will turn out. I wonder how the next season will turn out. How will our favorite sports teams do in the next season.” And of course, those people have missed the point entirely of even asking the question.

Have faith that we celestials are working with you.

We ask you to—in reference to your question—to have faith that we are involved in awakening populations to the “quality of life question.” It begins to affect people to their very core. You saw many of these individuals during the sixties who questioned the whole schema of the culture of their parents, that they left that culture and began a new culture which many people continue to adhere to, that there is more to life than the complexities, there is more to life through the simplicities of life rather than the materialism and day after day of job hunting, and so on. Know and have faith that we are involved in this awakening in the culture. We are simply making it very explicit to you today that what is involved and the questions that must be asked even by those individuals who live simply and see the simple pleasures of life. This is an unsatisfactory answer for you and for us at this time. I am asking you to accept on faith that we are involved in this deeply and are striving to overcome one of the most major impediments of the current era of civilization.

Stéphane. Thank you.

Clarify “foghorn” and “hinges”.

M Mc.  Machiventa, you introduced a couple of concepts and I am hoping you will talk about them a little more. The first concept is: The person developing these things needs to be a “foghorn,” rather than a guiding light. And the second concept is that of the “hinges.” You say they are best developed at the hinges, the hinges in our culture. What do those two things mean?

Machiventa. Let me go to the first, the foghorn: The foghorn is the individual who with several friends make placards and marches outside of their corporation or of a foundation, or their church stating the obvious that needs to be addressed by that organization, that there is something “wrong” here that we are paying our executives too much money and not enough to the laborers, the people who are in the labor unions and those who do not have labor unions. This is an example of the egregious behavior of monetization.

As for the “hinge point,” it is the hinge point where people of your society are sensitive to, that they do not want to talk about, those things that are left better alone, those hinge points require very courageous individuals who say, “I don’t have anything to lose. I might as well do this with my life. It is useless to strive for a higher income when I’ll never achieve it in this life, achieve the lifestyle that I want, I might as well go for the quality of life, rather than the accouterments of prosperity and money.”

Think of those sensitive places where people do not want to talk about. One of them is the me-too-ism—no reference to the #MeToo—but to the me-too-ism of the group thinking that we see in politics and corporations and boards of directors who support high salaries as a means for increasing their own salaries. It is a come-along type of situation where you either come along or go your own way and you are outside of the group. Those are serious sensitive points that are not spoken about very often by individuals or groups. Those hinge points are those crisis points of consciousness and of conscience—being conscious and having a conscience that has integrity. It is important that there be integral interaction between values and lifestyles and ways of living and salaries.

M Mc. Thank you.

Craig.  I was thinking about the foghorn person, the cultural leader with “hutzpah” who speaks with conviction and says “This is the way”, and that Churchill had said “One person who has conviction can overcome a hundred people who only have opinions.”

Machiventa. There you have it, my friend, a statement from one of your historical figures who said it right and got it right!

Stéphane.  Machiventa, you mentioned in your introductory statement that some events are developing rapidly, that there must be an initiation of a next nexus much sooner than anticipated. Can you elaborate on this? Is it something that is happening in one region of the world; is it something that is happening globally; is it something that has happened recently in the last 3 years that exasperates now?


[Note: We totally lost communication with Daniel for several minutes due to problems with his headset. When he came back on he was very garbled, so he ended the session. Stéphane’s last question needs to be re-asked next session. A generous person in the group offered to send Daniel a new headset before the next session on Oct. 21. Hopefully that will solve the problem.]


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