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NID26- Ways to Share the Urantia Book

1994-05-31-Ways to Share the Urantia Book
No Idaho #26


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Ways to Share the Urantia Book
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elyon
o 2.2 TR: Jonathan
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Work, Anger
 3.2.2 Urantia Book, Dissemination
 3.2.3 Judgment, Motivation
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Ways to Share the Urantia Book
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Elyon
TR: Jonathan

ELYON:  Welcome again to our association. Our being with you is manifold in purpose. One purpose is to allow you to gain the trust of knowing that you are part of a greater scheme. You are not alone. You are accompanied by a great order of individuals who are here to provide you with the love and support you seek. It is not difficult to understand the reality of our presence when you look to the Father and realize the love and the mercy that is bestowed upon you. This care is so strong that you would not be left without ministers to bring this love into your life. I am Elyon and I am happy to address you this evening. I welcome your input at this time.

Work, Anger
B: I have had a struggle this week with my job and personality conflicts therein. I realize it is the material, my job, though relationships there border on spiritual work somewhat. I realize that attitudes need to change much in business… (Short interruption)

Anyway I see the way business is run these days and see it as somewhat backwards. The support isn’t there for the employees. The employees are asked to support a system, to give 100% of their time when asked for this system, but in return it seems quite one sided. I’m struggling with that this week and trying to find a spiritual meaning in it.

The other side of this is some loose talk between people and how one can, with loose remarks, cause a major conflict– which happened this week. My initial instincts were to return that with anger and some sort of spite. I realize I can’t do that, but it’s hard. I feel kind of like Jesus going through the temple, being angry with the money changers and upending everything.

It’s kind of like when you see something that just really isn’t right and not just my perception, but something that just flagrantly isn’t right. I still have this urge to call a spade a spade. I know this seems unintelligible, but give me some advice good friend.

ELYON: First, please do not turn over the ground chuck tray. (Works in meat department.) I understand how you have ordered your life to allow for spirit and the values revealed by spirit to direct you. It is difficult to perceive in your environment the disregard for that which you hold highly. It is a trial to adhere to the structures around you that provide you with monetary sustenance and at the same time stifle your freedom to express what you eternally long to attain. It is always beneficial to discern the opening within another for providing response with the intention of uplifting behavior and increasing the understanding of another.

The temptation to vent is strong and I understand how this can be. It is best at a time like this to merely offer as question your insight and let it be. Thereby you will have caused your fellow to think of an answer and though you may not approve of the answer given, it has given the opportunity to decide. This is the only real service you can provide another for they must ultimately determine their course of action. Have I been helpful in my response?

B: Yes, I think so. I know I have so much to do and understand. With all the different emotions and occurrences which come along, it’s hard. I may have ten different conflicts at work in a week and to deal with them in such a manner, a balancing manner, is so difficult when you see a variety of intentions, some well meaning and some not so well meaning. I guess I’m to the point of being almost fed up. I’m stuck there sometimes. I almost want to quit my job and go somewhere else at times. I guess I’m not thinking too coherently right now as you can see.

ELYON: My friend you do well to consider your welfare. There are times when the service you provide may reach its conclusion and you must choose the next course for your own unfoldment. I of course will not direct you in ascertaining exactly where to go next. I trust that you have the ability to discern when you are in the wrong league and must transfer, but I do also offer you the encouragement to test your situation to determine if you are still needed, for you are provider of the changes necessary which you desire.

There is always the good in both having to be the one who feeds and uplifts, the other being in a situation that draws you into your better nature. You must decide at any point what is your purpose. Are you to be providing or seeking an environment that uplifts you? These are my words for your consideration.

Urantia Book, Dissemination
S: Elyon, how can we best, in a positive way, in a beautiful way, disseminate this revelation of the Urantia book to our brothers and sisters? What are some suggestions of some good ways to really touch people with this information?

ELYON: Foremost, seek to know and understand the Divine Presence bestowed upon you and direct your living so as to infuse your actions with this understanding. The fragrance you exude in your life will naturally attract other and the inquisitive qualities of another will lead them to ask . But further, I offer that you make obvious the clues that would draw another into seeking your ministry. Leave about you the book, or alternate material that may draw another’s curiosity.

Many programs are in effect to allow access to this revelation source. The most effective spreading of the information is done by incorporating every perspective you understand into your ideology and acting in your life’, allowing these to reign as most important. It is a difficult task giving over to another what is deeply meaningful to one’s self and experiencing indifference or disregard for another. One must trust that the season for acceptance is not now. No fault lies with one’s self. One can only seek to sharpen the skills of outreach and allow the spirit to take up where you would leave off.

Judgment, Motivation
J: Hi. How does one separate avoiding judging people and their motives, from what they say and do, from a simple perception of what they’re saying and doing? I find it difficult altogether to avoid judging people. I think I need discernment and setting of boundaries and making priorities, and sometimes that could include avoiding people who annoy me or whom I feel negative with. I have difficulty in knowing when that is a lesson for me to be around that or when I need to drop it, move away from it. I think it’s all a question of  judgement. What is the difference between my judgments of how I should act and judgement of other peoples motives and intentions?

ELYON: You have distinguished the difference between one’s action and observing that without judgement and one’s motivation. I offer that you are free to comprehend the motive of another with the eye of gaining brotherly insight. This form of judgement is not wrong if one does not label the individual as negative. When you offer the light and experience no reception, you are not obligated to continually offer and experience this rejection. You know that the time is not now. You are free to consider alternate situations for your own well being. You and B. must talk.

The comprehension of motive leads to understanding. The sentencing of an individual to prison for their motives is to be avoided. Allow for their freedom to change. It is a rocky road to undergo this process, one you will not master in this life, one that even now I must undergo to fulfill my ascension goals. Make effort towards increasing your skills, for as your journey unfolds you will experience greater ease in resolving these conflicts. Have I been helpful?

J: Yes, thank you. I still have some residue from somewhere that I have an obligation to be understood, or they have an obligation to understand me, or that I need to continue pursuing this. I don’t know where that’s coming from that I keep having to hammer away at it.

ELYON:  I understand and only add that you may also treat yourself well by releasing the need to provide the understanding, for as another resists, you increase your own damage. You can protect your own welfare by withdrawing if need be. As you know, what benefits another is the service you provide. If no benefit is received then there is no need to provide service.

B: I was thinking about misunderstanding and how it becomes such a major part of most peoples lives, that in a sense people have an inborn thing which makes them think they know the truth, makes them think they understand everything without having to go after the details, without checking them out, without communicating first. They just kind of make up their mind that such is so and that then becomes real for them and becomes truth to them that this is so, that this person is this way, or this happened this way, or this judgement was made this way.

I guess I’m understanding that it is such a false image, a thinly disguised veil of self delusion. It’s easy to make up your own mind without the information source, without the communication. If you never asked the person or check out perceptions for fear of what you might find out, or in fear that you might see your self delusion that such things were just not the way you thought they were.

It seems the whole key is to learn how to break free of our own self to such an extent that we can look into another and communicate with them freely, such as going up to someone and saying, “I guess it’s my impression that you thought this or said this.” If I were to do that, they may turn around and say, “Where did you get that?” You may have misunderstood that and that this isn’t the way it was at all. They might say, “Oh, I thought you said this about me.” or that this happened another way.

I guess what I’m getting at is that really we’re all kind of hiding in our own self until we decide to reach out and communicate freely with anyone that we may have a conflict with. Like with work, I can easily think that I know what happened and how all these conflicts came about, so I can just be satisfied that I know what happened and of course then I could feel smug satisfaction and then forget about it a few days later. But I could go directly and tackle these issues which are going to create a lot of stress and a lot of feelings because I’m afraid of what I would really find out. Am I just babbling here or am I onto something?

J: Can I add something to that?

B: Sure.

J: You seem to be a person who needs and wants open communication. But if another person’s closed then there can be no communication, at least to your satisfaction. And to be really clear about believing in what you believe, believing in your own perception. It may be wiser to step aside from that, because I think when a person’s mind is not open, then there can be no discussion or true communication.

B: I agree with that. That’s a part of a situation I’m dealing with at work and I see where you are coming from.

J: I have a situation now that I dearly want open communication with someone and I can’t get through. I now am trying to step aside and allow that person to be, and live with their own beliefs and to respect their believing. Maybe to just step aside and let it be. And have great confidence in what you believe also.

B: I see that and I guess that that applies to some extent. The thing that I would make out is that if you never decided to even try to communicate, that it was from the inception of the idea that you decided that because of any hurt or feelings that you had that you just closed down and said, “This is the way it is, so that’s that.” instead of saying, “Okay, well why did this happen, or did this happen? Did such and such say this?” If you were to actually communicate about that, about something, they may turn it around and attack, but at the same time it seems there has to be a door open first before true communication can happen and that if both sides are closed to communicate, then no communication can happen whatsoever.

J: It seems like you and I are struggling with the same issue.

ELYON: I enjoy observance of your interaction. I would offer simple imagery at this point. In your desire to comprehend the nature of things about you, you are as one reaching for a vine hanging from the jungle, and as you reach and grab hold you swing on toward another comprehension. It is when any individual grabs tight to a single strand and does not let go that misconception arises and one stagnates.

Another may come along and give a push, but if that individual does not continue the motion and reach then you must continue on in your swing seeking the higher ground. It is difficult to comprehend when to make this decision, but if in your endeavors you ask yourself if motion of spiritual nature is taking place, you can continue your efforts. Stubborn stagnation does not obligate you to halt yourself.

It is a delicate issue. I encourage your efforts’. The beauty of your nature is your grappling to understand and grasp what is the true nature of everything about you. When it runs off on a tangent, then prejudice, preconceptions, and judgements arise. When well directed you will find yourself growing.

This phenomenon that brings conflict in your life is in actuality a necessity. Can you picture what life would be like if all hung from these vines still? There would be no activity. Keep up the good work. Help yourselves in your efforts. I would receive more from you at this time if you desire.

B: I guess I see two sides to that then. In my circumstance it may very well be appropriate to reach out for communication because that is the circumstance which I find myself in, whereas on the other hand, J. may be in a circumstance where she should feel no need to be responsible for the other person’s thought, their understanding, that she should serve to uplift whoever just simply by her daily action, by what she’s doing of a positive nature, and that if there is such a relationship which is so stifling that it takes all the energy, then she may need to back off because of the circumstances she may find herself in.

It always comes back to circumstance and what is leading into the decision. There is never one decision to make. There are always a variety of things to go by and so you always have to be continually judging circumstance and the possibility to make it relative to what you are going through. Is that right?

ELYON: You do well and I ask you, has this discussion increased the clarity for you?

B: Yes. Thank you teacher.

J: My situation is with my sister, so it’s hard to deal with. A difficult situation.

ELYON: I offer my continual advice to give patience at all times, to allow for the transpiration of events that may open doors. You may be a willing bearer of good news at this time but the events may not be right yet.

B: I get the feeling that this was kind of a workshop lesson to go through some of the things we’re involved in to talk about them. I thank the opportunity. I do feel like I found some clarity. I appreciate you being here.

ELYON: I would close this evening by encouraging all to seek your guidance within at your crossroads of difficulty. Sincerely ask and reflect on your situation in life. Determine the import of your own progression as well as how much another individual may receive from you and when. Then decide what to do now. Release what the future may hold. Clear decisions now will provide better conditions in the future. Thank you for this evening together. I will be desirous to observe what the outcome of your decisions are. Goodnight.

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