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NID25- Trust, 2nd Coming, Soul, Fusion

1994-05-04-Trust, 2nd Coming, Soul, Fusion
No Idaho #25  Sessions 1-3


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Elyon-May-1994
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elyon, Malvantra, Steven, Darid, Aaron, Helen, Evanson
o 2.2 TR: Jonathan
• 3 Session 1
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Trust
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Communication
 3.3.2 Second Coming
o 3.4 Closing
• 4 Session 2
o 4.1 Opening
o 4.2 Lesson
 4.2.1 The Teachers
o 4.3 Closing
• 5 Session 3
o 5.1 Opening
o 5.2 Lesson
 5.2.1 Soul
 5.2.2 Stillness, Divinity
 5.2.3 Fusion
o 5.3 Dialogue
 5.3.1 Mind, Stillness
 5.3.2 Honesty
o 5.4 Closing

Topic: Elyon-May-1994
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Elyon, Malvantra, Steven, Darid, Aaron, Helen, Evanson
TR: Jonathan

Session 1
May 4, 1994
ELYON: Happy are you when your actions are in consonance with the beliefs you hold. Life proceeds more smoothly from within when you let yourself go forward with that that you hold dearest in heart and highest in mind.

ELYON: I am Elyon, your guide. I am pleased to be again in our gathering. It has been a time of testing for you all to have to place your cherished ideas in a position of vulnerability where you may encounter attack, demeaning. The tearing down of what you hold to be your inner foundation can generate fear. You all exhibit trust in the manner that is free of fear. Your trust is from a background of experience that promotes security, and thereby you are able to face uncertainty. Your trust is not based on the dread of stepping out. It is not the clinging trust, one wherein you hold tight, one wherein you are as a frightened child grabbing tightly to the parent’s leg. The trust you exhibit is one that walks with assurance even though it is dark. Even though the road signs are not legible you know you are proceeding in the way that your Father would lead you.

I am happy indeed, for I see that what unfolds in time to come will bring beneficial results to your growth and development. The need for our restraint so as to not confuse or disorient has greatly lessened. I, as one who has been fused with the Father in me, am experiencing a form of trust that is greatly expanded. Trust with assurance, trust as one who pushes away from the dock and swims out, accepting uncertainty. In your faith, the time period you are in now before your immersion in the Father’s spirit, you will benefit greatly by leaping trustfully. You will hinder yourself if your trust is in the mode of safe guard, preserve, holding back, the idea that all things work well now, that I trust, I dare not change. That is a fear trust.

Be bold. Go forward. God within you is fully capable of directing your growth. Many surround you are as spotters of a trampoline, who care, who will catch you when you fall, and who cheer when you somersault. This is the from of trust I endeavor to amplify in your awareness, that way you will be a little more secure in knowing that you are attaining this supreme level of soul growth. I welcome at this time your feedback. I will allow questions.

Evelyn: Thank you for your comments on trust. In our discussions with our friends who are not interested in the teaching mission, I was trying to encourage them by saying that they are working with the angels of the churches, who sound like they are clingers to truths of the past. Now I’m wondering if that is encouraging them to cling. Maybe that wasn’t wise.

ELYON: You have not erred. The lesson I offer is for you here in your assignment with me. Another may hold steadfast on principle. This is a trust form. I encourage you to recognize when the clinging is here. It is as I would offer now a difference between a static and a dynamic trust. Your assignment is to go forward, to be adventurous, to be at your task, and not disrupt the assignments others are led into fulfilling. Has this been helpful?

Evelyn: Yes, that’s good.

Simeon: It’s good to hear from you. I’m working on trust, and it seems to be expanding though there’s a long way to go. In regards to last night’s comments by Aaron, I need to search out the levels of trust I have. When trust is needed you really see what levels of trust you have. Do you have any pointers on how to gain that higher sense of trust? Thank you for your comments tonight and last Friday.

ELYON: You’re welcome first of all. Trust that you will attain higher levels of trust. To attain that higher level realize the twofold nature of trust. One is security of trust. The risk of trust is what propels you forward. As you feel secure then you feel you trust. When the element of risk is around and about you then your feel trust. This is the higher level that, once attained, is security. And on this goes to the very day that you are in the arms of our Highest Father. Recall from your study, He will even then send you out in to the new realm where trust is required. You have done well to receive and to provide for others what you have taken in from our corp of teachers. It is admirable your progress over these years. It demonstrates well how well you utilize trust. Do you recognize this in yourself?

Simeon: Yes, I have. Thank you for pointing it out.

Evelyn: Jonathan wanted to know who was the source of the notion he received this morning: You have passed the test of Peter in the courtyard.

ELYON: I have watched him wonder all day. He has received an insight but provided his own poetry. It is true that all eyes have been upon you, eagerly observing and assessing the results of your time in the group processes you are undergoing. It is with a cheer that the teachers you all have give forth their glee in realizing that you do not stand down to pressure, you do not wince or worry for embarrassment. This is the actual pattern that has unfolded. The analogy Jonathan dreamt up is a good comparison. May I turn this session over to Malvantra?

MALVANTRA:  Greetings friends. Make note the time has arrived that you will increasingly experience direct and unavoidable and obvious input from your morontia companions in your seemingly mundane affairs. You are now received into the corp of humans who can function with an associate of our realm and not become disturbed. We will move forward, make efforts to allow you to more fully live among us in a conscious and aware sense. It is a privilege to receive this status. It is a goal we have for all mankind. The orphanhood of this planet will end. The adoption has begun. It will in time as years unfold be abnormal to not hear voices, to not feel presence. We are opening, and it is time to celebrate. Thank you for my reception. I am willing to receive your feedback.

Simeon: What you are saying seems so much more relevant. I’m glad for the presence, I feel that they are guiding constantly. I know that in the super-, sub-, or un-conscious there is increasing awareness of the Father Friend……I perceive this evening from your comments the communication we sometimes turn to becomes a part of our everyday experience. I’d like to hear what you have to say. (Much of this question was inaudible.)

MALVANTRA: Absolutely. Long has the guidance been to live as if in the presence of Michael. The goal is to all live in the presence of Michael. There are degrees of faith numerous wherein each individual places themselves in this knowledge. Michael is always here and so are the children he has created. So, it will become greater and clearer in your experience to have these ones so nearby be that much more a part of you, and you are that much more a part of them. You are oriented properly in the recognition of your Father Friend, for this source within you is what allows you to live in truth that you are brothers and sisters. It is not you, it is because all are indwelt.

Evelyn: If we are to become more aware of morontia presences, are you working with our existing senses, or are we to begin to get inklings of our morontia senses?

MALVANTRA: The existing senses are our avenue of approach currently. You will note the results, the answers to your prayers, the apparent synchronicity, the serendipity, the falling into place; these are mental sensibilities. You may feel a tingle, catch us out of the corner of your eye, you may hear from within. You can extend your sense abilities but this is limited to your biological makeup. The sensory extension will have to occur over generation transformations. This way the stability will erase the achieved (?) Have I made clear my response?

Evelyn: I think so. I’d like to say on behalf of all of us that we love you a lot. I see that in Elyon’s message of “be bold”, we really have something to be excited about. We can be bold without any sort of dread at all.

MALVANTRA: Yes, no longer should one be ashamed of representing the truest, the noblest, greatest being of all. You may stand in pride, and I say this cautiously, meaning in a good sense you are happy to be one who recognizes the Father, sees Him about you in your brethren, and are certain you have to share with those who have not gained the trust you are now acquiring.
Second Coming

Daniel: I am working with an assortment of interesting people from differing theological backgrounds. It’s challenging recognizing their quest for the Father. I’m getting this message of the second coming being imminent from many sources other than our own circle. Many are getting teachers that are not from this circle that we are in. They see that something is going to happen soon, I see it as Michael coming. Do you have any comments?

MALVANTRA: This project of reinstating the planet into the good government of Michael is worldwide. You are right in your perception that others are receiving this understanding. We work effort-fully to provide this awareness to the variety of structural patterns existent here, your theology, so that this underlying truth will be acquired. It is our hope that all do understand. It is our hope that you do not fight over your interpretation. I know you know that Michael is here. I recognize that you ask in regards to his obvious presence to the world at large. This is . .(?) as he has told you. It is not known precisely, for he will say when. We are specifically assigned to prepare the way. You have about you millions of John the Baptists saying, “behold(?)” You discern well, my friend.

Daniel: I will work on that for awhile then be more specific.

ELYON: Once again this is Elyon. I am going to close by offering a message to Michael as we all sit here together silent and receptive. Michael, the one who revealed the Father to us all in all manners of life within your domain, we pay our humble respects, we give our deepest love, we reach with all the longing we can muster to be in your presence. We accept the call to bestow this love upon one another, to make real what we comprehend, to attain in full living stature what is real. Always be at our sides, I know you are. Make us increasingly like yourself that we may be all you have called us to be. Thank you for your ready hand that lifts us into Father’s presence. Without you we are not. Be with my young fellows here. Care for them. And again I say I will too. Thank you. Good night to you all.

Group: Good night.

Session 2
May 8, 1994
ELYON: Good day to you, fellow ascenders. This is your teacher, Elyon. I am happy to be here and sharing on a day as wonderful as this one. Days like this are stimulating of our higher spiritual aspirations. They motivate us toward good living. When beauty surrounds it is encouraging to the soul to express the beauty found inside. The universe is filled with music. The love of God rains upon us always. How much more perceivable is this goodness on a day as wonderful as this. I am desirous this day to provide you with a panel of teachers, your guides. I will make them available through your transmitter/receivers. This is my offering today to you.

EVANSON: This is Evanson. It is a good thing, team struggle, to strive toward overcoming the obstacles in your path. There is a great strength developed through this process. You are not alone. You are well cared for. Your obstacle is our obstacle in that I accept my assignment to serve you and willingly approach these difficulties. We are not ones to stand by and wait for you to rise above. That would serve no purpose and waste our time. Know that there is nothing too difficult that you cannot share with us. You are never alone. We will help you face the trials. We may even draw you into the trials knowing full well what you are prepared to endure. Thank you.

STEPHEN: I have taken a step forward to meet with you today to speak with you. My name is Stephen. A sort of confusion occurred to me as to how to proceed. My student left the room. (laughs. Mark had briefly stepped out to put the baby to bed.) It is good to be here with you, and it is joyous to be a part in these steps you choose to go upon . .. I have occasion to be with you in a fashion that uplifts, and you can know that we are as a team, and we progress forward and together.

I applaud and empower you to come forward with your action to be the communicator, the voice which can bring forth common sense and connection within many. Strengthen bonds, strengthen mind and the will, and set outside of your being the material influence to allow expanding spiritually to a level more profound than your gentle and caring nature has seen to this point in time. My love to you. I engage you with my feeling(?)

The Teachers
DARID: Hello, friends. This is Darid. Imagine our concern when we left our training schools and were sent here, how many of us felt insecure, unprepared, dreading what may occur on such a sphere as Urantia, so torn with defeat and failure. Yes, we were well trained by our Melchizedek teachers, and we all have lived as you. But we lacked experience, the background that substantiates hope, that gives support to our goals.

We arrived hoping for acceptance. Then you have welcomed us so well. I see in you the acquirement of this same strength that we gained in our preceding you. Isn’t it exciting to move into unfamiliar experiences and receive rewards unavailable any other way! It is my pleasure to be here and address you all. I look forward to much time ahead and to eventually give you a tour of our schools.

AARON:  Sweet sounds drift along and listen into the silence. Blessed are you who are given this opportunity to achieve, for you have seen and you have heard and in doing so you have… the light and you chose it for yourself. I am Aaron. It is good to be with you, friends. I have seen so much and heard in my short time here. I expect to see you much more. Arms reaching, that is what you are, trying to establish belief in the loving words of God in a form meaning, in a reach that you might use. To accomplish this is indeed righteous. As you have seen the way to follow and in proceeding you establish higher faith levels and enlarged trust. I thank you today for the possibilities you create and look forward to the opportunities. Thank you.

(Some was barely audible.)

HELEN: (Much was lost at the time of transcribing due to technical goof ups. My apologies to Helen and all the readers. From my notes I see she spoke of encouraging those who need encouraging. The greatest service is to reflect reality of spirit, even if that is done wordlessly. Michael is smiling.) Serve as you can and when you can. Look positively towards these opportunities. Know that if you feel burdened or under obligation it is time to assess motive. For all who serve the Father serve willingly. It is good to feel the call, but you need not drag yourself to action. Michael is still smiling. Thank you for being here today.

ELYON: Do you realize that we, too, have our companions to guide and train us? I, Elyon, also have an associate who leads me in my ascension. He hails from the spheres of Salvington and provides me with glimpses of my future, as I seek to attain full status as a Nebadon citizen. You are chosen, all are chosen, to be attended by a friend from a step above. You understand this is not in an exclusive sense. Seek to be a guide to others. In one long chain of love we reach from the outer stretches to the inner sanctuaries of all beings. It is a wonderful experience we are undergoing. Make each day count. There is always time to love, to give and to receive. I bid you farewell.

Session 3
May 15, 1994

ELYON: Hello again, friends, this is Elyon. Let us remain in silence a short while longer. (pause)

ELYON:  Each of us contains a treasure that is beyond description. It is the presence of the Father. It is, as you know, the core of you, and yet it is infinite and unfathomable, having within itself all that is the First Source and Center. This divinity is contactable for it does reside with you, seeks embrace by you. It could not be approached if it were not given to you. The very fact of this presence inside ought to forever displace the idea that God cannot be found. Here is the extended hand of God. Nothing can get in the way of your communion, for there in reality is not anything between this spirit source and your personal deeper self.

Sometimes it may appear that there are many barriers to push aside to reach inward. It is often the case that we who are evolutionary tend to ride on our surface, extended outward into the realm we inhabit, entertained by the curiosity resident in our minds and thereby forget to retract into our core. Make effort to sit within the arena of your soul. Attempt to live the life you have from this vantage point. Hold your identity focus here, and let your mind be a tool rather than your seat.

You are aware of your physical mechanism and that you are not this body. You know that you have full charge of and possess this vehicle and have every right to use it as you wish. Yet you know you are not it. Likewise and somewhat difficult is this same understanding in the mental area. You have all liberty to think as you wish. It is important to know that this mind you have is also a tool, not to be identified with but possessed by you. Having released the grip and allowing yourself to reside within your soul, you are far more able to utilize your two gifts from God, your mind and your physical (body) to work for truth.

It is easy to steer when you do not feel that you are the one being steered. By this I mean you can realize consciously your soul status. You are more able to control the mind and manipulate your body to the ends that you seek that glorify the relationship you have with the Father. When you attain status of one who is morontial, it will become clearer to you the greater gap between your personality, self-hood, and your mind and embodiment. There is a larger distance here than between you and your Divine Source.

It is interesting to note how easily one can extend through mind and how difficult one finds reaching towards the Father, when in reality that is the shorter distance. It is a pattern common to creatures who are ascending, for ascending beings must collect and gather, coordinate, compile, and rise above what is going on all about them and turning over within them. You are reaching for the source, but you work so often within your surroundings.

When I behold a descender I observe such anchorage, such stability, It is as if they stand on Paradise wherever they are. Their natural motion is from within to their surroundings. It inspires me for the attainment of the goal we all long for; to be so at home with the Father that we always can release His light and love. This is our challenge for ages to come.

Stillness, Divinity
ELYON:  Many techniques are offered throughout your civilizations to help in the inward turn(?) but lastly it is simply turning of will, an orientation that you may easily make, as if you were to walk up to a chair, see it, walk around it observing its many angles, its construction, color. You may approach and analyze, touch this chair in many, many ways. But simply to sit in that chair and take on its perspective, look out from its location is an experience that transcends the observation or any approach described by another to reach it. It is nothing like being there. Realize this and, I must confess, it is another tool to help in your realization that you are able to sit in the seat with the Father and look outward from His location.

It is not wrong to study this divinity that surrounds the Adjuster fragment, that describes Him. But it is most important to occupy the same coordinates that is the Father fragment within you. By doing so you will receive transformation that opens up unlimited possibilities, creates potentials here before unrealizable. It sets into motion events which will carry you far into the distant future and deeper into the reality of deity. Your source is your destiny, one and the same. Hold in your eye the perspective that you are this source, and you will find great ease of receiving and being what you hope for.

ELYON: I am grateful for your attendance and the opportunity to express what has been for me the greatest event in my life; being embraced and fused into one with God. It defies description. It will not be long for any of you. Do not dislike your condition. Cherish your current standing, for it is a but a small fraction of the timeline of your life. Great is the span of your existence wherein you and the Father are one. Your pre-fusion status will be a tiny, tiny aspect of your entirety. I rejoice in the recognition of your progress and of your recognition of your progress. It is thrilling to watch you all growing up and learning to walk. I am here to receive your questions as well this day.

Mary: It takes a minute to come down from that. It was a very inspiring lesson. I’m coming into a realization of the mind gift that I have been given, it is something I have been thinking about. I appreciate the assistance you have given me to move me forward, to appreciate its uses, directing thought. (some inaudible)

Mind, Stillness
ELYON: Thank you. The mind is wonderful. It is observed by many of us to our humorous delight how the mind functions in animal beings. Much time is spent as if you were entangled in sheets, grappling, struggling to gain control, feeling overwhelmed. But you can and will gain control and hold this sheet out in front of you, and be able to wave it around to make it move in any way you wish as time goes on. It is a great tool, it is a living tool. And like your hedges it needs to be groomed and taken care of, for it can grow wildly without your maintenance.

Mary: I appreciate your guidance on how to grow toward the Father Fragment. The distance between the Father and us doesn’t exist in reality. I appreciate the reminder that as we get a hold of this tool what uses to put it to.

Evelyn: With better mind control, will our memories also sharpen?

ELYON: This is true for when your mind is subservient to your will, you are able to clearly receive information you house as memory, your experience. To return to my analogy of the sheets, it is easier to recall what you do as you straighten, as you move this fabric about, you have a clear picture. But when tangled, wrapped up, tied up, it becomes confusing just what is going on. Your memory becomes . ..(?) clogged up by emotions, frustrations, that by their unpleasantness tend to fade faster.

So, you have a storehouse memory that resides in your soul identity. This is a very lasting source of your history and contains far more vivid and vastly more important accounts of your life than are patterns that are held in the mind. As time unfolds your mind can be like an unwrinkled sheet, clear enough to allow the impressions of life to pass forward to your soul and for your soul to reflect through the mind to light(?). Has this been helpful?

Evelyn: Yes, I really enjoy your descriptions and feel that I have a very tangled sheet. I want to ask how do we do all these things? But I anticipate you’ll say, “seek the stillness”. I’m willing to be patient knowing what the outcome will be. You say the memories fade because they are unpleasant. It seems like the most vivid memories are the unpleasant ones, maybe because I dwell on them too much.

ELYON: You are correct, and I would add to your understanding that stillness with the Father is most beneficial. Let me recall to you is that my lesson today on sitting in the seat of your soul, of the Father, is a way to gain control of your mind. You can practice this by simply saying to yourself as you are involved in your daily activities, “I am here in my soul realm with the Father, and I am reaching out through my life, my mind, my body.” You will notice an ability to work with your bits and pieces better simply by shifting your attitude in this way. It will become easier in time, for, as I have said, the more distance you have from Paradise in your life makeup makes it easier to be distracted and reside in the external.

The unpleasant memories are simply scars in the patterns of mind. When you observe a physical scar it appears to stand out, and yet there is a large area of wellness surrounding it. It seems to fall to the background when the attention is on the scar. Your unpleasant memories can fade away as you observe how much pleasant memory resides around it. Do you have more to say?

Evelyn: I was thinking that even the scar is new growth and evidence of healing. It’s just the black dot on the white background.

ELYON: Good observation about the new growth. I will use that later. It is true that one grows as well through falling and hurting as much as through the wonderful, uplifting times.

ELYON: I would choose to comment on your conversation regarding honesty. I perceive that you grasp well the significance of honesty and the application with others when seeking to discern the limits of your expression. Consider that honesty is the value of honor. When you are honest it is because you highly regard what is truth. You honor it. It is valuable…(tape flipped).. as you hold truth in this regard you are motivated to express this.

If you can compare your urges to express yourself with the value you place on truth and your love for your fellows, you will better understand when you are honoring truth in expressing, or if you honor truth by remaining silent, allowing time to pass for the recognition to come to another later. It is a challenge, one that can be difficult to deal with when your chemistry is flowing, and you are tangled in the sheets. However, it may be helpful for you to think of your honesty as honoring truth and allowing it to manifest for its greater comprehension. Any comments?

Mary: It is instructive to think of having to decide whether speaking out in truth will be more useful in accomplishing the goal of the moment or keeping quiet. This has been helpful for me in thinking about speaking in a group.

ELYON: It is something all deal with. It is part of what creates challenge for us who are helping you, for we weigh what to reveal and what not to reveal. Holding back can seem deceptive when in reality it is the best way to allow you to receive at the proper time. I have been willing to give more than I have but refuse if I can discern it would not be of best interest to you all. I have seen your frustrations. It is a challenge we all face.

Mary: If you handed us the sheet all smoothed out and unwrinkled it would not be nearly as good for us as untangling it for ourselves.

ELYON: It is true. When the sheet is handed folded it soon is disheveled again.

Mary: We would trip all over it! It must look pretty humorous from your perspective.

ELYON: It is enjoyable and one of the factors that attracted me to this process. Long has it been since I was in your state. It is as a grandfather that I serve with pleasure, and my ability to allow you to go about your way is more as a grandfather. Your Thought Adjuster is far more parental than I. I get to derive pleasure being with you, offering myself to you. But as you know we have our separate paths we share at this time. The Father within is very invested in you. He wants to see you go through college.

ELYON: I will release you at this time. I encourage you to attempt to apply our discussion this week by living with the focus that you are your inner being, your personality, your soul [[self[[]], and that that element of you is anchored in your Adjuster. See how well that affects your living, your mind, your actions]]. We can take up the discussion, your observations, later. I will withdraw.

Group: Good bye. Thanks for coming.

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