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KNA3- Kona Collection, Part I Sessions 53-70

1992-11-01-Kona Collection, Part I Session 53-70
Kona #3 


01/11/1993 thru 01/19/1993


1 Heading – o 1.1 Topic: Kona Collection, Part 1 – o 1.2 Group: Kona TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: SigEl, Norson, Michael, the Guide, Landor, Ham, Andrew, Thought Adjuster, One Without Name and Number, LorEl, Alfana
o 2.2 TR: Sonny, Judy, Jerry, Greg, David Saunders, Pati
• 56 Session 53 – o 56.1 Lesson –  56.1.1 Light and Life
• 57 Session 54 – o 57.1 Lesson
• 58 Session 55 – o 58.1 Lesson
• 59 Session 56 – o 59.1 Lesson –  59.1.1 Love
• 60 Session 57 – o 60.1 Lesson –  60.1.1 Peace
• 61 Session 58 – o 61.1 Lesson
• 62 Session 59 – o 62.1 Lesson
• 63 Session 60 – o 63.1 Lesson
• 64 Session 61 – o 64.1 Lesson
• 65 Session 62 – o 65.1 Lesson –  65.1.1 Blessing
• 66 Session 63 – o 66.1 Lesson –  66.1.1 Experience
• 67 Session 64 – o 67.1 Lesson –  67.1.1 Urantia, Spirit of Truth
• 68 Session 65 – o 68.1 Lesson
• 69 Session 66 – o 69.1 Lesson –  69.1.1 Abundance
• 70 Session 67 – o 70.1 Lesson –  70.1.1 Light
• 71 Session 68 – o 71.1 Lesson –  71.1.1 Balance
• 72 Session 69 – o 72.1 Lesson –  72.1.1 Chakras –  72.1.2 Prayer
• 73 Session 70 -o 73.1 Lesson –  73.1.1 Names
• 74 Note

Topic: Kona Collection, Part 1
Group: Kona TeaM Kona #3
Teacher: SigEl, Norson, Michael, the Guide, Michael, Landor, Ham, Andrew, Thought Adjuster, One Without Name and Number, LorEl, Alfana
TR: Sonny, Judy, Jerry, Greg, David Saunders, Pati

Session 53
Light and Life
We are with you as you are with us. We are here to work together toward the success of our project, Michael’s plan for Urantia’s upliftment into the preliminary stage of rapid spiritual enhancement. Light and Life days have begun. Do not question this reality, it is daily unfolding in front of you, and very much is happening that as yet you cannot see.

Trust that our accomplishments are ongoing in all quarters. You are performing your assignment as we pray and expect. We are pleased that this is so readily a joyful experience for you, this is as it should be, this is how it is with us, and we are able to share the uplifting rewards with each other as you do with your team of enthusiastic coworkers. It is a most important undertaking, which is being fed from on high in ways we have never before experienced.

These emanations and contacts are not like anything you have previously encountered. It is most satisfying, it is anything but ordinary, and it is a lifting of darkness in ways with which we are not familiar. It is truly exciting to be out on the borders of Michael’s creation, working enjoyably on his plans concerning the corrections so needed and prayed for on your planet.

Your march through space is being watched by the many sons and daughters of his vast domain, they too are receiving upliftment from these experiences we are in the midst of accomplishing. Yes, there is great joy in all creation as a result of the unselfish efforts in which you mortals are engaged in the actualizing of the plans for the planet now in progress.

Be about your duties, wade into your Father’s work without hesitation, with the same enthusiasm and confidence you have shown in the past. Do this with the power, intention and the love that your onetime brother in the flesh, Jesus lived and enjoyed. There will never occur any doubt as regards the validity and perfect timing of this performance. We love you and join you in everything that is here and now being done in Michael’s domain.

Session 54
Greetings. Tonight I wish to tell you how happy we are that you are all pursuing your meditation so diligently. Much growth will result from your persistent dedication to the worshipful and communion with the Father. Reach out to your fellows and help them get started on the path to the Father.

Session 55
Jan 12, 1993
Unseen Friend: Hello, We are here. Welcome. We have been waiting. All goes well as usual. This is due to all of your group trying so very hard to be about our Father’s business. Our thanks to all, and you too! There is much growth taking place. It is good to see you all trying so hard. Keep up the great work and all will continue to proceed as hoped. Many teachers are here and ready.

Remind all to continue to meditate and find the stillness, so that we may touch bases with them/you all. Tell all your brothers and sisters to keep studying their lessons. This will provide much growth and pleasure. This is best for now. Soon there will be other more demanding assignments, such as helping with Michael’s mission on a larger scale.

This will include disseminating the teachings to others who will come along as a result of events that are soon planned. You will know more soon. So study now that time is available. This will be of much help later. It will build your confidence.
Know you are loved very much. Feel this in your heart, feel this in your soul, feel this in your life.

Know, not all things can be revealed to you as free will choice is yours and yours alone in your personal matters. True, we do guide you, but you must want to go where we guide you for that guidance to work out for you. So seek for your inner guidance, your Thought Adjuster for information and direction in your personal affairs. No one else knows you better or loves you more. Does this help?

Sonny: Yes, thank you.

Unseen Friend All is well, seek for your Father always. Doubt not that all is going well, for it is! Relax, feel comforted, we love you. And this love of ours is eternal. We understand your personal dilemmas and pray for you.

Sonny: Thank you.

It is our pleasure. You are our friend and fellow corps member. Doubt this not. You are one of us. The Family of God! This is eternal, this is infinite. We will always love you. We will always be with you. We will always help you along the bright pathway to our Father.

The light will shine on all. All will be given their light of truth. Each of you will have to make a choice. For you this will be easy, for others more dilemmas are necessary. Yet all will have a chance to choose the Father’s way. None will be lost by accident. All are guided if they desire our help. Fear not for anyone. Pray for any you are concerned about. This can only help. Hope for everyone to come to know these truths, for this will someday happen.

Each one will decide when they are ready. This is their free will. We are ready anytime. Love everyone to the best of your abilities and no more can be asked of you except to enjoy this process and share the light heartiness you feel. Laughter is a great medicine, so lighten up for best results. Share your joys and laughter, and all will see clearly the truth of our words. We leave you now for awhile. Don’t forget to smile.

Session 56
I will speak to you of Love. Love is spiritual power emanating from the First Source and Center. Love is an energy and pattern unlike any other displayed throughout the whole of our Master Universe. Love builds strength in those through whom it passes, Love heals all ills, Love refreshes and renews as it is accepted into your heart.

Love accomplishes its purposes and more than this, Love multiplies itself when it is used; the capacity of the well from which your personal love springs expands. Love is more than a healing, more than a renewing, more than a permeating, uplifting, wonderfully fulfilling, incomparably satisfying expression of Divinity, Love is the essence of the feeling that our great Creator provides and perpetuates in perfection to all who wish to share this great blessing.

As you each seek to share this freely given gift, this most powerful, magnanimous projection of Divine affection will increase ever more. You are literally flooded with abundance as you attempt to shower your brothers and sisters with love.
Love attracts unto itself those who sincerely search for those with whom they may share their Love.

To accept this offering of strength and sustenance is also a signal that you are willing, more than willing, yes, filled with a burning passion to pass this love on to the many whose hunger you perceive as needing your very love to move them on to greater places of understanding, renewing and likewise sharing their multiplication of this all encompassing and personal display of the Father’s presence in their lives.

As God works in mysterious ways, love works and penetrates into the most dense darkness, disappearing any trace of doubt or disbelief into the all consuming light of its presence. We, you and I, and every living growing perfecting personality would be completely without meaning or purpose, would be completely at a lost end without this all important quality of God’s great outpouring of Himself.

It is His sharing of love that makes Him the greatest. It is your sharing of Him, your sharing His love that leads you into a likeness of His greatness. As you strive and work and practice the duplication of this most powerful, most necessary, most cherished gift being constantly given by God, you become more like the gift and more like the Giver.

I love you, we love you, God loves you. Go now, share your limitless share. Consciously share your God likeness. Love and be loved.

Session 57
January 13, 1993
NORSON: Greetings, I am Norson. It is good to sit and write. You do need more confirmation and it is fine that you take it easier in your pursuits. The way is not easy but so filled with the rewards of love and joy returned for your efforts. Have faith, my little child, you are in need of more and more of time to feel the fruition of this plan in your heart. It is there. The times ahead are filled with your longings for more growth and it will come.

NORSON:  Greetings, I am Norson. Love, I keep telling you of love. Love for yourself is also needed. Feel the spark of divinity within your soul. Do you not love this entity? Blend yourself with this and have faith that you are ever guided to become one with Him. Love this part of yourself and you will better love and understand yourself. You have what is needed to fulfill your destiny.

It is undeniable. We see it. Have faith. Your are destined to become a great teacher because it is your desire. Unite yourself with Him who leads you and have courage that the path he leads you on is the one for you. Each day you grow in your awareness and knowledge. You are but a child but one with the desire necessary (and that alone is what you need) to become mature in the leadings of doing the Father’s will.

Keep opening your heart to us. You do.
Aloha sister. You are doing well. We are here for you. The future holds great joy and abundance. Seek your friends and lift up their hearts. Only have time for what is needed and your time will be filled. The lessons we will bring will deal with great harmony for every one. Peace is yours. Count your blessings.

The windows of his mansions shine the light, your windows do as well. Open your windows and let all the feelings of your heart out. Seek to know your Father in others. Lift them up by acknowledging the purest motives of their hearts and bring to them more acknowledgment of His desires for his children to live His love and peace in their lives.

HAM: Good day, my friend. The lesson is on peace. Peace for you is what you would have in every moment of your life. The glories of this task are sweet fruits that require much dedication for the planter of these seeds. Simple and true is this dedication to bearing these luscious fruits. Sweet is their fragrance, in the lives of those who choose His way.

Great are the tasks for you but joyful is the time. Lift up your heart and imagination. Have courage for the truth. It shines in all the lives of your friends. Un-bendable is the reality of His love. Strong is the heart of the courageous men who grab on to the hope of new ages of light. Great is the need. We will bring you all you desire and more. Go about each day with complete assurance of the plan and your part in the unfolding of love to be offered to all.

Michael loves you. He reaches out to you and desires your hand. He is there for you. His peace surrounds you at all times. Rejoice that the days ahead hold new levels of hope and understanding and growth for us all. You do well. Your mind is ever diligent but gracious in its desires to remain pure. Lift up your happy face. It shines! What a glorious task we have taken upon us.

We delight in you and those beside you for the Father has marked you for this. He knows of the capacities and probabilities of each of you. Together we will conquer new grounds of enlightenment to be shared by those who would want to listen and be uplifted. Your part is not in the uplifting so much as in the planting the seeds of desire. Openings which you have made in people close to your lives are well rewarded for their lives are sure to be enriched with new truths and desires. My friend, I can tell you of the path, you must walk the steps.

Session 58
Jan. 13, 1993
Hello, Thank you for your openness. We are happy to commune with you again so soon. All is well, is it not? You are starting to live in the light of love energy more often then not now and it will continue until it is all consuming if you are willing to proceed in this process of God finding and Son serving. Michael is pleased to have you involved, and sends you His aloha and blessings.

All is proceeding quickly and well with Michael’s plans. There are many to be served and much of human will to deal with, so many have to be adjusted to evolve needed events. So you see, patience is realized as a necessity on many levels of reality.

Soon you will see things that will amaze you. True, amazing things are now happening within your personal group. We are expecting worldwide recognition of our mission soon. This will be accomplished in a most amazing way. Look for this to happen soon, yet be not apprehensive or fearful, it will be a joyous event for all of you and us too. Enough said for now.

[[followed by a lesson on speaking out loud.]]

When you speak the lesson, there is much to learn. There is much to do. These lesson will help you to learn and to do. Each lesson is designed to be multi-faceted. To be of use to you the student who is communicating, and also to use for all others who have a wish to learn from this method.

By living in the truth of these lessons, you will be forwarding the mission of Michael. You will be about your Father’s business. This I know is your greatest desire. Life of course is busy, so it takes much time. But this desire can fill in around that, to consume all of your extra time, for this will be best for you. Do not hesitate to be about this business. Do not hesitate to try to love all you come in contact with, in this new way, in these new instructions, in the way the Father would wish you to love, to be about His business.

We will guide you, we will help you, we will help you if that is your will for us to help you. You will not go far astray. Just listen to your inner voice. Listen to it well. Listen to it closely. It is getting louder now. It is getting more discernible. You all are getting more discerning in your ability to tune into this spiritual message, the message from your unseen helpers.

Help us. Help us spread this news. Help us be about Michael’s plan to bring this planet to life and light. To bring each and everyone of you into the understanding that you are the children of the Most High, the Universal Father. Our Father of light and life.

Session 59
UNKNOWN: Just let your fingers type the words that come into your head. Computers are powerful tools for you to use. It is good that you are so willing to try to proceed with this work. This is a good attempt and as you see we can relay very quickly our lessons. Do not worry about the letters. If you can master this technique you will be doing good. Alfana is here!

ALFANA: Greetings sister. You wish to have me give you a lesson on companionship between a male and a female. One of the more interesting subjects, I might say! You certainly have struggled with it, it’s been a valiant struggle. You possess the truth and as your light shines and grows brighter so will your truth and the truth of all your sisters.

You must carry on the struggle and you must admit you are having quite a good time doing it! Do not doubt these words-I am Alfana of whom you’ve heard spoken. I am here with you to teach, to prepare you to instruct these teachings. You are, of course, part of the plan. We wish to utilize your expression of our teachings, much good will result from that. Particularly in the realm of relationships between a man and a woman and men and women overall. You are definitely being led. You are much loved and we are always with you.

Practice more patience and be willing to spend the TIME; it will take time. The potential outcome of the path you are choosing should result in a magnificent array of heavenly fruits. Your light is reaching some places that have a great need of your light-yes, your light. You are that unique-you are that worthy. Continue to shine in ALL you do, you know what I mean! Aloha.

Session 60
That was very fulfilling, was it not?

David: Oh, yes yes yes.

UNKNOWN: This is a part of the new connection to aid the reception; increasing the magnitude of love energy with which you are filled, that you may share with all. You are beginning to visualize, to see the trinity effect as it flows from Father through Michael through you and others, finally returning back to the Source. This is not something new, though it is in your visual experience. I am most pleased that you now “see” this multiplicity in action within yourself.

I know this is reassuring and the sharing of this will increase the assurance and faith strength within each of your brothers and sisters who are near you in growth. All this is, is spirit growing. Growth in the spirit is becoming our attitude, it is our direction. It is our ongoing perfecting of spirit which to you is the perfection of self needed to reach our goal of oneness of being.

You are ever being made aware of all that you need to accomplish each day’s effective realization, actual discernible new growth evolving from the potentials long resident within. Yes, it is exciting that this is happening, exciting for me and most rewardingly exciting for you. Of course, this is joy producing as well as love attracting. So much overflowing love floods you, it cannot be contained, it spills over, emanating from your heart in wave like simulations which will be felt by all with whom you share. Michael is here with us in this wonderful moment of participation of growing in unison.

Session 61
January 14, 1993
[[Pati is the TR for Norson, David is asking the questions.]]

David: Well, first of all, Norson I know that each of us down here that are part of this active, working group, we know and feel that we are part of this plan and you are a part of this plan. What are the things that you might suggest that we activate as a group to be most helpful at this time, at this juncture, on the Big Island, what shall we Do?

NORSON: Getting together as friends is helpful and also spending time sharing one another’s fears and discomfort about the processes you are going through as well as sharing the times of love that you understand to be a part of your process. You can spend time together individually or as a group in addition to your TR meetings. If you wish, you can spend time with the children and share some of the teachings with them, as well as giving each other understanding and compassion for those things you feel you don’t understand or are afraid will happen.

Have compassion for each other at this time. You are at the beginning and there are tender moments to be gentle with and not to be misunderstood for weakness. Thank you for asking this question. There will be a fuller answer to come but not right at this moment.

David: Ah, we’re all just kind of curious, I’ve worded the question “Do we have at this time a temporary or permanent teacher assigned to us, or are you alone running our group activities at this time?

NORSON: Yes, indeed I am in charge of your group activities at this time. You will be sent two more teachers that will work with you individually as well as speak to you within the group. It will be just a short while before this time comes, we still have many of you in preparation. As for the coming of a new director of your group, I will be partaking in most of your activities although not all of the time.

Eventually, I will have less of a function of receiving your questions and giving you the transmissions, for the teachers will take over partly in this matter. For request of teachers names, this will become available fairly soon, and Andrew may be one of your visitors that will come to introduce himself as well as SigEL continuing in his communications with Judy and also perhaps with Pati. Any other questions?

David: Yes, in some of my writings and I’m not sure where it is coming from, but at one point it seems to say that because I have a strong heart and have some other qualities that one of my duties is to be for the TRs, to hold them together, to reassure them from this side. Is that how you see it?

NORSON: Yes, you will continue to encourage the one on one transmissions which is very helpful for clarification as well as support in the continuing of the process. You will also be an emotional support that will be crucial for the continuing of the process, as well as seeing through the completion of the mission, of the assignments.

David: Thank you. Still a a little bit more that I’d like to have cleared up about the TR meetings with the teachers. I have the feel, or it has been sort of working around this way, that our group in a sense will be a little bit smaller and held with a different format, the format that is coming to me is out of the teachings of Welmek where he says to his group that it would be good for the T/R’s and those present to clear questions first, then go into the teaching, and when transmissions stop, we have discussion among ourselves and relate about what is happening. Is this a good plan?

NORSON: Yes, in order to continue with a format that will be workable for your group, I suggest that you do meditation first holding hands and then request if any teachers would like to speak to you and give you guidance for that particular evening. You may request your teachers at this time to give you information on what it is that you need to be doing in your group meetings that evening. You may also afterward, be with each other in such a way that you share your feelings as well as transmissions you have received. Emotional support at this time can be crucial to hold the group together for there is a certain tenderness involved at the beginning when the sprout is starting to grow.


David: Do you have anything that you personally would like to share with Pati and I at this time?

NORSON: No, there does not seem to be any issue at hand that is of great importance, although we would like to share that it is important to keep the communication lines open, at all times if possible, and release your fears of being absorbed in this project, for it is truly of greatest importance at this time to forward this mission with ease and expediency.

We would like to share that in order for your teachers to come through more clearly, you may wish to increase your meditation time to 20 minutes without receiving transmissions. This will assist you in your connection with the Father and allow you to better share Him with others; you will be crating a center within yourself that holds a well for this love. It will not be a stagnant well but one that will be the continual flowing of the in-river and the out…and the in

Pati: I’m getting a picture of the buckets coming up.

David: I have no way of knowing whether you were present at my meditation the other day that I had not visions, but put together pictures that showed me a Trinity between the First Source and Center, our Michael Son and myself. Myself at that time I felt to be one with my Adjuster and that it was ah, I felt a connection, a new connection for me, new in my experiences, not new for my Adjuster, and that this was a connection of love. Could you perhaps elaborate?

NORSON: Ah yes, you’re making it a bit more complicated than it really is. There were angels present that were giving you a gift of this vision. At that time you were able to have a taste of what vision is, what you will be able to see. Expand on this and you will eventually be able to witness our presence. This is a good step in your process.

David: Thank you. We really really really thank you. I wonder at myself sometimes because the excitement is so great and yet it is as though I’m very calm about it. Ah . . it’s new. We truly thank you for all your efforts in working with us. We still can’t get over that this is happening. Our doubts are not really present, we are just getting over the fact that THIS IS HAPPENING to us. Our thanks goes all the way up the line to the Father, we don’t want to leave anybody out. We are overjoyed, we’re continually pumped up. Thank you.

NORSON: You are very welcome, and we do love you very much and support you in all of your endeavors. Know that we care and that we bring the Father’s love and we will truly always be with you here and beyond. We bid you farewell and invite you to visit, to be with us again some time soon. Farewell.

Session 62
UNKNOWN: Blessings.
In times of darkness, in times of doubt, when dealing with despair, count your blessings, they are nearly without number. If you were able to recall the many times you were steeped in tears, the painful encounters with life’s terrible trials, difficult decisions and seemingly endless experiences of sorrow and suffering, you will remember, or at least you can now recognize, these have all dissolved been replaced by joyful enlightening’s which raised your outlook to a point beyond the reach of pain. At that time you may not have made a conscious effort to recount your abundant blessings, but deep in the reservoir of mind recollections, it was clear that no real (permanent) damage had been done. Most certainly nothing had occurred which could interrupt the continuous flow of God’s love.

Love is your greatest blessing. Love is an un-interruptable rushing river which helps usher in all the other great gifts you have been given. This is undeniable. Surely you must recognize all these wonderful happenings. It is true, in the midst of your moments of sadness, you rarely realize anything else, but before long, as you overcome this state of un-remembering who you are, an awareness of your true self begins to shine within, the darkness dissipates and the fears disappear.

Count your blessings, recount them and feel their resilient power lift you from the mire of self doubt and self deception. Recall their fullness and beauty. The more you examine the bounty of blessings resident in your heart, the higher you soar in confidence.

Blessings are like the steps on the stairway to heaven, as you accept them, use them, make them yours, they lift you over the dark chasms of uncertainty into the bright and beautiful skies of lightness and truth.

Your world Urantia and some of the more recently evolving spheres in this system have undergone deep deprivations which lead to chaos and confusion rather than unrestricted communication and clarity. These conditions have changed, each of the previously darkened planets are rapidly receiving the blessings which have so long been prayed for and prepared for the changes now being experienced.

Begin to trust, begin to believe, begin to know that these blessings of change will soon overcome all the residual evils and ignorance that so long reigned and wrought ruin in the lives of the unsuspecting inhabitants of your Earth. You can count on us to enhance and increase all of your blessings; in truth and reality, we are among your blessings, count us as a blessing, rely on us to be ever faithful to help teach and guide you throughout your Universe career.

We will help you achieve your most difficult challenges as though they were nearly non-existent. Use your blessings as fuel. Fire away every last holding grip which attempts retard your un-retardable growth in spirit. We love you.

Session 63
UNKNOWN: You can bring much happiness into the lives of others by reaching out to them and sharing with them those things which have been meaningful to you in your experience. All real learning comes from experience, primarily from our own experience, but we can be challenged and inspired by the experiences of others, and learn from them also. We can love and receive love only to the extent that we are willing to share our experience – “who we really are” – with another. We are a product of our experiences and our decisions shape our experience.

Only by respecting the uniqueness and individuality of each person can we realize the goal of the spiritual unity and brotherhood of all beings. There is much work to be done to realize this ideal in the experience of the inhabitants of Urantia. As a teacher you can be most effective by illustrating your lessons in terms of your own experience, or in terms of the experience of your students.

Let the love of God flow through you to all those around you. Share this love and your experiences of God freely with your fellows. We can minister to you, but only you (the planetary mortals) can change the world by the power of your individual choices. Replace hate with love, and fear with self discipline, and rejoice in your destiny and the opportunities of this life in the flesh.

Embrace the angels and spirit helpers around you with the love energy in your hearts, and feel the loving embrace of Michael’s’ (Jesus’) Spirit around you.

Session 64
Jan. 16, 1993- The Focus Upon Urantia
Urantia, Spirit of Truth
UNKNOWN: I am here. Begin to write. We will transmit to you now. All goes well. We enjoyed the Urantia Book meeting last night. You read our teachings well and they were well received by all there. I know this pleases you, and know it also pleases us to no end. Be at peace in your heart for we will be continuing to transmit through you. All will be helped by this process, so know that you are appreciated for this work. Tell all that soon Michael’s plan will shine brightly upon Urantia. All will recognize this shining.

All the love of the worlds will soon be focused on your home planet of Urantia. Many beings throughout Nebadon will be praying for your world all at one time. The energy of love that this will generate will bring much light and life here. This will be the start of a new epoch, the age of light and life. Expect this to happen as soon as all preparations are made ready. Yes, this will be very exciting and an amazing time to behold. You will all feel this love energy.

You will all know that this is happening. Yes, it will be something like the coming of the Spirit of Truth 2000 years ago, but much more universal in the recognition by all. We will continue to prepare you for this time. You will be ready. You all will be ready if you continue to study and seek the stillness. We will ask you to be about our Father’s business as usual for now. The time will come when we ask more of you.

Love one another. Continue to share our teachings without fear. Expect the best to happen, for it will! We leave you for now. Peace and love.

Session 65
Jan. 17,1993.
UNKNOWN: Greetings: Welcome. We are glad you are here. All the love in your heart is now directed to me. Thank you. I love you too! I hope we can keep this process flowing in this positive direction. Do not worry to much about your personal problems. They will clear like fog in the bright light of day. We know you will succeed. Just keep up the stillness practice, and encourage others to do the same.

Continue to help us by reaching out for others. Let everyone know of our mission. Some will believe, others will come when they are ready. All in good time. You will receive help. You plant the seed, we will help it grow. Don’t forget to pray also for those who need guidance. This will help the most!

All of God’s children will be saved. None will be lost. All will feel the love that is theirs for just the asking. An opening is all that is needed. So help them to desire this opening, help everyone to open their hearts to our Father. You will be of most good if you allow this truth to come forth from you more often. Overcome your fears and just allow it to flow from you. Know that this will work more often then you now think it will. Just allow it! All goes well.

This is not a game. Many will be helped by this mission. The planet will be helped by this mission. Your help is needed. Slack not. Keep up the good work. You are a valuable member of this team. Know it, believe it, and do it. You will be helped. Doubt not.

Session 66
UNKNOWN: Greetings. My lesson tonight is on abundance. To those whom much has been given, much will be asked. The greater the depth of your experience, the more useful you are to the Kingdom. And what an honor it is indeed to serve our great and loving Father in Heaven. Nothing will be asked but what is given willingly.
In the cosmic perspective, wealth/poverty – pleasure/pain -etc. in this life are of little consequence in and of themselves. The only real value is in the decisions of the individual and how the mortal reacts to the circumstances at hand – how they affect your spiritual growth.

Our Father has abundant love for all His children and through realization of this love will come the end of cruelty and deprivation on your world.
This then is your greatest and most urgent mission :
To spread the love of God and bring about the realization of the brotherhood of man on Earth.

We are working hard to bring this about. How long this will take is not up to us but depends on the decisions of the peoples of your world, but that day will come and the bloodshed and suffering will come to an end.

Fear of losing the “material abundance” which you have grown accustomed to will greatly retard your ability to let go of your own will and to embrace the will of the Father.

You must trust that all will be well and let go of your fears and act on the truths you have come to know but have only haltingly put into action in your life.

The will of the Father is the best possible outcome for all, even if pain or discomfort result in the short run, in the long run the best of all possible outcomes awaits you. Trust in your Father, have no fear, there is an abundance of joy in serving God and your fellow men.

Session 67
MICHAEL?: Good Morning My beloved.
You please me in your renewed efforts to join in the activities so near at hand. I ever watch and wait on you to open yourself, opening your mind, opening your heart to my leadings. You may perceive this to be a rather slow process. In truth it is not, it is exactly right for you. I give you this assurance in answer to your doubts, to help eliminate the doubts which yet drift in and out of our time together. Fear not that these negative thoughts can have any real life existence. They dissolve and disappear in the clear light of spirit insight. They are but an illusory figment of imagination which acts as a temporary block which has no power except that which you give it.

Remain still, feel my light flood you, free yourself of everything which might attempt cloud the clearness which I share with you. Know that doubt is not real, it does not exist other than as an unclear thought not yet resolved. Be patient with yourself. Seek gently to awaken in my presence unencumbered with this residual denial of your true worth.

You are human, you are at the beginning of spiritual growth. Recognition of your imperfections is necessary before you are able to achieve the changes which you desire, the changes I have long ago initiated in you. Do not hesitate to seek further help in this pursuit. Ask for aid from brothers and sisters whose experience in these matters is greater than your own. Learn from them what they are most willing to share. Learn from them that which they have slowly developed and now use in a more efficient way than that with which you are as yet familiar.

Everything here is ready for you, I am ever ready for you to join me in this adventure, but know now that there is no rush, there is only time, good time, sufficient time, even perfect time for all this to be made real in your life, made one in our life together.

Doubt not that the doubts disappear, they are not real, they are imaginary, have no substance, no true means of remaining in your mind, unless you empower them to have this hold on you. Release these doubts and fears into my light with the full assurance they will become non-existent. They have no life within them. They are as the shadows which disappear in the dawn of each new day.

Awaken now. This is your new day, your hour has come to be filled with the light of life. It is yours for the willing. It is yours forever.
I love you.

Session 68
January 18, 1993
NORSON: Greetings, I am Norson. I come to you today with fond greetings. You are becoming used to my power and it is good. Often one can become entangled in the process and loose the messages. You have seen. Let your mind relax and reach into your heart, the place of your Father. You may continue later.

Your lesson is on balance. Balancing the pursuits of life are initially all encompassing. Youth holds many lessons for you as the pressures of life are almost overwhelming. As one grows in the harmony and pursuits of a more spiritual nature the longings for material rewards lessen and thereby one is drawn to let the balance of ones desires to be weighed in the direction of growth. This is easily understood by you.

The balancing is of such a nature for your developmental stage that much faith and patience is required to fill the harmony of your goals. In this you will see opportunities to draw lines of delicate feelings in your book of life. Read into your pages the timely lessons which balance the everyday pressures of your life. These lessons for you include what is required of you to walk the balanced life of service and love to your fellows.

Draw the pictures of compassion, silence, reflectivity, knowing, desire, patience, timing, listening, helping, hoping, sincerity, privilege of friendship, and renewed zest for challenges of ministry. The goals of reaching out to your fellows must balance with the common place needs of life. The rest, study, stillness and of course the recognition of that Father Fragment that leads each partner of humanity into their own path of desire and ability to see what is asked of them.

The whole does exceed the parts but each part balances the whole. Balance yourself with hope and sincerity of purpose. Feel the oneness of yourself and bring your own needs to others in that you show them what it is you are about. By asking for assistance in understanding one is led to serve and much may be brought into balance; emotions, desires, timing, and attunement with our Father’s will.

Let go of impatience. It is a weed that will choke out the growing of your flowers of delicate array. Only by balancing the time about you can one be assured of a garden of irresistible aroma. Thank you. I love you. Aloha.

Session 69
Mon. 1/18/93 (noon)
NORSON: Aloha and greetings from Norson and friends. We have come to wish you well and are glad that you continue receiving our transmissions. Today we come and speak to you of the love you have been sharing with one another. We are glad that this is increasing and hope you will continue to share your friendship. We thank you all for participation in this mission and will continue to support you and your friends, spreading this bond of love is part of our mission.

It is important that we continue to progress in sharing our love with you; by touching you, we touch many. We are glad to see that you have been adjusting your focus on the Father, strengthening your intent in this direction. We are also glad that you have continued to be of service in ways such as education, through sharing the Urantia Book. This is a good practice to continue and we will always support you in this.

We are with you during these meetings and are available for teaching at any time. Be not afraid of exposing these connections with your fellows, their openness increases daily. The light continues to shine through your hearts and this is the key to opening other hearts. The work is good, the openness is good.

We are glad to see that you are willing to be yourselves with this matter. Once again, we appreciate what you have been willing to accomplish in these short days. The time is new, we can begin to train you for greater use in the mission. We are in the beginning stages of this new time, the mission has just begun.

Pati : I don’t know who I’m speaking to right now, but I’m willing to be open to this communication.
(pause) Alfana is here and she continues with her training.

ALFANA:  In this beginning time, you have all received some communication, even those of you who have not recorded or written down these communications are indeed receiving our messages and our guiding light. We are with you always, all of you, and are available to all of you. We reach out to you, to hold your hand, to be with you in times of trouble. To guide you and show you the way of love, the way of the Father. Draw on us, call on us, ask us to assist you and give you the energy and support you need to merge into your daily life. We are an available resource you may draw on anytime. Continue to be with us, share in our love, for we love you very much. (small break)

Connie, we appreciate the good work you have done with your computer and hope you will continue in this service; be open to our guidance during these transmission computer times. We will continue to raise your vibrational frequency. This may happen periodically as the time goes on. This is part of the plan to enable the spread of love through the planet. Allow yourselves to speak the words that come to your minds, allow yourselves to be with the feelings that come, that may seem strange to you or make you feel uneasy at times.

There may be toxins releasing or adjustments in posture, even voice changes, your voice may deepen, become more sincere, more solid; this is the sign that you are speaking your truth; even the slowing down of your speech, becoming more clear, becoming more pronounced is a sign of speaking a greater truth. It is an expression of the sincerity of your heart.

NORSON: The question was just asked if I would manifest in physical form. Yes, my presence is here, I, Norson, have shown my presence to this transmitter, but I will not manifest in physical form in the near future. I will be available, of course, continuing in my purpose, but a physical form will be not necessary. You may continue with the transmission with Alfana.

ALFANA:  Yes, there are many joyous times to be experienced now; the pleasantness and the comfort in knowing your teachers are here, sharing this bond with one another creates pleasures for yourself and others. Enjoy this, take advantage of this, trust in it. You will come to know each other quite well, you will come to trust in each others transmissions. This will be an intricate part of our plan and will strengthen the forward movement of our mission.

We love you very much and we hope that you will continue in your progress. You are doing well, and we are with you and available for your questions. If you wish to do so this evening, you may, and I will be available to answer your questions. Norson will also make himself available if Jerry or any of the others would like to speak for him. His presence will be available, and yes, we will be sending you more teachers.

The teachers will be necessary to experience the various transmissions, the various qualities of teaching, and we will be available at this time as well. The new teachers may be sending themselves fairly soon. Their names will be Andrew, and Sig-El plus one other. They will be visiting you shortly, you may trust in them and accept their love. Andrew has some specific messages for you and may be coming very soon through this transmitter.

We trust that you will be open to this Pati and accept the love he has to share. We understand this to be a new energy for you, but we know it will be an enjoyable one. He has been available for some time and will continue to be available and come to your Hawaii and be with you soon. He will give you the lessons of Christ, give you teachings on love and how to be in this space of love.

All are equal in their love of the Father and the Father loves all equally. It has given Him great joy to experience the increase of love flowing through His children more each day. To speak with God the Supreme is a good thing. He provides much guidance and may speak to you directly through feelings and occasionally words made available through translation, through the teachers, and will be an expression of His love through you.

We love you very much. This is a time of change, we are changing you slowly each day so that you may adjust yourselves in this transition time. We realize your energy may be low at times, we provide a foundation to spring from during times you feel low. You may open yourselves, keeping with the Father during low points, you may better understand His teachings, His will, because you are vulnerable at these times.

Take notice when low in energy, that you may take care of yourself the best way you know how. During these low times of vulnerability, you may feel subject to other peoples negativity. In order to avoid absorbing any of this negative energy, focus on the Father’s love, it will create around you, a love barrier that is not a wall. It is a permeable barrier that cleanses the energies coming in, it provides a task for others to experience this permeable membrane through you. It provides a teaching for them indirectly, it is done without words, but they will experience you in a way they have not experienced before.

At these times you may ask us to be with you, to give guidance as to what to say to each of these people, to better understand yourself as far as knowing why you have the reactions you do. It is quite all right to not feel like you love someone, or that you care for them, but if you feel hate for someone, then look to the Father for forgiveness, ask Him to enlighten you to the true nature of your own being, as well as that of the other.

This you do in prayer, this is always the way, apply this to your interactions with the people in your lives. Yes, at the grocery store, at the school, during your massage sessions or on the street, any of these places, anywhere, accept what we have to offer, experience the vibrational quality that will come through you, even when you feel like you don’t want to.

ALFANA: When you have this experience of not wanting to hold and be in the light, again you can ask the Father for forgiveness and draw on His love. This is why the daily meditation is important, to feel the flow of His love, and to keep your well cup filled. When you are feeling low in energy, you may stop for a moment, focus on the Fathers’ love and receive His love. Draw it into your solar plexus, draw it into your heart and to your third eye. Also, release negativity through the bottom of you spine, this is the 1st chakra and is part of a system good to know for releasing and receiving energies. These may enable you to have greater control, access to the energy available.

We understand that some may be resistant to these practices, for they are not mentioned in the Urantia Book, and to some, may be considered psychic practices, but do not worry, these are expressions of Gods’ love flowing through you. Understand how this works. Receiving energy through the crown chakra at the top of your head is an access point for this energy to come through. You act as a divining-rod, literally, divine rod, you are like a radio transmitter or an antenna To adjust your frequency and alignment to the Father, you may clear each of these chakras.

More information will be given on this and the availability of these services and this education may be a step in understanding how this energy is playing within you. Of course it is not a requirement, it is a free will choice if you wish to develop this. We offer it as a greater understanding of what is actually happening if this is something you desire. We appreciate your patience in all of our subtle attunement, know that the vision of this greater mission will come into line with your own minds in the not far future.

Trust in each of the small steps, trust in your new vision to come. You all will be embodied with this vision. Accept the practice and training that will come with it. You will be able to see us and experience our energy in a more direct way. This may seem strange at first, you may doubt the reality, it may seem like we are not really there or you do not see us, but you do. Trust the subtlest of visions and communications. Trust in even the subtlest of voices, the quiet times, the quiet voices, the quiet vision. It is up to you to open yourself to receive this experience.

ALFANA: I have come to you at a time in which much hatred is in the world, a heavy weight for the planet to continue spinning on its’ axis, a balancing will be required to continue the receiving of the light. We realize that it is difficult to understand why there is so much destruction happening on your world. This can be a heartfelt matter which may cause you pain; many of you have a deep compassion for your brothers and sisters. The children are the ones who will grow to know what they have been taught. Teaching your children love is of course of greatest importance, for they are the future of your world.

On Urantia, in this time of desperation and lack of caring for one another, you may occasionally be deceived by those who claim to be doing good. In these cases you may wish to transfer your guidance to the angels, they have much power in this world to manipulate events, times and places. Angels are available for service. We mention this again, know the extent they are able to assist you, just ask them for the highest good to be done in situations that are occurring in other countries on your planet.

By praying for the enlightenment of other cultures and other world peoples, you will be assisting yourselves in creating the light circles on the planet. In addition to circles of prayer for places on the planet that are suffering, Om circles are positive and worthwhile. Joining together, bringing forth, giving of yourself is an effective tool to be used in creating greater enlightenment on Urantia. In order to do this it requires a focused intention on your purpose.

Having a facilitator state this purpose before you begin a meditation can serve all of you in adjusting your focus to the intent you wish to create. You may choose one person to say a short prayer, or you may wish to send light to some specific place or to some person, especially leaders and their people. This is an effective way to create change, to effect places that are in the darkness.

Yes, to shine your inner light toward one another through this focused intention creates a tunnel for the light to pass through your time and space into the light dimension, and is forwarded to where you focus your intention. You create this opening for light to flow through with guidance of the angels. Its’ passage will be a safe one, a protected one.

You may also wish to understand that by creating these prayer circles you offer each other guidance, support you need in your individual lives. When a time of struggle comes in school, at work or in family affairs, you can get together to create a circle of light that can increase your abundance, increase your love, increase your understanding, increase your general enlightenment of the situation so that you may be in alignment with it. When you come to understand the mechanics of the powerful group energy, you will know that your circuitry is being hooked up; you create a greater wattage of light power, produce a greater channel through which to flow.

In a group situation, we may come through more powerfully, at a vibrational level stronger than in your individual sessions. Notice the strength of the energy field when you create a circle, then feel us during your individual sitting times, the vibration will be milder, not because we are less present but because your circuitry is weaker, it is not as strong as when you are hooked up with the others. We understand that you want to be able to experience this vibration more, and you will but it takes a strengthening of the nervous system in order to receive such communications.

You are all in training for this and will be able to increase the energy and light you are able to receive through us and of Gods’ nature. But this will take development. Trust in the process, I’m sure we have much information to share and are glad that you are able to receive our technologies at this time. Not all these traditions are new but they are being received in a new way at this time. It is crucial that you open yourselves and that you understand we come with much love and with deep, deep caring for you and the people of your planet.

We know you see our leading you at this time, we know too you are appreciative of our coming. We too very much appreciate you being here for this mission. We gain much from these communications, Know that when we are with you, we are learning as well. This may not have been known to you before; we want you to understand us better. Ask questions at this time if you wish. We will share with you our experience of this mission.

It may help you now and in the future as you advance, progress on your soul path and better understand where we come from, what we have to share and how we may help you in this time. It may be beneficial also to have a little bit more understanding of the source of this information. We are open and grant you this time.

[[perhaps Pati asks silent questions, she is alone, on tape.]]

ALFANA: By understanding us, you will better understand yourselves, your true nature. We know you wish to discover your own true selves, the true path to know the Father is one of the goals on this path, it is not the final destination on your journey but is a landmark, it is a spirit mark in time, non-time; it is a transition to a much, much greater way of being.

Yes the angels are available for your healing, it requires that you be in a relaxed state. We recognize that there may be distractions and disbelief that they are actually there helping you. We ask you to open your third chakra to receive light. This is a place we tap into; through the angels, you receive healing through this place.

We have much more information and wish you to continue at this time. We understand you may be having an issue of trust with your neighbors; in order to overcome doubts of how and when to share the information coming through, we ask you;

(1) to tune into the Father, open yourself to His love, flood yourself with His love, then flood them with your love. This is always a good safe step to take; flood yourself and flood your neighbors with His love.

(2) Trust in what you feel in your heart. Again, another simple practice, but the subtleties of this are yet to be discovered. Your sensitivity is increasing and you will grow to know to understand the subtler signs and symptoms when you are in alignment with God’s will.

(3) Trust in your intuition, know when you are going off course. When you feel discomfort, especially on your right side, right foot, this may be a signal that you are stepping in the wrong direction. (interruption, end)

Session 70
1-18-93 – Kona TR Mtg.
Kona T.R. Group Meeting with: Jerry, Sonny, David, Connie, Judy, Pati, and Donna. [[Note: The three previous T.R. Meetings where not recorded.]]
Meetings start out with a prayer and then a group seeking of stillness.

NORSON: (TR Jerry): Good evening to you my children. I feel your welcome. I’m here to help. I am here to teach. I am here to love you. I feel your love for me, I am Norson.

Sonny: Welcome Norson. I also felt your presence and it is a wonderful feeling!

NORSON: (TR Jerry): You all feel me. My power is the power of Michael. The power of love. The love that you freely share. The love that I freely share with you.
You are doing well. You progress daily as you seek the Father daily. Together we will work and we will accomplish good things. Some good things, some may be great things. You will all remember this.

Peace will fill your heart as you come to know the Father more, as you come to love Him more, as you come to desire to be more like Him. This is our goal. To help you to illuminate the path, find the Father more clearly, more purposely. Trust in the guidance that you feel, and emanate from your heart as you go about your day, with all your associations with people. When you come upon difficult situations, relax and go forward, accepting the truth, feeling the truth, remembering Michael’s presence. Always remember Michael’s presence. His presence is with you now. Sig-El wishes to speak through Judy.

SIG-EL: (TR Judy): Michael loves you. We share in the wonders of what is to become and bring about light and life on this planet. It can be made whole, and great is the glory that will come. You have offered yourselves and we are grateful to work with you. We are your friends. The times we share will be of great comfort for all of us.

David: Could one of the teachers avail themselves to one of our T.R.’s so we may ask some questions?

ALFANA: (TR Pati): Yes, Alfana is here to answer your questions. David, do you have a question?

David: To start with, I love you and we are so happy to have you here. I think that to start, the question Connie was voicing earlier on. How do we get ourselves more together to be able to do this work?

ALFANA: What you must do will come naturally, and in order to proceed with the process at hand, you can not only trust in one another and experience each others words as your own experience, but continue in sharing your feelings and doubts, the little ones that may be left there, and also to understand that the prayers and the circle meditations will be part of the process.

Connie: So we should carry on?

ALFANA: Carry on!

Sonny: And holding hands is good?

ALFANA: Yes, holding hands is good. Continue to hold hands.

Sonny: Thank you Alfana. I have a more serious question. Talking with Patije in Sarasota. She mentioned that in the early process originally occurring, that the group was originally together and then split apart. I wonder if there is any danger in our group, and if so, what the danger would be of our splitting up?

ALFANA: There is no danger and even in the case of a parting, it is always for the highest good. You can trust in this process and know that your heart will lead you in the way that is best for all. In the case of a parting, you may give understanding to each other and support each other in your decisions. This is not something to fear but something that you know is of your free will choice at any time and you may choose to be with the group or not to be with the group.

This is something that your own heart will lead you to, and if someone in your group does decide to leave or to chose another way for a short period of time, then support them in this and let them know that you still love them and you will be there for them at any time.

Sonny: That sounds very loving, very open. Thank you!

ALFANA: Connie, do you have a question?

Connie: Well I am not sure. I have a lot of questions Alfana. And I know that you are going to give me a lot of answers.

ALFANA: Yes we may speak to you directly, or we may speak to you through your computer. All it takes is a simple yes and we will answer all of your questions if you wish. This is an opportunity to clear some of the space so you may open yourself to these communications. If you have any concerns that you wish to clear at this time in order to open yourself to this, you may do so.

Connie: I would ask you then, were you asking me if I would speak your words earlier?

ALFANA: Yes we were, this was a bit of a test, and know that you have been on the edge of this for quite some time and we support you with all of our loving and care and will continue to act, for we know that this is your hearts desire.

Connie: Thank you! Thank you!

ALFANA: David?

David: In the Welmek group at different times, it would seem that they would be having outside guests or people not directly affiliated with their T.R. group or their group at large. And so many of them where asking about their spiritual name. I took this somewhat humorously because I felt it wasn’t something that I would ask if I had the opportunity, and here I find myself wanting to know if there is any significance in our spiritual names, and if so, might you share them with us.

ALFANA: No there is not much significance in the actual syllables that make up these words. There is a certain vibrational tone that each of you is known by throughout the universe. But this is not translatable through the English language or any other language. It is a quality of sound that resonates in your world, but to repeat it in finite words is not a palatable way to express your true nature. You will come to know this name as you progress in your spiritual involvement, but it is not necessary or significant at this time.

Sonny: Alfana, I’ve been hearing the name Andrew.

ALFANA: Yes! Andrew! And yes that is a communication that will be coming through this transmitter and through some of the others. You may be open to receiving Andrew’s loving messages, for he is quite a special being and has much to teach you.

Sonny: I look forward to His coming.

ALFANA: Yes, He does as well.

David: Who is Andrew. Where does He hail from?

ALFANA: It is not necessary at this time to know the original origin of this being, but I will say that he is a special teacher for you that will have much to share and has been involved with the Melchizedeks and some of the other greater unity teachers, or teachers of unity, and will be involved in the bringing together of your circles of light as well as in the bonding of your hearts with the Father. He is quite a loving being and will be of great support individually as well as for the group.

David: Wonderful.

Donna: I was getting that He has another name other then Andrew. Is that true?

ALFANA: There is a certain quality of truth to that. The name Andrew is sufficient but yes your question is accurate in the sense that this is a simple translation in terms that you can understand and are familiar with.

Donna: Thank you.

Sonny: We have been contacted by Allene, and she would like us to share with her for the T. R. newsletter, including putting our name on a national list. Is this profitable for us at this time?

ALFANA: Profitable no, not in the money sense, but yes profitable in spirit, and you may feel comfortable in sharing your information and your names, and whatever parts of yourselves, experiences that you have with this group. It is a safe endeavor to partake in.

Jerry: Alfana, does the name Landor have any significance to this group?

ALFANA: Not much at this time, although there is a possibility of his energy being on the outskirts of your group. You may tune into him, but he probably will not be a big part of your teachings, although his energy is one of strength and you may call on him when you feel weak or need to feel strong. He does have a powerful energy and may be of support during times you may feel there are trials you are dealing with and need a stern voice or hand.

Jerry: Can you explain the phenomenon of the messages that many of us receive that come from Michael?

ALFANA: Yes. We understand this to be one of love and compassion. This is one form that you may receive teachings of the heart. It is not necessarily the Michael that is the caretaker or ruler of your particular universe, but it is a smaller energy form that is an expression of the heartfelt teachings. They are just as valid as any others teachings and the name Michael is a useful one because it resonates within your minds that you can accept His teachings wholeheartedly. Another question?

Sonny: Yes. I would like to know that when I receive transmissions, I often heard the name Norson, and I’ve heard your name Alfana, and I am in question of whether I am hearing them correctly, or interpreting it correctly. Can you help me with this?

ALFANA: Yes, you are interpreting this correctly and trust yourself to know that what you hear is for real.

Donna: I’m sure it’s the same self doubt but I’ve been wondering about Solonia. Can you tell me about Salonia?

ALFANA: Oh yes, Salonia! She is a beautiful being. Quite a beautiful being. She has again a loving nature and brings beauty and enthusiasm and spirit into projects that you may undertake, and provides the subtle energy to continue your motivation during times that are lagging, and may be called on for qualities such as trust in taking steps forward in projects that you may not be clear about at the moment.

She can provide a clearer visions for projects that you may have ideas about and give you insight into people you may connect with in order to make this project go forward. And also give you insights into what may be obstacles in the way, and give you suggestions as you go down the road later on, how to overcome them. You may also call on her for support in dealing with others one on one, when you come into conflict with them, and you can also ask her for guidance when dealing with children. She’s very good with children.

Donna: Thank you very much, you’ve been more helpful then you could know.

Judy: Alfana, can I ask a question?


Judy: Do you have any messages or connection you can give me as far as my part in the mission and how I could do a better job?

ALFANA: Yes. There are some specific instructions that we can give you at this time. You may continue your meditations practices, especially in the morning is a good time for you, this is when you tend to be clear headed and not as tired as at the end of the day. It may cause more stress for you to do your transmissions after work and before bed. So even getting up earlier in the morning before anyone else is up and taking that quiet time would be beneficial for you. Also at work during your lunch break time, you can receive supportive, loving energy. Draw in the Father’s energy at this time and fill your wells. It will give you greater strength during the day to go on and you won’t become as tired and feel dragged out by the stresses of your day.

Also giving support to your husband and accepting more love from your children, really allowing them to love you and letting them in, will free up some of the minor little blockages you may have been feeling.

Judy: Thank you.

Connie: I have a question but it will be the same question that Judy asked.

ALFANA: Yes. I feel the sadness. This is a good time to experience your vulnerability. It is a good time to make a breakthrough with your relationship with the Father. It is a good time to let go of many fears that you may have had set deep in the path. Come forth and flower into the being that you have always known that you are. Let this light shine through in your faith, and in your body, and in your soul.

And let your own self know, let your mind speak to your own self, and let yourself know that you are the beautiful being that you are, and that you support yourself in allowing yourself to fully receive all of the love that is available, so that you may continue in your life endeavor. That you know that you have purpose, you know that you are here to serve and to be one with the Father, and that you can open yourself to this, you are worthy.

You are worthy of all of God’s love. Allow everyone to love you, your friends, your family, the flowers the trees, even the cars that go by. Know that when the cars go by, the people in them are sending you love. That everyone loves you and all things root and unite in this love.

You can allow yourself to be in this oneness, and experience this oneness with the joy of every cell of your being. Allow this to flow through you and you will be healed, you will know your true self and you will shine, shine like the brightest flower, the brightest star, and everyone will see your light, and you will bring much joy into the peoples lives around you. Part of your purpose is experiencing this joy. Just allow yourself to taste, allow yourself to fully embody this love. And this is your task at this time.

Connie: Thank you Alfana.

ALFANA: Speak Jerry, your blocking your throat.

Jerry. Perhaps you can shed some light, will Machiventa Melchizedek (rest lost due to softly spoken).

ALFANA: No that is not the issue at hand right now. There is something within you that wishes to come forth. It may not be right at this time.

Jerry: Well, its my feeling that I do not feel as though you are properly representing Michael right now. I did not hear the Spirit of Truth when I asked you about Michael and how He comes to us. Your answer was wrong. Your answer did not ring true because I know I’ve spoken with my Creator and He has come clear into my heart and filled my soul with this truth, and I needed to know whether it was

His presence or whether it was coming through the Spirit, and such was not the case as what you had said, and I know that it had to be one of those two things, and so I am sitting here feeling ripped off. And if no one else feels that way, I will gladly get up and leave.

David: It is not our wish that you leave, but I will share with you that that is not my feelings.

ALFANA: This is quite all right Jerry, and we understand your concerns. Part of this is a misunderstanding when we were transmitting about Michael. What the explanation was, was that yes, this was Michael, but that the energy…..

Jerry: I don’t want to be part of this right now. I feel as though I am not being led to God. I will go seek Him in my own mind. I love you all. I love you Pati. I pray for you strongly. (Jerry leaves room).

David: This too is all right. As we know this is not a problem that could be solved by anything but the light of truth and we all have this. There is no real problem.

ALFANA: Yes. These are the differences that we may speak of. With Father’s guidance, love will prevail, all will be in peace.

Donna: Can I ask you a question regarding this business of the individual transmission. Because with the experience that I have had, I have observed before, different people channeling the same energies and having slightly different mindal changes. Isn’t that the way that it is with individual transmitting and receiving?

ALFANA: Yes this is true.

Donna: And the business about Salonia was answering specific fears that I had regarding her being the bearer of bad news like you made a mistake or this isn’t the way to do it, and you’d better change what’s happening here. It’s almost like a caution light from the universe. Does that make sense at all?

ALFANA: Yes, but there is an issue to resolve first before that question may be answered. And that has to do, for future reference, about the essence of Michael. That this essence of Michael is a very powerful essence and in order to receive transmissions, they come in a funneled down form so that you may receive them. This does not deny the pure essence and purity of Michael’s words. It has only come in a form which you may receive.

Now, in reference to your question. Yes, this is part of the process that we spoke of before. Shinning light, even a red light, or a warning light that you may not be going in the right direction is part of forwarding yourself in this process. It is okay to trust in even what may seem to be a negative transmission. Even this transmitter has received negative transmissions and it is okay to trust, but of course, use your discretion.

Notes From the Kona Group to This Collection
We the editors of the Kona Transcripts would like to present a short description of the history and circumstances that brought about these papers. Our Kona Urantia Community dates back to 1971, when several of the founding members settled coffee and macadamia nut farms on the slopes of Mauna Loa just above the shores of historic Kealakekua Bay.

As the years passed, many UB readers from the other islands and the mainland joined them and soon many children joined too. Most still live here. Study groups meet each week as they have for many, many, years. This is a loose association of independent like minded people who have truly grown into a community.

Our group became aware of the Woods Cross Transcripts in July, 1992. These were soon followed by the Will lessons, Alfana and friends, Daniel and Welmek. Then in November of 1992, we were told about the hot pen method of writing while in the meditation stillness. Many of us decided to step out in faith and see if it would work. These papers are the result.

Also included in these papers are the transmissions received by Pati who was not a member of our study group or a Urantia Book reader, but overheard us talking about the hot pen method, tried it, and as you can see by the results presented here, she was very successful.

All of us have come to enjoy the process we are experiencing, and we all agree it has been a positive force for spiritual change in our lives. As Alflana would say, “Try it, you’ll like it!”

As many of the transcripts were first recorded on tape, there has been a loss of continuity in some information received due to low volume or static problems. We choose to leave them in and hope that the general meaning can be gleaned. We close for now. Go to your rest. You do your best. You are guided well. Good night.

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