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NID29- TM is Transition Mission

1996-09-15-TM is Transition Mission
No Idaho #29


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: TM is Transition Mission
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elyon, Aaron
o 2.2 TR: Jonathan, Bob S.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Teaching Mission, Growth
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Conferences
 3.3.2 Awakening
 3.3.3 Psychic Circles
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: TM is Transition Mission
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Elyon, Aaron
TR: Jonathan, Bob S.

ELYON: (Jonathan TR): Greetings, your friend Elyon, as always in attendance.

Teaching Mission, Growth

ELYON:  I have presented you with the idea that this Correcting Time is also a collecting time and a connecting time, and you have the lesson recorded to review. I would also like to change a few words: the Teaching Mission is a transition mission requiring continual movement, progress, release, and acceptance of old and new ways. This applies not only to oneself and personal growth but relates to group function and intergroup functions.

It under-lines the truth that conceptual beliefs, dogmatic statements, will not contribute greatly to worthwhile advancement, for often these beliefs are held fixed, when in reality this transition mission requires a continual expansion of your beliefs, an enlargement of your concepts. I would be clear at this point to state that it is not the elimination of beliefs and concepts that we teach, nor the fixation, but the enlargement. Beliefs that transcend your knowable range of perspective and understanding, this is your goal.

You know I have demonstrated that a light in the darkness illuminates only so much in front of you; the rest remains dark. Your conceptual beliefs can brighten a greater area with increased lumens, broader understanding. The edge of light and darkness is our transition mission. Those who see, no matter their orientation, are clearly in the light. Those beyond in the dark uncertainties are those you seek. But effectively only those at the gray edge are in a position to receive ministry that will have a lasting effect, for this is the dawn zone.

There never will be a time of settled mission status. It will continually move and grow until it is done and will cease to exist. It will not remain stationary; it will evaporate, for it is the transition effort of correction. At that point when positive, progressive growth is the norm, we will declare it is finished. And as you sense and I know, we have a long ways to go. I will allow my teacher friends to speak. We will also receive your questions if you like.

AARON:  (Bob S.): With your understanding of and further enhanced revelation, we also would place emphasis on strengthening your immediate relationships. Regarding this, it is hoped that you may see the value in building community. This focus requires no intent at ministry, rather social camaraderie.

As you survey those individuals in your life that you relate to, can you see the importance of developing strengthened communication between each other? Instead of forcing communication the emphasis would be toward allowing the relationships to build without overmuch effort for specific purposes. This exercise and its implementation will not and is not designed for your ministry in any way toward another. Instead the design which we are throwing at you is for your own personal growth and development.

It has been deemed important that we emphasize this perspective toward you individually as an inner exploration and development toward your own awareness and assurance of human familial community as well as your already existent awareness of universal familial community. The journey is yours; the development and institution of these awarenesses will be yours. The focusing of direction and the making known of our perspective will be ours. In short, we’ll let you know what we see you can work on. You are quite capable of taking the steps individually as you see fit, and we’ll keep letting you know.

AARON: I am Aaron. Greetings to you today. If has been a pleasure to speak with you again. I, as well, am open with Elyon and others to speak with you.

Jonathan: In discussing ideas about next year’s regional conference I have some ideas I’d like to share with my human associates that I will share with you celestials as well. Maybe we could dedicate each attending group a time slot to feature their projects, transmissions from their TRs, music, etc. leaving evenings open. Have you been thinking about the conference? I was hoping for a specific theme so we could have focused meeting time along with abundant sharing.

AARON: I am pleased that you asked and would gladly offer some thought in this regard. Your suggestions are excellent yet wholly dependent on the participating groups to follow through and exercise their personal focuses. Your developing of a proposal of this sort of activity early, then engaging the interest of the different areas to actually formulate presentation with regard to their time slot would be necessary.

As far as how the communication process goes, we would like to see development toward more interaction and specific presentation. Let’s face it, we love to speak, and several of you love to speak for us and are quite capable. With the continued focus of gatherings such as this upon the free-for-all communication, the particular development would not occur as rapidly as if you are to work for the allowance of more directed efforts by ourselves toward you and less emphasis on the need for quantity and communication.

More of a process of utilizing fewer transmitter/receivers each time will facilitate a lesson development and interaction. This may mean that transmitter/receivers will utilize their talents less during the gathering, but this is something that will further the possibilities for growth of a group on a larger scale. I hope I have answered to your question in part.

Jonathan: Yes, I will review it for more creative ideas. You confirmed what I’ve seen that we have unique approaches. It would be fun to witness some of our uniqueness that plays out weekly, the flavors, in these other groups…

AARON: Thank you for your question. Know that a free-for-all or two are still enjoyed by ourselves as well as you.

Evelyn: When you say “free-for-all” what is that referring to? Transmitting?

MICHAEL: Yes, free for anyone in the audience to transmit.

Evelyn: About community, you said how important it is that we communicate, not force it, etc. But when you said “building community”, what did you mean? Some might interpret building community in a very physical way.

AARON: I was referring to the strengthened ties that result from communication between individuals, and the community is what you individually perceive as those personalities which you feel comfort toward relating to and expanding that perspective and strengthening your communication skills so that your individual personal community will grow so that there are more that you feel comfort in relating to in a familial way, a brotherhood or sisterhood way. It is a personal focus, not that you must try to, as a group, build up numbers. More so individually building community as it pertains to yourself by developing your relationship skills. I hope this clarifies.

Evelyn: Yes, it does. Thanks.

Bob: I’d like to hear about the message we got Friday concerning an awakening that is, this word I will use lightly, “imminent”. Something will occur that we can prepare for by practicing stillness, eliminating our insecurities, fears. This way we will be less disoriented by the awakening of the universal broadcast circuit on a larger scale. What was this about?

ELYON:  (Jonathan): Elyon, again. I will provide answer by comparison. The change as we contribute to its development is intended to be gradual. But this graduality is not something that you in your perspective of time will find to be gradual. I illustrate: Continental shifts on your world happen continually, and the many earthquakes occur in the gradual process of stabilizing the crust of this planet, making it ready for the civilization of light and life that will arise here. But for you in any given year, even one prepared for an earthquake will find the specific change upsetting. So, in a manner of speaking, it is both gradual and sudden.

The transition will occur, and, as you observe from your earthquakes, things settle back into normal processes with the added enlightenment that some changes must be made for abrupt transitions in the future. This underlines my discussion this morning about beliefs. You did well in your reception, and further review of this message will allow you greater illumination.

I will now address Philip. My friend, you know the phrase read last week about the difficulties of life being easier to bear with a friend at hand. I encourage you to be present and compassionate with your brother. This is a ministry that transcends words and speaks to the soul, spiritual medicine. You have all the truth equipment to function superbly. I acknowledge that you are one of our conduits for healing, and we encourage you to be ready and to engage yourself when so called. These are my words.

Psychic Circles
Evelyn: The Urantia Book says so little about the psychic circles. I understand that you progress through them by balanced personal development in physical, mental, and spiritual areas. Could you comment particularly on the physical angle?

ELYON:  The physical function in balance pertains to… – I see many English words that don’t fit well. I will use several in an effort to clarify.- Your physical condition if good, adequate, up to standards, functioning properly, as designed by the Life Carriers, makes the mental and spiritual dimensions more likely to develop higher circle characteristics. Physical development does not require super physicality, rather normal expected function. You know that spiritual growth is a soul acquirement, and your body is a transient vehicle. This should help clarify that you need not seek a perfect physique but a proper functioning vehicle.

Beyond the body in the physical environment, it is the factors of your lifestyle that will aid or detract from your inner growth. You know that phrase where man is perceived to think only when he is hungry, and you also know that when the external demands are light, inner development may proceed beneficially. Both illustrate the bearing that your environment has upon you. The physical factors are the easier ones to stabilize because so much of your mental focus is in the external realm. You have spent years developing your skills. This physical dimension of circle growth is a foundation rather than a superstructure. The scaffolding is your mind and the structure itself is your soul. Does this help?

Evelyn: At first I thought that was true, but then I thought about people who have very difficult physical conditions not of their own doing; diseases, accidents, etc. I’ve met people like that who must be really advanced circle attainers. To balance what you have said with people like that is that they are dealing with their physical condition given what it is. The way I’ve been interpreting it, rather than being so body focused, I’d decided progress was based on how you deal with your physical environment, for instance procrastinating, denial, bullying, whatever. Now I think maybe those are mental rather than physical processes.

ELYON:  I would add one comment. The growth stages that are named “psychic circles” include the word “psychic” which is mental and soul. You know how much you rely on your mind for both spiritual and physical function. So it is true that it is how your mind deals with the physical that contributes to psychic circle attainment. It is the ideal of physical well being that contributes to the ideal of maximum growth at an expedient pace. It does not preclude that disharmonies will prevent growth. It means that such imbalances will contribute to greater effort in growth and often results in remarkable attainments yielding greatness.
Thank you for asking.

I will conclude this morning with a prayer.
To the one who overshadows us, the very One who upholds us, and to this same One who indwells us, may we be for You what You call us to become. May we be for our fellows what You need us to be, and may we perceive in our fellows Your gift to us as we continually look within ourselves directly to You for Your guidance and care. Be it always.

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