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NID30- Revelation & Evolution

1996-09-22-Revelation & Evolution
No Idaho #30


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Revelation & Evolution
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elyon
o 2.2 TR: Ginny, Jonathan
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Revelation, Evolution
 3.2.2 Teaching
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Healing, Discernment
 3.3.2 Humanity
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Revelation & Evolution
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Elyon
TR: Ginny, Jonathan

ELYON: Elyon: (Ginny: I’m getting a sentence that) revelation is evolutionary even though it comes in time. It needs the process of growth and evolution to be nourished and nurtured and kept alive. So, when great events such as your epochal moments occur, they have to be nourished and fostered by creatures of time in order to become a reality in the minds of evolutionary creatures.

There will be a time, however, when these relations will be easier to understand and easier to develop and easier to maintain than they are now. The clearer the receiver, the clearer the understanding of great concepts. Indeed, you can accomplish this through focused attention on your indwelling Adjuster, who has innate ability to understand. It won’t do any good to put the key in the ignition if there is no gasoline. So both parts are necessary, the ignition and the fuel.

Ginny: Speaking of E’s, I’m getting an E. I don’t know if this is Elyon or some other being. This is E-mail from Elyon.

ELYON: (Jonathan): I will continue, this is Elyon. As I have presented these thoughts through Ginny, I have also been incubating further thoughts in Jonathan.

Revelation, Evolution
ELYON:  Much of reality, time and space, and the dual nature of this universe require the acceptance of twofold factors in that work in combination rather than as polarized opposites. Revelation and evolution are two that conform to this pattern. You note the combination of hydrogen and oxygen make water. Truth and fact in your experience brings the reality of personal growth. Revelation and evolution contribute to planetary growth, and the personality of the Supreme and the Almighty power make for universe growth. Which is more important: the personality of the Supreme or the power of the Almighty? Likewise is this true with your evolutionary developments and your revelatory acquirements.

I will now speak about avenues of approach. At all times in the course of planetary history and the projection of future planetary developments, the recognition and experience of God is universal, experiencible equally by anyone at any point in this timeline. However, the method for delivering this experienced reality of spiritual presence will continually change. The word structures of concepts, the theology of these concepts, will evolve. I come to you to offer illumination to your mind, elevation for your soul, but I am powerless to effect either of these in you. I can provide the flashlight; you must turn it on. I can provide the leverage; you must apply the leverage.

ELYON:  When guiding a friend, a fellow, on their pursuit of greater understanding of the principles of life, your sensitivity toward appropriate avenues wherein they may approach this experience is where your success will be realized in ministry. You can open the door; they walk through. When the path is plain you are confident. There are times when the path is not evident, when you must hold back the branches of the bushes so they may traverse the uneven ground. It is at these difficult times that you must by force of situation redefine your approach.

Assure yourself with the ever and eternal knowledge that the experience of the Father in any individual is total and complete in quality; that the descriptions, even rituals, are relative and partial. They are quantitative expressions of this spiritual encounter. These are the avenues for approaching the always present, ever available experience of the divine.

Our training as teachers involved learning to recognize which side of this teeter-totter we are on and which side you are on. It allows for growth, when it is appropriate to allow a particular side to fulfill its function; when we may reveal, when you must grow and evolve, when we may give and when you must ask. So, I encourage in you this same sensitivity in ministry to another. Know when you can serve in clearing the path for a fellow and when it is more appropriate to hand them the clippers that they may experience the benefits of clearing the path themselves.

It is an exercise in discernment, utilizing your wisdom, insight. Being that all personality in the universe is unique, there will not be any less than the same quantity of variety in approach as there are people. This is the nature of the Supreme. It is the projection of Paradise. It has been decreed to be the will of the Deities, the harmony we are to experience in this life of time and evolution will not be found in homogenization but rather collective contrast and cooperation. All the while, the experience of the Father in everyone is the same one, true, and divine encounter ever manifested in the diversity of personality, planetary condition, and universe limitations. You know how the Master beckoned that all follow him.

Your training to date has brought the realization that he did not mean copy him, for he lived a life that demonstrated the unique personal approach of a child of God with its Maker. In the overview of the universe the way is broad; from the perspective of each individual, the path is narrow, the one you must walk, for this is the true path. Imitation of another is merely the demonstration that another has been successful in their walk. But I do wish to convey that similarity in approach does not invalidate individuality in effort. I have finished my discourse. If you have questions I would receive them.

Healing, Discernment
Ginny: Would you give us some information about this topic of hands on healing, how I, as a bodyworker, can inculcate that into my practice? How can we be more effective with this?

ELYON: Touch is a valid mechanism for transfer of energy. I point out the discernment of Jesus when his garment was touched, and he perceived the flow of energy from him. Were it not for your neural structure and the brain, your mind would have great difficulty effecting change in the physical environment. This structure of electronics allows you to manipulate this body. Likewise you are able to gateway to another through the physical contact which transfers back eventually to their conscious and aware centers. When the receiver is receptive both to your external approach and to the internal descent of spirit, a loop is closed; energy can flow. I have observed your sensitivity in the motivation you hold toward healing; that it is not a badge you seek to wear but a service you hope to offer. This manner I congratulate you for clarifying.

This healing effort is much like the parable of seed sowing. You can be there allowing the forces of light and life to charge up within you and discharge to another, but must end there in your attachment to process, for it is ultimately the will of the Father the outcome based on the divine understanding of the welfare of the receiver. For is it not the dilemma of all requests for healing the question: is healing the ultimate good for an individual? Or is the infirmity the catalyst for great outcome in that individual’s advancement? Mercy compels each of us to be servants in alleviating affliction. Enlightenment will help you to accept any outcome that is the will of the Father in spite of any efforts toward a desired end.

So, in short, I say make this a regular practice, the practice of transferring healing energy, as you call it. Sow these seeds. Trust the Father in His absolute wisdom to enact the best outcome. Does this help?
Ginny: Yes, thank you. The element of making money off healing bothers me a little bit. One of my intentions is to make more money. I feel okay about that but not about using someone’s sickness and pain to do it. I can see that as a ministry, too.

ELYON: May I provide this phrase for you to use periodically in times of bewilderment. The phrase: render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s and unto God the things which are God’s. [UB 133:4.3] Acknowledge openly to anyone who receives your ministry the source of healing, and clarify in your own mind the Caesar aspects: those physical, mechanical, and organic elements that are aids to healthful recovery. They require maintenance in that same dimensional realm of the physical. They contribute but are not the healer. If you can clarify the Caesar elements and the God elements this may help you to enact measures necessary to function in a ministry that can sustain itself for a continued ministry. Does this help?

I have a feeling that it is not okay, that there is some sort of punitive outcome to making money off these homeopathic products that supposedly help people feel better in a natural way. I feel there’s a little contamination in there, but that’s something I will work on.

ELYON: I ask you to, in your working, ask yourself for the clarity of means and ends, of processes and purposes. If your material aids for healing are valued beyond the healing itself for the purpose of profit, I trust it’s clear you know that you have veered from the pure intent. It will not be something you can answer before you proceed but must daily in each episode, every event, clarify your motives and the ultimate goal of the ministry. Your Thought Adjuster is quite capable of helping you discern the truth. This I have great faith in and will rejoice in the observance of your success. Other questions?

Ginny: Thank you, Elyon. Tom: I don’t have a question, but I would like to introduce my friend Jesse to you and to the others assembled. I don’t know if he has any questions, but I thank you for receiving him into our group.

ELYON: Greetings, friend. Your sensitivity to truth we discern and welcome you with love as one who is our brother.

ELYON: One of the pleasures of being a visiting instructor to this world is to witness the great internal progress every one of you makes. It ever bears witness to the reality of the Father in each soul, the divine compass. The methods you all enact toward overcoming difficulties, for enduring difficulties, demonstrate the value of personality for more than smooth functioning.

It is acknowledged how the human race views the higher realms with such wonder, anticipation of the experience of great beauty, of spiritual luminosity, of love and bliss. But we who hail from the realms you admire are greatly and equally amazed at the miracle of the human being, what attainment is possible, what perseverance resides in the nature of mankind. This, I would say, is the greatest demonstration of God in time and space. Comments?

I will close by again assuring you that we who function as your teachers are in attendance. I remind you of your guardian angels, and I ask you always to be alert to the presence of God, that Being which we all strive to serve to fulfill our function, our purpose, and attain our destiny.
Thank you.

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