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NID546- Energy of Interconnected Movement

2008-12-21.  Energy of Interconnected Movement

No Idaho #546

Topic: Energy of Interconnected Movement

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Jessona, Michael

TR: JonathanCathy


Jessona (Jonathan TR): This is Jessona, I greet you. You have discussed your awareness of mind and the drawing of distinction, the observance of one as separate from another yet in relation to each other. I wish to further your engagement in this topic by adding movement, that is, the energy aspect of things and beings.


When you place flour and water in a bowl you have relation of two distinct things. When you add movement, the kneading of those two things, it changes into one which you call dough. You have spoken of healing. Healing is much the same in principle. There is the aspect of your body which is well and that which is not. It is energy that transforms and reconnects. In healing, this energy restores harmony. In relationships movement between two beings is love. Love is what brings togetherness.

You use the phrase “I love you”, and it acknowledges the bond between one person and the other, but within that connecting link of love are other meaningful connections such as compassion and empathy wherein not only does one acknowledge the love for another but one resonates with the other, their condition, their standing, their well-being and finds the equation, equalness to one another. This is a horizontal love.

There is also the love of God, and in this energy link there is the power of elevation and transformation as is exemplified in the saying of Jesus when he says, “I will lift all up to me.” The entire ascension plan is in reality the draw of love, more simply stated. But you know from your studies of this wonderful universe ascension that there lies before you great undertakings, personality discoveries, character attainments, social advancements, and spiritual expansion. Love is truly a complicated force, or perhaps more correctly, a multifaceted force.

Is not healing then love focused in a specific form? Healing is the compassion of God extended toward you and the vehicle you inhabit. But I must now expand healing to a larger context, for it perplexes the human soul to pray for the healing of another and witness all the while their demise. The love of God in the form of healing may not have arrived as a restoration of the organic condition of the body. The healing may have taken the form of transference of the personality into a realm of functioning which will expand their potentials for ascension to Paradise. I do not mean this in a negative sense when I say that in some regards your world is a bondage, for great potentials reside within your realm for the enfoldment of spiritual attainment awareness, but it is a circumscribed arena in which you function, necessary in the moment as the cocoon is in the metamorphosis.

But when a stage of advancement ends there is great joy in the opening to a broader realm. Therefore death, like energy, like healing, and like love is a movement, a connecting of one thing to another. It is not so much a distinct object itself as a transformation process. Therefore, to label it good or bad is irrelevant, for it is energy flowing. You have every reason to grieve the loss of a fellow, for it brings a separation in time and space and a sense of absence. But in the resurrection halls of mansonia there is joy in the arrival of another wonderful soul, and many rally to volunteer to assist that soul in the reorientation and the presentation to that individual of the wonderful adventures that they may choose to take in the short term and the beautiful goal, which they have begun to glimpse in their first life, of being in the presence of God on Paradise.

Some demand healing from God; others ask for healing from God. But there is another approach, and that is accepting healing from God and understanding that that form may be beyond the comprehension of the human mind and wishes. But you have every right to come to the Father and request the longings of your heart, for this is part of the divine family, that energy of interconnected movement. Again I steer you to the words of Jesus when he said, “if someone comes and prays wrongly and asks for a rock, the Father will give him bread.” The movement is the petition, the connection, between the child of God and God Himself. But the answer came in a different form than the object of the request.

So in times when you are perplexed as to the unfoldment of events, and things don’t seem to proceed as you wish or result as you hoped, focus on the interconnection: that you did hope, that you did wish, that you did pray, that you experienced compassion, that you loved. This is the movement of energy between each one of you and the Father on high.

I will offer the opportunity for another teacher to address you. Thank you.

unidentified (Cathy): In all things there resides a common life energy. This original pattern was first brought to the planet by the Life Carriers and has been modified through successive life cycles into the life forms that are existent on Urantia today. As was discussed earlier, this pattern is in all, and all life on the planet has connection to the First Source and Center. We are able to perceive a separateness due to the interaction of time and space. It is a perception that is in some ways a result of rebellion on the planet. As a concept of individual decision was put forward, the idea of interconnectiveness became shadowed by individual freedom.

In the coming time we will reestablish the concept that all are one. We will come back to the recognition that our inter-connectiveness is vital to the movement toward Light and Life. You are able to promote this shift in perception through your daily activities and attitude toward all others around you. This shift is most important in the progression of this Correcting Time. Your clear perception of the relationship between all life forms will result in subtle changes in the perceptions of others around you. This will lead us to the unity we desire to achieve.

The concept of interconnection was lost for ages on this planet, soon it is to be restored to the original form.

Jonathan: That was beautiful and profound. Thank you very much.


Michael (Jonathan): Friends, this is Michael. I receive the love from all across this wonderful world that is expressed toward me in this holiday season. You know that I am not in want of recognition, that I need not receive birthday gifts, but I am deeply touched that you love and appreciate me, for that is my feeling towards you.

I wish to contribute to your meeting today by drawing you back to my final meal with my twelve original apostles wherein I offered the wine and the bread. This meeting did not entail handing over my authority to one of my apostles and organizing them to be in rank with one another that they may function as an organization in my absence. No. This meeting was to emphasize our interconnection, that when you drink from the cup or you partake the bread you are bonding with one another and you are bonding with me. You understand the symbology of the physical action, but you also perceive the reality of the spiritual dimension.

So, while you do acknowledge my entrance into human life on Urantia, I ask you also to take the cup, to raise the bread, one of my last acts as I exited the human life on Urantia. I am with you always; always have I been with you. Never have we been apart. When you love one another you honor me. Shalom.

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