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NID547- Realization and Relationship

2008-12-28.  Realization and Relationship

No Idaho #547

Topic: Realization and Relationship

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan, Cathy


Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. I have often said how joyful it is to witness your conversation, and it is a pleasure to, in a sense, be one-upped in topic and insight by your engagements with one another and your expressions of your own enlightenment. I will speak some on realization and relationship.


When a soul is hungry for truth the appetite seeks satisfaction in realization, that is, a discernment of truth and the ability to coordinate the discovery into a sensible, intelligible paradigm. In the course of attaining such awareness much is acquired conceptually. The knowledge gained is composed into understanding, and the meanings derived yield some degree of certainty and security.

You know however in the physical body that if one were to continually ingest nutrients; good as they are, beneficial to the body, providing energy, strength; that simply the accumulation and the expanded accumulation of those nutrients can bring negative consequences. Therefore have the revelators of the Urantia Papers rightly stated that religion must do something; it must act, for in the expense of energy comes a renewed need for nutrition. The expense of your spirit through relationship brings about a greater need for higher realization. To put it another way, a mechanic may have all the tools he needs and can perform many a repair until that vehicle comes along with a disorder his tools cannot rectify. And he goes out and purchases the required object to complete the task.

All of Mansonia is designed with the incremental plan of realization and relationship. As you gain in spiritual comprehension you are then engaged in a field of experiences wherein that realization may be polished and the potential for new awarenesses can arise.

I chuckle when I observe a human being dismiss another when they say, ”Oh, he thinks he knows everything”, when truly knowledge is a strength. Yet the point of the comment is the thinking that knowledge is acquired. But no one dismisses one who is perceived as wise. Wisdom, great wisdom, is admired, where knowledge, great knowledge, can be scoffed at.

Knowledge is to realization as wisdom is to relationship. Wisdom is the insightful application of knowledge. To simply know without doing something is to be informed, but to do something is to be in service, to be helpful, to apply in your world in a way that benefits you or others. As you mentioned, a house fully engaged in flames may need to be let burn while you preserve adjacent buildings. The knowledge of preventing the spread and the knowledge of preventing the initial fire to begin with are good, but wisdom is, as you have stated, the application of that knowledge even before hand as in fire exits, extinguishers, and preventive techniques.

Wisdom can go before knowledge, that is, knowledge to be attained, as well as follow after knowledge already acquired and applied. Wisdom can foster increased knowledge, for you discern a method whereby to learn more. Likewise relationship encourages realization as you fellowship with one another you share your insights, and each one has the opportunity to deepen their realization. You know as your years have gone by that your circles of friends shift as you grow spiritually, for in your growth you have come to cherish relationships of a different order, ones that foster your growth.

Years back I mentioned the image of two balls on the ends of a rope that when you hurl one, the other will be hurtled over the first, and around they go each propelling the other. Such is the case with relationship and realization.

Now I will speak of the relationship of the Divine Spirit and your soul. This is of a slightly different nature than the relationship to one another and is exactly why Jesus taught there is the Fatherhood of God and there is the brotherhood of mankind. They are distinct. Relationship with the Divine Spirit increasingly becomes the realization of the Divine Spirit. The two converge and merge. This is how one could be so bold as to say, “I am God” or that you are your own First Source and Center. In the divergence of relationship and realization it can appear appalling to label oneself thusly, for relationship is far apart from realization. But the closer they converge, even to the point of fusion, the more true this becomes.

I will use another analogy in the attempt to elucidate this perspective. One may say a song is beautiful. Is that song beautiful when it is over? When the first chord is struck? Or somewhere in the passages between? Where do you label the point of the expression of beauty? Is it not all along the way? Yet if the song were to stop midway is it still beautiful or flawed? This is true with the relationship with the Divine Spirit within yourself, your self realization. Early in spiritual growth one may say, “I am God” and the angels may chuckle. But it is only the first stanza in the masterpiece. As it plays through, ever true becomes the phrase, correct in potential at first.

It is the mercy of God that reveals itself to you incrementally, for the full and sudden revelation of God would overwhelm the mind of the human being, would flood the soul. You know that a field of grain benefits from the application of water and is destroyed by the onslaught of a flood. The hungry soul may long for this full realization of God, but God longs for the slow and steady unfoldment of the human soul into that realization.

The Father wants a relationship with you at every step of your ascension. He does not sit back and bear patiently for you to finally wake up; He delights in every level of your attainment, even in every one of your struggles and failures, for each one of those reveals to yourself a way to correct your approach, a way to improve your approach, and even an inventive and creative way to bring about an approach not brought to you but coming forth from within you. This is divine patience, the joy of being with you no matter how far you’ve advanced. It isn’t a waiting for your final arrival; it is the delight of your current status.

As you grow in your awareness, as you become more enlightened in mind, as you realize the universal truths, your relationship with God changes, but you know in your own philosophy that God changes not. Therefore our teaching that it is your intention that leads you upward, that brings about the realizations you seek, the goals you wish to accomplish. The Father is ever supportive and ever with you at every moment.

I will conclude with one more example, and that is when Jesus healed the man who could not walk, the power of the healing was when the fellow followed his command to take up his bed and walk.

I will now allow the opportunity for others to address you. Thank you.

unidentified (Cathy): It is fortunate that the group discussion centered upon the idea of concentrating on the change that you wish to produce instead of concentration on the negative that is occurring around you. We in the Correcting Time are in constant movement toward the positive image of Light and Life, that goal we are pursuing. It is beneficial to remember that forces acting against the original pattern are diminishing with time. As we focus energy on the increase of spiritual pressure on the planet, the influences of what we call evil will fade into obscurity. It is always true that good will overcome evil and sin.

While mortals are involved in the entanglements of individual negative patterns established during the original rebellion, it is difficult to see that progress has been made and change is occurring. We, on the other hand, are in possession of a larger perspective. We are encouraged by the great progress that has been made in recent times. It is your opportunity to add to the pressure by focus on increasing the level of your concentration upon the good around you. Your awareness of the good, the God, in your everyday environment brings additional power to the original pattern as it is being restated on the planet. Within the original pattern is all that you need to transform this world.

Cathy: I also want to add that a couple weeks ago we were talking about a vision of a small flame on the planet and increasing the spiritual pressure by gently blowing spiritual energy into that flame to increase the light on this world. I got a mental picture of that during the transmission.

Monjoronson (Jonathan): Monjoronson here. Often it is perceived that evil and goodness are two ends of a spectrum and that they are in a war, a push and a pull of almost equal force and power but opposite in intent and outcome. Let me offer an alternate perspective.

Evil is a small balloon within a larger balloon, and it has a certain pressure to give it its size. But goodness surrounds that smaller balloon, and as the pressure of goodness increases, the smaller balloon collapses. There appear times when evil seems to be taking hold, when its pressure enlarges it within the balloon of goodness. But never can that evil balloon encompass the outer balloon. Always will goodness surround it. Therefore the phrase, “Return good for evil” has great power. You increase that pressure and the balloon within collapses.


Thank you.

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