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NID549- Experience, Spiritual Energy Vortex

2009-01-04.  Experience, Spiritual Energy Vortex

No Idaho #549

Topic: Experience, Spiritual Energy Vortex

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson, LIGHT

TR: JonathanMark Rogers


Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings this is Elyon. I have a few words to share, it is about experience.


You know from your studies that the divine presence is ever faithful in translating your experiences into morontia substance, that which is your soul, of providing a spiritual counterpart to what you go through so as to provide a foundation from which you may function when you are resurrected in the mansion worlds. You are busy with your worldly life and are little aware of what will be valuable skills on the level of the morontia realms. So it is this faithful trustee of God who is on the watch for those necessary prerequisites for morontia function. I, like you, have often given our gratitude for such diligence and care for our souls.

You are also aware of the need to cooperate with this spirit of God, for your assistance and, even more so, your lack of resistance is a complement which speeds up your progress. Therefore, I encourage you, when you are engaged in any experience, to be diligent in mind and to reflect and to reconstruct what has just occurred and discern the spiritual elements as best as you can. Offer that as a recognition to the inner presence. Say that, “I see this and I offer it to you. You reflect it back to me that I may grow in insight and better assist you in our growth as a partnership.” This is your best approach to developing your morontia dimension.

Perhaps it is a faulty image, but in a sense the divine spirit is making the pie filling and, if you prepare ahead of time the pie crust, it will all come together wonderfully. Look through your experiences for those ingredients that will make the pie crust and trust the divine spirit to assemble the filling.

I know you have discussed reactions to experiences prior to my engaging with you. Your reactions provide the opportunity for the spirit of God within you to make those adjustments that will grow your soul. Be not indifferent; do take a stand, for such assertions make his work possible. As said the master, “I would rather you be hot or cold, for if you are lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth”. These are the opportunities to learn when you react contrary to universe reality, and these are the opportunities for you to express your maturity as a spirit being when you act in accordance with universe reality. But if you do nothing, nothing happens.

Your entire life is a series of experiences. Some may interpret it as a treadmill; others interpret it as an adventure. They will come unceasingly. It is your creative adjustment, adaptation, and application of these experiences and to these experiences that will enlarge your morontia dimension. Be grateful for all of them, and as you engage willingly with these experiences, you have an adjusting power. As you do so in concert with the divine spirit you have a divine power. Then your experiences cease to be in any way a treadmill and become progressively a grand adventure.

I remain in your presence. I make way for my good compatriots.

Monjoronson (Mark): I greet you as well. I am Monjoronson, here to join you in the creation of this vortex of energy which allows us to enjoy the benefit of each other’s association. With all this prior discussion and weather and the impacts of weather I would like to take a few moments to attempt to draw some crude analogies once again from the observable phenomenon of weather on your planet, as you are all familiar with these conditions.

We have discussed before the various aspects necessary to bring together the conditions necessary to bring in spiritual energy. We have talked of anchoring the light, and we have discussed the favorable conditions which allow for this infusion of spiritual energy. And I will use your familiarity with the weather patterns once again to draw some analogies.

You all are aware that the conditions must be right for a storm to form out of all the potential elements that are out there at any given time. There must be the consideration of temperature and humidity and the formation of certain moisture in the atmosphere you call clouds. And all these conditions must come together to be appropriate for there to be the formation of this potential of storm into the actual event of a storm. If any one of a number of conditions fails to be met then the storm may well never form and will just dissipate back into the realm of potential. But as you know with your weather reports and your recent experiences of encounters with storms, there is a necessary and vital agreement that must accompany all these other conditions for the event you refer to as your storm to be present in your location, and that is the necessary event of a low pressure condition in your immediate area which draws to itself the other possible conditions to come together as they rush in to fill this void of pressure.

When you are experiencing a time of high pressure in your region, the other elements necessary, the other potentials available, cannot bring themselves into the environment; they cannot force their presence into an area of high pressure. In this area, as long as the pressure remains high, your skies remain relatively clear, and you are free of any weather event. Your world right now is in a phase of experiencing a low pressure phenomenon, and the storms of your world are rushing in due to the lack of pressure.

As you have just experienced a great transitionary time and are experiencing this transitionary time, with the advent of a new year, a new direction in leadership, a new reality about your economy and its stability, all these factors are causing this change in your weather patterns of reality. And great periods of unsettled conditions may rush in to fill this space of uncertainty, of doubt. But as weather patterns are always transitional in nature, the pressure is rising and building with all the hopes and the dreams of a new year, a better year, a new course in leadership, perhaps better. But there are so many factors of uncertainty that the pressure is building slowly but surely. Until the pressure rises to a certain level you can expect to experience these unsettled conditions in your lives.

But just as you have with intention and purpose formed this energy vortex to create this very moment, your world will create a similar energy vortex which will become a high pressure system to clear the skies and to create a reality wherein these tumultuous conditions cannot be present because of the high pressure condition of stability which will be created. But unlike your random weather events of storm and high and low pressure regions, these spiritual conditions will be determined by the collective consciousness of the brotherhood of man. So it is that, while there is uncertainty and doubts and trepidation about what is to come, there is a vacuum, and the storms may easily rush in. But once there becomes conviction and faith and positive intention, the pressure will rise, the skies will clear, and the storms that may beset you will not find … in your collective region.

In a very real way your planetary conditions often mirror your spiritual condition. So while there is turmoil in this changing of the guard, there may be expected the accompanying unsettled patterns. But look with certainty and conviction and, as the prayer of your master that you are cared for and that this storm shall pass and that no real harm may befall you if you see all these events from the higher perspective, you will realize that these are but another series of experiences, and they are to be blessed as such, not resisted or resented or objected to but rather embraced for the value they contain in your lives, for without the storms the appreciation of the clear skies would not be so profound.

So resist your temptation to declare the goodness or badness that surrounds you, in fact, take the initiative to declare that no matter what the outward appearances may be, in the end you are sure and certain with complete conviction that all is well and all is good in the end. So even as you endure through storm after storm here, recall that this is but an evolutionary experience which is part of your valued and treasured journey and that one day you will look back and be thankful at having been graced with such contrast.

I hope my attempt to weave some of the previously offered concepts together has been useful to the extent that it lightens your burdens as you navigate your way through the storms realizing that good weather truly is ahead.

Thank you for your diligent energies and contributions to this circuit and to our lessons. I step back to allow for others.


Kathy: I received a message preceded by a symbol, looks like a Chinese symbol.

unidentified (Kathy): The affirmation given in The Urantia Book is one that can be held in consciousness today. As challenges arise in daily living, as there appear to be threats from others against your safety and free will, as you are challenged by others concerning your beliefs, you will be able to withstand these events by remembering that you are in the overcare of the First Source and Center and all of His creation.

The universe is indeed friendly and promoting the good of every individual within its encompassing love. Your path, part, is to remain receptive to the positive energy that is showered down about you. There is always help available. It is abundant and will uphold you in your daily challenges of living. Receptivity on your part will bring you a peace that passes understanding, the love and peace that nurtures your growth and serenity. Always will help come to you in your time of need.

Jonathan: May we once again affirm Light and Life and health and healing on this planet.

Light (Mark): I would accept the opportunity offered to come among you today. I am Light with a few words to offer.

With all this talk of stormy weather and doubts and fears, you are well aware that the family of man is deeply frightened when they are in the dark. It seems as though there is a deep rooted fear of being left in the dark, being left without the light. Even a small light can bring assurance and peace for there is no longer utter, sheer, fearful darkness. So it is that each one of you may be that small light to all those around you when storms may bring darkness. A small light may ignite within all those around you the hope of seeing their way through the episode of any storm. You all can relate to some degree of comfort being provided when, in the darkness, you reach out and turn on a light, and all of a sudden all that could be feared or misunderstood is washed away by this simple illumination of even one small light. One candle burning in a house that has lost power brings security and comfort to those within, for they are no longer overtaken by the darkness.

Each one of you is a brilliant light, and you may bring much comfort to all those around you who feel this oppressive darkness during the storm. And you are … as to how long this darkness may last and what will become of the storm. By simply offering your light you bring great comfort to those who grasp in darkness for even such a small thing as the light of a candle. Remember the significance that this is and freely shine your light. Offer your radiance of peace and of conviction of your safety, and these beings of light that you are and that you will be to those around you. You will bring a great measure of comfort if not peace because, with your light, there is no longer oppressive darkness. Simply be the light that you are and great strength and comfort will be brought to those around you. A simple task and yet so significant. If you find yourselves wondering what you might do, recall you are being the light while there may be storm or even the power outage, you will bring the light.


So be it. Thank you.

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