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NID550- How Does Adjuster Reflect Will of God

2009-01-06.  How Does Adjuster Reflect Will of God

No Idaho #550

Topic: How Does Adjuster Reflect Will of God

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.


Prayer: [Mary] I’d like to welcome everybody to this evenings conference call and suggest that we pause for a moment to take a deep breath and let go of the fears of the day, refocus our energy to an attitude of receptivity, open our hearts and minds as well to the connection we have with divinity. We will count on Monjoronson to advance our understanding.


  • 1 -How Does The Adjuster Reflect The Will of God?

Question #1: Dear Monjoronson, the Adjuster as I perceive it seems to have a lot of power. I would like to use this power responsibly but I feel it odd in comprehending how using this power reflects the will of God. It is hard for me to distinguish between my own learning through experience and how my own will through my personality development can work with the will of God, the Adjuster. If I am still learning and growing through experience, trying to comprehend reality, what I like and dislike, what works and what doesn’t etc., would it be safe to say that maybe our Adjusters are still learning through experience what its’ will could be for us based on our potential experiences to be? How does the Adjuster know what its’ will is for the personality if the personality is still growing and learning? How does one reconcile accepting the will of God when God has yet to experience that which it potentially does not know.

Mary: I feel like this person is questioning sort of the Adjuster being synonymous with the will of God and feeling that this Adjuster is very powerful and that they as a personality in some sense wield that power and they are curious about the will of the Adjuster being the will of God and how that is translated to a personality who is still under development? Thank you Monjoronson for being here and hearing us.

Monjoronson: Greetings to you this evening, this is Monjoronson. Thank you for this series of questions. To begin with, the will of the Father is different than the will of the Thought Adjuster for the Father’s will is the will of a personality, what He desires for His children. The Father’s will is quite simple. It involves compassion and courage. The Adjuster is not the mind of God, it has no will. It begins to work within the human mind and continually strokes the human mind with repetitious thought until the mind begins to cite these thoughts, begins to hear the thoughts, begins to become aware in his consciousness of the thoughts.

It is not the Adjuster who is growing to the human will, it is the human will adjusting it’s will. These aspects which activate mans’ will and mans’ desire to comprehend the Father’s will are purely human actions capable of being activated through human will, through the courage of the human to choose. One of the problems the Adjuster has is the humans lack of ability to see through the soul, to see with the eyes of the soul, to feel with the mind of the soul and to touch with the hands of the soul.

Humans are quick to be cerebral, to think, to analyze, to judge, to categorize. The Fathers’ work is within the soul, this is where the true activation of human will occurs. The human mind is ruled by many desires, conditioned by many experiences and attitudes and these days bombarded with too many thoughts and images. Therefore does it still becomes necessary that man acquire the ability to sit quietly and focus, begins to sense that great presence within, the tremendously subtle presence that is limited in its function by mans ability to make decisions.

The actions of the Adjuster become forthcoming as man utilizes the avenues of choice presented to him, that man begins to see through the eyes of the soul a sense of compassion for his fellow men and women, compassion for all of life on this planet. The question is: with becoming aware of this compassion, does man have the courage to choose to act in a compassionate manner towards his brothers?

The phenomenon of the Thought Adjuster is mans ability to see in an ideal sense; as man begins to experience and learn so that his ideals shift, so his priorities begin to order themselves. There awaits a wonderful journey for the individual to travel with the Adjuster’s spirit, with the wings of mans soul. The Adjusters are fairly primitive in a sense, they are ancient, they are from before the primordial time zone. Their quality is matchless in the universe by any personality. They are only matched to the Father Himself.

Even though man has access to the person of God, to the mind of God through the Adjuster, the Adjuster is not the mind of God, the Father, the First Source, the Adjuster is a pre-personal aspect of God customized to indwell individuals. The Adjusters’ responsibility is to work specifically with the human of its indwelling. [Is it possible Mary, to get the last part of the question?]

  • Question 1 Part 2

Mary: [Question #2] Yes, they did ask how the Adjuster knows what its will is for the personality if the personality is still growing and learning? How does one reconcile accepting the will of God when God has yet to experience that which it potentially does not know? In this case would the Adjuster, I assume they mean what the Adjuster does not know because the personality is not yet fully unfolded I guess, the personality is still learning and growing. I guess that means the Adjuster has a will that it’s trying to apply to the personality?

Monjoronson: Thank you for these questions. In human terms, the work of the Adjuster can be recognized as the Adjuster’s will yet in the realm of the Adjuster, it is not asserting its will in the human mind, it is revealing the human mind to the individual it indwells. It is revealing to the human mind its responsibility. Once the human mind begins to acknowledge that it is receiving this information, then the Adjuster is able to set about preparing for the human to experience change, change in his life, change in its thinking.

The time that a human has to make decisions is an extremely limited amount of time from a universe perspective. It may seem like a lifetime to a human. The potential to grow here on Urantia is the tremendous ability to go through the lessons which brings one to the door of the soul. Once one is able to activate his mind through the soul does a human begins to work truly with the God sense and God presence within.

Remember the challenging concept here is that the sense and the presence of the Father is very much the same as the sense and the presence of the ideal self. What distinguishes the two is how far has man come in achieving identity presence with the indwelling Adjuster, his spirit, his spirit presence. In this sense God does not exert an undeveloped arbitrary will upon man. God is complete, the Adjusters are complete in their duty and their service, in their functioning.

The aspect of man which they bring to the soul is also complete, it is how you are viewed by the Adjuster yet the Adjuster is able to cross a tremendous boundary of time, of concept and of space to come and surrender itself to a human mind; to take the animal qualities of that human mind and transform them into a God knowing human being. Yes I say surrender because the inner working of the Thought Adjuster is more akin to presenting than imposing.

The term Though Adjuster relates to the fact that there is a presence within the human mind which accentuates the human thoughts, that helps them to connect to higher and more complete forms of thinking, whole forms of thinking, thinking within a larger framework, a bigger picture. Time and again do the Thought Adjusters have to do time inside of a human mind intent purely on selfish motives, within minds full of hatred and greed, within minds full of confusion who lack the conviction and courage to act upon their thoughts, to take a chance, to believe in oneself.

Unfortunately these concepts cannot be lived by just reading about them. The information which is shared is truly meant to inspire men to go forth and take a chance, to begin to see, to change ones focus from the self to others and do this through the compassion of a human soul is truly the posture of a God knowing individual. Again we thank you for these questions this evening.

Mary: Thank you for your addressing the concept of the Thought Adjuster, the will of God, the will of each persons individual personality. It is quite a concept and unique within the Urantia book, the idea that a personal God would send out pre-personal fragments of Himself to dwell within our human form personalities to guide and partner and help reveal to us the wonders of Divinity and time and space and on to eternity. Quite a concept we could discuss over and over and I appreciate you taking the time to address this question tonight.

  • 3 – Will We Really Receive Life Reviews on The Mansion Worlds?

Question #3: This question is from someone who has read that when we get to the mansion worlds we will have life reviews occasionally that will revisit aspects of our life in the flesh with the aim or purpose of healing old wounds. This questioner asks if you could shed some light on this subject. Will we really experience life reviews on the mansion worlds? What is the purpose and benefit of this process? Thank you for your insight on this subject.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. On a normal world such as are many worlds in the universes, many individuals are on their native spheres spending enough time to grow and translate from those spheres with their Adjusters and becoming one with them before proceeding to the mansion worlds. Information given to a world such as Urantia takes into consideration the fact that most individuals translating to the mansion worlds have not done the proper work on themselves that lead to Adjuster fusion.

Therefore in rehabilitating the morontia survivor it is necessary to review periodically that persons life for the express purpose of viewing the areas of a persons life where the person failed to correct certain aspect of either their behavior or their thinking. It is mandatory to move forward in the universe, that man becomes completely conscious, that man be able to fully review himself in the mirror of his soul and truly see his incompleteness, that which he has to adjust and correct to become more complete.

Humans are born with a seed of destiny implanted in them. That seed of destiny becomes activated with the arrival of the Thought Adjuster. It is mans will that begins to recognize the need to move from mans mind and view through mans soul who he truly is and where he truly stands. If mankind translates into the mansion worlds and this has not been accomplished, it does become necessary in purposes of training, the progressing morontia citizen. What humans have no reference for is to realize that most decisions necessary to bring themselves into complete adjustment with their indwelling spirit has more to do with their life on Urantia than on their life in the mansion worlds.

There are opportunities here which only present themselves in this time and space framework; therefore is it necessary in further training to retrace the steps to bring the human back to where it has come from so he may retrace the steps and see where he fumbled, to see where he didn’t connect, to see that an opportunity presented was so obvious that it was missed. I think that the questioner should get a clearer indication of my answer, thank you.

Mary: I was just pondering the idea of a life review along with you Monjoronson and having the overall impression within myself that any life review that might be undertaken would be done solely with the idea that it would somehow assist us in understanding ourselves and understanding the process that we are engaged in in ascension. I am quite comfortable that a life review undertaken on the mansion worlds would be quite revealing in a way that would be perhaps humbling yet primarily enlightening and something that would be undertaken for our benefit to help us grow and understand.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this observation, this is absolutely correct. May, I also add that a person need not wait for the mansion worlds to have a life review [right], a person can have a life review at any moment in his life, thank you.

Mary: Yes, thinking out loud, we have been thinking about the Adjuster so much in the first question and then thinking about a life review. I’m sure that any life review taken from a perspective of being on the mansion worlds would be one of hopefully seeing a progression of bits and pieces of insight that are gained as well as opportunities that we may have missed when they passed by us.

  • 4 – Why Does The Evil of the Lucifer Rebellion Still Play Out On Urantia?

Question #4: This person has read in the Urantia book about the Lucifer rebellion and one of their main thoughts was why wasn’t the rebellion stopped in its tracks and why did the trial take 200,000 years? They say they understand the importance of letting the Lucifer rebellion play out so that everyone could see the consequences of evil, as some personalities will learn from others mistakes, but they say as the energy, light, awareness and full consciousness increases on Urantia it appears the same process is being played out here, that the evil is getting worse before things gets better here on Urantia and they want to know why it is important to let the evil play out here on Urantia when it could make things so much worse before it gets better. Why must the dark ones on this planet be allowed to play out their evil ways until they bring the planet to its tipping point?

Basically this is a question about really just understanding the existence of evil on Urantia today as well as in the past, during the Lucifer rebellion so if you could speak to this huge concept we would appreciate it your insight, thank you so much.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. First off it is necessary that the person asking this question begin to study the Urantia book with a deeper awareness for a lot of answers can only be discerned in retrospect through beginning to understand in ones own experiences in life. A lot of the information given in the Urantia book dealing with matters of the Lucifer rebellion have to do with human and spiritual life. They do have to do with human life being compromised by the erroneous decisions made by their spiritual superiors many thousands of years ago.

From the spiritual standpoint this is one incident in a series of innumerable amounts of instances which continually develop within the universes of time and space. Since your planet was already designated an experimental planet, the path taken by the spiritual universe is always to allow it to show forth on its own what it shows forth. Therefore the spiritual universe can personally customize its efforts in areas to help bring about within the human spirit.

It does make for tremendously challenging times to be a human in this day and age upon the stage of Urantia for you are given quite a number of choices. It is therefore necessary to begin to search within the soul to find the answers, not the Urantia book. It is necessary to begin to find the answers for you within this aspect of your mind which involves who you truly are and what you truly must do to become this person.

In this arena exists mans choice, mans choice becomes activated through man’s will. Again, you live on a world which is ripe for spiritual evolution; for personal souls growth; for a chance to truly see who God really is; to see who you really and truly are. The problems of the Lucifer rebellion are but a background in which you must work in the forefront to help draw the weight of society out of the doldrums of the past into the luck and chance of the future, into the possibility.

Man has gotten too comfortable in his kindergarten. Many who have begun to go to the first grade help many to truly see in a conscious way what mankind can’t see. Again it is not necessary to justify the learning aspects of a universe in the conditions that have taken place on Urantia as they may pertain to the individual person. It is necessary for that person to begin a regime of study and work to determine how a person can overcome these effects for himself, that a person can truly begin to change the somewhat damaging effects of the Lucifer rebellion within their own lives.

Again, this is not something that can be legislated by the spiritual universe, this is something which must be determined moment by moment as the individual becomes conscious of the decisions he or she is making. The challenge is still the same, to move towards the Father’s will. It was the challenge at the time of the Lucifer rebellion to stay steadfast in the Father’s will. The Father’s will is not tremendously difficult to understand. If one begins to see with the eyes of the soul, that when Jesus lived here, He told us to love thy neighbor as thyself, to respect each other, to help each other.

He showed you a way to get past hatred, past boundaries for the greater benefit of mankind. The Lucifer rebellion is content in teaching segregation, hatred, one class of people better than another, one group of ideals better than another. The Lucifer rebellion teaches that man doesn’t have to listen to God’s will, man can listen to his own will. As it was then, so it is now, the choice is still man’s to make. You have been equipped with intelligence, indwelt with an Adjuster which guides you towards right or wrong, and there is a tremendous amount of work to do. Thank you again for this question.

Mary: Speaking of consciousness, this final question relates to a concept known as full consciousness which this person has been reading a lot about lately and they understand that full consciousness is where we are headed on this planet and they would appreciate it if you could help them understand the difference between full consciousness, where we are now and what is the benefit of full consciousness and how will it help the planet?

  • 5 – What Are The Benefits of Full Consciousness?

Question #5: Will full consciousness increase spiritual receptivity in the minds of the mortals on the planet? Thank you for addressing this question this evening Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: Full consciousness pertains to a sociological phenomenon. Individual consciousness is consciousness for that individual. When the vast majority of individuals on the planet become conscious, there begins to develop a new aspect of consciousness, another level will reveal itself. You will know this when mankind has reached the level of saturation to bring this about. So full consciousness speaks about this shift in human consciousness when the threshold of human consciousness is bridged.

Human consciousness is not purely an intellectual concept. Human consciousness allows for the ability of mankind to develop into great civilizations which honor the Father and raise children who honor the Father and which families and societies honor and acknowledge the Father’s will by accepting those responsibilities to bring this about. Consciousness on the level of Urantia is like getting everyone to pay attention at once.

No one wants to stop what they are doing to pay attention to something greater. There needs to be instilled within man a consistent effort which aspires man to consciousness. It’s like the human body; while the human body is in a highly acidic state it will always develop disease and begin to deteriorate from within. By shifting it to alkaline the body begins to fight infection and disease, prepares a better way for balance and health to exist within the organism.

A man can have much better thoughts when he is not constantly run down with headaches and depression, when he is vibrant with health and all of mankind’s necessities are taken care of does mankind begin to have the time to pay attention to become conscious. Consciousness is an intelligent effort, it is choice, it is a choice which bears upon responsibility, a choice which brings to its social consequence the ability for society to attain the true heights of civilization as it was designed to be lived on Urantia where all men, of all nations, of all beliefs, of all personality types will be able to exist harmoniously in this kindergarten classroom you call earth.

Time is running out on Urantia, you do not have the luxury to put off the visions, to ignore consciousness. If you could but see the bigger picture; they say in retrospect, hindsight is clear vision. Seeing the future and the present through the eyes of the soul is also clear vision. There is a way to see clearly now to move towards the future.


Again I thank you for this question and good evening.

Mary: Well Monjoronson, once again we appreciate the effort of the T/R and others involved in the process and bid you farewell this evening.

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