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NID551- Value of the Moment

2009-01-11.  Value of the Moment

No Idaho #551

Topic: Value of the Moment

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson, Lantarnek, Elyon

TR: Mark Rogers, CathyJonathan


Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings, this is Monjoronson, happy to join you in this inspiring learning process. I could very well say to you right now, “And that concludes the learning portion of our lesson” because you have offered so many good threads to consider and to ponder in the weeks to come that it is hardly necessary to have additional contributions. But as you are expecting something to be added from someone on my side of the veil, I will attempt to oblige you by adding a few more bricks to the foundation of your understanding.


The first concept mentioned which I will elevate as worthy of consideration further would be the concept presented of the experience having recently been had of this apparent slowing of time at the point of critical juncture apparent in an intense experience such as an automobile accident or any other occurrence in which, I will paraphrase your statement, all that seems to matter is contained in that moment. Therefore that moment seems so profound. In fact that moment is experienced as so significant, it appears to be many moments, as if time doesn’t matter and is suspended while you are in consideration of the value of the moment at hand. Pause to consider if you will this is a gift in the sense that you can truly realize what is meant by the term “as if no other moment mattered”. In fact, as you brought forward, all moments are sacred and contain the infinite. But many moments themselves are missed in anticipation of a future moment or in the reliving of a past.

In this instance of the realization of being glad just to make the evening commute home exemplifies that, on many occasions while you are in fact making the commute home, you may well be occupied by the anticipation of arriving home, thoughts about the day that has just passed, the formation of intention as to what you will do when you arrive home, the visualization of what that will feel like and be like to you, the recall of an earlier conversation in the day, the experience of pangs of hunger — all of these things which are routine in your moment by moment experiences are indicators that you are in a different moment, in an alternate moment, and therefore cannot be fully present in the moment that is transpiring.

This is a very valuable thing to grow into awareness of; where is your seat of perspective? In which moment are you residing? These experiences of the apparent elongation of time are in fact an experience of true presence in the moment and the subsequent attending awareness that this moment is truly all that matters and all that is. What you anticipate has not yet transpired and what you are considering of your past experiences has already left you. Yet these two factors crowd your moment so much as to remove you, that is, your seat of presence, from the moment at hand and transport you into an alternative moment of past or future.

But I point out to you again that it is you who bring the lessons and bring the questions which provoke the thought patterns. There were so many offered today that it would take a number of us to elevate the worthy thought patterns to consider the many dimensions of each.

I will briefly elevate one more, and that was the statement offered of the real assurance, the real understanding, and the real awareness most certainly do arrive from within. They may be confirmed without by external sources, but they are contained within; that is where they may be sought and found. All other experiences that transpire are supporting crew who your attempts to find this ultimate assurance that is only truly satisfying when it is confirmed within.

By all means use every resource available to provide proper stimulus and environment conducive to your understanding, but let the final analysis of all that you have been exposed to be settled and determined by your assurance within, your ultimate source of confirmation, your Father Fragment which will ever assist you in the determination of truth. This is certainly old news restated once again but worthy of restatement, as this continual process is ever being discovered moment by moment in its depth and breadth and so is ever worthy of all efforts to grow into awareness.

I would, in realization that there are many present at this meeting, step back at this time to allow for others to address some of the other fine threads that have been offered for discussion. Thank you and farewell.

unidentified (Kathy): Intelligent design is man’s attempt to combine the ideas of the theory of Darwinism with the religion of a Creator of all life in the universe. In the pursuit of scientific knowledge men are presented with unknown factors affecting the physical world. As knowledge increases the searcher becomes aware of causation that is not directly in the evidence. Mortal mind is developing the capacity to discern this causation and make it part of the evolutionary process. As knowledge increases on this planet it will become more of a dilemma to focus on a world without a Creator. Science in itself does not contain an alternate explanation of the phenomenon that began life. Even supposition that life was formed by alien involvement does not supplant the concept that a supreme intelligence could have been the initial action that began the evolution of life.

Lantarnek (Jonathan): Lantarnek checking in, greetings to all of you. I will speak about ambition.

It is a beneficial energizer for a human being; it is what makes you move, makes you ambulate. It is the drive behind a desire or a goal or an ideal. It is when ambition is hijacked by the goals of supreme selfishness that many wrongs occur on your world. When ambition is applied to high ideals, many good things occur. But each of these extremes must have balance. One among you has expressed the desire that we address leadership, and this is a good example of where balance must be attained with ambition.

The drive, the motivation, of a leader is to provide the skill and the foresight to establish a better condition, whether it be in government, a club, a church, or a sports team. Leadership, however, requires a degree of stability in one’s livelihood. When the ambition leans to the self then leadership puts energy to the acquisition of power for the perpetuation and maintenance of their position and higher positions to be gained. Then the ambitions of the ideal become relegated to merely a rung in the ladder rather than the top of the ladder. Projects, rules and regulations and laws all become a means for greater power. Yet there must be some degree of this self improvement, or a leader would not be able to enact greater causes by remaining in a weaker position.

This is the conflict that occurred between Jesus and Judas, for Jesus’ ambition was the ambition of the ideal, and Judas was ambitious towards the improvement of the self. He recognized the spiritual value of the teachings of the master but found them ineffective in overthrowing oppressive authority. So he took it upon himself to fix the situation. Had he moved more towards the ambition of Jesus and if it was the purpose of Michael when on this planet to engage in the acts that were the longings of Judas’ heart and moved toward Judas, they would have been a powerful team. But you know that Michael was not here to reorganize the structures of the world; he was here to set straight the heart of each human being and free them to make those ambitious choices themselves.

It is the wise ruler who can balance, who can preserve the career they have chosen and at the same time serve the people they lead. The presence of a dictator is an ambitious personality who has given up much of the desire to help the populace. But even those rightly elected to office can lose such focus. Today you experience conflicting ideologies, and much ambition is directed toward the victory of one ideology over another. The founding fathers of your country were ambitious, but their goal was to create a statehood wherein differing ideologies may coexist and complement one another, balance each other, and ebb and flow according to need. If leadership around the world were to recognize this principle you would find less corruption and more engagement in activities that would create a better world for all peoples.

Many a spiritual aspirant, while ambitious to experience the presence of God or peace of mind, becomes ineffective in fostering truth and spreading goodness and educating others because it appears to be an ambition of self promotion. So often such a soul’s wisdom is not available for others to receive. At the other extreme are the clergy whose ambition is for rank and the ascension of the ecclesiastical ladder thereby weakening the power of the fundamental message of their religion.

We look toward and are fostering those individuals who can maintain balance and yet still have a drive to accomplish things for your world. We look to every one of you to assist us, and we will foster the ambition of each of you regardless of the range of impact that you may have on your planet.

Thank you for you attention today and for receiving my comment.

Elyon (Mark:) I greet you as well, Elyon here to pick up the baton and take one more lap with this area of interest of leadership. You have just been wisely counseled about ambition and how it may be used as per your intention. I will add one more dimension to the quality of leadership that is being discussed here.

There must also be present in any one who will rise to the leadership capacity, the element of conviction. Like ambition, conviction may be had and utilized in a variety of directions. One can have complete conviction, even as Lucifer did, that they have all the answers and they are the source of all the wisdom necessary to proceed forward. This conviction, although apparently misplaced, may be enough to embolden them to act and choose in relationship to this false conviction.

For all of you who are wading into this idea of leadership, you will undoubtedly ask, “How does one maintain the proper focus and the proper conviction as how to proceed and manifest this purpose?” I return to perhaps the most familiar theme of all these years together and that is once again the practice of stillness, of going within for that assurance that your motivation, your convictions, and your energies be placed properly in the ideals realm, and this certainty is only secured through this conscious act of going within to determine for yourself if this is so. Having once made such a determination and having applied yourself to this technique of finding such assurances you then can rest assured that your actions, your motivations, are indeed in alignment with your highest ideals and principles.

So, you can actively avoided the pitfalls and trappings of self interest by consciously checking in with your spirit guide for assurance that you are in fact proceeding in the right direction. So, while one must have a certain ambition, one must also have certain conviction by which this ambition may be channeled so therein we have come full circle to the simple conscious act of maintaining this connection with your internal guide for this conviction, so that your ambition may be harnessed for its greatest good.

Once you have this complete faith, this complete conviction, you will not be swayed, you will not be turned aside, from your purpose, for you are empowered with such a realization and with such a conviction. So it is that you may maintain your heading and follow your course if you have received the conviction that your heading and your course are proper.


It has been my honor to take a lap with the baton and now I prepare to pass it off. Thank you.

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